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Chapter Directory 104 Li Bai
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Li Mubai's expression is a bit strange.

     Generally speaking, under such circumstances, with the temperament and character of the third young master of Li Family, first of all, he will not be knocked out of his teeth and swallowed into his stomach, and he will not bite the bullet and step into Sa Jiahao’s sleeve. In all likelihood, he went directly to the latter and did a game first, even if it disturbed the evening party, without giving his opponent a chance to slap him in the face.

     But Li Mubai did not fly into a rage out of humiliation, nor did he answer back sarcastically.

     He looked at Sa Jiahao on the stage with a look like a smile yet not a smile. Calm and unhurried asked: "Sa Jiahao, do you mean let me sing original?"

     He doesn't have a microphone, but the live music has stopped, so everyone in the bar can hear it clearly.

     The third young master of Li Family seemed quite calm.

     "of course!"

     Sa Jiahao finally came up with a good idea to hit Li Mubai, where would he let his opponent escape easily?

     He acted without taking time to think and said: "Who in the circle doesn't know your Young Li's musical talent. If you sing other people's saliva songs, would you be ashamed to dedicate it to our Sister Fanny? Are you right?

     Sa Jiahao feels uncomfortable if he doesn't push Li Mubai to the corner or let him show his ugliness.

     Such a good opportunity to slap your face is so rare!

     "Correct!"There were a few Sa Jiahao's a pack of rogues among the onlookers, and they all responded very loudly to his words deliberately.

     "Old Sa, you are too kind and honest to do this..."

     Li Mubai smiled bitterly, shook his head and said, "Do I have such a big hatred with you? You make me very embarrassed!"

     pretentious prick!

     Seeing Li Mubai still pretending to be there, Sa Jiahao suddenly became annoyed-do you dare to pretentious prick?

     At this time, the corner of his eye swept Fanny, the latter's frowning eyebrows suddenly made this Sa Shao realize that Li Mubai was waiting for Fanny to come out!

     Sure enough, Fanny said: "Xiao Sa forget about it, everyone is happy to come over tonight, there is no need to bear a grudge."

     "Since Sister Fanny, you said it..."

     Sa Jiahao immediately put on an act and sighed and said: "Li Mubai, since you are out of the question, then forget about it."

     Of course he wanted to give Fanny enough face, and on the surface he let Li Mubai generously, but actually trampled the latter to the end!

     Fanny smiled slightly, Chen Qian curled his lips in disdain.

     Li Mubai is simply incompetent!

     "Man, you can't say anything out of the question!"What everyone didn't expect was that Li Mubai didn't take the opportunity to step down. Instead, he smiled contemptuously and said: "I really prepared an original work. Since everyone wants to hear it, then I will show my ugliness once!"

     Li Mubai really wants to play by himself?

     He was so irritated by Sa Jiahao, right? It's really shameful!

     Many guests were speechless and felt that they had committed their embarrassment.

     Fanny's brows that had just been stretched frowned again, and a look of discomfort appeared on Qiao's face.

     Haven't seen each other for two years, why is Li Mubai still like a child?

     She, including others on the scene, did not notice the look on the faces of the four members brought by Li Mubai.

     Their looks are very strange, they want to laugh but don't dare to laugh.

     Sa Jiahao was overjoyed and immediately said, "Welcome everyone, our Young Li will sing in person!"

     He clapped vigorously for the first time, as if he wanted to pat Li Mubai's face again and again.

     Whether they prefer it or not, everyone nevertheless clung up their palms.

     Li Mubai took his Band members and went on stage!

     Lost Bar is definitely not Sanlitun's largest nightclub, but when it comes to interior decoration and facilities, it says it ranks second, so no one dares to be the first.The musical instruments and equipment needed for a popular Band can be found here, and they are all high-end goods.

     Li Mubai's team took the place of the original musicians very rudely. He stood in front of the microphone with an electric guitar in his arms, looking very confident!

     And Sa Jiahao, who had just stepped down, suddenly became a little unconfident.

     He gave Li Mubai a set, and Li Mubai was also caught, but now I don't know what happened. It feels like he is the one who is in the set-this grandson pretends to be too big-tailed wolf.

     There must be a conspiracy!

     Sa Shao nevertheless is very smart. He immediately thought of a question: "Li Mubai, did you buy a song?"

     With their net worth, they can easily take out the money to buy a good song. Li Mubai replayed Band before. For the sake of pretentious prick, it is undoubtedly normal to spend money to buy a song.

     If so, then Sa Jiahao would be a fool!


