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Chapter Directory 68 New Contract And New Starting Point
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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There were three people who just appeared at the entrance of the cafe. Reading a book??·1 to k?a?n?s?h?u?·cc

     Walking in the forefront is a tall middle-aged man, about 40 years old, with a neat suit.

     Following him are a woman in a white dress and a man with long thin glasses.

     Zhao Deping knows this tall man and is very familiar with it.

     Wu Hongming, [Whale tv] Operations Supervisor!

     Zhao Deping and Wu Hongming are not only former colleagues, they can be regarded as old friends after they have known each other for many years, but the friendship of the past has disappeared. Now it is not an exaggeration for the two sides to say that they are enemies.

     Seeing Wu Hongming, Zhao Deping immediately understood.

     He was fooled by 6 a.m.!

     At 6AM, he had no idea of signing a contract with Starlight Media. He knew that Zhao Deping was in charge of oo2!

     Zhao Deping turned his head back abruptly, not accidentally seeing a mocking smile on 6 Chen's face.

     That is undisguised sarcasm!

     The manager of the Starlight Media Operations Management Department turned purple, a sulky suffocated in his chest, his eyes were a little dizzy with Venus's mind, and he did not make a fool of himself on the spot.

     He is really embarrassed today!Zhao Deping thought that he would go out in person to deal with only a youngster in his early 20s. He didn't even expect the other party to play with him in order to take revenge on the previous discord.

     He flew more than 2ooo kilometers and ran to the capital.

     What people point out is that just now on the 6th morning, he had a serious contract with him, and his acting skills are so superb that he can mix in the film and television circles!

     It's more than just revenge, Zhao Deping quickly woke up.

     6 Morning is even using him, or more precisely, using Starlight Media as a bargaining chip to negotiate a new contract with [Whale tv]. Otherwise, why would Wu Hongming appear so coincidental?


     Zhao Deping wanted to swear, but countless words were stuck in his throat, and only one word came out in the end. ?? To read the book??·1·cc

     Because he found out sadly, he couldn't help but 6 am!

     It's not the little anchor who let him knead in [StarryLive] in the current 6 morning.

     "Since Manager Zhao is unwilling, then forget about it..."

     6 Chen stood up with a smile, and took out his wallet from his pocket, took a 5o yuan bill and placed it under the coffee cup, and said, "I hope there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, goodbye!"

     Nodded at the dumbstruck's assistant, and walked away on the 6th morning.At this moment, Zhao Deping's heart seems to be ten thousand stampeding horses.

     He stared at 6 Chen's back, if his eyes could kill people, then 6 Chen was already riddled with blemishes!

     The assistant asked timidly: "Manager Zhao, then we now..."

     "go back!"

     Zhao Deping struggled to stand up, and said weakly, "We will go back to the deep sea immediately."

     It is also self-infuriating to stay here. He really doesn't want his embarrassed appearance to be seen by Wu Hongming.

     The assistant wanted to say that the return ticket hasn't been booked yet, but Zhao Deping looks like this. If he sprinkles salt into the other party's wound, it will be the rhythm of waiting to be fired.

     The two of them had just left the cafe, and suddenly there was a reminder of politeness and vigilance behind them.

     "Sir, you forgot to pay the bill."

     The voice of the waiter was not loud, but it was very clear in the quiet cafe. Many guests nearby turned their heads and looked over after hearing it. Most of their eyes were curious or contemptuous.

     Zhao Deping's old face finally faded a little, and then he was heavily brushed with a new layer in an instant.

     He noticed Wu Hongming who was not far away and was talking with 6 a.m., so he looked at him.

     The manager of the Starlight Media Operations Management Department almost spit out old blood.I knew it would be such a result. He would not come to the capital if he was killed. He was humiliated for nothing. The most important task was not completed, and there was no way to explain to Zhang Guangjie when he returned.

     He can completely predict his gloomy and desperate future in Company!


     "Zhao Deping..."

     Wu Hongming glanced at his old rival, snorted softly, and said, "He really has a face!"

     Zhao Deping is [StarryLive] in charge of oo2, nevertheless he told 6 Morning.

     After the executive meeting of [Whale tv] ended last night, he personally called 6 Morning to discuss the contract, and from the words of 6 Morning, he learned that Starlight Media would also send someone to Beijing.

     Based on his knowledge of Zhao Deping, Wu Hongming revealed this not-so-secret secret to 6 Morning.

