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Chapter Directory 63 The Popularity Is Over One Million!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"Beauty, so beautiful to be loved,

     I don't know where you are from,

     You exist for us,

     I ask you not to leave!

     Beauty is so beautiful that people love,

     It was Meng'er who sent you here,

     You exist for us,

     Don't hurt my heart!


     The cheerful and enthusiastic prelude, the exotic style of music, mixed with the atmosphere of Latin, West Asian nomads, and Bohemia, make all those who hear this song for the first time feel their ears pricked up, like It's the wonderful taste of a glass of sweet wine that blooms on the tongue!

     The melody of fly one's banner on a solitary tree, coupled with simple and straightforward lyrics, has a charming charm.

     Lu Chen held the guitar and sang the song "Beauty" with a very relaxed attitude and movements. He seemed to be a bard in Azeroth, sending it to Kaireny in the bar of the Tianya Hotel in Shattrath Last love song.

     This new song also fully reveals his profound knowledge in guitar playing. The combination of various complex fingerings appropriately expresses the style of string rhythm and makes people gasp in amazement.


     Beauty, the world becomes too fast,

     Your beauty is still there,

     We better not wander around,

     It's best not to wait any longer.Beauty, the world has become too fast,

     Your beauty is still there,

     It’s better to hold on to now,

     Ask if you understand!


     In the video in the live broadcast room, Baby Qing'er was holding her cheeks in her hand, her big beautiful eyes did not blink. She listened carefully to this song that she had never heard before, and her pretty face was delighted and moved. The look was like Kerenie who had been sent to Kiss, but with a touch of embarrassment.

     Lu Chen sang very happily. This song was originally not in his playlist. Like "Flying Higher", it was temporarily taken out by him for the occasion, and it was perfect to flirt the Qingmei.

     After the song "Beauty" was sung, a large number of barrage and Fish Balls appeared on the screen again.

     "Listen well!"

     "Beauty, so beautiful, I ask you not to leave!"

     "Lyrics, why are there no lyrics? I want to learn how to sing to my girlfriend!"

     "Very bohemian style, the anchor is so talented!"

     "I feel that other people's methods of picking up girls in the past were too low, and they should all come and learn from Great Lu Fei!"

     "together together together!"

     "I like this song more than the previous Lianlian Fengchen and Cinderella."

     "Like +1..."Baby Qing'er clapped his palms and said with a smile: "It's so nice, Thank you Great Lu Fei, I hope I can hear such a good song again next time, Qing'er is going back, goodbye!"

     Being able to become the first female anchor of [Whale TV], Baby Qing'er is more than just being beautiful and able to sing. She is a very smart girl who will seize opportunities and measure.

     Although the interaction with Lu Chen was a temporary rise, creating a hot topic appropriately will undoubtedly play a very important role in maintaining and enhancing her popularity.

     However, she wisely controlled the rhythm and did not hang around in Lu Chen's live broadcast, otherwise the fans of the Mermaid Knights would be dissatisfied, and now the time to return is just right.

     The flower guards who have thrown money should occasionally be jealous, but they should not feed too much vinegar. The proportions are not accurately grasped by ordinary people. Baby Qing'er is undoubtedly doing an excellent job.


     Lu Chen put down the guitar and waved at the opponent.

     Maybe it's because everyone is in the same industry, Lu Chen guessed Baby Qing'er's mind.

     But this is not bad, because everyone gets what they want.

     As for talking about playing and singing a song "Beauty", let this beauty love each other-that's really too much!So when Baby Qing'er returned to his live broadcast room, and dozens of tips for her were simultaneously flashed on the screen, Lu Chen just smiled.

     Lu Chen's attention is no longer on the opponent, because his popularity has just ushered in a new explosive growth!

     At 9:16, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast room, online popularity: 1036210.

     This is the first time that Lu Chen's popularity has broken through the million mark since his live broadcast!

     Although I borrowed the east wind from Baby Qing'er, it is undoubtedly an event worth celebrating for Lu Fei's live broadcast. It is important to know that a million popularity means that it has reached the level of a real first-line anchor and is no longer far from the top level.

