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Chapter Directory 114 Burst
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Inspur Blog is the largest blog site in China, and it can be regarded as one of the most important positions of new media.

     Any bit of wind and grass here may be artificially enlarged, forming a wildfire.

     In the Inspur blog, there are also a large number of marketing accounts and Internet speculators active. Once a hot event is triggered, no matter whether it involves self-interest or not, they will often step in to push the wave and add to the billows or fish in troubled water. .

     Lu Chen was eliminated by "The Super Singer". The initial fuse was undoubtedly the stray cat's blog post, but it was the three statements made by the director of the nevertheless Xiangnan TV "The Super Singer" program.

     The first statement was released at 11:02 on the evening of July 27th. The content is very simple. It is a public statement on the blog post of stray cats, indicating that the so-called inside information disclosed by the other party is completely nonsense and is not worthy of refutation. , To warn some people against malicious hype.

     Only 20 minutes later, at 11:22, the "The Super Singer" official released a new blog post again, which was also a detailed refutation of the blog post on stray cats.

     It kind of meant to slap yourself in the face.

     The program team pointed out in the second blog post that the audition process of "The Super Singer" is open and fair, there is no possibility of black box operation, and it will not maliciously suppress newcomers.In fact, it is precisely the appearance of this Taoist Master talent show that has made an indelible contribution to the original power of domestic popular music. It has allowed more and more outstanding creative talents to reveal one's talent!

     As for Lu Chen, who had participated in the audition of "The Super Singer", the program group said that they also regretted that they missed this quite excellent creator. "In Spring" is an excellent original work.

     But Lu Chen did not sing this song in the "The Super Singer" audition. Instead, he chose another work. His performance at that time was not recognized by the judging panel (member), so he was eliminated.

     And this just reflects the fairness and rigor of "The Super Singer". This is the reason for the increasing ratings of this program. The reputation of the program group cannot be discredited or slandered.

     The truth is that simple.

     The program team of "The Super Singer" issued a solemn warning to the Inspur blog Xiaov Stray Cat, asking the latter to eliminate the bad influence in the blog and apologize to its own side. And reserve the right to be held accountable by law!

     Xiangnan TV is a fully deserving, without any reservations Boss on a local TV station in China. It has a very strong public relations marketing team. The response to adverse events is extremely fast, and it will be culled in the budding state when there are signs of it.Xiangnan TV is an official blogger with more than 10 million fans on the Inspur blog. Once the two blog posts of the official "The Super Singer" were released, they received a lot of likes, comments and reposts.

     Including many celebrities in the circle, celebrities in the industry and bloggers!

     The media influence of Xiangnan TV is so great that it cannot be contended by a small v like a stray cat. Two blog posts are directly crushed, and the latter’s blog is instantly muddled and completely collapsing. In the comment area, there are various frigid irony and scorching satire, and by the way, even Lu Chen and Capital City TV are following them.

     At 11:55, the "The Super Singer" program group issued the third blog post.

     This blog post highly praises Ling Xiaoxiao, who believes that he is a leader in the new generation of singers regardless of his talents and nevertheless character, and his original works are very suitable for his age temperament, so he will have strong popularity and loyal fans , I wish him great success in the upcoming national finals.

     This interesting blog post also @了Ling Xiaoxiao himself and Xiaoxiao’s support group at the same time!

     Xiaoxiao’s support group is Ling Xiaoxiao’s rice group. It currently has 100,000+ members and is very active on the blog.

     Ling Xiaoxiao himself responded with a smiley face and the words "Thank you" two minutes later.And his fans are not so sketch in light shades, they are organized by the top of the team. Flocking to stray cats and Lu Chen's blog directly started spraying. The battle started in the early morning and did not end in the morning.

     Sprayed Lu Chen directly with a pour dog's blood on!

     Since the three blog posts on Capital City TV were released after Lu Chen finished the live broadcast, he did not know what happened in the blog. When I came back from early exercise, nevertheless relied on Li Feiyu to remind me that I was hacked.

     Li Feiyu is simply righteous indignation fills one's breast. He patted the table and said: "These brain-dumping rice are really indifferent. The stray cats are not wrong at all. In terms of talent, strength and appearance, you can completely get rid of this Ling Xiaoxiao three streets! "

     Lu Chen laughed blankly.

     Ling Xiaoxiao is a Huhai native. He graduated from the Music Department of Huhai Communication University at the age of 21. He has a handsome appearance and fair skin, and he is stylishly dressed. It is the most popular type of small fresh meat in the entertainment circle nowadays, and it can attract fans and fans.

     So in terms of appearance. He is different from Lu Chen. Lu Chen is tall, handsome, healthy and sunny.

