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Chapter Directory 158 Crowdfunding
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

This luthier is very beautiful, a cheongsam with white background dotted with blue flowers outlines a graceful figure, and the icy skin and snow-skinned eyebrows are picturesque. The whole person seems to be like blue and white porcelain after kiln fire, shining with softness that people cannot ignore. Light, elegant, gentle and not stained with dirt. oM

     Such an outstanding character, Lu Chen recognized Su Daiwan at a glance!

     Su Daiwan is a native of Taipei on the treasure island. She was a smash hit on the island that year. She made her debut at the age of 19 and won the island’s performing arts awards. With her natural voice and outstanding looks, she has become a rising star. Celebrity.

     At the age of 21, Su Daiwan released her first album "Little Xue 初晴", and at the same time pushed her singing career to the peak, and is regarded as the future singer Heavenly Queen / days later.

     However, to everyone's surprise, after only two years of debut, when the star journey was shining brilliantly, Su Daiwan suddenly retreated from the pop music scene and disappeared from the public's sight.

     Except for a few insiders, no one knows why Su Daiwan gave up her career. There were many rumors at the time. Some said that Su Daiwan was given a golden house to keep one's mistress by the rich, and some said she was incurable. Some people say that she escaped from the world.

     But no matter how the rumors outside, Su Daiwan did not respond. Five or six years have passed, and there are only a few die-hard fans who still remember her.In the Inspur blog, there is also Su Daiwan's fan group v, with tens of thousands of followers.

     Lu Chen never dreamed that Su Daiwan was the third wife of Li Mubai!

     The reason why Lu Chen knows Su Daiwan so well is entirely because his first love girlfriend is a loyal fan of Su Daiwan. Su Daiwan’s promotional posters are hung in his boudoir, and the drawers are full of various albums of "Little Xue 初晴" Record version.

     Lu Chen still remembers the scene when his first love girlfriend leaned in his arms and sang the song "Love Snow" softly in his ears. The sour and sour taste could not help but feel in his heart. For a while, it turned out to be infatuated.

     "Love Snow" is the title song of "Little Xue", the most touching love song in the album.

     The sound of the piano curls around, and the song ends. The deceased is still there, and the past cannot be traced back!

     "Mubai, is this your friend?"

     A gentle voice made Lu Chen wake up instantly.

     Lu Chen couldn't help turning his head. His eyes match Li Mubai's eldest brother.

     Li Mubai's eldest brother should be the year he was standing. He has deep eyebrows and profound facial features, and a smile with an indescribable elegance. A set of antique-style white gowns looks very harmonious on him, just like the characters in the book.

     His eyes were calm. With a little curiosity, it makes people feel good.

     A gentleman is like jade!Lu Chen's mind immediately came up with an adjective that is most suitable for the other party.

     Such a character really matches Su Daiwan!


     Lu Chen couldn't help but look at Li Mubai again, and wanted to ask him if this is really your eldest brother?

     Li Mubai stretched out his hand to embrace Lu Chen's shoulder and said, "Yes, he is Lu Chen, my best friend!"

     best friend?

     Lu Chen couldn't help but was stunned, but he was still not a word or movement on the surface. He bowed slightly and said, "Hello, Brother Li, come to visit at night. Please forgive me if you take the liberty."

     Brother Li Mubai smiled and said, "You are Mubai's friend, that's a guest at home. Don't be too formal. I am Mubai's eldest brother Li Murong. Come and sit together."

     Li Mubai pulled Lu Chen and the two sat down at the tea table.

     At this time, Su Daiwan came over and picked up the teapot to make Li Mubai tea first. Her movements are like moving clouds and flowing water, which makes people warms the heart and delights the eye with grace and skill.

     Li Mubai picked up the tea cup and smelled it, showing an exaggerated expression: "Sansao. The tea you make is fragrant, and the dishes you cook are more delicious. I want to live in your house every day, but it's a pity that the older brother doesn't want to!"

     Su Daiwan pursed his lips and said with a smile: "It sounds good. You really want to come and live, can your elder brother let you live?"Li Mubai grinned and said, "He, I will be kicked out by him after I live for a long time!"

     He asked Li Murong again: "Big brother, don't you think?"

     Li Murong shook his head speechlessly, he was obviously helpless to his own rascal brother.

     Su Daiwan brewed another cup for Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen said quickly: "Thank you, Ms. Su Su."

     Su Daiwan smiled and said, "You are welcome. Just call me Sansao like Mubai."

     Her smile was gentle and kind, causing Lu Chen's strained heartstrings to relax, saying: "Sansao, my former girlfriend likes you the most. She has been sad for a long time after you retired."

     Seeing Su Daiwan, Lu Chen remembered the past and couldn't help but say it.

     Su Daiwan put down the teapot and sat next to Li Murong, smiling, "If you see her again, then apologize for me."

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

     Su Daiwan turned to look at her husband and said, "Actually you should blame him, it's all his fault!"

