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Chapter Directory 144 Is It Very Bad
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"I originally prepared this song for Chen Fei'er..."

     If you change to another rookie who just debuted, saying this will only make people laugh. Zero reading

     But Lu Chen is really different.

     Chen Fei'er's appreciation of Lu Chen has been fully demonstrated in the "Singing China" competition. She scored 5 full marks for Lu Chen alone, surpassing Tan Hong, who likes to lead newcomers.

     In some online entertainment channels, even small news such as "Chen Fei'er likes fresh meat" appeared as a result.

     Lu Chen didn't see these eight-trigrams, otherwise he would have to vomit blood. Is it good for me to be a pure man?

     Wen Zhiyuan, Li Zhigao and Tang Qiaoqiao were caught on the spot by Lei De Jiao Li Nen, but the three of them did not have much doubt.

     Lu Chen’s creative talent is anyone with eyes can see it, and it’s not on anyone to praise it or blow it up!

     It is not an inconceivable thing for Chen Fei'er to invite him to sing.

     Wen Zhiyuan realized that he was happy to browse raised in delight, eyes laughing: "It turned out to be the song written by Teacher Lu Chen for Chen Heavenly Queen / days later..."

     "Don't think about it."

     Before he finished speaking, Lu Chen interrupted him: "I won't admit it."

     Lu Chen understands Wen Zhiyuan's thoughts. For the rookie vagabond singer, this is undoubtedly an excellent hype stunt.But first, Lu Chen needs to cooperate. If Lu Chen doesn’t admit it, even if EMI Company is hard-fought and the effect is not good, I am afraid that he will be offended together with Chen Fei'er. The gains do not make up for the losses. .

     Wen Zhiyuan never expected Lu Chen to be so shrewd, and he could see through his own thoughts at a glance.

     His smile can't help but become jealous.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It doesn't matter if you hype up my name, don't involve Mr. Chen Fei'er."

     Even if he didn't mention it just now, he was a little worried about involving Chen Fei'er. You must know that many entertainment agents and companies will be far-fetched for hype, not to say that it is really a bit related.

     Therefore, Lu Chen gave Wen Zhiyuan a blow. Prevent the other party from having unrealistic ideas.

     He is willing to sell his works to EMI Company, and he doesn't mind that the other party uses his name to promote it, but it must not involve a third party, otherwise everyone will shoot two ↘↘, let's go!

     In other words, where other newcomers have such qualifications to speak, Lu Chen said that Wen Zhiyuan was really convinced.

     He was even grateful.

     Works produced by Lu Chen. It was originally prepared for Heavenly Queen / days later!

     "Good!"Wen Zhiyuan said hurriedly: "Teacher Lu Chen, don't worry, we are well-measured, then I will prepare the contract first, and wait for the driver in the Company the day after tomorrow!"

     Lu Chen took the initiative to extend a hand to him: "Then we are happy to cooperate!"

     Wen Zhiyuan laughed: "Happy cooperation!"

     He squeezed Lu Chen's hand hard, very happy in his heart.

     The director of EMI Company's brokerage department has secretly made up his mind to apply for the funds to buy songs.

     Originally, two days is not enough. The company's process is not so fast at all, but if you use the relationship and special affairs to do it. Wen Zhiyuan nevertheless is quite sure, after all, the money is not a lot.

     It's really out of the question, it's a big deal, he paid for it first!

     In order to suppress Zhang Qiong's arrogance, Wen Zhiyuan also resisted.


     Rejecting the warm invitation of Wen Zhiyuan and others to have lunch, Lu Chen returned to his workshop.

     At 2 pm, he will be here to be interviewed by WeChat Music Specialist.

     During the competition of "Singing China" and after the finals, Lu Chen received several interviews back and forth. There are group interviews and individual interviews.

     But such a formal interview with a special appointment, that is nevertheless the first time.Although the other party is not a well-known newspaper or a reporter from a TV station. However, WeChat Music is the largest and strongest among all music websites, and being able to get their special interview is something to celebrate for any newcomer.

     You even need to spend money on public relations.

     The primary reason why Lu Chen was able to get this opportunity was that several of his works were popular in WeChat music.

     "Singing China" hosted by Capital City TV, WeChat is an important partner in music. The live version of all contestants' songs will be put on it for free on demand by netizens.

     Although Lu Chen are all original works, they are no exception.

     And his work has repeatedly topped the homepage hit list of WeChat Music.

     Up to now, "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart", "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky" and "My old classmate" live version of the three original works have exceeded 100 million hits. Among them, "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart" occupied the top spot for 7 consecutive days, until it was squeezed out by "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky".

     As for other "Flying Higher", "Golden Time of Youth", "Those Flowers" and so on, they all have excellent performance.

     Lu Chen's songs even appeared to dominate the charts for a while.Such a situation is so rare that WeChat Music officials had to use "technical means" to re-adjust the list and make several songs fall off the list.

