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Chapter Directory 95 Starry
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The clock hung on the wall firmly pointed the minute hand straight down at the number "6".

     At 6:30, the live recording of Capital City TV's first Taoist Master talent show "Singing China" officially began!

     The atmosphere in the backstage of the studio immediately became tense.

     The screen in the studio appeared on the super wide screen, and Host appeared first.

     Capital City TV boldly activated a rookie anchor named Zhao Zhe to host this highly anticipated talent show. He was a little nervous and excited, but he quickly entered a normal state.

     After finishing a passionate opening remark, Zhao Zhe's expression was condensed, his eyes were straight ahead.

     "Next, let us use warm applause, please come out the first judging panel (member) of Singing China tonight!"

     The auditorium in the 1500-seat studio hall was already full of people. Host's voice just fell, and there was a wave of applause from the audience to welcome the judging panel (member).

     Capital City TV has done a lot of gimmicks in the selection of judging panel (member). It did not publicize it as early as other peers. It used the reputation of judging panel (member) to pre-heat and hype, but deliberately maintained a sense of mystery. Leave the suspense to the audience.No one will doubt the strength and connections of Capital City TV. The judging panel (member) invited must be a heavyweight person, but Capital City TV has done a good job of confidentiality, so everyone will naturally make various guesses. Discuss in blogs, post bars, forums, etc., to form enough topicality.

     In terms of publicity, although Capital City TV is competing with Xiangnan TV, it hasn't lost much.

     Tonight, the first qualifying match of the Beijing Division was broadcast live. The announcement of the four judging panel (members) is undoubtedly the biggest highlight.

     Therefore, the applause of the audience was extremely enthusiastic.

     The lighting in the studio hall suddenly went out, and the entire stage was plunged into darkness.

     After a while, a bright spotlight hit the center of the stage from top to bottom.

     It fell on a man.

     With his back to the audience, he stands tall and still, with the "Singing China" logo on the huge background screen.

     The studio was quiet for a moment.

     Host Zhao Zhe stood in the dark without seeing him, but his voice echoed in everyone's ears.

     "He has a super talent without a doubt..."

     "He is a famous singer in Asia..."

     "He has won numerous awards!"

     "His song used to accompany a generation of people to grow up, and it is still a classic...""he is the one..."

     The big screen picture suddenly exploded, and accompanied by a fierce tremor, two golden characters jumped out!

     "Tan Hong!"

     Tan Hong, the first judging panel (member) of "Singing China", turned out to be Tan Hong!

     No one thought, everyone was surprised!

     The lights were all on, and the applause that had just rested sounded again and became more violent, forming a storm that was about to lift the roof.

     Many audiences stood up, and they applauded and shouted Tan Hong's name.

     Tan Hong was born in the early 1970s and began to learn music at a very young age. At the age of 17, he won the National Youth Singing Competition and embarked on a shining star.

     It has been 25 years since he debuted and he has released a total of 17 original albums. Among them, Album "Flying Pigeons" sold more than 5 million copies in 1999, which is regarded as the last glory of popular music record sales.

     Although Tan Hong is not very handsome, his voice recognition is extremely high, and he is an outstanding talent in creation. Many of the big-selling albums are all personally arranged songs, such as "Flying Pigeons" and "After the Rain". "End of the World Prodigal Son" "Remebering Our Time Together" "Passion" and many other classic works.

     When he turned around with a smile under the spotlight, the atmosphere of the audience suddenly reached a climax!In the backstage of the studio, many contestants and relatives stood up.

     All eyes are on the TV screen.

     "Tan Hong, it's Tan Hong!"

     "I like Tan Hong's song the most. I really thought he would be a judging panel (member)!"

     "Capital City TV is awesome!"

     "I want to sign..."

     Among the excited crowd, there is also Lu Chen.

     He is also a fan of Tan Hong!

     Lu Chen never thought that Tan Hong would come to be a judging panel (member), and he didn't know what method Capital City TV used.

     Although Tan Hong has been popular for more than ten years, his temperament is indifferent, he does not like to join in the fun, and basically does not participate in variety shows. Personally, he has not had any scandals with the wife of his first love girlfriend, moisten with spittle.

     In the 25 years since his debut, he hasn't even shot a few commercials.

     Therefore, Tan Hong will be on the "Singing China" judging panel (member) tonight, and he will definitely be on the entertainment headlines tomorrow!

     Capital City TV has been holding back for several years, and finally it has a big move.

     Although Tan Hong has been almost half-retired in recent years, his popularity is still unbreakable, especially among the people in the 70s and 80s, he has the most loyal fans.It must be noted that Tan Hong was first signed with Juxing Company. He was trained by Jin Hongwei until he turned his face against the industry tycoon. At that time, the lawsuit was raging and caused a national sensation.

     With Tan Hong's character and personality, he is so resolute and resolute, it is also more than one can bear.

     Tan Hong, who is in his forties, is in the most attractive period of a successful man. He is no longer young, but his smile is still sincere, his eyes are still bright, and he is still so personable.

     Brings back countless people's memories!

     It can even be said that the moment Tan Hong appeared, "Singing China" had already achieved initial success.

     After Tan Hong took his seat, an LED light above the big stage lights up, showing his name.

     With endless applause, the lighting in the studio went out again.

     Host Zhao Zhe began to introduce the second judging panel (member).

     The previous Tan Hong has completely satisfied everyone's appetite, so who will be the second judging panel (member)?

     Will it fade away against Tan Hong?

     No one knows the answer now.

     "Her singing, we what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail..."

     "Her beauty is the most beautiful scenery in the pop music scene..."

     "She once set the highest sales record of female vagabond singer Record in China, and it has not been broken yet!""She, nevertheless Mr. Tan Hong's junior sister!"

     "She is..."

     "Chen Fei'er!"

     The name on the background screen has not been displayed yet, and many people in the audience have already called out loudly.

     "Chen Fei'er!"

     The second judging panel (member) of "Singing China" is the famous Chen Fei'er, the queen of the famous jade girl!

     Speaking of this pop star, everyone really knows that no one knows. Chen Fei'er is famous for singing sweet songs and love songs. Her voice is sweet and moving, and her Album has made great achievements.

     Unlike Tan Hong, after entering the Internet age, Chen Fei'er is still active in the entertainment show business community, and has developed vigorously towards film and television. He has appeared in many blockbusters and is the spokesperson of many big brands.

     The most talked about is the friendship between her senior brother and Tan Hong. The relationship between the two is very good, but there has not been any scandal. Moreover, Chen Fei'er and Juxing Company terminated their contract. It is not Tan Hong's full support, I am afraid it is not so easy to get out.

     When Chen Fei'er personal workshop opened, Tan Hong even invited more than a dozen show business community celebrities to join in.

     As the second judging panel (member), she instantly dispelled everyone's worries.There is a short story in the entertainment circle, saying that the person Jin Hongwei hates most is Tan Hong, but if Tan Hong is willing to return to Juxing Company, then Jin Hongwei can directly greet him on his knees!


     Tan Hong obviously didn't know that Chen Fei'er would appear here. He stood up in amazement, and then quickly returned to the big stage: "Why are you here?"

     Chen Fei'er is over thirty, but she seems to be in her twenties. She Tiantian smiled, hugged Tan Hong with her arms open, and said, "They said you are coming, so I am here."

     The friendship between the two was exhausted in two simple sentences.

     With the thunderous applause in the audience, many fans even shed tears of excitement, because they have seen this scene many times before, and it has long been in the long memory.

     Now it reappears.

     Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er convinced countless people that apart from love, there is also true friendship between men and women!

     Friendship comparable to family affection!


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