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Chapter Directory 84 As Long As You Sign It
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Mr. Lu Chen, will you have time at nine tomorrow morning?"

     The voice over the phone was very polite and beautiful, and even gave people a hint of beautiful reverie.

     Lu Chen didn't think too much. The first thing he thought of was the Album he was going to make, so he immediately replied: "I have time, Miss Ni, can you ask what it is?"

     Lu Chen didn't expect that the business representative of Tianlai Workshop would take the initiative to call himself. For a few days, he was also considering the issue of album production. Of course, Tianlai Workshop is nevertheless the first choice, but it is not the only choice.

     The other party is now calling for an appointment. There should be good news, right?

     Lu Chen can't be sure, after all, he is nevertheless newcomer in this circle, the more he thinks, the greater the disappointment.

     Ms. Ni chuckled and said: "It's a surprise. A director of our Tianlai Workshop wants to meet you in person. He is scheduled to meet at the coffee shop on the second floor of Delong Building at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Please give me my name when you arrive. ?"

     Lu Chen: "Ok, no problem!"

     Surprise? How happy are you?

     The director of Tianlai Workshop, sounds a bit backed!

     Lu Chen dare not think too beautifully, so the answer nevertheless will be announced tomorrow.

     No dream for a night.Early the next morning, he woke up to exercise as usual, went home after breakfast, took a shower and changed clothes.

     At 9:50 in the morning, Lu Chen arrived at Delong Building in advance.

     Delong Building is a standard commercial office building. There is a coffee shop and cafeteria on the second floor. After he arrived, he reported Miss Ni's name and was taken to a small box by the window by the waiter.

     Miss Ni is already here.

     In addition to her, there are two other people in the box, one is a young man with a straight suit and a small flat head, and the other is a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face in his fifties, dressed in casual but full of style.

     Lu Chen recognized that the latter was wearing a valuable Vacheron Constantin watch on his wrist, one of the favorite brands of business elites, and he felt a little bit in his heart.

     Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Miss Ni and the young man stood up at the same time.

     Lu Chen apologizes: "I'm so sorry that you have been waiting for a long time."

     Miss Ni smiled and said: "We came early, and you are not late. Let me introduce you."

     "This is the director of our Tianlai Workshop and the general manager of Juxing Broker Company, Mr. Jin Hongwei!"

     Juxing Broker Company? Jin Hongwei?

     Lu Chen shook his heart, and immediately stretched out his hand and said: "Hello Chief Jin, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time!"Lu Chen's words are not polite, he really knows the name of this Chief Jin.

     Juxing Company is a well-known broker Company in the entertainment circle, and this Jin Hongwei Chief Jin is not only the founder of Juxing Company, but also a major player in the industry. There are many Heavenly King Heavenly Queen / days later.

     For example, Tan Hong, whom Lu Chen knows and loves most, was discovered and cultivated by Jin Hongwei.

     Another example is the singer Heavenly Queen / days later Chen Fei'er, who was the first to sign with Juxing Company.

     Lu Chen's impression of Jin Hongwei is all from the eight-trigram news in the online entertainment industry. There are many rumors of good and bad, but in the entertainment brokerage industry, Jin Hongwei is recognized as the top figure.

     He did not expect Jin Hongwei to meet with him today, and one of the directors of the nevertheless Tianlai Workshop.

     What a surprise!

     Lu Chen feels a little flattered.

     Jin Hongwei's reputation for venomous eyes and good at digging for fresh talents is extremely loud. He is unquestionably the dream of those newcomers who want to step into the entertainment industry!

     It wasn't until Lu Chen stretched out his hand that Jin Hongwei stood up calmly and unhurried, shook his hand and said: "Well! Lu Chen, I heard your name half a month ago, very talented young man!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Thank you Chief Jin for the compliment."

     "It's not a compliment, it's a fact!"Jin Hongwei released his hand and said, "I have listened to all three songs you wrote for Pang-Huang Band. They are very good. With your talent and talent, you shouldn’t be the way you are now, you should stand true On the stage..."

     "Become a big star, I believe you have such strength!"

     His words are not very impassioned, but plain and firm are full of the power of stir up public sentiment by false statements.

     Lu Chen can only smile.

     Jin Hongwei's evaluation is too high, so he doesn't know how to answer.

     "I am very optimistic about you..."

     Jin Hongwei motioned to Lu Chen to sit down and talk, and Miss Ni personally poured tea on him.