     Because Lu Chen's songs have been on the charts one after another, which has seriously affected the works that many website partners are playing charts, promoting and selling. Those who spend money have opinions-our money can't be thrown into the water!

     Such unspoken rules have long been no secret in the industry, especially the entertainment channels of portals. If you want to show your face and get back the headlines, unless you are a real celebrity, you don’t even think about buying a place without paying for it. .

     The same is true for WeChat Music. As the largest music website in China, it has hundreds of millions of registered users. In addition to the sales share, the most important way to make money is advertising and ranking revenue.

     Therefore, it is normal for Lu Chen's song to be suppressed because it touched the interests of the sponsor.

     But Lu Chen himself doesn't care. After all, the publicity purpose of the work has been achieved, and he will cooperate with WeChat music in the future to sell his first online version of Album.

     By that time, as long as the results are outstanding, WeChat music will naturally be highly praised, and it will be no problem to praise it!

     And this time, the special interview seemed to make up for it.Most of the above are analyzed by Lu Xi for Lu Chen, and she has been paying close attention to the trends on the Internet.

     Like Lu Chen's blog, it is managed by her sister herself.

     In addition to the special interview with WeChat Music, Lu Xi also reports to Lu Chen. He needs to make his own decision.

     "Recently, I have talked to them about the clothing Company that looked for your advertising endorsement."

     "You have to decide whether to cooperate or not!"

     This is the benefit of fame. People sitting at home eagerly send money to the door.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but his eyes lit up, and he asked quickly: "What kind of clothing is the endorsement, and how much is it?"

     Think about making your first commercial. He was a little excited.

     Lu Xi smiled slightly and said: "It's considered clothing, men's underwear, the cost of talking was 100,000 yuan in one year!"

     Men's underwear?

     Lu Chen was suddenly struck by thunder. He originally thought it was a suit and trousers, but it turned out to be too beyond expectation.

     Of course, everyone wears underwear, but when you think about wearing only a pair of underwear for a photo, Lu Chen feels that the picture is really beautiful.

     He couldn't help shivering, and the hairs all over his body stood up: "Forget about it. Help me say no."It's not that Lu Chen doesn't want to make money, but that the money is made so that he cannot accept it.

     The key is that the money is too small to be worthy of his "sale", and 100,000 is only a price less than half a song.

     Regarding Lu Chen's answer, Lu Xi did not have any surprises: "Okay."

     Lu Chen asked: "Anything else?"

     Lu Xi flipped the notepad in his hand and continued: "There are still a few announcement invitations, I will help you answer them."

     Announcements in the entertainment circle refer to artists participating in various programs and public activities. For example, autograph events, talk shows, publicity meetings, endorsement activities, press conferences, etc. According to the intention of the Entertainment Company or the Broker Company, increase its exposure within a certain period of time.

     Most of the announcements have an announcement fee, and the price depends on the status of the show business community, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and a few are purely promotional free announcements, generally belonging to a new artist The only way.

     There are even announcement artists who specialize in running announcements.

     It just informs that the status of artists in the show business community is very low. A vagabond singer, an idol, or a non-first-line celebrity who is not popular, has no specific company contract or has no show to do.These people no longer work in a fixed studio or recording studio as usual, but rush between various variety shows every day to talk about show business community eight-trigram or popular news and their little secrets and other artists. Wait, or just play some trick games in certain entertainment programs to have fun.

     All in all, it is low!

     As an independent artist, Lu Chen did not sign a contract with Company. So there is freedom of choice in this regard.

     Some agency companies will force artists to participate in announcement activities.

     Of course, there is no company's personal network resources, and many announcement activities will not take the initiative to find him at all.

     And Lu Chen himself is not interested in this.

     Because he didn't have much time to read the announcements that were time-consuming and laborious and didn't make much money.

     Lu Xi understood Lu Chen's ideas, so he dropped it straight away.

     At the same time remind him: "If it is an invitation from Capital City TV, then you have to go anyway."

     Lu Chen nodded, he must maintain the relationship with Capital City TV, even if there is no money to make, he has to save face.

     Otherwise, it's too maverick and won't last long in the entertainment circle.

     "Finally, it is the quotation from the two performers..."Lu Xi said: "Include food, accommodation, round-trip air tickets or high-speed rail tickets. A song costs 30,000 yuan. If you agree, you can sign a one-year contract first."

     Going through the show is also the key point for the artist to make money, but the offer made by the other party makes Lu Chen a little sad.

     Who made him a newcomer and didn't sign up for Company support!

     He scratched his head and asked his sister: "Sister, you said I don't talk about it or sign it, isn't it bad?"

     Lu Xi smiled: "You know it."


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     ps: The author solemnly reminds that the content related to the hidden rules of the insider in the article belongs to the parallel world setting and has nothing to do with reality. Please do not compare reality, Thank you! w
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