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Chapter Directory 128 Extraordinary Opponent
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     The spout of the electric kettle spouted long steam, and the low and sweet chirping echoed in the small coulis. oM


     The next moment, under the action of the automatic thermostat, the switch on the base jumped up suddenly, cutting off the power instantly.

     Chen Xiang skillfully picked up the kettle and poured the boiling water that had just been boiled into the pre-prepared noodle bucket.

     A bucket of Master Gao's braised beef noodles, plus half a pack of hot and sour mustard and a five-spice marinated egg.

     It was already 9 o'clock in the evening, and this was his dinner.

     There is really no way. Today, all the employees of the Company are working overtime. It is very lucky to be able to return to the rental room before 9 o'clock. Sometimes, after working overtime until 11 o'clock or even later, Chen Xiang just sleeps in the office.

     Chen Xiang didn't want to complain, because for a third-rate university graduate, this low-level code farmer's job is the best he can find in more than a year, and there is no one.

     At least he can support himself on wages and survive in this big city with a population of 30 million.

     Without waiting for the noodles to boil and cook, Chen Xiang puts it directly in front of the computer.

     Tonight is the last game of the "Singing China" tour pk tournament, which will determine the top 10 national singers.

     He wants to join by the thousands and tens of thousands Lu Family Army members to cheer for Lu Chen!Chen Xiang met Lu Chen for the first time, nevertheless a few months ago.

     At that time, he was wandering around in [Whale tv], and inadvertently clicked on the newcomer recommendation on the homepage, and finally entered the [Lu Fei Live Room], and met this new anchor who can play, sing and is an outstanding talent.

     He likes listening to Lu Chen's playing and singing, likes the anchor's optimism and humor, and prefers the other party's original folk songs.

     The real reason why Chen Xiang became an iron fan is that Lu Chen is also a Beijing drifter and a family of drifting ants, just like him.

     Chen Xiang watched Lu Chen become famous in 【Whale tv】. Watching Lu Chen walk out of the anchor circle, walk all the way to a wider world, and stand on the starry stage.

     In Lu Chen's body. What he saw was the dream he had been pursuing!

     This night's game, Chen Xiang paid extra attention. I was absent from working overtime. Fortunately, the show started live at 7:30 and until now, Lu Chen has not yet played.

     Otherwise, he can only play back the recorded video and cannot cheer Lu Chen with hundreds of thousands of fans.

     On the computer screen, the fifth pair of pk players just finished.

     With a sweet song "Small Town Nocturne", the singer of the tour team, Mu Xiaochu, narrowly defeated the challenger Gao Zhanpeng in Bihai's home singing zone with a total score of 91.68 points, and won the fifth national top 10 spot.Compared with the opponent, her advantage is only 0.12 points!

     Chen Xiang came back late. So only see a little bit of content of both sides pk.

     But this did not prevent him from applauding Mu Xiaochu and filling the live broadcast room with celebration barrage.

     Mu Xiaochu, like Lu Chen, came from the Beijing singing district.

     Surmount all difficulties (on the way to success), this delicate girl who is like a girl next door, showed everyone a tenacious will, tenacious courage and commendable strength.

     And she and Lu Chen have a very good relationship. The two are like brothers and sisters, and they have shown a few faces on the live video.

     As the so-called love the house and its crow, Lu Chen fans also like Mu Xiaochu.

     Everyone kindly called her: Sister Xiaochu.

     Now see Mu Xiaochu defeating his opponent again. The live broadcast room was full of joy, with barrage flooding the screen.

     Chen Xiang smiled and hit Enter and sent the filled content.

     "Congratulations, sister Xiaochu. Winning the top 10 in the country!"

     But this is not the real point.

     The contestants exited the field, and Host played again and finished the 10-second advertisement at a super speed.

     He asked Chen Fei'er to select the sixth pair of pk players.

     The Lu Fei live broadcast room became quiet for an instant, and everyone was waiting nervously and anxiously looking forward to it.This pk battle has passed halfway, and there are 5 players each from the tour team and the Bihai singing area.

     With only the last 10 players left, will Lu Chen be selected?

     The TV camera's lens was pointed at Chen Fei'er, who leisurely pressed the lottery button.

     Immediately began to scroll the photos on the large led screen, at a rapid speed.


     With Chen Fei'er pressed down for the second time. The picture is instantly fixed.

     Lu Chen vsXi Jia!

     Lu Chen, it's finally his turn to play this time!

     "Thumbs up!"

     Chen Xiang slapped the mouse excitedly. Almost knocked over the instant noodles that were being brewed on the table.

     But he can still eat noodles now.

     Lu Fei's live broadcast room instantly boiled, and the volume of barrage sent was as frightening as possible. Dense!

     People who don't know the truth see it and think that Lu Chen has defeated his opponent.

     Although in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of fans, there is no suspense about Lu Chen's victory in this pk match.

