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Chapter Directory 54 Army Expedition
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     Lu Chen stepped and shook his fist, exhaling suddenly, as if to release all the power of his body.

     The clothes on his body had long been soaked with sweat, every bit of potential in his body was squeezed to the extreme, his muscles swelled to numbness, and he insisted on finishing his boxing routine.

     Although it was very hard work, Lu Chen has become accustomed to and liked this exercise method. In just over half a month, he clearly felt a good change in his physical fitness.

     The most important thing is that through such a masochistic exercise, those negative emotions that are accumulated in the heart can easily flow out with the sweat, leaving behind the ease and joy after persistent hard work!

     "Boy, this set of punches you have is very interesting..."

     Lu Chen had just retired, and an old voice suddenly came from behind him: "Who did you learn from?"

     Lu Chen turned his head and saw that he was talking about an old man with a silvery head but a ruddy face. He was wearing a white cotton and linen shirt with a lotus leaf collar and buckle. He stepped on flat shoes with black noodles. Temperament and demeanor.

     He smiled and replied: "Hello old gentleman, I just practiced blindly and made you laugh."

     Lu Chen comes to the small park by the river every day to exercise early. He has seen this old man who likes Taijiquan many times, but he nodded when he met him before and said nothing.The boxing he practiced comes from the memory of Mo Ran.

     In the dream world, Wuxia culture has prevailed for a long time, and countless classic Wuxia films and Kung Fu films have emerged. There are also many martial arts stars and martial artists in the film and television circles.

     What's interesting is that in the world in Lu Chen's dream, Hongkong, an international metropolis in the southern tip of the motherland, did not return until 1997. It is the birthplace of Wuxia culture, and several master-class figures have appeared in his literary circle.

     In reality, Hongkong returned to Treasure Island at the same time as 1967. Together with the return of Australia in 1969, the three special administrative regions that implemented the one country, two systems policy are very different from the situation in the dream world.

     Similar to Dream World, in reality, Hongkong’s cultural industry had an extremely glorious period in the 1980s and 1990s. A large number of film and television works such as policemen, gods and ghosts, romance, cities, business wars and even eroticism, as well as Cantonese songs, have been Fashionable for a while has a profound impact on popular culture in mainland China.

     Mo Ran has studied martial arts since he was a child, and he has worked hard in this area in order to broaden his play. It is truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, he has never acted as a protagonist in a movie or TV until the accident.

     This is often the case in life. It does not mean that if you work hard, you will definitely get the results you want.But Lu Chen knows that if you don't work hard, then don't try to win success!

     Hearing Lu Chen's humble answer, the old gentleman became angry and shouted: "Blind practice? You think I don't understand? You are blind and my old eyes are not blind yet, let alone pull it down!"

     After speaking, he turned his head angrily and left.

     Lu Chen is really a bit speechless. I can't think that this old gentleman looks kind brows, pleasant eyes, and has such a hot temper!

     Shaking his head helplessly, Lu Chen trot home.

     Compared with the original underground snail house, Jincheng Garden is farther away from the Riverside Park, so when Lu Chen had eaten on the road and hid early and returned to the bachelor's apartment, it was already past 9 o'clock in the morning.

     Lu Chen used to take a shower, then turned on the computer to check his preparations.

     That's right, the PK theme show at night is a battle!

     I just went to WeChat, and countless messages swarmed in instantly, yelling non-stop.

     Lu Chen has the WeChat anti-harassment feature, so the message must be from the friends he added, so he opened it to see what happened.

     It turned out that most of the news came from Li Bai, a local tyrant!

     "Boss, are you there?"

     "If you are here, answer quickly, we all need you!""General Lu, why is your phone turned off, I can't reach you, I'm depressed!"

     "Are there..."

     Lu Chen took out his mobile phone and found that it turned off automatically when it was out of power. He hurriedly returned a message to Li Bai.

     "I just came back from a run, and my phone is dead, what's the matter?"

     Li Bai replied in an instant: "Damn, Boss, you finally showed up, and our Lu Family Army is about to be dispatched. You come here to mobilize before the battle, and boost the morale of the army!"

