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Chapter Directory 56 Youth Memorial
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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At 8pm, Chen Xiang logged on to 【Whale TV】on time.

     Chen Xiang is a native of Northeast China. After graduating from a local third-rate university last year, he went to the capital to ask for a living. After changing jobs several times, he finally stabilized and became a member of the "floating ants".

     Chen Xiang is very confused about the future, and he didn't think too much. It is unrealistic to get married and start a career in the capital anyway. If you can make more money, you can earn more. In the future, nevertheless will go back.

     Therefore, he lived frugally, lived in a cheap basement, ate in cheap fast food restaurants, did not go out without a girlfriend, and his only pastime was surfing the Internet.

     Watching movies, listening to popular music, and then going to the forum to blow water, you can also enjoy yourself.

     Chen Xiang also likes the live shows that have become popular on the Internet in the past two years, especially in the life entertainment category. There are always many beautiful girls acting cute and coquettish to the screen. Appreciating their performances can satisfy his discomfort without spending money. Few fantasies, so he ran all over the major live broadcast platforms and soon became an old driver.

     The problem with old drivers is that they watch too much, and then quickly become fatigued.Those girls are basically double eyelid awl faces, false eyelashes with cosmetic contact lenses, and a thick layer of powder. Even Motherf*cker's cute and coquettish action looks like Lan Xiang's collective training. appetite.

     Chen Xiang's appetite is not very good, and he is also afraid of his kidney loss, so he quickly abandons these visible, audible, and intangible sister anchors for ordinary and new fun.

     More than half a month ago, Chen Xiang was wandering in [Whale TV], accidentally clicked on the newcomer recommendation on the homepage, and entered a newcomer live broadcast room named "Lu Fei".

     Then he became a member of the Lu Family Army.

     What impressed Chen Xiang at the time was that the anchor Lu Fei lived in almost the same place as him. Through dialogue, he knew that the latter was also drifting in the capital. Perhaps it is sympathetic, or fellow sufferers empathize with each other, his first time In [Whale TV], I rewarded 1000 Fish Balls, which is equivalent to the money for my own lunch!

     He likes to listen to Lu Fei's playing and singing, he likes the optimism and humor of the anchor, and he likes the other party's original folk songs.

     He felt that those songs seemed to be written in his heart.

     Chen Xiang's financial ability is limited, and he can't reward squander money like dirt like the local tyrants. What he can do is to give a little bit of popularity when watching the live broadcast.For this [Whale TV] PK theme show event, Chen Xiang knew that Lu Fei was going to participate early, so he decided to use actions to support him. Starting this morning and until the evening, he posted hundreds of promotional posts on major forums.

     Although these posts were crushed into fanfare, and even the account was blocked, Chen Xiang is still very happy, and the fan group members by the thousands and tens of thousands share the battle of the online world. happy.

     And he was still here with the group owner "Li Bai", lucky enough to grab a red envelope of dozens of dollars!

     Chen Xiang decided to reward Lu Fei with all these red envelopes as Fish Balls.

     Similarly, he also hopes that Lu Fei's evening theme show will be wonderful and beautiful, and win the top five rankings in PK!

     So as soon as 8 o'clock arrived, Chen Xiang joined the fans by the thousands and tens of thousands into the Lu Fei live broadcast room for the first time.

     Then they were admired for 3 minutes first.

     "I'm going, Whale TV is getting less and less disciplined, and the ads are so rough!"

     "My life was wasted another 3 minutes."

     "That's right, 3 minutes is enough for the brother in front to finish the work, take off his clothes and put on his clothes."


     "Don't talk about it, everyone, watch the advertisements, all the above companies have closed down!"

     "All the above companies have closed down! All the above companies have closed down!""The above companies have closed down!"

     "The above companies..."

     Although it's advertising time, there are so many happy barrage spit, then it is really not boring. Chen Xiang overjoyed the keyboard and also typed the same content, together with dense barrage to block the advertising screen tightly. Strictly.

     At this moment, the online popularity of Lu Fei's live broadcast room has exceeded 300,000, reaching the highest peak in the past!

