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Chapter Directory 119 End And Start
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     A precious Yixing purple clay teapot fell heavily to the ground, suddenly torn body and crushed bones, fragments flying in all directions. △,

     The enchanting female secretary sitting in the manager's room heard the movement and couldn't help but quietly turned her head to look. Through the crack in the door, she saw the angry face of her boss. The distorted hideous look made her startled.

     The female secretary quickly turned around, sit upright and still pretended to be busy, so as not to be found lazy as a scapegoat.

     It seems that the boss's mood is very bad these days.

     She has been scolded several times, and she feels that the position under her ass is almost unsteady.

     This job is nevertheless very good, at least I can see stars every day.

     At this moment, Jin Hongwei, who was in the inner room, didn't know the company's cautious thinking about recruiting a new female secretary.

     His anger was full of nowhere to vent, the blue veins on his forehead bulged, and his face was flushed. It was obviously a sign of increased blood pressure. After falling the purple clay pot, he finally eased his breath.

     I live and grow my body. After sitting on the throne of the general manager of Stars Broker Company for so long, Jin Hongwei has long developed a deep shrewdness, and his happiness and anger are easily invisible, and there is rarely such a time of furious .But in the past two days, he has encountered unprecedented setbacks, and he feels worse than when Tan Hong had a lawsuit with him to terminate the contract!

     The cause of the incident was actually a small rookie vagabond singer.

     Lu Chen!

     This name has been chewed many times in Jin Hongwei's mouth recently, and every time it is mentioned, it is gnashing one's teeth.

     Lu Chen first rejected his kindness and refused to sign with Juxing Company.

     After being eliminated from the game by "The Super Singer", he again ignored his solicitation and was extremely stubborn.

     Such newcomers, Jin Hongwei has seen fewer and fewer in recent years, most of the newcomers usually know the strength of Juxing Company. No one dared to play with personality in front of him, it was all because of obediently kneeling.

     Few young people can withstand the temptation to enter the glamorous and fame and fortune entertainment industry.

     Jin Hongwei's strength and connections make him almost unprofitable in digging people!

     But it happened that Lu Chen hit a wall twice in a row.

     Jin Hongwei didn't particularly care about bumping into a wall and returning to bumping into a wall, he was retaliated anyway. Three-legged toads are hard to find. Two-legged handsome guys crawl everywhere in the capital!

     Jin Hongwei quickly discovered Ling Xiaoxiao, and after the latter signed with Juxing Company, he picked him up in a blink of an eye.Jin Hongwei sometimes wondered, if Lu Chen knew that he had lost a shortcut to fame, would he regret it, would he want to go back and ask for his forgiveness and give him another chance?

     As a result, he found that he was wrong, and it was a gravely mistaken.

     After Lu Chen was eliminated by "The Super Singer". Not only didn't vanish without trace ever since, but instead revealed one's talent in Capital City TV's "Singing China" competition, relying on outstanding original works to win the top 16 of the capital.

     Not only that, the three songs that Lu Chen wrote for Pang-Huang Band were all on China Music Charts, and the song "In Spring" was the top spot for two consecutive weeks!

     Such an outstanding talent can really get rid of Ling Xiaoxiao Three Streets!

     Ling Xiaoxiao was promoted by Jin Hongwei, what kind of details he is. Naturally, Jin Hongwei knew clearly.

     When Jin Hongwei started to regret it, his black hand against Lu Chen was revealed!

     Insider exposure that appeared on the Inspur blog. It gives Jin Hongwei the feeling of being naked/exposed under the full light of day. The outflow of the audition video is more like a thunder from a clear sky, shocking him dumbstruck.

     How did such a thing leak out?

     The intuition gained over the years told Jin Hongwei that he seemed to be caught in a trap.Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence!

     But Jin Hongwei has no idea who laid the trap.

     Because he has too many enemies.

     Then Xiangnan TV and the "The Super Singer" program group apologized to Lu Chen and admitted the mistake. In addition, relevant people were punished. Zhang Xiaoan was transferred from his post and suspended from work. Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao were all out!

     These three are all of Jin Hongwei's relationship, and it can also be said that they were scammed by him.

     Of course, Jin Hongwei is somewhat wronged, because it was originally the dead cannot testify. Who would have thought that the recorded video would be stolen and scattered outside, leading to the emergence of this turmoil?

     Jin Hongwei himself was in great trouble because of this.

     Xiangnan TV's attitude towards him became cold, and several senior leaders refused to answer his calls. The partner, Orange Field Entertainment, was very dissatisfied, and there were even discordant voices inside the Juxing Company.

     Although the situation has not yet reached the worst point, with his contacts, there is always a way to recover the damaged relationship, and when things go, everything will be business as usual.

     But he will inevitably pay a high price, and his reputation in the show business community has a great influence.

