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Chapter Directory 88 First Lesson
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In Lu Ya's beautiful eyes, a subtle anger flashed.

     She debuted for more than ten years. Although she was not among the top big names in the show business community, she was also a first-line singer. Even if she is a bit outdated now, when was she interrupted so rudely before she finished speaking?

     The judging panel (member) who interrupted her is Zuo Zhuanghao, the editor and critic of the fashion magazine "Xiu Mei".

     In terms of his reputation in the show business community, Lu Ya smashed his opponent at least three blocks away!

     But Lu Ya did not express her anger directly, because when Chen Zhenni turned on the red light, she felt something was wrong, as if the player named Lu Chen was deliberately targeted.

     Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, Lu Ya has always been clean-living and honest. At the same time, she also knows how deep the water in this circle is. She has seen a lot of darkness and filth hidden under the glamorous appearance!

     So she instinctively remained silent.

     Those who are screaming for injustice cannot gain a foothold in this circle.

     Zhuang Hao did not look at Lu Ya, but stared at Lu Chen and said: "I agree with Zhang Xiaoan's opinion. Your song style is too old, and the melody seems familiar, lacks sufficient originality, and is too amateur to pass."His voice was very peaceful, as if he was stating a boring report, but the faint disdain and ridicule in his words made people feel embarrassed and embarrassed.

     However, contrary to the expectations of the four judging panel (members) including Lu Ya, Lu Chen did not feel embarrassed or angry after listening, nor did he excuse or protest, or begged to give it again like many young vagabond singers who were eliminated. opportunity.

     He nodded and said politely: "Thank you the comments of the four judging panel (member) teachers..."

     what a shame!

     Lu Ya felt unbearable in her heart. In her opinion, Lu Chen was very good and should not be suppressed.

     That's right, Zhuang Hao almost never wrote the word "suppress" on his face!

     She didn't know who Lu Chen had offended.

     At the next moment, Lu Chen straightened his chest and looked directly at Zhuang Hao and said, "But I don’t agree with Mr. Zhuang Hao’s opinion. The copyright of my song was registered in the Greater China Music Library a long time ago, and it does not exist. Any plagiarism or imitation, someone else wants to buy one hundred thousand dollars..."

     He smiled confidently: "But I didn't sell it."

     What is slapped face? This is slapped face, and it is publicly slapped face!Didn't Zhuang Hao comment on "My old classmate" "The melody seems familiar and lacks enough originality"? Then Lu Chen told him that the copyright of this song was registered in the "Greater China Music Library".

     Are you more authoritative than "Greater China Music Library"?

     It's also true that someone paid 100,000 to buy it. Of course, Lu Chen didn't sell it. He left this classic to himself.

     Too old and too amateur? Is the person who paid for it a fool?

     Zhuang Hao's face flushed instantly.

     Zhuang Hao is not the first judging panel (member) of "The Super Singer". He is used to set up on high to evaluate the contestants. Although he has seen many arrogant and obstinate guys, he has been hit so specifically. Face, nevertheless the first time.

     No matter how thick his face is, he can't stand a heavy palm blow!

     In addition to Zhuang Hao, Zhang Xiaoan and Chen Zhenni also felt that their faces were shaved off by Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen did not give them a chance to fight back, nodded at Lu Ya, and then left the ground freely.

     Among the four judging panel (members), he only has a good impression of Lu Ya.


     Zhuang Hao slapped the pen in his hand heavily on the table, and scolded angrily: "Young people nowadays are becoming less and less polite and not modest at all. It's no wonder that the pop music scene is getting worse and worse. "Zhang Xiaoan said with a sullen face: "Yes, so we should be stricter. Those with bad conduct should be eliminated, otherwise Xiangnan TV will be embarrassed in front of the people of the whole country."

     Chen Zhenni picked up the notebook and fanned it vigorously. She sneered: "With such a temper, it's no wonder someone wants to show him some color. I really don't know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, and when he cries!"

     Zhuang Hao and Zhang Xiaoan turned their heads to look at her at the same time, with weird expressions—how could such words be said?

     Lu Ya was stunned and didn't feel too surprised.

