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Chapter Directory 147 So Proud
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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What a big battle!

     6 Morning didn't expect so many people in the listening room, so I was surprised. `

     He looked at Wen Zhiyuan with a puzzled look-what is this doing?

     Wen Zhiyuan wiped off his sweat and explained: "Teacher 6 Chen, let me introduce to you, this one is."

     He first introduced Song Xun to 6 Morning, followed by Wan Xingguo, the manager of the brokerage department, the manager of the public relations department and so on.

     As for Zhang Qiong and Zhang Shuhui, Wen Zhiyuan directly ignored them and didn't see them in front of them.

     Nima stepped on Lao Tzu's face, so I was really muddled!

     Zhang Qiong was so angry that her eyebrows were upended, but with so many high-level company officials present, she didn't dare to do it because of her temper.

     As for the others, no matter what their thoughts are in their hearts, they are kind to 6 Morning.

     In the pop music world or the entertainment circle, the powerful Songwriter nevertheless is very respectable. In terms of status, it is not lower than those star idols. Of course, the reputation outside the circle is too bad.

     Ordinary people will only remember the vagabond singer when listening to songs, and basically not many people will pay attention to who the author is.

     But in the show business community, 6 Morning's status as an author is higher than that of vagabond singer, so even Song Xun, the deputy general manager of EMI Company, smiled and took the initiative to shake hands with 6 Morning.Of course, this does not mean that they think that the song for Tang Qiaoqiao on the 6th morning must be worth a high price of 250,000.

     Because the cafe at 6 AM has just been established, it is not stable enough.

     After the courtesy, Wan Xingguo impatient asked: "Mr. 6 Chen, I heard that you wrote a new song for EMI?"

     6 Chen was a little surprised and didn't understand why the other party was so eager.

     This is the music consultant of Tian Lai Workshop. He is considered an outsider here, but Wen Zhiyuan respects him very much.

     On the surface of 6 morning, not a word or movement, he smiled and said: "Yes, I am preparing to sing for a trial. Please also ask Teacher Wan for advice."

     Wan Xingguo and rude nodded immediately and said: "It's easy to say."

     For 6 Morning, he is considered a senior in the show business community. Is really qualified to give directions to 6 am.

     Turning around at 6 Chen, Tang Qiaoqiao said to Tang Qiaoqiao who was ignorant: "I will play the accompaniment tape, and you will try again."

     In Wen Zhiyuan's office, I analyzed music scores for Tang Qiaoqiao in the morning. As well as the style and characteristics of this work, as well as the details that need to be paid attention to when singing.

     Tang Qiaoqiao is talented in music, and the difficulty of this song is not too great, so he comprehend it quickly, so he went to the audition room to practice real singing. `

     As an order opened in Workshop. 6 Morning is willing to spend some time and energy to build a reputation in the industry.I just didn't expect that there are so many people waiting to listen to the class, and they are all high-levels of EMI.

     Tang Qiaoqiao was even more frightened.

     6 Morning's words made her awake, and she hurriedly walked to the microphone, her expression still a little disturbed.

     At 6 in the morning, I took out the U disk I had prepared, inserted it into the playback device, and pressed the play button.

     The prelude to the music sounded.

     The song was written a long time ago, and the accompaniment was made by the software synthesizer yesterday on 6 a.m. It's hard to say how good it is. Anyway, it’s no problem for Tang Qiaoqiao to audition.

     The real composing music has to be solved by EMI Company itself, and this is not included in the contract.

     Following the rhythm, Tang Qiaoqiao opened his mouth, but did not sing the lyrics.

     Her face flushed suddenly!

     As a vagabond singer from a draft contest, Tang Qiaoqiao's performance should not have been so bad, but this song has placed too much hope on her, and the pressure in her heart is originally very heavy.

     And sitting in front of her to listen to the song, there are many senior company executives, and the result is too nervous.

     Zhang Shuhui, who was sitting at the edge of the listening room, couldn't help showing a mocking look.

     There was no Tang Qiaoqiao in Zhang Shuhui's eyes. Even if the latter belongs to the same group as her.Tang Qiaoqiao actually bought a song from 6 Morning, which made her feel very unhappy-even if this lady didn't want it, you can think about it. Are you worth 250,000 songs?

     So she followed her aunt. I just want to see Tang Qiaoqiao's jokes.

     As a result, Tang Qiaoqiao really made a joke!

     Zhang Qiong laughed directly.

     Li Zhigao's old face was wrinkled into bitter gourd, and she winked at Tang Qiaoqiao desperately, signalling the other party to be calm.

     In fact, he puts even more pressure on Tang Qiaoqiao.

     Song Xun, Wan Xingguo and others frowned, feeling that Tang Qiaoqiao’s psychological quality is out of the question.

     Even if such a newcomer gives her a good song, can she really hold it up?

     Wen Zhiyuan laughs more ugly than crying!

     At a critical moment, if Tang Qiaoqiao loses the chain. `Where is he going to put his face!

     6Chen's eyes and hands were quick, and immediately pressed the stop button.

     He said to Tang Qiaoqiao: "You don't need to be nervous. This song is written specifically for you. You must be able to sing well. Don't have any pressure. Sing naturally and relax. Anyway, it's just the beginning of practice."

