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Chapter Directory 108 Well-deserved
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Young people nowadays, it's amazing!

     Gu Rui looked at the young man who smiled brightly in front of him, and he was very emotional.

     As a senior in the industry and the current music director of "Singing China", he has met and unknown how many newcomers have just broken into the entertainment industry.

     Some of them are arrogant and arrogant, some are naive and naive, some are cautious and timid, and some are bow and bend the knee…

     In Gu Rui's impression, there are very few newcomers who can face such a behemoth as Capital City TV like Lu Chen, who are still polite, not humble or humble, and there is no background power behind him.

     Unlike several players who performed well in the promotion competition, Lu Chen did not sign an entertainment or agency company.

     What is that or who has given him so much courage and confidence?

     A broker who doesn’t know if it exists?

     Gu Rui couldn't guess the answer.

     But the music director can see that Lu Chen is not pretending to be calm. His eyes are bright and clear, and his smile is sincere and kind. Although he is polite and polite, he always sticks to his bottom line and does not make promises easily.

     Even for him, this is an excellent opportunity to get closer to Capital City TV.

     Such a young man has a bright future!Gu Rui immediately smiled and said, "There is no problem on Monday, I will leave a phone call for you, feel free to contact me."

     Gu Rui certainly represents the Capital City TV "Singing China" program group, but it doesn't matter to him whether he can buy or pay for the copyright of "Life on a String".

     He has a good impression of Lu Chen.

     Gu Rui handed Lu Chen a business card of himself.

     Lu Chen stood up and took it with both hands, and said, "Thank you Director Gu."

     This little detail makes Gu Rui feel quite comfortable. A 22-year-old young man who just graduated from university is rarely so polite. It usually takes a few years to learn in society.

     Many will never learn, or even disdain to learn.

     Gu Rui's attitude became more and more kind: "You are welcome, our program group appreciates your talent very much, and hope you can surmount all difficulties (on the way to success) all the way to the final finals and bring more and more exciting works to the audience. Come on!"

     Lu Chen thanked again, and then left.

     Back at the backstage of the studio, the third player just finished his singing.

     Her performance should not be very good, in the four judging panel (member). Lin Zhijie and Zhen Zhen both gave only 4 points, Chen Fei'er gave 6 points, Tan Hong gave 5 points, and they all only gave 19 points.If there is no accident, this player should be eliminated.

     So she left the stage crying.

     The current Taoist Master draft game is so cruel. Especially when it comes to the promotion stage, it is very possible to get out of the game directly after a performance failure, and it is not easy to get the resurrection egg in the hand of the judging panel (member).

     The game continues.

     It is undoubtedly a long process for 32 players to sing on stage one by one and accept the rating of the judging panel (member).

     However, Lu Chen has enough patience to wait for the time to harvest the fruits of victory!

     At 11:15 in the evening, all vagabond singers finished their singing.

     The on-site Host immediately announced that it would publicize the voting results of the on-site and off-site audiences, ranking the top 16.

     Due to the large number of contestants participating in this game, their audience votes are all centrally counted by the computer system, and the results are also announced to save time.

     The next 16th to the top 10 singing district finals. Then you have to announce the data on the spot, rather than waiting for it to be over.

     "Now, let us look forward to the birth of the top 16 players in the Singing China Beijing Singing District!"

     "They are…"

     In Host’s impassioned speech, the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to a new level.The 1,500 spectators in the studio were all looking forward to it. All eyes were focused on the big screen in the background. The logo of "Singing China" on the huge screen continued to flash, indicating that the answer to the mystery was about to be revealed!

     Four judging panel (members) Tan Hong, Chen Fei'er, Lin Zhijie and Zhen Zhen clapped their palms.

     The picture on the screen suddenly changed, and a golden number jumped out.


     In the next moment, this number suddenly exploded and turned into a little golden light. The identity of the 16th winner was revealed.

     Lin Yaru!

     Player name: Lin Yaru,

     Player number: 023,

     Repertoire: Summer Night Stand,

     Judging panel (member) Total score: 27 points.

     Audience votes in the venue: 1025 votes,

     Total votes of off-site spectators: 162540 votes,

     Comprehensive score: 77.69 points!

     In the backstage of the studio, a woman with a long hair and shawl covered her face with her hands, so happy that she couldn't cry!

     She is undoubtedly Lin Yaru, who has just made the top 16.

     Although the ranking is last, it means that she has defeated half of her opponents. Entering a higher level of competition, no matter whether or not you can reach the top 10 in the Beijing singing district at the end, it is already considered a victory.Among the previous drafts, there are many players who were eliminated in the promotion game that the entertainment agent Company was attracted to. As a result, they successfully signed and debuted, mixing better than defeating their opponent.

     So brushing your face is very important. The next step is to brush your face, and the bigger the brush, the more opportunities there are!

