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Chapter Directory 171 People In Chaoyang District
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Mu Xiaochu is a good girl.

     She is innocent, cute, and kind, but she's smart, and her looks are first-class.

     If there is any shortcoming, it is that she is not very tall.

     As for singing, Mu Xiaochu's talent is excellent. Her voice line even Chen Fei'er praise without cease, and she can reach the finals in the national by the thousands and tens of thousands vagabond singer. Just luck.

     The most important thing is that she has a good impression of Lu Chen and is willing to get close to Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen feels very good about Mu Xiaochu, but this feeling is not the kind of affection between men and women.

     Mu Xiaochu is like his other sister, a sister who is worthy of care and willing to take care of.

     Therefore, Lu Chen did not a word or movement to help her solve the trouble and get rid of the annoying Zhang Xiaohai.

     Even if it may provoke Zhang Xiaohai's grudge.

     Mu Xiaochu is sitting next door to Lu Chen.

     Zhang Xiaohai's location is also nearby. This afternoon's National Day party rehearsal, including Lu Chen, the top five of the top ten players of "Singing China" all came.

     Of course it was invited by Capital City TV.According to the original conditions that Lu Chen had negotiated with Capital City TV, he licensed the copyright of "Life on a String" to Capital City TV for free, and in return he will be on the performance stage of the National Day Party on Satellite TV.

     Originally, the two parties agreed that Lu Chen would sing solo, but now it has been changed to a chorus of top five players, and the gold content has dropped greatly.

     When Lu Chen received the notice from Capital City TV a few days ago, he was upset.

     But he was relieved after thinking about it.

     Evening parties of this level are in Beijing. There are undoubtedly a lot of celebrity artists who want to be on stage. There are bound to be internal games and fights, and changes in the show are normal.

     For example, Mu Xiaochu, Zhang Xiaohai and the other in the chorus vagabond singer are all signed by Flying Stone Records.

     And Flying Stone Records has a long-term good cooperation with Capital City TV.

     Lu Chen doesn't have any contacts in Capital City TV, so he only knows a few people, and he didn't make great efforts to carry out public relations. Even if the show is not brushed down, he is lucky. Changing the solo vocal to the chorus is already saving face.

     In this regard, Lu Chen's understanding is very clear. He is not arrogant enough to think that Capital City TV needs to demand himself, and as a result of his hard work, he is very likely to destroy the relationship he has finally established.

     In addition, Lu Chen attaches great importance to the performance of this evening party. But it is not to the point where it is necessary.Therefore, Lu Chen's mentality is very peaceful, and he will not complain about injustice. He believes that as long as he strives to improve, one day any stage of any level will be covered with a red carpet waiting for him to set foot!

     Mu Xiaochu obviously didn't know the inside story, and from time to time he came to talk with Lu Chen about the chorus.

     The intimacy between the two. Attracted the attention of many people nearby.

     Especially Zhang Xiaohai, his neck was almost twisted off.

     Lu Chen when he is air.

     drop! drop! drop!

     I was talking and laughing with Mu Xiaochu, and suddenly there was the sound of up here, down there.

     That's the reminder that many people's mobile phones received text messages!

     A woman who had been standing behind Mu Xiaochu picked up her phone and looked at it, showing a look of surprise.

     This woman is in her thirties and has an ordinary face. She is the personal assistant assigned to Mu Xiaochu by Flying Stone Records and her name is Zhou Fang.

     Lu Chen also has an assistant, but there are too many things in the Workshop today, and he asked Li Feiyu to stay there to help.

     Mu Xiaochu turned around and asked curiously: "Sister Fang. What's the matter?"

     Since these SMS reminders sounded, the atmosphere in the backstage has become weird and quieter.

     Anyone can feel that something is wrong.Zhou Fang looked around quickly, bent down and said in a low voice: "Wang Bin drug abuse was arrested just now!"

     "Wang Bin?"

     Mu Xiaochu was shocked: "Is that Wang Bin?"

     In this world, people called Wang Bin may be by the thousands and tens of thousands, but there is only one famous person in the entertainment circle.

     Wang Bin is considered to be an old predecessor in the music scene. He debuted in the late 1980s and was very popular in the 1990s. He has published several Records that have sold over a million, won many awards, and has quite a few in film and television. Achievement.

     Although his influence in the Chinese music scene cannot be compared with Tan Hong. But it can also be regarded as a big coffee.

     This character was arrested because of drug abuse, it was definitely a major domestic sensation, 100% of the headlines!

     The news in the entertainment industry spread too quickly and was arrested over there. Here we have received news one after another.

     Wang Bin is one of the heavyweight guests invited by Capital City TV National Day Gala.

     Satellite TV’s advertisements have been put out early, and as a result, now that such a big thing has happened, it will inevitably be a headache.

     Zhou Fang nodded, revealing a mysterious expression: "I heard that it was reported by the people in Chaoyang District again. It is the third one this year!"