     Written specifically for Tang Qiaoqiao?

     Several senior company executives who know the inside story secretly shook their heads, and even curled their lips in disdain.

     It's really bragging not to write drafts. In two days, can you write a good song specifically for Tang Qiaoqiao in the morning?It is estimated that it was not a work that had been written a long time ago to make up the number, or it was driven out temporarily to cope with rush work.

     6 Morning's statement is nothing more than to show that EMI Company did not spend money in vain.

     In their opinion, this little trick is not worth mentioning.

     Tang Qiaoqiao relaxes.

     After all, she is not a pure newcomer who just came out. She used to have good swings in the draft competition. Once she calmed down, she became more natural. She reached out and held the microphone.

     See you in the morning and replay the accompaniment.

     This time, Tang Qiaoqiao didn't drop the chain again, and cried with the accompaniment for the first time.

     "All night indulge in flights of fancy, the night is really good,

     Keeps me awake,

     Why do you always want to escape.

     Acacia is not getting better,

     I can only blame it for not being able to find the antidote.

     You never gave me a sign of love,

     Oops, I got caught earlier than you,

     You love less than me,

     Destined to suffer.

     Not good, the elegance is gone,

     Restless heartbeat,

     Heard it all over the world~


     Just the front part, moved everyone present except 6 AM!

     They are all show business community members, even if they are not professionals, they have the basic appreciation of a song.In the simplest terms, it is not good-sounding, or has the potential to become popular.

     This new song written to Tang Qiaoqiao in the morning is very special. The style is cold, with a strong personal color, which is different from ordinary love songs or fast songs, and has a heart-catching charm in it.


     At first glance. A refreshing feeling!

     What is admirable is that Tang Qiaoqiao's voice characteristics are revealed through this song, the kind of nasal, arrogant little girl full of flavor. Contains the spirit-like ethereal temperament that has fallen into the world.

     If you insist on the shortcomings, it is that she is not fluent enough to sing.

     But she just started practicing.


     Don't be so proud,

     I may leave at any time,

     You haven't reached my hand yet!

     If the night is too long, the moonlight will definitely cool down,

     How to be good.

     You owe me a hug,

     And I smile to you again and again,

     Why haven't you seen me yet~


     Tang Qiaoqiao just finished singing the chorus, Wan Xingguo snapped his thigh and shouted, "Okay!"

     This chorus is very exciting, and the level of the song is raised a bit, and the ** part is in place.

     This song was written for Tang Qiaoqiao. It is also written for girls in their teens and 20s by the thousands and tens of thousands!Based on Wan Xingguo's many years of experience, it is difficult for this work to become popular, but Xiaohong has no problem at all. If it is properly promoted, it is enough to become a new star.

     A smile appeared on Song Xun's face. He liked the song.

     Although Tang Qiaoqiao's singing is still very rusty and the accompaniment is very rough, but the beautiful melody of the work has been revealed, it is nothing more than composing music and practice in the later stage.

     Good songs are hard to find, this song is worth buying!

     Several managers and supervisors look at each other in dismay. It's all speechless.

     They originally wanted to watch the jokes, but instead they became witnesses.

     Witness a newcomer reveal one's talent.

     Wen Zhiyuan and Li Zhigao felt as if they had returned from hell to heaven.

     Especially Wen Zhiyuan, he was so comfortable.

     He knew that his adventure had succeeded. The money was not spent in vain, and his position was still extremely secure.

     As for Zhang Qiong

     Wen Zhiyuan looked at the other person, not accidentally seeing the latter's ugly face.

     He seemed to have poured three bottles of iced mineral water under the scorching sun, and it was cool from the top of the head to the feet.

     The depression that was originally accumulated in my heart disappeared!If there were not so many high-level people present, Wen Zhiyuan would really like to laugh. Declare your victory.

     But Zhang Shuhui, who was sitting next to Zhang Qiong, was in a terrible mood.

     She squeezed her fingers hard, bit her lip and stared at Tang Qiaoqiao, who was singing better and better, as if countless poisonous snakes were biting in her heart.

     This song originally belonged to her, she should have stood in that position!

     As a result, this song was actually snatched away by Tang Qiaoqiao, whom I really liked. It was really unfair!

     At this moment, Zhang Shuhui even had a bit of resentment towards Zhang Qiong.

     If it weren't for her aunt's strong opposition, how could she miss this opportunity?

     "...I can't sleep, why do you always want to escape."

     After singing, Tang Qiaoqiao's face was full of confidence, her eyes were extremely bright and full of joy.

     After singing it all the way through, Tang Qiaoqiao really understood the beauty of this song.

     She likes this song, it's really tailor-made for herself.

     It is undoubtedly her luck to get this work!

     Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

     There was a sudden applause in the listening room.

     Song Xun was smiling and clapping his hands. He stood up and asked, "What's the name of this song?"Tang Qiaoqiao looked at each other directly, and summoned the courage to say: "So proud, its name is so proud!"

     Then Tang Qiaoqiao looked at 6 Morning.

     Because of him, make yourself so proud!


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