     It was Zhang Xiaoan's call just now, yelling for him to explain.What could he explain to this drowning dog? Of course, he pushed it three, five or six, but was torn and scolded by the latter.

     How can Jin Hongwei feel good?

     He hated Lu Chen to his bones.

     This matter is not so easy to end. If he can't find a place back, he will have any face in the show business community in the future.

     Just wait and see!

     After thinking about it, Jin Hongwei picked up the phone, found a long-time contact number in the address book and called it.


     Jingle bell~

     Sitting on the second floor of the KFC restaurant, Lu Chen took out his mobile phone to connect.

     In the afternoon, Yanggu shined on his right arm through the glass window, and it felt hot.

     It was Wang Jing of Nirvana Workshop who called Lu Chen. The latter asked him for his opinion on the composing music style of a song. After all, this is Lu Chen's own Album. First of all, we must respect his opinions.

     Lu Chen's first album has been produced in Nirvana Workshop. Recently, he has to go to Nirvana Workshop almost every day to assist in recording the soundtrack and singing.

     An excellent Album needs to be polished with care and time.

     After finishing the conversation with Wang Jing, Lu Chen saw a familiar face as soon as he looked up.

     "Chen Xin!"This KFC restaurant is where Lu Chen once worked, and Chen Xin is his colleague.

     "Lu Chen. I just heard you came back..."

     Chen Xin, who was wearing the uniform of the restaurant staff, was very happy: "I saw you on TV last Friday. The song you sang in the talent contest was so good that several colleagues saw it."

     Chen Xin's face was full of joy of reunion after a long time, but there was nothing else.

     She once had such a good impression of Lu Chen, but there was no ambiguous relationship between the two, and she left with Lu Chen's resignation. That Ruoyouruowu sentiment also disappeared with time.

     Seeing Lu Chen on TV, Chen Xin knew that the two belonged to different worlds and there was no possibility of intersection.

     So goodbye Lu Chen, she felt like meeting a friend who had been separated for a long time.

     "Why did you come back here?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "I came to you specially..."


     Chen Xin's heart beat, and he couldn't help but sit down opposite Lu Chen: "What are you looking for?"

     At this point in the afternoon, there are no customers until the weekend, so she can chat with Lu Chen, but the time can not be too long, otherwise the store manager will find out that the salary will be deducted.

     "It's like this..."Lu Chen said: "I just opened a Workshop recently. I asked my sister to come and help. She wants to find an assistant at work. I wonder if you would like to go to work with me?"

     Lu Xi mentioned to Lu Chen a long time ago that she needs to hire an assistant and office clerk. She asked that the other party must be a woman, young but not the kind who is beautiful, and the kind who has good character can endure hardship and study .

     At that time, Lu Chen immediately thought of Chen Xin.

     Lu Chen and Chen Xin’s colleagues have been around for almost a year, and they know that this girl from Sichuan and Sichuan is not well-educated. But she has a good personality and is very hard-working. I don't usually gossip with others.

     Very much in line with Lu Xi's requirements.

     The only thing that makes Lu Chen feel a little embarrassed is Chen Xin's good feelings towards him.

     When Chen Xin resigned, Lu Chen still remained fresh in one's memory, so he didn't want to cause trouble.

     This time I happened to pass by this KFC for buying things, thinking for a while he nevertheless came in.

     Goodbye Chen Xin, Lu Chen understands the other person's expression. The girl has really let go of her mind.

     Then there is no problem.

     As for Lu Chen's invitation, Chen Xin was very surprised: "Please be my assistant?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Yes, it's my sister's assistant. She is also the manager of Workshop and my agent."Chen Xin realized it, a little embarrassed: "I haven't studied in college. Can it work?"

     Lu Chen said seriously: "If you don't understand, you can learn. In fact, my sister is also studying, even me."

     "As long as you are willing to work hard, then I think there will be no problem!"

     Chen Xin nevertheless is a little unconfident: "I am willing to learn, but I am afraid that I will not learn well."

     Lu Chen said: "It is enough if you are willing to learn. The salary is a basic salary of three thousand yuan, five insurances and one housing fund, bonuses and benefits are calculated separately, and the allowance for board and lodging is five hundred yuan."

     Lu Chen's salary was based on KFC's standards, and was basically the same except for bonuses and benefits.

     No matter how high the salary is, Lu Chen is not unable to get it, but there is no such need.

     If Chen Xin is unwilling, it doesn't matter.

     Chen Xin bit his lip and resolutely said, "Then I will try it!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "You don't have to agree so quickly. It's not too late to think about it before telling me."

     Chen Xin shook his head and said, "No, I have already thought about it. I don't want to do this job anymore."

     Lu Chen was a little surprised and immediately relieved: "Then you are welcome to join Lu Chen Workshop!"

     He stretched out his hand to Chen Xin.

     Chen Xin smiled, shook his hand, and quickly let go.The two nevertheless shook hands for the first time.


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