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Chapter Directory 139 Pointing
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The young people nowadays are really amazing!

     Looking at the siblings in front of him, Lin Zhijie felt that he was really old. om

     Thinking can't keep up with the rhythm of young people.

     Lu Chen, 22 years old, has just graduated from university and is not a music major. He made his official debut through a well-rated talent show and became a rising star in the pop music world.

     Moreover, he did not follow the path of fame that most newcomers have to take. He did not sign any brokerage company and directly established his own Workshop. Now he has to publish his first album. The rapid rise is jaw-dropping!

     Lu Xi, Lu Chen's sister and also his agent and Workshop manager, is also dazzlingly young.

     Although in Lin Zhijie's opinion, whether it is Lu Chen nevertheless Lu Xi, there are immature places, but the spirit of self-confidence and self-improvement shared by the two has deeply touched this old show business community.

     Tan Hong likes to guide newcomers, and Lin Zhijie is not bad, so he helped.

     Nowadays, the pop music scene in China needs a strong and capable rising star too much!

     Lin Zhijie shook his head and said: "Don't thank me, I am also helping the Company to get business. The key depends on you. Whether dAlbum can be successfully released, quality is the key..."Having said that, he suddenly remembered that Lu Chen is really fine in this regard!

     From the preliminary round of Singing China to the final finals, Lu Chen sang all original works.

     My Old Classmate flies higher. The youth is in love with the dust... and Follow the Dream of the Red Heart, which is currently hot on the Internet, is all from his hands. The capital is excellent, even classic!

     Do the math carefully, it is not a problem at all to make up a complete album.

     As for the quality of the song...

     Then there is much more to say. As a judging panel (member), he scored several 10 points for Lu Chen!

     Lin Zhijie swallowed the following words immediately. Asked: "Where are you going to make this Album?"

     The Flying Stone Records music director found himself dull enough. This album of Lu Chen can be taken over and put in his own Company to produce and distribute a one-stop shop!

     With the quality of these songs, Lu Chen's talent. Coupled with the strong strength of Flying Stone Records, maybe it can create a small miracle. Reappear a bit of the glory of the Record industry back then.

     Regarding the decline of the Record industry, Lin Zhijie has always taken troubles to heart.

     The appearance of this opportunity made him suddenly excited!Where can Lu Chen guess Lin Zhijie's mind, act without taking time to think, replied: "It is currently being produced in Nirvana Workshop. Seven songs have been recorded, and it should be completed in a week at most."

     If it were not for the delay of the Singing China National Tour pk tournament, his first Album would have been completed.

     But this time effort is nothing at all, it is equivalent to pre-publicity.

     Lin Zhijie was instantly disappointed-how can you make your first album for others hastily?

     Nirvana Workshop? What the hell is that?

     Never heard of it!

     He stood up suddenly. Said: "Go, take me to that Workshop, I want to listen to it!"

     He secretly made a decision. If this Nirvana Workshop is out of the question, then he should not talk about the face, he must pry over the business of Lu Chen and do it again.

     It's not about making money. Now that Record is at a loss, Lin Zhijie doesn't want to see these good songs being ruined, otherwise his conscience will be disturbed!

     In the current domestic environment, an excellent original song is rare. Don't talk about the entire Album.

     Lu Chen and Lu Xi look at each other in dismay, do not understand why Lin Zhijie is so excited.But the face of the music director of Flying Stone Records is definitely to be given, Lu Chen said quickly: "Okay. Then I will take you there, Nirvana Workshop is also in the park, very close."

     Lin Zhijie waved his hand: "Go!"

     He is a little impatient to listen to Lu Chen's Album, even if it is nevertheless semi-finished product.

     Lu Xi bought the bill, and then the group left Lan Ting Café and rushed to Nirvana Workshop.

     While on the road, Lu Chen called Wang Jing to let her prepare.

     At the Nirvana Workshop, all the members came out to greet!

     Wang Jing, Wang Hui and Wang Changsheng, plus the other three members of the Nirvana Band. It seems very grand.

     Seeing Lu Chen and others coming, Wang Jing stepped forward. Salute to Lin Zhijie: "Hello Teacher Lin!"

     Lin Zhijie was shocked by her and said in a daze, "Okay. Are you?"

     He has brought many apprentices in more than 20 years, but there is no one in front of him.

     Wang Jing explained: "Three years ago, you gave an open class in Jingyin. I listened to it twice and benefited a lot."


     Lin Zhijie suddenly realized: "It turned out to be like this, I said when I have such a beautiful female student!"

     Wang Jing couldn't help laughing.She is the kind of very refreshing girl, with short haircut and no mittens, and a bit cold and arrogant.