     Didn’t someone smear Lu Chen on the Inspur blog the day before yesterday? There was a lot of noise, and as a result, I was swollen by the Capital City TV shoot from both sides. The four judging panel (members) all gave their voices. If he doesn't win, who can win?

     But there are also a few sane voices.

     "Xi Jia is the top 10 chief of Bihai's singing area. She sings nevertheless very well!""Well, Great Lu Fei can't be careless."

     "Xi Jia seems to be a graduate of Chuanyin. He is a sincere and capable school. It is estimated that he will have a good fight with the anchor."

     "I have watched her two games, and they are indeed level."

     "This is the third time the anchor has met the chief of the singing zone, right? There is something tricky, otherwise, how could it be so coincidental!"

     "I don't know what song General Lu is singing this time..."

     Of course, the voices of these worries and even doubts were very weak, and they were quickly drowned out by the barrage frenzy.

     Everyone's attention was focused on the live broadcast.

     I saw Lu Chen and Xi Jia on stage at the same time.

     Xi Jia is 23 years old and is a native of the South Island. She has a bright body and fair skin, but her appearance is not very good.

     The top 10 chief of Bihai's singing zone dress is neutral, with short hair cut and earrings. The combination of T-shirt + jeans + casual shoes makes her look refreshed and neat. When she laughs, there is a small dimple on her left cheek. .

     "Hello there!"

     The two walked onto the stage from different directions and walked to the middle to meet face to face. Xi Jia took the initiative to reach out to Lu Chen.

     "I like your song very much. It is an honor to be able to compete with you on the same stage!"

     The girls are so natural and unrestrained. Of course, Lu Chen will not behave badly. He shook the other's hand. He smiled and said: "It's also my honor!"The conversation between the two was clearly heard into the ears of the 5,000 spectators present through the microphone. The gymnasium immediately burst into applause and applause like a tsunami.

     "Xi Jia!" "Xi Jia!" "Xi Jia!"

     Many audience members shouted the name of Xi Jia, and raised the fluorescent card in their hands to cheer her up.

     This is the advantage of the home court.

     Xi Jia is the top 10 chief of the Bihai singing area and a native of South Island. After the accumulation of many previous games, she already has a high popularity and naturally received strong support from the audience.

     Of course, the 5,000 spectators are not all from Bihai. The support of Lu Chen is not too few, but the momentum is a bit worse than Xi Jia. It is estimated that after pk, the number of votes in the field will be weak.

     "Singing China" tour pk rules, so that the team singers usually have an off-court advantage, but facing local sing players, it is difficult to gain the upper hand in the field, the two sides formed a relatively balanced situation.

     Whoever wins depends on the overall score!

     According to the rules of the pk game, the home players sang first, so Lu Chen temporarily retreated to the waiting area next to the stage.

     Xi Jia changed into an electric guitar.She held the guitar in her arms very handsomely and said into the microphone: "Tonight. The song I brought to you is a work of my own creation, and its name is Unmanned Island."

     "I hope everyone likes it!"


     The audience was in an uproar. Unexpectedly, Xi Jia actually produced original works in this extremely important competition!

     Those who are familiar with Xi Jia know that she started from the audition in Bihai's singing area, and went to the qualifying, semi-final and promotion competitions, and finally reached the top 10 singing area chiefs, all of which were covers of other people's songs.

     Xi Jia's voice is very special, with the metal-like texture and slightly torn magnetic characteristics, coupled with her first-class singing skills and excellent typhoon, which has won the love of countless audiences. All the way to the present.

     In "Singing China" blogs, post bars and forums, Xi Jia fans are speculating. Which song she would choose to sing in the evening, there are various opinions. Only did not say that she would sing her own work.

     Moreover, she was against Lu Chen who swept his opponents with original works, the strongest singer in the tour team!

     Isn't this short of oneself versus the strength of the enemy?

     Of course, many audiences don't know that whether it is a team singer who is nevertheless, the repertoire for the competition is prepared in advance, and it is impossible to say that it is suddenly changed when it comes to PK.Because the pk tour is all live Band accompaniment.

     Xi Jia herself couldn't guess that she would meet Lu Chen, but since she dared to come up with her first original work, she must be confident enough to use it in this crucial competition.

     Xi Jia believes in her own strength, and her self-confidence is also written on her face.

     She held her head up and smiled until the Band behind her played a prelude!

     The steel strings are sonorous, with an unusual rhythm and a cheerful and warm melody, which instantly presents the unique style of the summer island to the four judging panel (members) present and 5,000 spectators.

     Xi Jia's unique female voice immediately joined this auditory feast!

     Standing in the waiting area, Lu Chen straightened his waist abruptly, his eyes showing surprise and surprise.

     Even after only listening to the first short paragraph, he also keenly discovered that Xi Jia's original work is extraordinary, not only excellent and fanciful, but it is also a hot song that the audience likes.

     The top 10 chief of the Bihai singing zone is definitely not an opponent that can be easily defeated.

     But it was her wonderful performance that completely inspired Lu Chen's fight intent.

     Only by winning such an opponent can his victory without a doubt!


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