     After a few casual chats, Jin Hongwei stretched out his hand to the young man next to him.

     This young man is Jin Hongwei's assistant. He quickly took out a contract from the briefcase he carried with him.

     Jin Hongwei took it in his hand and said meaningfully: "Lu Chen, I know you recently wanted to publish a personal album. Have you encountered financial problems?"

     "This is very simple. Our Company will help you solve it and customize it according to the highest standard specifications. In addition..."After a pause, he continued: "In a few days, Xiangnan TV's second season of "The Super Singer" will hold an audition. Our Company cooperates with there. How about recommending you to participate? At least guarantee your top three positions! "

     The industry giant put the contract in his hand in front of Lu Chen and said: "You only have to sign it."

     Jin Hongwei's voice was full of confidence, and he obviously didn't think Lu Chen would refuse.

     Miss Ni smiled and said, "Congratulations, Mr. Lu Chen!"

     The highest standard of Album customization, the top three in "The Super Singer", the Juxing Company's favorite...

     Of course, there is also the favor of this big entertainment circle!

     For any newcomer, it is a good thing yearn for sth even in one's dreams!

     Lu Chen looked at the contract placed in front of him, and the reputation and benefits he desired seemed to be at his fingertips.

     It just feels like everything is coming too soon!

     He is not yet mentally prepared.

     However, at this time, Lu Chen was not muddled in the brain, but calmed down.

     there is no such thing as a free lunch, Juxing Company and Jin Hongwei are not living Leifeng, how much they pay, they must double the money back, is this contract really he wants to sign?Lu Chen couldn't help but think of the news on the Internet. Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er trained by Jin Hongwei finally fell out with him, and the lawsuit was raging. Both of them once denounced Juxing Company for being overbearing and stern.

     Although Internet rumors are not necessarily true, and public opinion must occupy the moral commanding heights, there must be a reason for wind from an empty cave. Jin Hongwei's evaluation in the industry is not perfect.

     The contract before him reminded Lu Chen of some unpleasant past events.

     His shaken determination just now became firm again!

     "Chief Jin, Thank you for your love..."

     Lu Chen did not look at the contract, but raised his head and said to Jin Hongwei: "But I don't plan to sign a contract with any company, so please forgive me."

     Lu Chen is not so confident that he is stronger than Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er. Jin Hongwei has given such a high salary. This contract must be very strict or even harsh. !

     In order to avoid people mistakenly thinking that he is a big-name player, he will show up before being popular, so Lu Chen simply declined, and clearly stated his attitude and thoughts.

     For Jin Hongwei, Lu Chen's refusal was completely beyond his expectation.

     Why would you refuse? How can I refuse? How dare to refuse!Jin Hongwei's astonishment was directly expressed on his face, and his shrewdness was also gloomy.

     Jin Hongwei debuted for 30 years. He started as a small brokerage assistant until now. He is the most intensely proud of sth who he wants to sign. Basically, there is no one who can't sign.

     Tan Hong was so difficult to do back then, but he did the same.

     Chen Fei'er was so arrogant back then, didn't he still sign his name on his contract?

     Lu Chen is just a newcomer who hasn't made his official debut yet. He actually ignored the favorable conditions he put forward. He refused without even looking at the contract. He was slapped in the face!

     His assistant and Miss Ni are also dumbstruck, and the look in Lu Chen's eyes is unbelievable.

     A golden avenue of fame was paved underfoot, and Lu Chen didn't want to step on it, crazy nevertheless, stupid?

     After all, Jin Hongwei is no ordinary person, his face changed for a moment, and soon calmed down.

     He asked: "Lu Chen, are you in any trouble, can you tell me to hear it?"

     Lu Chen didn't know the other party's thoughts, feeling very embarrassed, and explained: "Chief Jin, I'm so sorry, I just don't like being tied down, I originally planned to open a personal workshop, so..."

     "understood."Jin Hongwei nodded and said, "Then I can understand, it's really a pity, I hope there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future."

     Lu Chen said cheerfully: "Thank you!"

     Since he had refused, he couldn't stay any longer, so he got up and said goodbye.

     Jin Hongwei didn't want to stay, but said at the end: "Lu Chen, your talent should not be buried, go to the strongest singer, I am very optimistic about you!"

     After Lu Chen left, the face of the industry giant suddenly sank.

     Even the temperature in the box has dropped a lot!


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