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Chapter Directory 112 Asymptotic
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Sky Forum is one of the largest BBS forums in China, with more than 150 million registered users.

     It claims to be the online home of the global Chinese. It has nine main editions including news and current affairs, people's livelihood vision, film and television chat, gossip chat, literary reading, fashion hotspot, emotional home, etc., with as many as 50+ sections.

     Among them, the sub-versions of international observation, domestic vision, entertainment eight-trigram, and Gonzo are extremely popular. There are hundreds of thousands or even millions of active users. The forum has been established for 20 years, and many Internet hotspots and Internet celebrities have emerged.

     Therefore, the Sky Forum has also become one of the important battlefields for network promoters.

     The post that Wang Jiashi clicked accusing "The Super Singer" the name does not reflect the reality was posted in the entertainment eight-trigram section. The ID of the poster is called stray cat, and it has been clicked more than 1 million+ Hot posts.

     The stray cat ID is very famous in the entertainment version of the Sky Forum. Its identity is quite mysterious. No one knows what occupation he is a male or a female. In the entertainment version, he broke the news daily, exploding big and small in the entertainment circle.

     For example, a certain celebrity cheated, a certain idol scolded fans, and a certain celebrity was doing a base...

     The stray cat posts have a common feature, that is, there is something to say, the materials exposed are often genuine, rarely chasing the wind and clutching at shadows or fictitious facts, so they are regarded as the guiding light of the entertainment version by forum netizens.Everyone pays great attention to his posts. After only a few hours of posting, he has reached the top position of the forum, and the number of replies has reached 10,000+.

     On Monday morning, the number of replies of 10,000+ was amazing.

     And in this post, the stray cat took out the popular variety show "The Super Singer" on Xiangnan TV and gave it a beating. The explosion was Lu Chen who was eliminated in the audition session!

     Lu Chen, male, 22 years old, is a vagabond singer in Beijing and used to sing in the Houhai bar.

     With these few pieces of information alone, few people really know who Lu Chen is, among the 30 million+ population of the capital. Beijing floats at least 10 million yuan. Obscure and unknown vagabond singers are as many as the hair of the ox. In Houhai Sanlitun, a brick can be knocked over several times.

     But the stray cat also pointed out another identity of Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen is the Songwriter of the three songs of Pang-Huang Band "In Spring", "Reason to be Strong" and "I Want A Family". He is a talented pop music creator!

     what? You said you haven't heard these three songs?

     Then you are really Out. Go to the official website of China Music Charts for yourself, "In Spring" firmly occupied the top position in the 3rd and 4th weeks of July!And "Reason to be Strong" currently ranks 7th, "I Want A Family" is 12th, and Pang-Huang Band's Album "In Spring" climbed to the 2nd position in the album hot list last week.

     As a small album with only 5 songs, having such a high ranking on the original sound list is already considered heaven-defying. Because Pang-Huang Band is a new group that just debuted.

     Anyone who is not blind should know that their success is completely inseparable from the three songs composed by Lu Chen!

     Such an outstanding creator was eliminated in the "The Super Singer" audition?

     That is simply be the most ridiculous thing in the world!

     The stray cat also mentioned in the post that Lu Chen not only possesses extraordinary creative talents, but his playing and singing skills are also very good, so there is no possibility of losing the audition due to poor performance.

     In order to prove his own words, he attached two video links from below.

     The first link is the content clip of Lu Chen singing in the "Singing China" qualifying competition, and the second is the live video of Lu Chen winning the first place in the 32nd and 16th.

     And the songs that Lu Chen used to participate in the competition are all his own original works!The stray cat commented: We always say that the original force in the country is out of the question. Most idol stars will only cover and imitate the pop music of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. There are fewer and fewer good creators.

     But in fact, there are talented people from generation to generation, and there are not no outstanding creators, and there is no opportunity.

     "The Super Singer" was supposed to be the most suitable stage for Lu Chen to display his talents, but because of malicious suppression by some people, he was forced to go to "Singing China" to fight for his own honor. It is really sad!

     This is also the sorrow of the domestic pop music scene.

     The stray cat finally said that the reason why he broke the news in the forum was not because he had collected money to speak for others.

     He didn't know Lu Chen, and he didn't have any dealings with Lu Chen. Someone told him first. He was also deeply moved by the songs written and sung by Lu Chen, so he took the initiative to fire on Xiangnan TV.

     The two favorite songs of stray cats are "In Spring" by Pang-Huang Band and "My old classmate" by Lu Chen.

