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Chapter Directory 134 The Pressure Is So Great!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     Capital City TV t1 studio, "Singing China" national finals scene.

     This brand-new studio was opened just half a month ago and occupies the entire floor space of the new satellite TV building. Not only is it equipped with advanced facilities, but it is also a large-scale satellite TV station in all places in the country.

     It can accommodate 3,000 live audiences at the same time, with a total stage area of 3,500 square meters. Its interior decoration is magnificent and generous, demonstrating the ambition of Capital City TV!

     At 6:30, the studio hall was full of seats, and all the on-site staff were in place.

     Tonight is the last game of "Singing China", and it is also the top 10 competition.

     Unlike Xiangnan TV’s "The Super Singer", Capital City TV’s "Singing China" only has one national competition. Its really exciting part is actually the six-singing pk competition, which is fully in line with "Walking while Sing, Singing China". The theme of the show.

     But this final final still attracted the attention of countless spectators and players fans!

     Who can win the highest crown? Who can win the total prize money of 5 million? Who can be the brightest star tonight?

     All answers will be announced soon!

     At the backstage of the t1 studio, the top 10 singers of "Singing China" in the country are all waiting.As a supporting setting for the studio, the backstage is also luxurious enough to accommodate hundreds of performers and staff without the slightest problem, and 10 players simply can't sit there.

     Even if they are accompanied by members of the group of relatives and friends.

     Everyone kept their distance tacitly, no one was talking loudly or laughing loudly, and the atmosphere was tense with calmness.

     This game is too important and will affect everyone's future to a large extent.

     It is from this that successfully embarked on the dazzling star journey, nevertheless the night-blooming cactus shows once vanish without trace, which has attracted the attention of millions of people. Also eat from now on be of no interest to anyone, it depends on their performance tonight.

     Including Lu Chen, all the players are suffocating!

     None of them want to lose!

     In contrast, nevertheless Lu Chen is the most relaxed mentality.

     He is also surrounded by relatives and friends, in addition to Lu Xi and Chen Xin, four members of Qin Hanyang and Pang-Huang Band. And Sister Na and Chen Jianhao are here, the lineup is quite strong!

     It was very early before he played, Lu Chen leaned on the soft chair exuding the smell of new leather, staring at Chen Jianhao and Zhang Nana on the opposite side.

     Or rather staring at the hands held by the two of them, the kind with very deep eyes.

     Sister Na, such an open-minded and straightforward woman, was also flushed by him, showing a rare shyness.Chen Jianhao fly into a rage out of humiliation, staring at Lu Chen and scolded: "Look at what I am doing, don't prepare seriously!"

     Others are seizing the time to practice warming up. Lu Chen is good, staring at himself endlessly.

     What's so interesting? Isn't it just holding hands?

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Congratulations to both of you. I don't know when I can have a wedding wine?"

     As soon as this remark came out, even Qin Hanyang and others laughed.

     Old people in Daylily know that Sister Na has liked Chen Jianhao for a long time.

     But she was not confident about her appearance, so she never asked the latter to find out, fearing that her friends would not have to do it.

     Of course Chen Jianhao is also clear.

     He has always been single. But there are also several confidantes who have experienced a lot. Very light on marriage.

     He regarded Sister Na as a friend, a good friend.

     Until later, Lu Chen wrote a song to Sister Na, and the name of the song was "I Want A Family".

     When Sister Na sang in the Daylily Bar for the first time, Chen Jianhao listened, and his heart moved.

     Then last night. Everyone gave him a big surprise.

     When Sister Na pushed the birthday cake in front of him and wished him a happy birthday with tears...

     Chen Jianhao's defense finally collapsed completely!Having known each other for many years, he suddenly discovered that the love he didn't believe in was actually waiting by his side all the time.

     Sister Na is so beautiful under the candlelight.

     So Chen Jianhao can only endure Lu Chen's ridicule, holding Zhang Nana's hand without letting go.

     Sister Na is very generous. After being shy, she said frankly: "It's enough to be together, marriage is not important..."

     "Do not!"

     Chen Jianhao interrupted her suddenly and said, "October 1st, we will get married on the National Day!"


     Everyone was stunned-so fast!

     Qin Hanyang feels very inconceivable. He is a true friend of Chen Jianhao and Sister Na. Previously, he didn't think that the two could be together, and he didn't expect to talk about getting married now.

     Even more surprised was Sister Na, who was dumbfounded and speechless.

     Chen Jianhao looked at her and smiled faintly: "I have already thought about it, let's get married, as long as you want."

     If this is a marriage proposal, it is really not romantic at all.

     Chen Jianhao is not a romantic person either.

     But Sister Na was still moved to cheeks streaming with tears, choked up and said: "I am willing, but I am afraid of you..."

     Chen Jianhao shook his head and squeezed her hand: "I don't regret it!"Lu Chen, Lu Xi, Qin Hanyang...

