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Chapter Directory 61 Fly Higher!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

If there is powder, there will be black.

     Since the live broadcast of Lu Chen on [Whale TV], the popularity has been increasing. Fish Fans have continued to increase, and the upward momentum has been extremely strong, inevitably attracting some sunspots.

     Heizi can be found everywhere. No matter in games, forums, and WeChat groups nevertheless live broadcast rooms, you can always see several active figures. They spit out venom in spare no pains or effort. In fierce battles, whoever fires will be extinguished!

     Heizi's composition is very complicated, some are extremely boring, some are naturally jealous, and some are from competitors.

     Lu Chen's live studio encountered sunspots several times, but because the three house managers including Li Bai were able to control it, there were not many storms.

     But this time the situation is completely different. He has just finished playing "Golden Time of Youth". In the warm and beautiful atmosphere of nostalgia for the past, countless black bullets suddenly appeared, which seemed very abnormal.

     "Trash anchor, get out of the whale!"

     "This song is too ugly, it is an insult to my ears!"

     "Hehe, compared to our Baby Qing'er, it's just a scum!"

     "Brother Chunqing throws away the anchor San Tiaojie, everyone, go and support!"

     "If you want to talk about guitar playing and singing, you still have to look at SUNBOss. This person is not worthy of supporting SUNBOss."Go away, this live broadcast room is so boring!"

     "I'm going to see Princess Yu..."

     When the black bullet screen first appeared, the Fish Fans of the Lu Family Army hadn't immediately reacted. After all, hundreds of thousands of online viewers had a bit of noise and dissent, and no one took it seriously.

     In addition, there is a room management in the live broadcast room, and the sunspots can be cleaned out with a single mouse click.

     But when ten, one hundred, and one thousand black bullets were screened, no one could see the problem.

     Great Lu Fei was hacked?

     Many fans are out of the ground and angry. It feels like they are tasting a cup of warm milk tea when they suddenly find that there are a few blow flies floating in the cup, and they are disgusted out of the question!

     Enraged, they immediately launched a counterattack.

     "Heizi, where's he from, get out for Laozi!"

     "Heizi dies the whole family!"

     "What Baby Qing'er, isn't it just being coquettish? Also dare to compare with our Great Lu Fei?"

     "Get out! Get out! Get out! Hey! Get out!"

     "What are the housekeepers doing? Why don't you kick these sunspots out and block the IP!"

     "There are so many popular people, some people are jealous when they see Great Lu Fei!"

     "These people are so disgusting..."In fact, the three room managers have already started the action, clearing up people and kicking them out of the room, but there are too many sunspots, and they have no time to deal with them, and they have not played a big role.

     Li Bai quickly confided Lu Chen: "Be careful, someone is deliberately targeting us, don't be fooled!"

     The sunspots on the live broadcast platform are best at using sow dissension. Fans who deliberately pretend to be a certain anchor ran to other live broadcast rooms to go to black people, provoking a war between fans on both sides.

     Although this method is very low-level, but because most of the fans are young and irrational, they are aroused in a few words. No matter what the three sevens are twenty-one battles, both sides suffer.

     Li Bai has been playing live broadcast for a long time, and he is very familiar with the tricks, and this time he also gambled with others. Although there has been an agreement for limited rewards, he did not say that he could not use other methods.

     He has even guessed how many people are behind the scenes.

     But at this time, Li Bai couldn't explain too much to Lu Chen, because it would easily interfere with the other party's emotions and affect the effect of the live broadcast. Moreover, if Lu Chen gets angry and loses his reason, then he will really be caught!

     Li Bai's scruples are justified, but he also underestimated Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen has never eaten pork, and he has also seen pigs running away. Without Li Bai's reminder, he is also alert.He immediately said into the microphone: "Please calm down, don't let the sunspots take the rhythm, and please don't go to other anchor rooms to fight, because that's what the sunspots hope!"

     Lu Chen put down the guitar with a relaxed and confident smile on his face: “Don’t quarrel and scold others, because this is what the sunspots are best at. They are used to using their shamelessness to pull others to the same level as them, and then Defeat the opponent with a wealth of shameless experience."

