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Chapter Directory 113 Recruit Black
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Capital City TV, program department. /xshuotxt/

     The contract paper just printed out was still warm, and Lu Chen signed his name on it with a pen.

     This is this copyright transfer contract.

     He transferred part of the copyright and usage rights of the song "Life on a String" to Capital City TV.

     Today is Monday. In the morning, Lu Chen contacted Gu Rui, the music director of the "Singing China" program group, and then took his sister Lu Xi to the TV station in the afternoon to formally finalize the contract.

     As Lu Chen's agent, Lu Xi entered her role very quickly. The negotiation process is basically all controlled by her. Lu Chen just sits and smiles.

     It is enough to keep smiling.

     In the entertainment industry, the image of celebrity idols is very important, and it involves many contracts. If they are all negotiated by themselves, they will not be exhausted and they will be cheated by others. Therefore, an agent is an indispensable standard. .

     The reliability and professionalism of the agent determines the future of a star to a large extent.

     In the entertainment industry, there are many examples of using the wrong agent to choose the wrong agent, which leads to the destruction of the future.Lu Chen asked his sister to be the agent. First of all, relatives are undoubtedly the most reliable. Even if Lu Xi and his relationship are not as close as Lu Xue, facing outsiders, he must stand firmly on his side.

     Secondly, Lu Xi has a broker qualification certificate and her mind is smart enough.

     To be an agent, you must be a villain first. Cowardly people cannot do this job. Although Lu Xi is not a real villain, her strength and shrewdness ensure that Lu Chen can get a reasonable return.

     Even if she was the first time an entertainment agent, she still performed very well.

     All day yesterday, Lu Xi was studying information related to entertainment agents and Capital City TV.

     Before coming to negotiate, she even worked out the contract in advance.

     The time limit for the transfer of "Life on a String" to Capital City TV is 10 years. The latter can use this song in the program production and promotion of "Singing China", and the transfer fee is a symbolic 1 yuan, the first queen of beasts in history.

     In return, "Life on a String" will be sung by Lu Chen himself. Capital City TV cannot authorize others to sing, and Capital City TV’s "11th" National Day Gala. He will also be invited to sing this song on stage!Since the establishment of the TV station, Capital City TV has held a celebration party every year on the eve of the National Day of the 11th. Although it is not as grand as the National Day party of CCTV, its domestic ratings are not low.

     Therefore, if you want to appear at this party, you must have strength and connections.

     In other words, Lu Chen got a good opportunity to show his face while retaining most of his rights.

     It is not easy to win this contract. You must know that Capital City TV is compared to Lu Chen. That is the existence of the absolute giant level, and there can be no equal relationship between the two parties.

     A song is optional for Capital City TV, but Capital City TV is currently the most important platform for Lu Chen's debut. Even if the former requires Lu Chen to unconditionally transfer the copyright, he actually does not have many choices.

     But Lu Xi used her sincerity and persistence to persuade representatives of the program group mainly Gu Rui.

     Of course, this contract did not exceed the bottom line of Capital City TV, and it was a mutually satisfactory win-win contract.

     "Happy cooperation!"

     After signing the contract, Lu Chen and Gu Rui shook hands vigorously: "Thank you Director Gu."

     Gu Rui shook his hand and smiled: "The world in the future will be for young people like you, Lu Chen. You have a very good agent, and I look forward to more cooperation with us in the future."Gu Rui admired Lu Xi quite a bit, and was even more surprised when she knew she was Lu Chen's sister.

     The siblings are not very similar.

     These few words of Gu Rui actually contain overtones. But now Lu Chen still can't hear it.

     "Thank you!"

     Leaving Capital City TV, Lu Chen and Lu Xi returned to the rented bachelor apartment.

     The evening meals were made by my sister, and the ingredients were purchased from the nearby supermarket. They were fresh and clean.

     In terms of cooking skills, Lu Xi got the true biography of Lu Chen’s mother Fang Yun. Several home-cooked side dishes were cooked to perfection in color and flavor, allowing Lu Chen to eat praise without cease.

     It feels like going back to my own home.

     Halfway through the meal, he suddenly said: "Sister, wait until I pay off my family debt. I will buy a big house in the capital and let my mother retire and live here. Lu Xue will also come to the capital to study. ."

     "So that our family can be reunited again!"

     When working at KFC, Lu Chen was resting in bed after getting tired. Occasionally, he would have the same idea, but he never thought that his dream could become a reality.

     The heavy debts in the family made him think that he would be like this for the rest of his life.

     But now, the debt has not been paid off, but the realization of the dream is not far away!Lu Xi's expression froze, she slowly swallowed the food in her mouth, and then said, "Let's eat."

     There was unprecedented tenderness in her voice, non-toxic and non-professional daughter.

     After a pause, she said again: "Mom probably won't come here. She is used to living in Binhai."

     The tone returned to its original state.

     Lu Chen nodded silently.