     It has been less than a month since Lu Chen started broadcasting on [Whale TV]. It is undoubtedly a miracle to break through one million popularity so quickly.

     His Fish Fans attention number followed the tide rises, the boat floats, and the increase was jaw-dropping: 723625!

     One minute ago, the homepage's full station popularity list was updated for the fifth time since the PK live show started. Lu Chen climbed from the 11th position to the 5th place, and he jumped up to 6 places in one breath!

     Of course, the fans of Lu Family Army did not ignore such a huge improvement, and sent congratulatory messages one after another.

     "Congratulations to the anchor for breaking one million popularity!"

     "Haha, we are No. 5 on the hot list, long live Great Lu Fei, long live Lu Family Army!""Win the top five, hit the top three, we are the champions!"

     "Hurry up, everyone who has Fish Balls will send Fish Balls, and those who don't have Fish Balls will send barrage. The more the better!"

     "The first five must be okay, so happy!"

     "The people of Beijing sent a congratulatory message!"

     "Chang'an people sent a congratulatory message!"

     "The people of Shanghai sent a congratulatory message!"

     "The people of Hongkong sent a congratulatory message!"

     "Xiangnan people..."

     In full swing in the live broadcast room, Lu Chen was of course very happy, even if his popularity fell below one million with the departure of Baby Qing'er, countless viewers stayed and continued to watch his live broadcast.

     This is already a huge victory!

     "Thank you very much for your support, then the following song is dedicated to our schoolmates."

     "My Old Classmate, I hope you like it!"

     After the previous ups and downs, Lu Chen's graduation season PK theme show is back on track.

     He sent his seventh song "My old classmate".

     This work is undoubtedly a model of campus folk songs. Although Lu Chen has sung many times during the live broadcast, there are many people who have never heard of it.

     And everyone who has heard it or heard it for the first time is impressed by Lu Chen's talent."Dust in the Wind", "Who Sleeps My Bro", "Cinderella", "Golden Time of Youth", "Flying Higher", "Beauty" and now "My Old Classmate" are all Lu Chen's Original works.

     If you add a few more songs, he can publish a complete album, and the most admirable thing is that, except for "Flying Higher", the style, melody and lyrics of these songs are quite unified, and they fit perfectly." The theme of "Graduation Season" shows a profound creative background!

     In [Whale TV], there are many anchors who can play and sing, some are very professional, some are excellent, some are original, and some are more handsome than Lu Chen...

     But he can create so many excellent works, play and sing very well, and he is handsome, I really can’t find a second place, even in the current entertainment circle, Lu Chen is also a first-class or even top talent !

     He just didn't become famous.

     Among the nearly one million viewers in the live broadcast room, there are many who understand music. They met Lu Chen, heard his songs, and fell in love with his songs, and naturally became loyal fans.

     Just like the big waves scouring the sand, it is gold that will always shine brightly!When Lu Chen finished singing "My old classmate" and dedicated the last song "Blue Lotus Flower" tonight, the [Whale TV] executives who had been following the PK live show couldn't sit still.

     Shenhai City, 15th Floor, Building B3, High-tech Park, the large conference room of Whale Technology Company Headquarters.

     The south-facing wall is filled with blocks of high-definition screens. All the screens displayed are pictures from different live broadcast rooms, no more, no more than 24 yuan.

     A huge projection screen hangs on the east wall, showing the video of the Lu Fei live studio!

     "Nothing can stop you, your yearning for freedom, like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies career, your heart has no worries!"

     "Passing through the gloomy time, I also felt hesitant..."

     Lu Chen’s singing is clearly introduced into the ears of the company’s senior executives such as the general manager, deputy general manager, live broadcast director, and department manager of [Whale TV] in front of the conference table through the high-fidelity speakers arranged on the scene. !

     They either looked at each other or talked secretly.


     Note: "Beauty" Lyrics: Gao Feng.

     PS: Continue to strive for recommended votes!

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