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Chapter Directory 60 Undercurrent
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

The fourth song, nevertheless a new song.

     For this PK live show, Lu Chen prepared five new songs to sing on 【Whale TV】.

     He has already sung "Dust in the Wind" and "Who Sleeps My Bro" before. The third "Cinderella" is a foreshadowing, and the fourth song has a new song to maintain the current high popularity and further improve!

     The audience always to like the new, and hate the old, Lu Chen is relying on a steady flow original creation to conquer everyone.

     But before starting to sing, in accordance with international practice, he wanted to express his gratitude to the local tyrants who rewarded him.

     Acknowledging rewards is the daily life of the anchors. Many small anchors, even if someone else rewards 100Fish Balls, have to name and thank them, so as to attract fans to increase their popularity and give the rewarding audience a sense of accomplishment.

     Lu Chen can’t do that. It’s not that he is playing big names, but that there are too many people who reward hundreds and thousands of Fish Balls. If you thank you one by one, then he doesn’t need to sing for this live show, just thank you. Thanks enough.

     The most important thing is that he won the love and support of Fish Fans not by selling cute, but by strength!

     Of course, local fans like Li Bai and Boss must be grateful.

     "...I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to..., with your support, I have the motivation to fight!""The following song is also my original work, it is also a folk song, and it is also the first time sung..."

     "Hope you like it!"


     And when Lu Chen thanked the local tyrants and fans, at home wherever one is entered the Lu Fei live broadcast room.

     at home wherever one is definitely not the person’s real name, his real name is Sui An, and he is the editor of Yunjing Music Network.

     Yunjing was established in 2007 and is one of the top five music websites in China. Sui An has joined this website as a show business community for 5 years and is considered a senior editor.

     In addition, he has a temporary identity right now, that is, one of the 12 judging panel (members) of the [Whale TV] PK live show. He has the power to score and evaluate the 24 participating anchors and has the ability to influence the final ranking. Ranking.

     When I clicked into the Lu Fei live broadcast room, at home wherever one is feeling very upset.

     The live broadcast room he entered earlier belonged to a female anchor named "Princess Yu". She touched her conscience and said that the anchor is very beautiful and has at least 8 points under the well-dressed.

     It’s a pity that she’s performing all things. One minute of singing takes three minutes of spoiling. It’s not singing skills to reach perfection, but pouting, frowning, squeezing, shaking chest... that chest nevertheless B-cup is hard Squeezed into a C+ cup!Sui An was defeated after watching it for 3 minutes. If it weren't for the duty of the judging panel (member), he might not be able to stay for 3 seconds.

     As for the current Lu Fei, the theme of the theme show is called the graduation season, which seems a bit interesting and fits the current season, but what the hell is the campus ballad? Moreover, in the theme introduction, it is claimed to be an all-original play and singing, a new generation of folk talents...

     Do young people nowadays blush without bragging?

     As a true industry person, Sui An is helpless. On the one hand, the original power of domestic popular music has declined. On the other hand, the newcomers all claim to be able to write original songs, but they are all saliva junk songs bought with money. Adjust One's head and turn one's face Even if the title of the composing song is his own work, it still coaxes fans to spend a lot of money.

     As the editor of a music website, Sui An has encountered too many such things, and now I feel sick when I see the original!

     So he didn't have any expectations at all, and he evaluated it entirely based on a professional attitude of taking money to do things.

     As a result, as soon as he entered the live broadcast room, Sui An saw a young man holding his guitar to the microphone.

     His impression was suddenly bad.

     Sui An instinctively wanted to click the "Exit" option in the upper right corner, nevertheless moved the cursor to "Playback".Sui An is logged in to the privileged account issued by the official [Whale TV]. The privileged account cannot see barrage or reward information in the live broadcast room, and the in and out of the privileged account are in a hidden state, and can replay the past live broadcast content.

     He wants to start browsing from the front, and also gives the young man 3 minutes.

     If 3 minutes can't make Sui An interested, then he will say goodbye to the anchor.

     As for the 10 blue whales in the account, he will not waste one of them!

     The live broadcast playback starts.

     After 3 minutes, Sui An was sitting not move a single jot, with a look of surprise on his face.