     Lu Chen couldn't help but check the time and replied: "It's too early now?"

     Since he announced in the WeChat group that he would participate in the [Whale TV] PK theme show, he immediately caused a sensation in the hardcore Fish Fans in the Lu Fei live broadcast room, which is also the Lu Family Army fan group organized by Li Bai.

     As the founder and biggest supporter of the Lu Family Army, Li Bai immediately stated that he would go further and think up every possible method to push Lu Chen into the list of popular anchors on [Whale TV], sword pointing at the top five of PK Throne!

     The current Lu Family Army has expanded to three groups, including the first division, second division and third division of the Lu Family Army, all of which are super groups with a limit of 5,000, which can be considered small in scale.

     Those who are willing to join the group to participate in activities are undoubtedly the real hardcores!For Lu Chen's ignorance, Li Bai is simply hate iron for not becoming steel: "It's still too early? Others have already started. If we don't take action anymore, we will really fall behind!"

     "Anyway, you don't care about the specific affairs. I will organize and arrange them. Just say a few words in the group!"

     This local tyrant, who doesn't know his real name, is definitely an iron among the irons. He treats the Lu Family Army fan group as his own business, and he is so serious and responsible that Lu Chen is embarrassed.

     Lu Chen also asked Li Bai, worrying that the fan club would affect his work and life. As a result, how did Li Bai answer?

     Li Bai replied that his job is to eat, drink and be merry, and life is to race cars and clubs in nightclubs. After all, he is tired of all the fun, and now he has found the new pleasure of life.

     If you have money, you can be so capricious!

     In this regard, Lu Chen can only say that the more local tyrants, the better.

     At the request of the local tyrant, he immediately showed up in the fan group: "Hello everyone, I am coming!"

     The three divisions of Lu Family Army built by Li Bai are not only paid super groups, but also nevertheless group group. Lu Chen, who has the status of administrator, has the privilege of speaking across groups. He can speak in any group and can be synchronized to the group. In all groups you belong to.

     Lu Chen just appeared, and the three groups are boiling at the same time!"Great Lu Fei is online!"

     "Boss, we all look forward to your appearance!"

     "General Lu, cheer up, I must win the top five in the evening, I will always support you!"

     "Don't say anything, just look at our actions!"

     "Long live the Lu Family Army!"


     The enthusiasm from the fans moved Lu Chen very much: "Thank you for your support, I will definitely work hard!"

     Li Bai said coolly: "What is our Lu Family Army slogan?"

     "The army goes out, triumph in every battle!"

     In an instant, the same news from the group seemed to be like a waterfall, flooding most of the screen!

     There are also various emoticons in the middle.

     Li Bai immediately issued three thousand-yuan red envelopes in the three groups at the same time!

     "The chief of staff is mighty!"

     "Haha, I grabbed a 10 yuan red envelope!"

     "I didn't grab it. The handicapped party really can't afford it. I beg the local tyrant to post it again."

     "I didn't grab it either, 55555!"

     "Do it again!"

     Li Bai said: "Don’t worry, please act according to the scheduled plan. If Great Lu Fei wins the top three in the PK show tonight, then all my groups will give away 10,000 red envelopes, and the top five will give five thousand. Never Break your word!""We fight with Great Lu Fei, and the Lu Family Army will win!"

     "Sure victory!"

     Under the command of Li Bai, the members and fans of the group by the thousands and tens of thousands began to take action.

     Their battlefield is in the forums of major live broadcast websites. Of course, the main battlefield is [Whale TV], followed by related third-party BBS, Tieba, WeChat groups, and Fetion circles. They are doing their best to publicize and promote Lu Chen's live show.

     Since many websites will crack down on the posting behavior of the navy army, banning or even banning the IP of the offenders, the first large-scale operation of the Lu Family Army is focused on today, and strives to obtain the best results.

     The same thing is done by other anchors participating in the [Whale TV] PK theme show. They also have their own fan groups and supporters. A fierce battle is destined to erupt at night!


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