     Chen Zhenni didn't care about their strange eyes, even if there were four cameras shooting on the scene? This video is 100% cut, and no one cares about a little newcomer vagabond singer.

     The audition of "The Strongest Producer" continues.

     Lu Chen walked out of the Capital Gymnasium, the afternoon sun shone on his face, still hot.

     He took a long breath, spitting out resentment.

     Although such a result was expected by Lu Chen, there was no illusion in his heart. Maybe Chen Jianhao had a prejudice against Jin Hongwei and thus lost his accurate judgment?

     And the bloody reality taught him a lesson!

     Don't think how great you are, in the eyes of some people, it's just a pawn to play with at will!Lu Chen clenched his fists involuntarily.

     He became more determined and determined to walk the path he wanted to take.

     The phone rang.

     Lu Chen picked it up.

     "Lu Chen, I just heard a very regretful news. You didn't pass the audition of the strongest singer?"

     Jin Hongwei's voice came over the phone, his tone was very sorry.

     Lu Chen said: "Yes, thank you Chief Jin for your concern."

     He answered with a smile on his face, a sneer—it really is!

     Jin Hongwei couldn't see Lu Chen's look, and continued: "That's okay. It's not terrible for a young man to fail once. The doors of our Juxing Company are always open for you. We can provide you with a pass ticket to advance to the knockout round! "

     "In the other evening, I arranged a dinner to invite two judging panel (members) to come and sit down. You apologize to them, I think..."

     beep! beep!

     Before he finished speaking, the call was dropped.

     Jin Hongwei was stunned, and quickly dialed Lu Chen's mobile number again.

     The answer was: "Dear user, the cell phone you dialed is not in the service area..."


     Jin Hongwei finally understood, he threw his mobile phone out of shame and anger!This tone means that Lu Chen has added his number to the blacklist and does not want to talk to him anymore.

     In other words, his Jin Hongwei has spent so much thought and effort to engage in wind and rain, and it is completely in vain.

     Lu Chen doesn't eat him at all!

     Jin Hongwei has never met such a newcomer who doesn't know how to promote and doesn't want to eat hard or soft.

     His lungs are almost exploded with air!

     And Lu Chen doesn't care what the other party's reaction is, he is just as unwilling as he is. He has nothing to ask for Jin Hongwei, and he bows his head under the circumstances of being calculated by the other party. It's really better to buy a piece of tofu and just kill it and forget about it.

     Fuck me!

     Drag Jin Hongwei's mobile phone number into the blacklist, Lu Chen is full of vitality.

     As a result, just after 3 seconds, his phone rang again.

     This time it was Chen Jianhao who called, and Lu Chen wondered if he had discussed with Jin Hongwei.

     Of course this was a joke, Lu Chen immediately picked it up: "Brother Jianhao?"

     Chen Jianhao chuckled and said, "Did Jin Hongwei calling you just now?"

     Lu Chen was surprised: "How did you know?"

     Chen Jianhao sneered: "As far as his virtue is concerned, I can guess what he said to you, whether he asked you to sign a contract with Juxing Company to ensure that you can be promoted to the strongest producer, and is it necessary for you to follow a few judging panels? (member) Apologize for drinking?"Lu Chen was completely speechless-Chen Jianhao gave it all!

     Chen Jianhao Hahaha: "You're really good. The entertainment industry hasn't gotten into it yet, but I offended a few people in the show business community. I heard that Zhuang Hao's face was almost swollen by you, so he scolded vigorously How about you!"

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I was impulsive."

     "What's the impulse?"

     Chen Jianhao laughed and said: "You played well, the grandson just owes it. Anyway, you don't have to worry about it anymore, concentrate on preparing for the live audition of Singing China on July 3 and the qualifying match on the 10th. !"

     Chen Jianhao asked Lu Chen for a pass-through card for Capital City TV "Singing China", so he didn't need to participate in the preliminary audition held at the Capital Workers' Gymnasium today, and went directly to the formal audition session.

     Chen Jianhao also believes that Lu Chen can easily pass the sea election to qualify for the qualifying round!

     "But you have to remember what happened today. This is the first lesson you learned when you entered the entertainment industry."

     "I think you should have learned a lot."

     "Go hard, boy!"


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