     "We are not on the same level as them..."

     "We should set up on high and look down at them. Just smile at this time."

     "Just like me, smile with contempt!"

     There is contempt in his smile, but it doesn't make people feel disgusted at all, but it feels very funny.

     "Hahaha, Great Lu Fei is right!"

     "Despise Sunspot!"

     "Look at the smile I despise!"

     "High-level skills: Lu Fei's contempt, damage +1000, mind impact +9, sunspot +500% damage!"

     "They are used to taking advantage of their shamelessness... Haha, Great Lu Fei said so much!"

     "The most famous saying, I took these few words away, no one should snatch me!"

     "Want to have a rhythm? This is an insult to our IQ!""Support anchor..."

     The wind direction of the barrage was instantly reversed by Lu Chen. A large number of ridicule barrage appeared directly crushed the speech of the sunspots into slag, and several local tyrant fans frequently rewarded Aircraft Carriers, which strengthened their own momentum!

     Compared with the 600,000 online viewers and the reputation of the members of the Lu Family Army by the thousands and tens of thousands, only a few hundred or thousands of sunspots can only be arrogant for a few seconds. It is doomed to fail.

     Lu Chen's counterattack is more than that!

     What is he best at?

     It's singing!

     Then use your voice to fight back those who are unsuspecting!

     "Tonight I am very happy and happy, because with your support, I achieved a miracle that I couldn't even think of, and appeared on the homepage hot list, ranking 11th!"

     "But I want to say, it's not enough..."

     "Because we have immense courage, because we have immense enthusiasm, because we have unity and love!"

     "So, let us come together and fly higher!"

     As soon as the voice fell, Lu Chen quickly stretched out his hand to readjust the camera and microphone, and then stood up holding the guitar.

     Because of this song, you must stand up and sing it!


     Life is like,A big river.

     Sometimes quiet,

     Sometimes crazy.

     Reality is like,

     A shackle,

     Tie me up,

     Unable to break free.


     The initial singing voice was low and depressed because of frustration and pressure.

     But the depression is short-lived, the greater the pressure, the more powerful the rebound, and the melody quickly becomes vigorous and intense!


     This enigmatic life is as sharp as a knife,

     Hurt me again and again,

     I know the kind of happiness I want,

     Just in the higher sky!

     I want to fly higher,

     Fly higher!

     Dance like a squally wind,

     Break free!

     I want to fly higher,

     Fly higher,

     Wings rolled up the storm,

     Howling in my heart,

     Fly higher!


     8:57, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast room, online popularity: 647310.

     Countless viewers, especially those who are familiar with Lu Chen and who accompanied him along the way, are all dumbstruck!

     Because what they see now is not the original Lu Chen at all.

     Lu Chen, who played and sang "Dust in the Wind", "My old classmate" and "Cinderella".Now Lu Chen is young, passionate, and passionate...has a strong combat power!

     His singing is no longer clean and clear, but vigorous vicissitudes full of endless power, upward power!

     This new song, which they have never heard before, has a completely different style from the previous folk songs.

     That is the style of rock and roll!

     Surprised to surprise, shock to shock, everyone likes it as much!

     Especially many people have been provoked by the sunspots just now, and now they hear this passionate rock work, they feel happy in their hearts, extremely happy!

     No need to quarrel, disdain to distinguish, proud of frigid irony and scorching satire, insist on true self!

     As sung in the singing...

     "I want to fly higher, fly higher! Dance like a strong wind, break free!"

     "I want to fly higher, fly higher! Wings curled up in the storm, my heart whistling, flying higher!"

     "Fly higher, fly higher..."

     In front of countless screens, countless audiences were moved by Lu Chen's singing, their blood boiled, and their enthusiasm was completely ignited. They used countless barrage and countless Fish Balls to accompany Lu Chen...

     Fly higher!

     -------------Note: "Flying Higher" Lyrics: Wang Feng.

     PS: Ask for a recommendation ticket to fly higher with me!
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