     Because he knows very well that it must be the manager of the operation and management department that Starlight Media came to dig into the wall!

     The result is not unexpected.

     At the same time, Wu Hongming also admired a bit in the morning. The latter obviously played Zhao Deping, and at the same time borrowed from Starlight Media to implicitly remind himself that the price of the new contract cannot be bad.

     In business talks, he didn't think there was anything wrong with the 6 morning approach, and he was prepared for it.

     6 Chen said with a smile: "Let's sit down and talk!"【Whale tv】Wu Hongming and Wu Shanshan were sent to talk to him about the new contract. He met the former for the second time, while the latter often talked in WeChat. Of course, Taoist Master met for the first time.

     As for the third person accompanying him, the thin and tall man with glasses, his identity is actually the Editor of Yunjing Music Network!

     The other party’s name is Zuo Suian, and the id name is at home wherever one is.

     Of course, 6 Chen knows Yunjing Music Network, which is the top music website in China. The appearance of Editor Zuo gave him a subtle association.

     As for the truth, it needs to be understood slowly and carefully.

     The four of them found a seat and sat down. After ordering coffee and tea, they quickly got to the point.

     What Wu Hongming brought to 6 Morning was an electronic contract.

     The advantage of the electronic contract is that it is very convenient to modify, and it is also very simple to print it into a formal contract after it is finalized.

     [Whale tv]’s sincerity is undoubtedly expressed in this electronic contract.

     The new contract they gave to the 6th morning is 5o+5o+7o%+3o%, 50,000 signing fee + 50,000 annual salary + 7o% reward share and 3o% value-added benefit share. The contract period is 3 years, [ Whale tv】has the right to early termination and priority renewal.

     The most important thing is that [Whale tv] does not require the possession of his original copyright, as long as it is reasonably authorized.On Wu Shanshan’s laptop, I read the e-contract carefully in the morning and found no traps or ambiguities in the terms. The rights and obligations of both parties are clear!

     His heart is undoubtedly very satisfied, but the conditions that should be mentioned are still mentioned.

     "Manager Wu..."

     6 morning said to Wu Hongming speak bluntly:

     "I'll just say two points. The first point is that the 50,000 yuan signing fee is too small. The second point is that the 3-year contract is too long. I hope it can be changed to 2 years. Nothing else!"

     The signing fee of 50,000 yuan is amazing for a new anchor, but according to the current popularity of the 6th morning, it is really not too much. [Whale tv]’s first female anchor Baby Qing'er, it is said that the signing gold Reached 50,000!

     Of course, out of the need of publicity, the 50,000 yuan signing bonus may be hydrated, but even if it’s a serious discount, two to three million is definitely a lot. In contrast, the 50,000 yuan signing bonus for 6 mornings is undoubtedly Not enough to see.

     Wu Hongming pondered for a moment, and said, "At 6 am, both of your conditions can be discussed, but please let me think about it. How about you talk to the editor first?"

     Of course, there is no objection to 6 morning, he is actually very curious about the intention of the editor of Yunjing Music Network.Suian's intention is simple. The editor hopes that Wei Changfeng can organize his original works into a complete music album, and then put it on Yunjing Music Network for promotion and paid download!

     "The pioneer of campus folk songs!"

     Suian's eyes flashed with excitement, and he said: "I have listened to all the original works you played on the pk theme show several times. Except for Flying Higher and Blue Lotus Flower, the styles of the other songs are too suitable. Recorded as a folk song album, it has a unique selling point, and I believe the sales will be good!"

     6 Chen really moved.

     Making an album is the dream of countless vagabond singers. Even if it is an online album, it is a good thing for many people to be yearn for sth even in one's dreams to be able to promote and sell on big music website platforms such as Yunjing Music Network.

     There are a lot of songs that 6 Chen can remember in the dream world, but the works he has left for himself are very uniform in style. Except for the pk theme show, why is it not preparing for Album?

     It's just that the unknown newcomer vagabond singer is really not easy to get out of Album. Even if he barely got out, he will still lose money.

     Maybe you can't even make a shout!

     6 Morning, I don’t want to do swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing.

     However, now that the opportunity was presented to him, why didn't he take it well?

     -----------Our protagonist is about to move towards a broader world, and the New Year of the Monkey is about to come, the author hereby wishes everyone a happy new year, have all one's wishes for family reunion, and congratulations!

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