     After dinner, he went to the Workshop in the Creative Park.

     The bachelor apartment in Jinchengyuan, Lu Chen, was let to live in by Lu Xi. He himself lived in the Workshop for the time being. The live broadcast equipment had been transferred long ago, and the live broadcast at night was conducted normally there.

     After signing the contract with [Whale tv], in addition to the reward share, Lu Chen can also get a generous monthly anchor salary. Accordingly, he also has work obligations and responsibilities, and must ensure sufficient live broadcast time.

     After the live broadcast, Lu Chen slept in the rest room.

     The next day, on the morning of Tuesday, July 28, he got up early and went for a run.

     Morning exercise has become a good habit of Lu Chen. During pursue unremittingly exercise, he can clearly feel the changes in his body, he is healthier and more energetic, and he is spirit trembling with excitement.

     It's just that the place for exercise has been changed from the artificial riverside to the central garden of the creative park.At 9 o'clock, Lu Chen, who had had breakfast, returned to the Workshop.

     "Big Chen, come here!"

     As a result, as soon as he opened the door with the key and came in, he heard Li Feiyu calling out: "Something went wrong!"

     Lu Chen couldn't help but sink in his heart, and ran over quickly: "What happened?"

     Li Feiyu is in the live broadcast room, the computer is turned on, and the screen of the Inspur blog is displayed.

     Li Feiyu currently serves as Lu Chen's assistant. In addition to helping him complete the live broadcast task, he also helps him manage his blog, fish nest and WeChat group, and strengthen communication and exchanges with fans.

     "Come and see!"

     Li Feiyu clicks on the comment section of the latest blog post "Lu Chen fmx".

     The content of this blog post is ordinary, that is, a daily selfie photo of Lu Chen with a few lines of text, but the number of comments has reached 30,000+, which is completely unreasonable.

     In the comment area, there are actually all cursing messages.

     "What kind of shit creator, what compares to our De Xiaoxiao!"

     "Haha, let us use Brother Xiaoxiao to make hype?"

     "Why do you deserve to be compared with Ling Xiaoxiao? Hurry up and apologize, otherwise don't blame us rude!"

     "In Spring is terrible, and this broken song will be listened to by those who are left behind."

     "Apologize! Apology! Apology!""The hype is shameless, Lu Chen got out of the entertainment circle!"

     "You have to be a down-to-earth person, and don't think about using crooked ways to get to the top. Is it interesting?"

     "roll roll roll…"

     There are many more ugly swear words, which show that they pollute the screen and rebirth the charming girl on the dragon couch.

     Lu Chen's self-cultivation is very good, and seeing these foul language comments can't help but feel angry.

     "Are these guys crazy? Who is Ling Xiaoxiao? Do I know him?"

     His first feeling was that he was being hacked, and he wanted to scold someone but didn't know who to scold.

     Li Feiyu quickly said, "You calm down first, I probably understand it."

     He called up a new web page, which is also the page of the Inspur blog, but it belongs to another blogger.

     This blogger is called Stray Cat, a small V account with 300,000+ fans, and his latest blog post has reached 25,000+ reposts, and the number of points temporarily exceeds 50,000!

     The key is the content of this blog post.

     [The name does not reflect the reality "The Super Singer", the author of "In Spring" Lu Chen was eliminated from the inside story! 】


     Lu Chen never thought that his blog was attacked, and it was actually related to his elimination in the "The Super Singer" audition last time. I really don't know how this little v got the inside story.It is not correct to say that you don't know at all, at least Lu Chen thinks of someone.

     He immediately asked Li Feiyu to open the long blog post.

     Inspur blog posts are divided into long and short posts. Short posts are limited to 50 characters and can be displayed directly. Long posts have no limit on the number of words, but you need to click to open them to view the full text.

     And it was this long blog post that made Lu Chen fully understand the rise and fall of the terrain.

     Regardless of the inside story, just the last sentence of the blog post is enough to explain the reason for the hacking.

     "The strongest singer, Lu Chen dumped Ling Xiaoxiao at least three streets!"

     This sentence is too hateful. Lu Chen didn't even know Ling Xiaoxiao, but was taken by a stray cat to become a mt.

     He didn't even know it was crying nevertheless and laughing.

     If you blame the stray cat, then people praised him a lot, and screamed aggrievedly. By the way, he slapped Xiangnan TV and provided him with a chance to expose and increase his reputation.

     If it is not strange, then Ling Xiaoxiao is considered collateral damage?

     The identity of this person, Lu Chen, soon became known.

     The other party is a newcomer to the reveal one's talent in the Huhai singing zone of "The Super Singer". He performed well in the audition, preliminary and semi-finals, and his three original works have been well received by the industry, so they are being praised by Xiangnan TV!Ling Xiaoxiao also opened a blog in Inspur, and his blog has more than 3 million fans.

     Among those who like him, there are many boys and girls.

     They are the main force attacking Lu Chen!


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