     Because he found that he almost missed a talent.

     He never dreamed that the songs played and sung by the anchor named "Lu Fei" turned out to be original works, but nevertheless quite a masterpiece. At least in recent years, few folk songs can discuss two disparate things together!

     "Dust in the Wind", campus folk song, original innovator...

     Sui An suddenly felt like he had found treasures in the utility room, and he couldn't help getting excited.

     After singing the first song, Sui An pressed down the idea of listening again, dragging the progress bar to fast forward to the second song.

     "Who Sleeps My Bro"!

     It is still an original work, and the similar style is perfect and moving. Sui An is completely speechless.When did such a talented young man emerge from the declining folk music world?

     Sui An is 100% sure that these two songs have not been heard before, and the face of the anchor is also very strange.

     Then the third song "Cinderella".

     Sui An's face flushed. It was not moved. He had already passed the moving age, but was too excited!

     Without any hesitation, he sent 5 out of the 10 blue whales in his account!

     One blue whale represents one favorable comment, and the more favorable comments the anchor receives, it affects the final ranking.

     The reason why Sui An didn't send out all the blue whales was because according to the rules, he could only send 50% to one anchor!

     Sui An was still not satisfied after sending 5 good reviews. He copied the link address of the live broadcast room, opened WeChat and posted a post to two show business community friends: "You should look at this young man and listen to him. song!"

     His two friends are also the judging panel (member) of this [Whale TV] PK live show.

     Sui An would rather put all the good reviews on his account and never send it out easily, but for the anchor named "Lu Fei", he only hates his limited votes.

     So he needs the support of his peers.

     If this PK live show puts those coquettish people on top, Sui An will feel sorry for herself!And Lu Chen knew nothing about this. When Sui An played back the live broadcast, he was singing the fourth song of the graduation season.

     The name of this new song is called "Golden Time of Youth".

     "Back to May at the end of spring,

     There are not many people at the market in the early hours of the morning.

     The child is singing in front of the door,

     The sun warms the river.

     The catkins are blowing in the strong wind,

     The people under the shadow of the tree want to sleep,

     Silent people start to be happy from this moment,

     Take off the winter puppet.

     My melancholy white shirt,

     The first cigarette in the youth pocket,

     first awakening of love (usually of a girl),

     Never dared to tell you...


     The first song of the graduation season "Dust in the Wind" is about love, the second song "Who Sleeps My Bro" for boys represents friendship, and the third "Cinderella" for girls is a fantasy of love .

     Then this song "Golden Time of Youth" is the main nostalgia, nostalgia for the time of youth, nostalgia for that still innocent era, nostalgia for ignorant love, nostalgia for simple life and carefree and without worries.

     In the lyrics-the house covered with vines, the neighbors under the eaves, the persimmon tree, the radio... all reflect a strong nostalgia, listening to him sing and singing, as if returning to that very good time.The most sympathetic to this song is undoubtedly people who were born in the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

     Because they have a deep memory of that era!


     The playful boy is holding the comic book and doesn’t let go,

     Accompany me to sleep,

     Is the sorrow of the moon,

     And pillows full of dreams,

     The drooling pillow...


     Vaguely in a dream, do you often recall the past time?

     Many fans who listened to the song were touched.

     "A good song, it reminds me of my childhood..."

     "+1 when I was young, when I was in the country, I played every day, fishing for frogs and loach."

     "Now there is no village, only farmhouse."

     "I want to eat maltose candies, big rolls, fruit peel, Arctic popsicles..."

     "The foodies in front wait for me!"

     "My favorite radio was lost by my mother, 5555~"

     "Have you seen the comics?"

     "I want to say..."

     "What kind of broken song, it's so terrible to sing, is this too popular? What a joke!"

     "The popularity list is at this level? Did you brush it?"

     "It's too old, what campus folk songs, it's just funny.""Ha ha..."

     Suddenly, amidst the harmonious and warm barrage of blockbuster, there was a dazzling complaint.

     And the number is increasing!


     Note: "Golden Time of Youth" Lyrics: Zhao Lei.

     PS: At the request of readers, the lyrics content should be appropriately reduced. Please vote for it!

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