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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Tan Hong straightened his waist, his expression became focused and serious.

     Chen Fei'er opened his eyes wide, with a faint surprise in his eyes.

     Zhen Zhen nodded lightly, a knowing smile appeared in the corner of the mouth, and there was a hint of joy in discovering the treasure.

     Lin Zhijie was silent, not knowing what he was thinking about.

     The 1,500 spectators at the scene were all quietly listening to Lu Chen's singing, no one was making noise.

     The style of this song "Life on a String" is completely different from the previous "In Spring" sung by Gao Feng. Although the lyrics are sentimental and nostalgic, the genre is not gloomy and emotional, but full of tender affection.

     Lu Chen's interpretation of this song does not carry any impassioned or heavy sadness. His singing is casual or even lazy, and it feels like it is covered with frost and red in an autumn afternoon. On the boulevard of fallen leaves, sitting on a bench alone and singing and playing, whispering to the pedestrians passing by, telling his own love story.


     Love Walking while Sing,

     Can't sing enduring while the world lasts (idiom, from Laozi).

     Empty roads,

     Covered with confusion.

     delighted to (do sth, idiom) struggle,

     Hope with mixed feelings,

     After all, nevertheless,

     Can't get the ending you want,

     Isn't it?

     ..."It was only in the chorus that the mood changed. It was both questioning and answering, and the power of emotion was greatly strengthened!

     In all fairness, "Life on a String" is inferior to "In Spring" in terms of levels. It lacks the passion and orgasm that makes the scalp numb and trembling, so it is difficult to touch the hearts of the listeners, if not the title It just fits "Singing China", and Lu Chen may not choose it as the song for the first qualifying competition.

     But it is still a good piece, at least it is good-sounding, and it can show off talent!

     At least the audience listened very comfortably, just to smooth out the mood swings caused by just listening to "In Spring".


     How about everything,

     You and I just forget about it!

     Everyone is afraid of complexity,

     Let's make life simple by yourself! "

     In 4 minutes, Lu Chen sang the song "Life on a String" completely.

     Warm applause immediately rang out in the studio, but not as enthusiastic as before, and only a few audience members got up.

     The four judging panel (members) also applauded at the same time, but none of them stood up.

     The applause soon subsided, Chen Fei'er preemptively said: "Lu Chen, I like this song very much, you are a very talented singer, so I am very happy to give you a perfect score!"

     The applause rang out again.Lu Chen bowed and said, "Thank you Teacher Chen!"

     This sweet song queen is really beautiful, and she really likes this song, not hypocritical, so she gave Lu Chen a very good evaluation, and she passed it with full marks.

     It's just that Lu Chen felt that his words seemed a little weird.

     Zhen Zhen said: "In the domestic pop music scene, there are not many people who can really sink down to create, especially young people. And you have shown me the future of originality. I hope you will continue to work hard and create Better and better works come!"

     "Like Fei'er, I also give you full marks to pass!"

     "Thank you Zhen Zhen teacher!"

     At this moment, Tan Hong coughed twice and asked, "Do you have any other works?"

     Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

     Tan Hong's eyes lit up and he asked, "Can you sing another song?"

     Also participating in the qualifiers for the draft, some players were driven off the stage with four red lights before they finished singing half of their song on stage, and some sang the entire song, and could continue to stay on stage and the superstar judging panel ( member) exchange.

     Strength dictates!

     Tan Hong himself is an excellent singer. He is always serious about originality. Therefore, unlike Chen Fei'er, he is not like Chen Fei'er who thinks that Lu Chen's handsome songs are good and give full marks to him. He pays more attention to the talent of the latter.In the circle, Tan Hong also has a good reputation for supporting younger generations.

     He is giving Lu Chen a chance to express himself.

     Lu Chen hesitated.

     Upon seeing this, Chen Fei'er said quickly: "Brother Tan, should you let him sing other works in the semi-finals?"

     Lu Chen's hesitation caused her to misunderstand, thinking that Lu Chen could not come up with a better song than this "Life on a String", which disappointed Tan Hong and affected her popularity.

     Don't look at this as a trivial matter. You have to know that the qualifiers are also broadcast live to a national audience. Lu Chen's previous performance scores are already high, but if other works are greatly inferior, they will lose points if they sing unsatisfactorily.

     Chen Fei'er has a delicate mind and has a good impression of Lu Chen, so he reminded me tactfully.

     Tan Hong woke up and said, "Well, it's better to sing in the semi-finals."

     He is purely seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt, he likes the talent of Lu Chen, and forgets that this is the draft scene for a while.

     Asking Lu Chen to sing another original song would be a violation.

     What everyone didn't expect was that Lu Chen replied: "Ms. Tan, Mrs. Chen, in fact, I still have a work that has been sung by Contestant 0029 before."

     Player 0029?

     The four judging panel (members), as well as the more than 1,000 spectators on the scene, were stunned-what works?Zhen Zhen's response was the fastest. She asked in an incredulous tone: "You said In Spring was written by you?"

     As the editor-in-chief of "Pop Music" magazine, Zhen Zhen asked very poor questions, but everyone could understand her shock, and everyone felt inconceivable!

     The title song of Pang-Huang Band’s first album, "In Spring", which is popular outside the show business community circle, was just covered by Gao Feng and won countless applause, and nevertheless is such a vicissitudes and depth of work, It was actually made by the young Lu Chen?

     Many people couldn't believe it, and there was an uproar in the studio!

     Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er look at each other in dismay.

     Neither person thinks that Lu Chen is lying, so as Capital City TV's first Taoist Master talent show, "Singing China" is not only for domestic, but also for more than half of Asia. The influence is bound to be great.

     If he lied, then this lie would be too easy to be exposed. What face will he use in the show business community in the future?

     Lu Chen is not like someone who wants to destroy his future here, so what he said must be true.

     Although very inconceivable, it is true.Lin Zhijie suddenly said: "I remember, Pang-Huang Band's In Spring is composed by Lu Chen wordings, and their other two songs, I want to have a home and a strong reason, it is also your work!"

     Lin Zhijie is the music director of Flying Stone Records. He has always paid great attention to new trends in the industry and new works by newcomers, so he immediately recalled.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Pang-Huang Band and I used to sing in the Houhai Daylily bar."

     He ran a small advertisement for Daylily by the way, and he paid Chen Jianhao's referral favor.

     Chen Fei'er murmured: "That's amazing..."

     She has heard all three songs of Pang-Huang Band, and her favorite is "I Want A Family".

     Unexpectedly, it was written by Lu Chen.

     The opening game of "Singing China" is really a big Bora!

     Tan Hong nodded vigorously.

     Lin Zhijie smiled bitterly and shook his head. He continued: "Lu Chen, I must apologize to you!"

     "Because I just thought you were the kind of vagabond singer who likes grandstanding, now I know I was wrong, so in order to make up for my fault, I decided..."

     Before he finished his words, his right hand was suddenly raised, and he patted the big golden button in the middle of the judging panel (member) table!Beep~

     The sound of ear-splitting resounded throughout the entire studio. Accompanied by the muffled sound of "bang-bang", countless color bars of all the colors in profusion fell from the high ceiling, making the scene instantly permeated with joy and joy. .

     On the background screen of the big stage, huge golden characters "Congratulations on reaching the top 32" appeared at the same time!

     Advance directly!

     Lu Chen does not need to participate in the semi-finals and was directly promoted to the top 32!


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