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Chapter Directory 80 Expensive Package
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On June 10th, Lu Chen returned to the capital.

     Waving away the melancholy of graduation and parting, he lifted his spirits and started on the road again.

     From now on, his identity is no longer a college student in the ivory tower, but a real fresh social person.

     The road is long and long, I will search up and down!

     At this moment, Lu Chen didn't know what was waiting for him in the future. He didn't know that he was about to embark on a bright road full of flowers, nevertheless a dangerous path full of thorns.

     But he is fearless and full of expectations!


     June 11, Thursday, overcast.

     Lu Chen came to the Delong Building located on the Fourth Ring of Beijing.

     Delong Building is a 58-storey office building located in the most prosperous financial and commercial area of the Fourth Ring Road. Lu Chen has visited twice a while ago and participated in the Pang-Huang Band two music single in the 35th floor of the Tianlai Music Workshop The production.

     Tianlai Music Workshop is very famous in the pop music scene in Beijing. It was established ten years ago and is mainly engaged in music production and promotion business. It has complete advanced equipment and a group of outstanding professionals.

     Many big names in the industry have used Tianlai Music Workshop to produce their own works. In order to make the first shot into pop music, Qingyu Media put the first album in the Tianlai Music Workshop for production.

     Quality first!Although Lu Chen's participation is not deep, he has a deep understanding of the strength of Tianlai Music Workshop.

     So he wanted to give his Album to Tian Lai to complete.

     The idea of making a personal album began when Lu Chen signed a contract with [Whale TV]. Later, after the PK theme show, Editor Suian of Yunjing Music Network discussed with him, and he really made up his mind.

     Lu Chen wants to use this album as a brick as a door knocker to enter the pan-entertainment circle!

     So he attaches great importance to it and treats it as the first major event after returning to Beijing.

     In the customer reception room of Tianlai Music Workshop, Lu Chen first met the other's business representative.

     The business representative's surname is Ni, who is in his 30s. He is a typical workplace white-skinned man with exquisite makeup and well-dressed. Although the smile on his face is slightly professional, it does not make people feel neglected.

     This Miss Ni also speaks softly: "Mr. Lu Chen, this is our Company’s external music production quotation form, which includes five ABCDE package combinations. Of course, if you have special needs, our Company can also provide You tailor it."

     Lu Chen nodded, and took a closer look at the other party's price list.

     The previous two times I came to the Tianlai Music Workshop to help, he hadn't asked for a price, and now he is an eye-opener.This quotation sheet is made specifically for Album and includes all the costs of composing music, recording and post-production. The lowest E package of the five models is 100,000, and the highest A package is 1 million. The difference is a full 10 times!

     Before coming to Tian Lai Music Workshop, Lu Chen had some knowledge about music single and Album production.

     Beijing is the center of the national cultural industry. Entertainment and media Company as many as the hair of the ox. There are millions of employees in entertainment-related industries. There are many large and small music workshops, recording rooms, and professional production companies.

     If you are simply playing tickets and do not pay attention to quality, you can directly place an order on the Internet to make a personal album.

     And if you want to experience the feeling of recording in the studio, you can meet your needs for one or two thousand dollars.

     Of course, these are pure amateurs. If you really want to make a high-quality music single or album, the cost is very high. One or two thousand one song is basic, and hundreds of thousands are not too expensive. Pay for it.

     So don’t look at the many vagabond singers of Jingpiao. Many people have never produced a real album in their lives. In addition to the song itself, the cost of production is the key. There is also promotion and distribution. !

     As for the songs made for thousands of dollars, there is no way to get them out.As a veteran Company in the industry, Teana Music Workshop is very professional. The price list contains a detailed list of the various expenses included in the five packages, which makes it easy to see.

     After seeing it, Lu Chen is most satisfied with the C package, which has industry-renowned composing music, producer and Band accompaniment, high-standard recording and post-production. The price is 500,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 50,000 yuan for a song.

     It's not that the AB package is inferior to the C package, but the price of the AB package is not what Lu Chen can bear.

     Even if it is set C, he can't get the money now.

     As for the 250,000 package D and the 100,000 package, compared to the C package, it seems that they are not very sincere.

     I don’t know that chai rice is expensive if you are not in charge!

     Lu Chen sighed secretly. He held the price list and tentatively asked: "Ms. Ni, if I choose the C package, how much discount can your company give?"

     He heard from Qin Hanyang last time that he could bargain with the production company.

     Ms. Ni said sincerely: "Mr. Lu, my authority can give you up to 5% off. If you can ask our manager or director to sign, the minimum is 10% off."

     Lu Chen gave up as soon as he heard it, not to mention that he did not know the manager and director of Tianlai Music Workshop, and even if he could get the signature of the other party, the 10% discount would cost 450,000.Lu Chen knows that if it is not for himself to come forward, but for an industry company like Qingyu Media to talk, it is estimated that the price will be lower, who will let him do it alone?

     As the saying goes, it’s a great place to take advantage of the coolness. It is true that signing an entertainment media company will lose a lot of freedom and rights, but it also has a lot of conveniences.

     But Lu Chen does not regret his choice!

     He thought for a while and said, "Then I will consider, Miss Ni, can I take this price list with me?"

     Ms. Ni smiled: "It is absolutely possible. If you have any questions, you can also directly ask me."

     Her business card was given to Lu Chen when they met.

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen took the price list and left the Tianlai Music Workshop.

     In fact, for Lu Chen now, 450,000 is really not a big number, and it can be earned after a while, or it is enough to sell two songs.

     However, this involves another question, that is, whether the investment is so large, will the cost be earned?

     Lu Chen was at a loss.

     He has a small achievement in webcasting and has a large number of fans, but he can't even talk about newcomers in the entertainment circle. Nevertheless outsiders have no influence at all.In addition, the issue of piracy is also involved in the online Album. The online album has a very low price, but not many people are willing to pay, because after the album is released, free pirated resources can be found soon.

     The same principle also applies to [Whale TV]. Regardless of his hundreds of thousands of Fish Fans, it is like a reward, and it is always a small number of people who are really willing to pay.

     Album is 100% to be released, but Lu Chen doesn't want to lose money to make money, and refuses to compromise on quality, then it is very problematic-the idea is very beautiful, the reality is too cruel!

     With a tangled mind, he took the elevator down to the ground floor of Delong Building.

     Just a few steps out of the elevator, suddenly a middle-aged man strode over to stop Lu Chen.

     "Sir, are you planning to make a song in Tian Lai Workshop?"

     This middle-aged man was about fifty years old. His figure was small and he was wearing a set of clothes that didn't fit very well, so he looked loose.

     When he spoke, his expression was obviously a little nervous, and his eyes were more focused on the security guard in the lobby not far away.


     Lu Chen was stunned, and asked curiously: "What's the matter with you?"

     The middle-aged man breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Lu Chen."My man is Changsheng Manager Wang of Nirvana Music Production Workshop, can we talk about it?"

     He speaks very fast, with a trace of anxiety and expectation.

     Nirvana Music Production Workshop?

     Lu Chen thought for a while, without the slightest impression, hesitated for a moment and nevertheless said, "Okay."

     Mainly curious.

     There was a cafe on the first floor of Delong Building. The two of them found a place to sit down and ordered a pot of tea.

     After seated, Lu Chen’s first question was: "Manager Wang, how did you know that I was preparing to make a song at Tian Lai Workshop?"

     The workshop manager named Wang Changsheng pointed to the price list Lu Chen on the table, and said embarrassingly: "I saw you holding this thing in your hand, so I came to try my luck."

     Lu Chen laughed blankly.


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