     Li Mubai replied contemptuously: "If I spend money or ask others to spend money to buy songs for me, my last name will be yours! On the other hand, if I didn't spend money to buy songs, you and the last name of Xiaoye, do you dare Promise?"

     Of course, this song was not bought, it was a gift from someone else!

     A chuckle suddenly sounded around.Sa Jiahao really dare not agree.

     Although Li Mubai is playful and combative, he is also a spit-on-spit master in the circle. He has never seen when he speaks no words. His credibility is a leverage!

     Li Mubai put Sa Jiahao out of words, and then said into the microphone: "I am very happy tonight, because Sister Fanny returned from overseas to develop in China. She came back very suddenly, so I didn't prepare anything. Gifts, and I don’t want to send Sister Fanny."

     While talking, he looked at Fanny who was standing under the stage.

     Fanny smiled.

     "So I want to send a song..."

     Li Mubai continued: "This song was originally written for myself. After practicing for a long time, it is the first time to sing it for everyone. Don't dislike it!"

     Applause and laughter sounded again, and even the jealous Chen Qian gave face.

     "The name of the song is Li Bai!"

     As soon as his voice fell, a very rhythmic prelude suddenly sounded.

     Li Mubai stood casually and relaxedly. He lowered his head and played the guitar.

     "Most people want me to learn to see,

     Secular vision.

     I studied the secular perspective seriously,

     Secular until dawn.

     A foreign movie didn’t understand a word,After watching the ending is a joke.

     You see how well-behaved, smart and obedient I am,

     More treacherous.

     I drank a few bowls of rice wine before leaving to imitate,

     Whose calligraphy and painting was the one that accidentally vomited when I went out.

     You take a bite a day for a dear partner

     What an unpopular look.

     Should practice calligraphy before going out,

     Someone will buy it enthusiastically!


     When Li Mubai came into the ears of everyone present with a casual and even lazy singing, these young people in the top circles of the capital were all moved, even surprised and disbelieved.

     They are all born with superior backgrounds, without learning or skills, but basically none with too bad vision experience. In terms of music alone, there may be very few who have the ability to appreciate, but the quality of a song is nevertheless audible. .

     Li Mubai's "Li Bai" is at least excellent in melody, and the title and lyrics are also very interesting.

     The most important thing is the vigor that he sang, it's like a stunner, with a little bit of jealousy and a little bit of debauchery, delicate yet elegant, and completely different from the previous one.

     And still have the passion that belongs to young people!


     If it can come again,

     I want to choose Li Bai,Good or bad done thousands of years ago,

     Not so many people guess.

     If it can come again,

     I want to choose Li Bai,

     At least I can write poems to surging,

     Funny girl!

     If it can come again,

     I want to choose Li Bai,

     The creation can also reach such a high end,

     Worshipped by so many people,

     If you can do it again!


     A lot of people almost heard hi, the chorus just ended, applause, laughter, and whistles immediately rang.


     Sa Jiahao took a few steps back, trying to hide himself in the crowd.

     He felt hot on his face.

     Chen Qian was stunned, and after a while he muttered: "Jazz, R&B, Soul? What else?"

     What she heard was the style contained in this song, which was pleasant and harmonious, so she was surprised.

     Li Mubai, a guy without learning or skills, when did he have such talent?

     She would rather believe that the sow went up to the tree!

     And Fanny beside Chen Qian didn't think so much, she didn't understand either.

     She just feels that Li Mubai, who is standing on the stage and singing at this moment, is undoubtedly a lot more mature than the dude of two years ago, and a bit more masculine.If I can come back again, I will choose Li Bai? interesting!

     There was an inexplicable look in her eyes.

     Until the end of the song, the audience is thunderous applause.

     Sa Jiahao finally urinates shamefully, and if he stays any longer, his face can't be covered-it's too swollen!

     There is no doubt that what happened tonight will inevitably become a hot topic in the show business community.

     What Li Mubai got was a beautiful talk, and his Sa Jiahao was a joke in the background!

     But Li Mubai didn't laugh at the loser at all, because his attention was all on Fanny.

     He stared at the other party with a smile, and said affectionately in the applause: "This Li Bai is for everyone first, and the second song below is really for Sister Fanny. Although it was not written by me, I think it is the most suitable. She's gone."

     "The name of this song is called Beauty!"

     At the same time, Li Mubai said in his heart: Thank you, Lu Chen!


     Note: "Li Bai" Lyrics: Li Ronghao.

     PS: The word has changed a word, Li Bai is a character a thousand years ago, and the lyrics in the lyrics are not proper hundreds of years ago.

     PS1: The second one will be sent, please recommend votes for support!

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