     Next, the 15th, 14th, 13th...

     The top 16 contestants appeared one after another, the audience cheered up here, down there, and the warm applause continued.

     Everyone will have a strong sense of satisfaction when they see the successful promotion of the players they support and like.

     In the backstage rest area, the players were silent, cheered, excited, and some were crying.

     Nothing is more tormenting and testing the will than this process.

     And until the third player appeared, Lu Chen did not see his name.

     But he always sat firmly and calmly.

     In contrast, the audience who sat in front of the TV and the computer for more than 3 hours were a bit unbearable, especially the relatives, friends and fans of Lu Chen.

     Fang Yun rubbed his eyes and smiled bitterly: "The current show is so appetizing!"

     Lu Xue clasped his small fist and said with certainty: "Mom is fine, my brother will definitely win, champion!"In the Daylily Bar, the regular customers stopped drinking, and everyone's eyes were fixed on the screen.

     Won't be eliminated, right?

     That is absolutely impossible!

     Ye Zitong said to himself secretly, without noticing the roommates who had just returned to the dormitory.

     Although the school has already closed for summer vacation. But many people nevertheless would like to spend the hot summer in this super big city, because there are so many wonderful days to enjoy here.

     Ye Zitong's life is not rich and colorful, but she applied for school accommodation for the first time this summer.

     Just to stay on the bed in the dormitory and watch a draft game?

     In Lu Fei's live broadcast. The number of barrages sent by 950,000+ online viewers has reached a terrifying level!

     If you don’t set up the barrage zone, you won’t be able to watch the live video at all.

     "Ah, there are only the last 2 places left. Do you think our Great Lu Fei will be eliminated?"

     "Bah, baah! What a crow's mouth. Our anchor is 100% champion!"

     "So nervous, so nervous, so nervous, so nervous!"

     "Everyone is calm, either first or second, I believe I am 100% correct."

     "I don't know what you are nervous about. General Lu's judging panel (member) score is the highest. Will he be eliminated?""Yes, yes, the anchor will definitely win!"

     "I really served Capital City TV, and I made it to the top of 32 and made it like the national finals."

     "If the anchor is eliminated, I will live broadcast and eat!"

     "Haha, you are all too naive..."

     At this time, the top 16 players ranked second in total scores are announced-Mu Xiaochu!

     On-site and backstage rest area in the studio. At the same time, there was warm applause. No matter it was those who were destined to be eliminated and nevertheless had successfully advanced, they all congratulated the beautiful and shy little girl.

     "Thank you, Thank you everyone!"

     Mu Xiaochu's pretty face flushed red, and he stood up a little at a loss to know what to do, bowed and thanked him again and again.

     She didn't even think that she would actually be able to win the second place in the top 16.

     While thanking, Mu Xiaochu couldn't help looking at Lu Chen, who was also applauding for her.

     At this moment, the question in her mind. It is the ownership of the last place.

     Is it Lu Chen's?

     Not only Mu Xiaochu, but also many players in the backstage rest area are also secretly speculating.Although Lu Chen got the highest judging panel (member) score, his creative talent is also anyone with eyes can see it, but it is hard to guarantee that the "Singing China" program group will come out. Eliminate Lu Chen directly to create hot talking points.

     This kind of method, a common occurrence in various audition shows in the past, the so-called craze must die!

     And Lu Chen doesn’t really need to die immediately. Don’t forget that the four judging panel (members) are still holding a resurrection golden egg. It is entirely possible to let him be eliminated “accidentally” first, and then successfully resurrect into 16. On the list of strong candidates. You can still participate in the following competitions.

     In this way, the dramatic effect has been achieved, and the purpose of the hype has been achieved. Everyone is happy!

     As for whether Lu Chen was delighted to (do sth, idiom) being tricked, he is a little rookie who dares to fight Capital City TV.

     That's a big joke!

     Lu Chen noticed strange gazes from other players, and he even knew what the opponent was thinking.

     But Lu Chen doesn't care at all—can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan?!

     On the big screen of the stage, the word "1" was finally displayed, and a beautiful crown was used as a foil.

     "Singing China" in the Beijing singing area, the top 16 players in the 32nd and 16th rounds are released!

     he is the one…

     Lu Chen!

     Player name: Lu Chen,

     Player number: 001,Singing track: My Old Classmate,

     judging panel (member) total score: 39 points,

     Audience votes in the venue: 1469 votes,

     Total votes of off-site audience: 726,502 votes,

     Comprehensive score: 95.35 points!

     That's right, Lu Chen, Capital City TV did not play any Yaozi.

     His title deserves it!

     Stormy applause suddenly sounded inside and outside the studio, and many audiences clapped and stood up.

     Cheers for their favorite vagabond singer!


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