     Everyone gave their blessings with applause. If it's not something wrong, I'm afraid they will cheer on the spot!

     Even so, it also attracted a lot of attention from the surrounding area.

     Chen Jianhao stretched out his hand to wipe the tears from Sister Na’s face and said to Lu Chen, "Now, are you satisfied? Sister Na and I are going to get married. If you can't win the championship at night, then you will have our wedding banquet. Don't come."

     "I can't afford to lose that face!"

     Lu Chen's smile suddenly turned into a wry smile-what a stress!

     Everyone couldn't help laughing, and the atmosphere in the small circle suddenly became extremely happy.

     Lu Chen had to take out the guitar, sit aside and start practicing.

     He has worked hard for nearly two months and traveled throughout most of China. If he loses to others in the final battle, not to mention his relatives, friends and fans, he himself cannot accept it.

     The entries for the competition have already been sent, and according to the regulations, he has rehearsed with the accompaniment Band in strict confidentiality. He is confident in himself, but he dare not say that he is 100% sure.

     The top ten singers in "Singing China" may not be the strongest ten among all the contestants, but none of them are qualified to stand on the stage tonight.Just like the pk in Bihai's singing zone, Lu Chen's opponent Xi Jia once posed a great threat to him.

     No one can be sure, the other 9 singers will not come up with similar killers!

     So don't look at Lu Chen being calm on the surface, but in fact, he is prepared to stand up tight, not to let himself be too nervous, nor to let himself be too relaxed.

     Time passed quickly, and it was 7:30 minutes in a blink of an eye.

     "Singing China" National Finals officially begins!

     Compared with the previous competitions in the old studio hall, this final held in the t1 studio hall definitely has a greater momentum and magnificence in the opening. The large background display effect composed of countless LED screens is very good, with the stage lighting on the scene, It is dazzling to the extreme.

     The number of hosts on site was increased to two, and the passionate lines easily set off a warm atmosphere in the audience.

     At the invitation of the two hosts, Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er took the stage and sang their respective famous songs.

     Since the Beijing Singing Zone Qualifiers, the two pop music stars have been serving as judging panel (member), but they sang nevertheless for the first time on stage, which undoubtedly gave the audience on and off the field a great awakening.In particular, Tan Hong has been in a semi-retired state in recent years, and he does not accept business performances, so there are really few opportunities to see him on stage and listen to him singing.

     Heavenly King is Heavenly King, a classic old song "End of the World Prodigal Son" under his passionate interpretation, let the 3000 audience listen to it as if drunk and stupefied, and in the end even sang in unison, bringing the atmosphere Pushed to the most **!

     Chen Fei'er did not disappoint. She sang the famous piece "Sweet Memories" with her own voice, which made the audience unable to help but return to the good old days.

     The two big coffees simply robbed all the scenery!

     It's just that Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er have already enjoyed the glory. The two of them are not greedy for such a scenery at all. No matter how the audience asks, they all returned to the judging panel (member).

     Because the stage tonight belongs to the top 10 singers of "Singing China"!

     The order of the ten players on the field is pre-scheduled, and Mu Xiaochu is the first player on the field.

     In the last game of the National Tour pk competition, Zhang Junhua lost to Lin Meiru, one of the top 10 Bihai, so she and Lu Chen were the only players who came out of the Beijing singing area.

     With a sweet voice and innocence like a girl next door, Mu Xiaochu did not have the outstanding scenery of Lu Chen in the "Singing China" competition, but he also surmount all difficulties (on the way to success) to the finals. .Even her fans can't believe it, discussing spiritedly in blogs, post bars and forums.

     Of course it's all compliments.

     In this final, Mu Xiaochu's parents came to help out, and Lu Chen went to say hello before.

     The song she sang in the evening is called "Tianshan Lotus".

     "Tianshanlianlian" is not a well-known work. The style is biased towards the main melody, and it requires a very high skill for the singer. If the breath is not in place, it will cause embarrassment. Many famous vagabond singers dare not try it.

     Mu Xiaochu is undoubtedly a real fight when he came up with this song!

     Lu Chen stared at the large-screen LCD TV hanging on the wall, and secretly squeezed her sweat.

     However, this soft willow-like girl did not disappoint. She brought out her vocal qualities through the extreme saturation of this song, fully demonstrating her unique talent in singing.

     If we must talk about the shortcomings, it is that the treble part is still slightly lacking, which is a bit inferior to the original singer.

     But it was enough to make people feel shocked.

     After singing a song, the audience was thunderous applause, and many audience members stood up and applauded for her.

     Lu Chen also stood up.

     However, he just took two shots when he suddenly saw Lu Xi, who was sitting opposite, staring at the phone, his expression was a bit strange.Lu Chen couldn't help asking: "Sister, what's the matter?"


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