     This situation is normal. First of all, the Lu Family Army fan group has a very high degree of organization, and the promotion of PK before is quite effective. Numerous hardcore fans and passersby fans are stuck in time to join in, plus the theme recommendation on the homepage of the website, watching the excitement There are also a large number of tourists.

     But whether these tourists can be kept depends on the ability of the anchor.

     Although [Whale TV] has been promoting this event for a long time, the short burst of popularity is normal, but if it is dispersed into 24 live broadcast rooms, it will form fierce competition.

     Chen Xiang suddenly became worried. He knew that Lu Fei's opponents were very strong, and the top five were really difficult.

     In worry, the 3-minute advertisement ends.

     The live broadcast was displayed in an instant, and it was still a familiar scene and a familiar person.Lu Fei on the screen is smiling, he is holding the guitar in his arms, his eyes flashing with confidence.

     "Good evening everyone, I am your anchor Lu Fei, and I am glad to meet you again on the theme show."

     "The live theme I brought to my friends tonight is called Graduation Season!"

     "I believe that all people, all friends in front of the screen, have experienced graduation moments..."

     "I also believe that you have or have had a good time on campus."

     "I will use singing to bring everyone to cherish and reminisce about the beauty of the student days!"

     "Thank you!"

     The opening remarks are very nice. The theme of the live broadcast is pointed out and Chen Xiang's memories are easily evoked.

     He suddenly stopped worrying!

     At the next moment, the anchor image is reduced and switched to the upper right corner, and the edited movie screen is displayed on the main interface.

     "The name of the first song is Lianlian Fengchen, an original campus folk song, I hope everyone will like it."

     The lightly played prelude, as well as the boys and girls chasing laughter and laughter in the movie videos, instantly bring everyone into the youthful campus life.

     "That day, at dusk, snow began to float..."

     "Sorrowful, full of hills, waiting for youth to end...""Midnight movie, full of old romances, singing for young people in the dark..."

     The beautiful and moving melody and the slightly sad singing made those youthful memories suddenly become vivid.

     Like the 300,000+ viewers in the Lu Fei live broadcast room, Chen Xiang heard this song "Dust in the Wind" for the first time, and the barrage on the screen seemed like a waterfall that stopped flowing suddenly, with only silk remaining. Silk water line.

     Until Lu Chen sang affectionately for the first time, half of the story had just passed.

     Enrollment, meeting, getting acquainted, first love, misunderstanding, breaking up... the lyrics are perfectly set off in each picture.

     The barrage increased again.

     "Nineteen-year-old youth memorial, I have watched this movie, it's so touching."

     "This song was written by the anchor himself?"

     "Nonsense, we, Great Lu Fei, are the original master and the prince of folk songs. He wrote all his own songs!"

     "Shoot the three streets of the original soundtrack theme song!"

     "Shoot Three Streets +1, I just want to cry when I hear it, the anchor pays me!"

     "It's so nice, I like it."


     Lu Chen ignored all the speeches, his mind was completely immersed in the mood of the song, and he continued to play and sing a second time.

     Graduation, travel, hard work, miss, reunion, true love... The long movie is condensed in a few minutes."Nineteen-year-old Youth Commemoration" is a youth film that was screened in domestic theaters at the beginning of the year. With a box office of 290 million yuan, it created a record for the same type of movie. Many people have seen this movie.

     The story in the movie may be cliché, but no one cares about it, because listening to the song is enough at this time.

     "...I believe that the age of love, the songs I failed to sing to you, make me often recall in my life!"

     As the song came to an end, the style of the barrage also changed.

     "Chen Xiaoyi, I love you!"

     "Sun Yahan, I miss you, I miss you so much!"

     "Student Li Miaomiao from Class 7 of Year 3, I will wait for you by the grove after class is over!"

     "Wang Qiang, you are a bastard! But I like you!"

     "Zhang Jie, I want to love you again..."


     What I usually want to say but dare not say, the words pressed in my heart suddenly burst out, wantonly venting.

     Although it is the beginning, it is almost climax!

     After singing a song "Dust in the Wind", the barrage is like a tidal wave and a reward like rain!

     At 8:10 in the evening, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live room, online popularity: 392017.


     Today, there is something going out at home, and there is only one chapter. How to face the busy New Year without the hardship of saving the manuscript?I want to be quiet, don't ask me who is quiet.

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