     Although it was a grotesque tone, the tenderness in his eyes seemed to overflow.

     Then it was Li Murong's turn to smile bitterly and raise his hand to surrender.

     Li Mubai took the opportunity to say, "Brother, can you ask about Brother Chen for him?"Li Murong was noncommittal, he asked Lu Chen: "Can you talk about your project first?"

     The smile on his face is still gentle, but there is a bit of sharpness in his eyes, that is the shrewd insight into the world!

     If a person with a ghost child is stared at by such gazes, he will definitely feel guilty.

     But Lu Chen was very calm: "Okay!"

     He came prepared, and he brought a copy of the project copy he made.

     Lu Chen took out the copy and handed it to Li Murong.

     Li Murong was a little surprised. He didn't expect Lu Chen to be so prepared and take the printing paper seriously.

     The project that Lu Chen wants to do has been brewing for a long time. Simply put, it is Zhong chou (crowdfunding), a fundraising platform!

     His inspiration comes from the dream world.

     Dreamworld also has a huge Internet industry, which is not much different from the development of this world. Many things can be matched, such as qq vs. WeChat, WeChat vs. Fetion, Alipay vs. Epay, and so on.

     In China, the seven Internet giants firmly control most of the Internet resources and wealth.Lu Chen's major in university is computer application. He deeply knows that the difficulty of Internet entrepreneurship is far from what it can be compared to in the previous period of rapid development. If there is no strong capital and excellent creativity, he rushed to this place. The film is extremely competitive in the Red Sea, and 99.99% of the results are dead.

     Therefore, after acquiring the memory of the dream world, he focused on making money through original works and singing, and did not think about tossing in the IT industry.

     However, when Lu Chen decided to produce and release his first album, his inspiration was touched!

     As an independent artist, the biggest difficulty Lu Chen faces is that without the support of the Entertainment Agency Company, it may be easy to produce and distribute Album, but it is undoubtedly even more difficult if you want to not lose money or even make a profit.

     Lu Chen didn't want to lose money, he thought of his advantage over millions of fans!

     So how can we make the most of this advantage to help Album sales?

     Zhong chou(crowdfunding) platform is undoubtedly the best solution!

     The so-called Zhong chou (crowdfunding) refers to the mode of raising project funds from netizens in the form of group purchase + pre-purchase. It uses the characteristics of the Internet and sns communication to allow small businesses, artists or individuals to show their creativity to the public, win everyone's attention and support, and then obtain the necessary financial assistance.Compared with traditional financing methods, Zhong chou (crowdfunding) is more open, and access to funds is no longer the only criterion for the commercial value of the project. As long as it is a project that netizens like, you can get the first fund of the project through Zhong chou (crowdfunding), which provides unlimited possibilities for more people who operate or create on a small scale.

     For example, independent artists like Lu Chen.

     In this world, the original prototype of Zhong chou (crowdfunding) has long existed, but there is still no real Internet Zhong chou (crowdfunding) platform.

     Like a small gold mine waiting to be excavated.

     When the inspiration was touched, Lu Chen keenly felt that this was an excellent opportunity that would allow his career to gain greater development opportunities, so he immediately set out to prepare.

     The Chinese and English domain names of "Zhong chou(crowdfunding)", "zhonghou" and "rodun" have all been successfully registered by Lu Chen, and he has purchased a high-bandwidth independent server from a well-known Internet service provider, and Chen Xiang Division of labor and cooperation for website construction.

     The structure of Zhong chou (crowdfunding) platform is actually very simple. After registering and filing, apply the ready-made website template, add corresponding functions, and then connect to Epay and online banking. A complete Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network is declared complete.

     There is a memory in the dream to provide a reference, Lu Chen did not spend too much time and energy in this regard.

     As long as he wants, Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network can be launched online at any time.But there is still a big problem.

     From a technical perspective alone, the Zhong chou (crowdfunding) platform does not have any difficulties. It is just like an ordinary personal website, and anyone who has studied website production can easily handle it.

     The key is creativity!

     How can Lu Chen ensure that his idea will not be copied, imitated or even embezzled by others?

     This has to mention an international and domestic law, that is, the commercial creative copyright protection case!

     The copyright protection case of commercial creativity was first born in 2005.

     That was a period of rapid development of the domestic Internet and a period of brutal and violent expansion of giants. Many potential new companies were closed or embezzled under the attack of these predators, which can be described as chaotic.

     The most typical example is an interactive game called "Thumb Sprite", the shiny sprite to which the company belongs, quickly became popular and made a lot of money.

     However, Shining Elf Company a good thing doesn’t last forever, the WeChat game focused on this piece of fat, and soon launched the "finger playing elves" with the same model. With more sophisticated production and a large user base, it quickly became " "Thumb Elf" broke down.

     Shining Elf Company, this originally promising game company, has since one stumble, unable to rise, and finally ended sadly.And a similar example, too many to count in that period! ——

     The first one will be sent first, and continue to ask for monthly ticket support!
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