     But she is also very beautiful, her eyes, nose, and mouth have no obvious flaws. If she is well-dressed, puts on her skirt and walks outside, she doesn't know how many men's hearts can be taken away.

     Lu Chen has come to Nirvana Workshop a lot, and I haven't seen Wang Jing smile a few times.

     When she laughed, the surrounding space seemed to brighten up.

     Wang Changsheng respectfully said: "Director Lin, it is our honour for you to come to our Workshop."

     Lin Zhijie has a great reputation in the show business community, and he has just served as a judging panel (member) of Singing China. Of course, Wang Changsheng knew him and was very happy in his heart.

     This industry expert visits Nirvana Workshop and will tell others in the future, he has a bright face!

     Lin Zhijie is accustomed to all kinds of scenes, and responds very appropriately: "You are too polite, let's go inside and talk about it."

     He is here to listen to the song, not to socialize.

     In fact, Lin Zhijie was already complaining about Lu Chen in his heart at this time.

     This Workshop looks like a small workshop. Whether it is the reception room or the office inside the nevertheless, they are all cramped and not decent. What good works can be produced with such poor conditions?It wasn't until he came to the recording studio that his impression changed.

     From Lin Zhijie's professional eyes, the layout of this small Recording Room is very professional, and the equipment investment is not too bad. Nirvana Workshop should spend most of the funds on it, so the outside will be so bad.

     Such a management attitude is nevertheless worthy of recognition.

     However, Lin Zhijie nevertheless has doubts about the quality of Album.

     After all, with the exception of Wang Changsheng, the other members of Nirvana Workshop are young people of the same age.

     Since there is no special listening room in the Workshop, Lin Zhijie directly used the monitor headphones to try out the high-quality audio source that has been recorded.

     The specific operation is completed by Wang Hui.

     Lin Zhijie heard it for more than half an hour.

     Because of his special identity, everyone waited in the recording studio.

     Fortunately, Lu Chen and Lu Xi, Wang Changsheng, Wang Hui, and Wang Jing all looked nervous and a little bit hopeful.

     Lin Zhijie is a true expert, and his professionalism is beyond doubt. He came to Nirvana Workshop to audition Lu Chen's first album, and his evaluation will undoubtedly affect the reputation of Workshop in the industry.If Lin Zhijie says that it is not good, out of the question, then Nirvana Workshop will not close down immediately, and the future will be very sad, because the reputation is bad, and not many customers are willing to send business over.

     And if he can praise a few words, then the situation is completely reversed!

     In this kind of anxious waiting, Lin Zhijie finally listened to all the seven recorded works.

     He took off the monitor headphones, his expression a bit complicated.

     As far as the usual works are currently being produced, Lin Zhijie is not very satisfied. He has heard a lot of problems.

     For example, the composing music is not perfect enough, the instrumental accompaniment lacks sufficient layering and detailed performance, and the later processing methods are slightly immature, and the artistic conception and emotion of the song are not fully expressed...

     But it is undeniable that Nirvana Workshop is very serious and very careful to make this Album. As far as the conditions and equipment are concerned, it is very good to be able to achieve this level only by relying on the strength of a few young people. I really can’t demand too much.

     So Lin Zhijie can't help but feel contradictory. On the one hand, he hopes that Lu Chen's first album is perfect. On the other hand, he doesn't want or can't bear to hit these diligent young people.

     attitude decides everything!

     Most importantly, this is Lu Chen's own choice.Lin Zhijie thought for a while and said, "There are some problems, but the overall situation is not bad."

     He pointed out the existing shortcomings directly.

     If it’s someone else, maybe it’s not so true. Say something nice, hello, hello, hello, everyone, it’s nothing to do with yourself.

     But Lin Zhijie is not like this. He doesn't like that kind of hypocritical communication.

     Say what you have, speak bluntly!

     For Wang Jing, Wang Hui and others, this is undoubtedly an excellent learning opportunity for them. Usually, even if the Workshop spends money to invite it, it is not possible to invite a person at the level of Lin Zhijie to come and guide in person.

     So everyone listened very carefully, and the more critical the words, the more they kept in mind!

     Only when the shortcomings are known can they be corrected.

     When Lin Zhijie talked about rise, he forgot his own principles and analyzed several songs in an all-round way.

     Lu Xi didn't understand, the more she listened, the more bottomless she became, and she couldn't help but look at Lu Chen.

     The new Album has so many problems, can it still work?

     Lu Chen gave her a positive look.

     Any album, no way is produced by which company, can not be truly perfect.The strength of Nirvana Workshop is indeed not strong enough, but Wang Jing Wang Hui's work attitude makes him have nothing to say, even if there are certain flaws, it will not have much impact on the overall quality.

     The production cost of 100,000 yuan is already excellent value for money!


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