     It is difficult to directly compare the two. After all, there are many differences in the public's aesthetic tastes.In terms of height alone, it is not a problem for Lu Chen to throw Ling Xiaoxiao off the street. According to the Internet, the latter is only 1.67 meters, and only 1.72 meters after wearing the shoes with increased height, while Lu Chen takes off his shoes and has 1 The elevation of 82 meters.

     As for creative talent, Li Feiyu has something more to say: "Look at this post. It says that all three of Ling Xiaoxiao's songs are copying from the former Korean boy group kdk, two albums released in 2003 and 2005. Many passages in the work obviously imitate kdk's songs. He is ashamed to say that he is the leader of the new generation?"

     "Greater China Music Library" is mainly for domestic original music works, but foreign works can also be registered through agency, and the copyright is also protected.

     However, due to the lack of domestic efforts to crack down on music piracy, few European countries and the United States, Japan and South Korea are willing to put their works in the "Greater China Music Library" for copyright registration, because the interests involved are very limited, and copyright registration and The cost of survival is also high, which makes relevant parties lack the motivation to defend their rights.

     So this has formed a loophole. Many people in the show business community in China like to follow the trend of foreign countries. Kind and honest want to buy cover copyrights. If they are not kind and honest, just copy and imitate adjust one's head and turn. One's face, grandly regarded as one's own work to be promoted, and formed a streamlined packaging marketing model.This model pays attention to short, flat and fast, low cost and quick results, and is regarded by many entertainment media companies as a magic weapon for winning.

     Quick songs, divine songs, saliva songs, rap songs...what is popular abroad, the trend affects the country for the first time.

     And the result of the proliferation of the same magic weapon is that it has severely damaged the domestic original force. Except for a few top creators, most of the middle and lower-level Songwriters can hardly get enough food and clothing. As a result, they have switched careers.

     Regarding this phenomenon, many people with knowledge and experience in China are vigorously calling for the revival of originality. Some people even say that the indulgence of copyright in Europe and the United States is deliberate, and it is an act of stifling local originality. ******!

     This statement may have the flavor of conspiracy theory, but it is an indisputable fact that plagiarism imitates Japan and South Korea in Europe and the United States is pervasive. However, not many fans of idols care about these. The focus of their pursuit is the appearance and scandals of the stars. , Eight-trigram, talented singing and dancing is enough!

     Of course, there are also many media and musicians resisting this phenomenon, and those who have experienced the more and more emerge time of popular classics in the 1990s, after the initial freshness, are very disgusted with the entertainment industry's respect for the outside world.

     "In Spring" ascending the original sound list is enough to explain the problem.

     This is the era of change, the worst era of popular music, and the best era!And Lu Chen is in this era!

     Li Feiyu said: "Many of the posts and blog posts copied by Ling Xiaoxiao have been deleted. Xiangnan TV has great energy, Big Chen, should we post a blog post to fight back?"

     He ran into the Workshop early in the morning and turned on the computer and saw the news in the WeChat group. Only then did he realize that Lu Chen’s blog was attacked. It was hard to figure out the rise and fall of the terrain, and he was very annoyed in his heart. .

     "The Super Singer" eliminated Lu Chen in the audition stage, and even strike with a muckrake. The meaning in the third blog post can be seen by anyone with a discerning eye. It is simply unbearable!

     Li Feiyu has been blocked in the comment area and reported a lot of ids, but it can't stand the opponent's offensive at all.

     There was a fire in his heart.

     Fight back?

     Lu Chen thought for a while and said calmly: "Don't worry, wait for me to figure it out."

     Li Feiyu is annoyed, he is even more annoyed!

     Others are knocking on the door and shaking their faces. If there is no temper, then the nevertheless male husband?

     Lu Chen did not practice ninja magic.But now that you have entered this circle, you must face the ups and downs in the circle. Just getting angry and losing your temper will not have any effect, but it will easily fall into the hands of others and plunge yourself into a more unfavorable situation.

     Therefore, counterattack must be counterattack, and how to counterattack beautifully is the key.

     You know what he is facing, but Xiangnan TV, a behemoth, can't get the upper hand in this battle of public opinion without hard facts and just relying on empty words.

     And Capital City TV’s attitude is also very important. Since Capital City TV has not responded yet, didn’t he rush forward with a roar and become a target for attracting firepower?

     Li Feiyu hesitated for a while, and asked, "Would you like to close the comment section first?"

     Closing the comment area, so that others don’t even scold if they want, it’s also a way to keep your mind quiet.

     "No need!"

     Lu Chen categorically rejected: "Let them scold, the more fierce they scold now, the easier it will be to slap in the face!

     He took out his cell phone and dialed a familiar number.

     Lu Chen speculated that 90% of this matter may have been caused by this person, and he had a foreboding.

     Now is the time for a statement.

     "I thought you would call me last night..."Chen Jianhao's voice came over the phone and he laughed: "I didn't expect it to be so late, I was a little disappointed!"


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