     This post is very long and contains a description of Lu Chen's elimination by the "The Super Singer" audition. With his appreciation of the song "In Spring", he also strongly criticized the domestic pop music scene.

     And there are reasons and evidence, there are videos and the truth!At the end of the post, the stray cat added a sentence: The strongest singer, Lu Chen dumped Ling Xiaoxiao at least three streets!

     It took Wang Jiashi more than half an hour to read this post completely, including of course the time to watch two live videos. I read it very carefully, and even browsed a lot of replies.

     The number of replies to this hot post is extremely high, and the comment area is refreshed very quickly.

     "Hope again?"

     "Orz, it turned out to be a post by the stray cat god, I'm like it!"

     "Hahaha, are Xiangnan TV and Capital City TV about to be torn apart? I expected it a long time ago."

     "This material is a bit interesting. I'm curious about who is suppressing the newcomers."

     "In Spring? Ah, my favorite song recently. I repeated it dozens of times last night!"

     "I've heard of In Spring, but I didn't expect it to be written by someone my age. I thought it was originally written by Pang-Huang Band."

     "I have watched the top 32 of Singing China. Lu Chen sang a great song. I support him!"

     "The cat god shot, the rivers and lakes are foul wind and bloody rain again!"

     "Can I say I like Ling Xiaoxiao?"

     "Good material…"

     On the sky forum fish and dragons mixed in together, everyone who replied to the post is curious, questionable, and supportiveWang Jiashi very much agrees with the stray cat's understanding and appreciation of the song "In Spring". At the same time, he also believes that Lu Chen, who wrote this song, is a very good creator.

     If you count the latter's performance in "Singing China", it is not an exaggeration to say that it is an outstanding singer.

     However, Wang Jiashi couldn't imagine that a song like "In Spring" was written by a 22-year-old young man, shattering the impression he had previously constructed in his mind.

     As for the inside story of Lu Chen being suppressed, Wang Jiashi doesn't have much interest.

     The stray cat is said to be a marketing queen. He has seen many eight-trigram revelations from the other party. Many of them are true and deliberately hyped. Even if he is a show business community person, he can't fully distinguish between the false and the true.

     But just for the song "In Spring" itself, Wang Jiashi has too much to say.

     He closed the web page, opened the work software, and typed "In Spring" on the title.

     He wrote:

     I just came back from a vacation abroad, and the jet lag hasn’t come back yet, so I went to work at the Company today.

     Then I heard a song, its name is "In Spring".I think many people should know and listen to this song. They have their own experience and sentiments. It seems that I don’t need to say anything more, just listen to the song.

     But some words are stuck in my heart, not to mention it is uncomfortable, I want to share with others, that's why I have this article.

     This is a song that looks like a petty bourgeoisie. It is written by a person who already has a "credit card", "little princess", and "24-hour hot water home", "the pain of the past is gone with the wind" Those who have come over hard, for the past so difficult, "be of no interest to anyone", nostalgia for the youthful past, as well as a kind of cry and worry for the unknown tomorrow,

     All of this can be seen through the lyrics of the song. The lyrics of "In Spring" are not complicated, just a simple three-stage structure. The first two verses write about the difficult and happy days of the past, and the second verse writes the days that are no longer difficult but sad and confused. The overall* *It is an expression of worries about the future and the ultimate belonging of life.

     What moved me deeply is the emotion contained in this song, which is as strong as in the extreme!


     Wang Jiashi was writing the same article all morning at work.

     He wrote and revised repeatedly, sculpting word by word, and repeated several paragraphs seven or eight times because of dissatisfaction. It was very difficult for him to write a recommended article of just a thousand words.Because when Wang Jiashi hit the keyboard, he also typed the emotion he was stimulated into the text.

     In the small room, there was only the crackling of the keyboard.

     At the same time, [the name does not reflect the reality "The Super Singer", the author of "In Spring" Lu Chen was eliminated from the inside story! 】This first post on the Sky Forum was also forwarded to her blog by the stray cat.

     The stray cat is not the big V of the Inspur blog, but after he @ many blogshow business community friends, he has been liked and reposted by these big V bloggers with hundreds or even tens of millions of fans.

     Today is the first working day after the weekend. It is the time when office workers and white-collar elites are busy, so posts are not spread fast on the blog, and the amount of forwarding is not a lot.

     However, during the lunch break and meal period, the number of reposts brought by a few big Vs suddenly increased, from the initial dozens of hundreds to 5,000+, and the number of comments also exceeded 3,000+, forming a small hot spot.

     But this is just the beginning, like a storm in the making, the wind is blowing slightly.


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