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Chapter Directory 102 Happy Cooperation
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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A plate of spicy fried escargot, a plate of salt and pepper crayfish, a plate of sauteed beef tenderloin and vinegar shredded potato.

     Four simple dishes, with some peanuts and cucumbers, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu each carried two bundles of beer and sat down to drink, celebrating the success of the evening.

     Li Feiyu drank very happily, and poured a bottle in the blink of an eye.

     He placed the empty bottle heavily on the table, wiped the foam from the corner of his mouth, and said loudly, "Cool!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "It's good to be cool."

     Li Feiyu took a long breath and said, "It's really fun, Big Chen, you don't know, I have been playing live broadcast for so long, and I have never been so hilarious as tonight, it is no regrets!"

     Lu Chen thought for a while and asked, "Brother Li, if I open a workshop, would you like to help me?"

     "Do you open Workshop?"

     Li Feiyu was agitated, his eyes lit up: "Really?"

     Lu Chen nodded heavily: "Really!"

     The idea of opening a workshop is Lu Chen's long-standing idea, but the time was not ripe before, so he kept this idea in his heart and never talked about it to many people.But the situation is different now. He has moved to a larger stage and circle. In the foreseeable future, his work will become more and more busy, and he will definitely be out of the question by doing it alone.

     For example, tonight’s webcast was done with Li Feiyu's help, and it made a lot of money.

     However, there are still many games following "Singing China". Lu Chen is aiming for the highest laurel. You can't always let Li Feiyu help in vain every time, right?

     Although Li Feiyu didn't care and was even happy, Lu Chen wanted to solve the problem once and for all.

     The best way is to set up a personal Workshop and form your own team!

     In fact, many celebrities often leave the contract with the Company to set up a personal workshop after their debut and become famous, and then take full control of the future of the star in their own hands, such as Tan Hong, such as Chen Fei'er.

     Lu Chen just skipped the middle process and took control of his own destiny in advance.

     Of course, Lu Chen does not have the strength and connections of those celebrities. It must be difficult at the beginning, but as the so-called the matter depends on the individual, relying on the precious wealth from the dream world, he has stood on the shoulders of giants.

     For the future, Lu Chen is full of confidence!As for the agent, Lu Chen chose his sister Lu Xi, and Li Feiyu is suitable to be his assistant, helping with complicated daily affairs, allowing him to devote more time and energy to music and acting career.

     After careful consideration, Lu Chen invited Li Feiyu very sincerely, not on a temporary basis.

     Lu Chen's serious attitude allowed Li Feiyu to finally confirm that he was not joking.

     Brother Little Fei hesitated, he swallowed, and suddenly lifted his slap on the table, chop the nail and slice the iron and said, "Big Chen, if you want me, then I will do it. I can do everything!"

     "Now this job has no meaning at all. I wanted to quit a long time ago, mother!"

     At present, car sales in the market are not booming. Li Feiyu’s 4S shop is not a popular brand. As a salesperson, he makes money entirely on commissions, so it has a great impact on income.

     Even if Lu Chen didn't invite him, he planned to change jobs.

     Lu Chen said: "Then it's a deal. Don't be too anxious. You should complete the resignation procedures first, and then come and help me. The first step is to rent a suitable office to approve the license, and the second step is slowly enriching. personnel."

     He is ready to take it step by step, and will not spread the scene too much at once to reduce the pressure on funds."As for the salary, compare with your level in the 4S shop, how about only high or low plus the benefit bonus?"

     Because he had an idea for a long time, Lu Chen's thinking was very clear.

     Li Feiyu brows raised in delight, eyes laughing: "That's great."

     The two have known each other for a long time, and they know each other well. He believes that Lu Chen will not let himself suffer.

     As he was talking, he didn't know what was thinking, his expression became embarrassed, and he looked like he wanted to say but he didn't dare to say.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Do you want me to invite Sister Little Mei?"

     If there is anything Brother Little Fei can't let go of in the 4S store, it is undoubtedly Little Mei.

     Li Feiyu's obsession with Chen Xiaomei has never changed.

     Being pierced by Lu Chen's mind, Li Feiyu's face flushed, he scratched his head embarrassedly, and said: "I think so, if you are embarrassed..."

     "Nothing to embarrass!"

     Lu Chen interrupted: "Since the Workshop is opened, the receptionist must also be needed. If Sister Little Mei is willing to come to my small place, then I will definitely welcome it!"

     Li Feiyu immediately as if relieved from a burden: "She should come. There are many customers in the 4S store who are always fascinated."

     Lu Chen smiled, opened a can of beer and said to him: "Happy cooperation!"

     ..."Happy cooperation!"

     On the afternoon of July 11, Blue Sky Creative Park, Nirvana Workshop.

     Lu Chen's hand and Wang Changsheng's hand are firmly squeezed together, and under both hands is a new contract that has just been signed.

     On the second day after the first qualifying game of "Singing China", he came to Nirvana Workshop again and gave all 10 songs of his first Album to this obscure and unknown workshop in the industry.

     Compared with the previous music single composing music accompaniment recording, this list is undoubtedly much larger, and the contract amount is 100,000!

     It is still eleven thousand songs, but because it is a complete album, Lu Chen's singing and recording have to be added, so the requirements are much higher, and the production cycle is also greatly extended.

     After the last cooperation, Lu Chen has enough trust in Nirvana Workshop. He appreciates the serious and professional work attitude of the other party, so he entrusted such an important task to the latter.

     Lu Chen's plan is to make new songs and the "Singing China" competition simultaneously, use this excellent platform to promote his work, and finally officially launch the first album-"Dust in the Wind" to the market.

     His requirement for Nirvana Workshop is quality, even if it is not comparable to Tianlai Workshop, it can't be far behind.

     Manager Wang Changsheng of Nirvana Workshop is simply can't thank sb enough.

     "Thank you!"Lu Chen said: "I want to thank you too. The composing music of Walking while Sing is very good."

     Wang Changsheng smiled so that his eyes were narrowed: "I watched the qualifying match last night. It was Mr. Lu. Your performance was so good. I'm really sorry. Just now I forgot to congratulate you on reaching the top 32!"

     Lu Chen said, "If Manager Wang is sorry, can you do me a favor?"

     Wang Changsheng was stunned, and then he came to understand and said repeatedly: "No problem, no problem, just say, as long as I can help, I will definitely think up every possible method!"

     Although Wang Changsheng is not a very shrewd manager, he can also see how strong the potential of Lu Chen is. If such a customer is firmly grasped, then Nirvana Workshop can not only get rid of the current predicament, but even have a chance to take off!

     The sky is pitiful. At the moment when the new contract was signed, Manager Wang wanted to marry his daughter to Lu Chen!

     For this workshop, he really broke his heart.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's not that serious, that is, I am going to rent an office in the Blue Sky Creative Park, and am planning to open a personal music workshop. The area of one hundred to two hundred square meters is enough. Manager Wang is familiar with this, can you help me? pay attention."Nowadays, it is very popular for vagabond singer actors to open personal workshops, but those who are all big stars in the industry, Lu Chen actually wants to open a music workshop, which more or less shocked Wang Changsheng.

     However, there is obviously no competition between Lu Chen's personal music workshop and Nirvana Workshop, otherwise he would not need to put his song Album in the Nirvana Workshop for production, nor would he ask Wang Changsheng for help.

     The two workshops were able to cooperate better. Wang Changsheng immediately said after he woke up: "No problem, no problem. I will definitely help you find the most suitable office. We will be neighbors in the future, ha ha."

     He laughed as he spoke.

     Lu Chen nodded, but his mind flew farther.


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