     The masses of Chaoyang District, Beijing, are simply godlike existences. The nemesis of celebrity entertainers in the entertainment industry!From the beginning of the year to the present, as many as 10 well-known artists have been arrested for drug abuse, housing drug abuse, and paying to solve their physiological needs through reports from the people in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

     Netizens joked that if these people squat together, they can shoot a prison blockbuster!

     The entertainment industry is glamorous on the surface, but in fact it is also to hide dirt, to conceal corruption. Many artists choose to indulge themselves for various reasons, and they are on the road of no return.

     Since many celebrities in Beijing live in Chaoyang District, there have been a lot of incidents in this area. Especially in recent years, the government has rectified public order and vigorously cracked down on illegal and criminal activities, which has made the people of Chaoyang District famous.

     The artists in the backstage of the studio heard the news through their assistants.

     Can't help whispering discuss spiritedly.

     Words such as "Wang Bin", "drug abuse", "caught" and so on, floated out from time to time.

     After almost half an hour passed in the strange atmosphere, a staff member appeared in the background.

     He raised the microphone and asked, "Lu Chen, is Mr. Lu Chen there?"

     Lu Chen was stunned, and instinctively stood up, raised his hand and said, "I am here."

     Suddenly, he became the focus of the audience.

     Many of them are well-known vagabond singer actors, and everyone's eyes are curious, suspicious, and surprised.Lu Chen feels really stressed.

     Fortunately, the staff member said immediately: "Please follow me."

     Lu Chen quickly walked over.

     When he left the backstage and went out, there was more discussion behind him, and it became noisy again.

     Following the TV station worker, Lu Chen came to an office.

     The small office is smoky, and the scene makes Lu Chen feel familiar.

     There are also two acquaintances-Capital City TV Deputy Director Chen Qi and "Singing China" Program Group Music Director Gu Rui.

     Several others present. It is estimated that they are all from the TV station.

     The atmosphere in the room is very depressing.

     Especially Gu Rui was frowning, his face almost wrinkled into bitter gourd, and his head suffocated and smoked.

     See Lu Chen coming in. He barely managed to squeeze a smile: "Little Lu is here."

     In fact, he might as well not laugh, it is even more ugly to laugh.

     Relatively speaking, Chen Qi has to be more calm and calm. He pointed to the sofa next to him and said, "Little Lu sit down."

     He introduced several colleagues to Lu Chen, namely Host, Deputy Director and Director of the National Day Gala.

     When Lu Chen said hello politely before sitting down, the deputy director of Capital City TV direct and plainspoken asked him: "Do you know about Wang Bin drug abuse being arrested?"Lu Chen nodded: "I just found out."

     Chen Qi sighed. Said: "It's really unexpected that something like this appears. Wang Bin's show is definitely going to be taken down. Our opinion is to make you top it.


     Lu Chen never thought that Chen Qi would let himself replace Wang Bin's show!

     Gu Rui explained: "We originally gave you a solo show, but the situation has changed, and now there is an accident. I have discussed with Director Chen, and you will replace Wang Bin."

     "In addition, the programs of Singing China's top five chorus will continue to be retained. It is equivalent to giving you two programs!"

     Chen Qi said: "Little Lu, you are a nice guy, and you are a champion. You are fully qualified!"

     It turned out to be so!

     It’s really the old man lost his horse, but it all turned out for the best. If Lu Chen had been at odds with Capital City TV because of the solo change to the chorus, I’m afraid that this opportunity would not be his turn at all. On it.

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think said: "Thank you Director Chen, Thank you Director Gu, I will try my best to perform a good show."

     The two shows are definitely joy from heaven!

     In fact, Lu Chen really wants to thank the people in Chaoyang District!

     "Don't worry..."Chen Qi raised his hand and said, "The situation is like this now. Several CCTV leaders came over in the afternoon and they sat in the studio to watch our rehearsal. Later, you will replace Wang Bin on stage. The performance is not bad!"

     Gu Rui asked: "Regarding the selection of repertoire for solo singing. Do you have any ideas?"

     Temporarily clasp the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense), Lu Chen is very young, although Chen Qi and Gu Rui decided to put the burden on him, after all, nevertheless can't be completely relieved.

     Chen Qi said: "How about singing the brightest star in the night sky, the champion?"

     Gu Rui smiled bitterly: "Wang Bin originally wanted to sing the new Chinese new era. I'm afraid this song Lu Chen..."

     "New China and New Era" is the first theme work. The original singer is Wang Bin.

     Since it is the National Day party, the theme style must be biased towards the main theme. There is already Lu Chen's "Life on a String", plus "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky", Gu Rui's worries are not unreasonable.


     Chen Qi hesitated, feeling that he hurriedly called Lu Chen over. Is it not thoughtful enough?

     Maybe it's better to change someone?

     At this time, Lu Chen said: "Director Chen, Director Gu, my first work is in the theme of the theme, should it be suitable for the National Day party?He keenly felt the change in Chen Qi's mentality, so he immediately put forward his own opinions.

     If you don't grasp this opportunity well, then what kind of entertainment industry is there!

     Gu Rui's eyes lit up: "What work? Where is it?"

     Lu Chen pointed to his head with embarrassment, and said, "It's still here..."


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