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Chapter Directory 152 Be A Man
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

This woman in Hanfu is in her twenties, but she is wearing a white tufted flower embroidered lily skirt and a creamy white satin embroidered lily skirt. Two bundles of jet black and smooth hair hang down to her waist and her head is chic. The double show updo.

     This is a very popular retro dress nowadays, a well-made women's Hanfu is expensive, and it is not easy to wear a real ancient charm, looks and body temperament are indispensable.

     But for this woman, it was not a problem at all.

     She seems to be a figure walked down from an ancient beauty painting, with white skin like snowflakes and jade appearance, elegant eyes like stars, and elegant and cold temperament, which makes people can't help but have the idea that they can only look far away and dare not play with it.

     When she stepped into the elegant room, the whole room seemed to be brightened.


     Seeing this woman in Hanfu, Gao Yue asked in surprise: "Qin Qing, why are you here?"

     The Hanfu woman bowed politely and said, "Good Professor Gao, Good Professor Chen, Good Director Zhang, Good Uncle Chen."

     She greeted the four guests in a row in one breath, and her pretty eyes finally fell on Lu Chen's body.

     A little bit of curiosity and scrutiny.

     Chen Pu and Zhang Wentian both smiled and nodded. Chen Jianhao exclaimed, "Qin Qing is getting more and more beautiful. No matter how beautiful you are, I am afraid that no one will be worthy of you in the future!"Qin Qing pursed his lips and chuckled: "Uncle Chen will be cute and happy, how can it be so exaggerated."

     Her voice is pleasant to the ear, like a jade ball rolling on a gold plate, and it feels very comfortable to hear it fall in the heart.

     And her smile was like the night-blooming cactus shows once, and immediately restored the original elegance and plainness.

     Chen Jianhao said to Lu Chen: "Little Lu, this is Qin Qing, who is studying folk music at Jingyin, you can go to Jingyin to listen to classes in the future, and ask her for help if you encounter any problems.

     Lu Chen stood up and said, "Hello, I am Lu Chen, Lu from the mainland, morning in the morning."

     Qin Qing nodded: "Hello."

     Her expression was faint, with an unspeakable temperament.

     After greeting. Qin Qing said to Gao Yue: "Professor Gao, I heard that you want a bass drum here. There is only one Taiko drum in our tea garden. I don't know if it meets the requirements."

     Gao Yue smiled generously and said, "It's okay. There is a song that needs accompaniment, and Taiko drums are also okay."

     Taiko is a kind of Taiko. Taiko originated in China, and was carried forward after being introduced to Japan, and then passed back to China in modern times. It is mainly divided into Taiko, Taiko and Pingkuo, which are usually called big drum, middle drum and snare drum.What the two waiters brought was a Taiko drum with holes around it, a red string wrapped around it, and a wooden stick perpendicular to the surface of the drum. It is most suitable for men to beat and play.

     Qin Qing's eyes lit up and asked: "Then can I listen in here?"

     Zhang Wentian smiled and said: "You can come, but we are too late to welcome you. After listening to Xiaoqin, you can also give me some advice."

     Qin Qing replied very seriously: "Okay."

     She sat down in the corner of the room. There is a Yaoqin.

     Zhang Wentian impatient said to Lu Chen: "Little Lu, do it again!"

     Lu Chen nodded and picked up the drumsticks.

     He has never played this kind of taiko before, but he has seen others play it and knows the method is very particular.

     Fortunately, he just used the drums to accompany him, and he didn't need much skill. Now he played the prelude with both hands in his hands.

     Even if you don't use the Chinese drum, the sound of the real skin drum is not comparable to the chopsticks just now. Just a short prelude, it makes people feel like being fired up.

     Sing again. Lu Chen did not deliberately lower his voice.

     "Faced with arrogance,

     Hot blood is like that red sun!

     The gallbladder is like iron and the bone is like stainless steel,

     With a great mind,

     Long-sighted.I make an effort to become strong, a good man!

     Be a good guy,

     Self-improvement every day,

     The hot-blooded man is brighter than the sun!


     In Lu Chen's dream world, this classic theme song is inextricably linked from the same series of Wuxia movies, which can be called the pinnacle of work. The lyrics are full of heroic spirits.

     It is adapted from the general order of the ancient song. No matter the melody nevertheless, the lyrics are very powerful. Exuding a kind of majesty of "king over the world", the passion can shock every listener at once!

     The melody in the song is full of vitality, saying that it is magnificent. This "qi" is not only the momentum of the song, but more importantly, it shows the national courage of the Chinese descendants, the awe-inspiring righteousness between the heavens and the earth. These "qis" merge together to be born. It was the most exciting and magnificent soundtrack in the Chinese-language movies of the time.

     Recalling the plot of the film in his dream, Lu Chen's momentum rose sharply, and his emotions were completely integrated into it.

     He sings more powerfully!


     Let Haitian gather energy for me,

     To split heaven and earth apart to break into my ideals,

     Look at Bibo is tall and strong,

     Looking at the vast blue sky and grandeur,

     I am a man to be self-improvement!

     Everyone is a pillar and a good man,

     Use my hundred points of heat to shine!Be a good guy,

     Warm blood and intestines,

     Brighter than the sun!


     The elegant atmosphere in the tea room was instantly destroyed by Lu Chen's drums and singing, but everyone present didn't feel that he was cooking the He Fen Qin, but listened very seriously.

     Especially Zhang Wentian, he was so excited, he tried to applaud the case several times, but he abruptly held back.

     Qin Qing lightly pressed the strings with his slender hands, a strange look flashed in his star eyes.

     She came because of curiosity. When she first saw Lu Chen, the latter gave her the impression of being handsome and polite.

     It's just that there are so many outstanding boys who have appeared in front of Qin Qing. Lu Chen has nothing special, and naturally there is no special feeling at all. He is just an ordinary passerby.

     Until Lu Chen beats the drums and sings!

     At the beginning, she saw at a glance that Lu Chen didn't understand the techniques and techniques of playing Taiko, and used the Taiko drum as a normal skin drum to beat. The movements seemed awkward and jerky.

     A song "A Man Should Stand Strong" changed her impression instantly!The rhythm of Lu Chen's drumming is extremely powerful. His singing voice is full of a heroic air that is incompatible with his age and appearance. The blood is surging.

     He was so focused, as if everything around him didn't exist, and all his mind was immersed in the song.

     It was this serious attitude that inadvertently touched Qin Qing's heartstrings.

     A little bit more goodwill.

     "...Hot blood, hot intestines, brighter than the sun!"

     The drums stopped abruptly. Singing with a grunting sound it stops, the lingering sound is still unfinished.


     Zhang Wentian was the first to high-five and applaud, his expression impossible to contain one's joy: "That's it!"

     Among all the people present, he is the most chivalrous. Otherwise, I would not choose such a script as the first blockbuster of the comeback, so it is the easiest to be moved by this song "A Man Should Stand Strong".

     In fact, when Lu Chen started to sing again, the great director had already decided to use this theme song.

     With this as a basis, the tone of the soundtrack for the entire movie can be determined.

     He no longer has any heart problems. You can let it go.

     Therefore Zhang Wentian is very grateful to Lu Chen, grateful to him for bringing himself a wonderful work.Gao Yue and Chen Pu also applauded. The latter laughed and said, "Lao Zhang, you finally got your wish."

     "Good song, good song"

     Gao Yue sighed: "We are really old."

     This song "A Man Should Stand Strong", regardless of the tune nevertheless, is perfect for Zhang Wentian's upcoming film. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about. The most is to work hard on composing music and accompaniment.

     Or find another person to sing again?

     Lu Chen nevertheless is too young, even if it is his work, it does not mean that he can sing the best.

     Of course, this does not affect Gao Yue's appreciation of Lu Chen, it is purely from a professional point of view.

     Chen Jianhao gave Lu Chen a thumbs up directly.

     He thought he knew enough about Lu Chen. Only now I found that the previous understanding was too superficial.

     Lu Chen is like an inexhaustible treasure, always able to bring surprises with a steady flow.

     The style of this song "A Man Should Stand Strong" is completely different from his previous works. The majestic atmosphere has a grand master atmosphere, and the strength can only be described as deep and unmeasurable.

     Qin Qing was surprised. Listening to what they meant, it seemed that this song was an original work by Lu Chen?

     This is amazing!

     Lu Chen held the drumsticks and bowed with a smile on his face and said, "Thank you."In the face of admiration and honor, Lu Chen has never been complacent, because he knows the source of his glory.

     It is precisely this humility that makes the two professors and Zhang Wentian particularly fond of.

     Zhang Wentian said: "Lu Chen. I want this song. Which company did you sign with?"

     According to the rules, if he wants to buy a song from Lu Chen, he must first negotiate with Lu Chen's contract company.

     Because in accordance with the artist contract. For works created by Lu Chen, the Company has full or preferential copyright.

     Unless he is a top big coffee, it is impossible to be exceptional.

     Lu Chen's answer was unexpected by Zhang Wentian: "Director Zhang, I opened a workshop by myself. If you like this song, I can license it to the film's investors for free."

     A theme song for blockbuster with an investment of hundreds of millions. The influence is very large, not to mention the free license, even if it is the money that Lu Chen is willing to do, it is best to make Zhang Wentian owe personal love.

     If you want to make more money, you must have a long-term vision. It is not the work of the wise to seek petty profits.

     Zhang Wentian was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect Lu Chen to open the Workshop by himself, not relying on other companies.

     However, his reaction was quick and he laughed and said, "It's free, but nevertheless should be given."After a pause, he asked: "The main actors in this movie of mine have all been fixed, but there are still a few small supporting roles with few shots. I wonder if you are interested in trying it?"

     Lu Chen was overjoyed: "Thank you Zhang, I am very interested!"

     If such an opportunity is missed, the sky will thunder! ——

     Note: "A Man Should Stand Strong" lyrics and music: Huang Zhan, adapted from the ancient song General Order.

     ps: The second one is sent, the fingers are stiff again, depressed!
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