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Chapter Directory 179 Refused And Unable To Refuse
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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CCTV's National Day Party!

     The simple seven words seemed to possess some kind of magical power, making the people present could not help but exclaim.

     In China, China Central Television is undoubtedly a dominant presence, representing the highest level of official television broadcasting organization. It has the strength and heritage that all satellite television stations together cannot match!

     It is the dream of countless artists to be able to show programs on CCTV gala, especially the annual Spring Festival Gala, which has a viewership rate of over 90%, which is simply a shortcut to reaching heaven in a single bound.

     Of course, the National Day Gala is incomparable to the Spring Festival Gala, but it is also a top stage in sight but unattainable by newcomers like Lu Chen. Don't want to set foot on it if you don't have enough contacts and qualifications.

     Now Lu Zhengzhi actually asked Lu Chen if he wanted to go up, and broke his glasses on the spot!

     This is too exaggerated, right?

     Gao Zhixue can't believe it-Director Lu Da, what are you kidding?

     Gu Rui was dumbfounded!

     Is it really going to be cut off by CCTV?

     Hu, who was intercepted by CCTV on the Beijing TV program, has really appeared before. Who makes the relationship between the two so complicated?

     But Lu Chen has not been muddled in the brain.He has an instinctive sense of vigilance towards the big-bellied leader, and doesn't think the other party will make him so cheap.

     Lu Chen thought for a while and asked: "Excuse me, the leader, is it just my work?"

     Because he was sober enough, he grasped the core of the problem.

     Is it important, nevertheless only works?

     This difference is too big!

     Gao Zhixue and Gu Rui reacted and looked at Lu Zhengzhi together.

     Lu Zhengzhi smiled and said: "Comrade Little Lu, your song is very good. I think it is qualified to be on a larger stage, but our CCTV National Day party has all the entertainers in place, hehe."

     His meaning is very clear, people can't be changed, but it's okay to change the song.

     Lu Zhengzhi is the Hu who wants to cut this song "I Love You, China"!

     As for Lu Chen, want to be on the CCTV stage? That can only be ha ha.

     In fact, it's fair to say. It is already a great honor for Lu Chen's work to appear on CCTV's evening party.

     Even if Lu Zhengzhi wants to change songs, he has to work hard.

     He has his own calculations.

     Although Gao Zhixue and Gu Rui stared at him, Lu Zhengzhi remained calm and calm. I am very confident.

     He didn't think Lu Chen would reject his suggestion.As long as you are not a fool, you will not miss such an opportunity to build a relationship with Tangtang CCTV.

     In contrast, what is Capital City TV?

     And Lu Chen doesn't sing this song "I Love You, China", he has another one too!

     Of course that song must be renamed. The name can be out of the question.

     However, Director Lu Da thinks well, he doesn't know Lu Chen either.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you for leadership, but I want to sing this piece on the Capital City TV stage!"

     His attitude is very polite, but his tone is very firm!

     Lu Zhengzhi was actually the leader of CCTV, which surprised Lu Chen more or less.

     The suggestions made by Lu Zhengzhi also made Lu Chen's heart beating for an instant.

     This is CCTV!

     But Lu Chen calmed down quickly.

     Lu Zhengzhi only wanted his works, and his set up on high attitude made Lu Chen disgusted even more.

     The most important thing is that if Lu Chen wants to give up "I Love You, China" with his immediate interests, it is tantamount to slap Capital City TV in the face, and it will definitely disappoint Gu Rui, who has always supported him!

     So this is destined to be impossible for Lu Chen to agree.

     Maybe in the eyes of others. His decision is silly, but Lu Chen has his own principles and beliefs.As a man, you should do something for yourself, and you must do something!

     Even if it might offend the CCTV leader.

     Lu Zhengzhi's smile instantly solidified.

     He never thought that Lu Chen would refuse directly and plainspoken, and he didn't even think about it.

     This made his face very unbearable.

     However, Lu Zhengzhi's shrewdness is very deep, and he immediately smiled and said, "Well, that's okay, the decision is yours."

     Although he said that, his eyes nevertheless showed a sad look.

     It's really impossible to differentiate good from bad!

     Gao Zhixue and Gu Rui look at each other in dismay. No one thought that Lu Chen was so kind.

     Gao Zhixue coughed and said, "Lu Chen, then go back and get ready for composing music."

     He was ready to be slapped in the face by Lu Zhengzhi, but it turned out to be beyond expectation.

     Newborn calves do not fear tigers!

     at this moment. Gao Zhixue, like Gu Rui, has a touch of love for Lu Chen.

     If such a young man does not die halfway, his future is boundless!

     Lu Chen bowed and saluted, and then left the stage.

     Today's rehearsal is over, so he went backstage and took his own things and left.

     As a result, as soon as he got out of the door of the TV station, Lu Chen was stopped by someone.The other party looks very capable in suits and leather shoes. The attitude is also polite: "Mr. Lu Chen, Miss Chen Fei'er wants to see you, is it convenient for you now?"

     "Sister Fei?"

     Lu Chen vaguely remembered that the man in the suit was an entourage by Chen Fei'er, and did not think too much: "Where?"

     Led by the man in a suit, Lu Chen came to the parking lot of the TV station.

     The man in a suit drew a silver-gray extended Mercedes-Benz business car and bowed to him in an inviting gesture.

     Lu Chen nodded, bent over and got into the car.

     The man in the suit closed the car door immediately.

     The space in the commercial vehicle is unexpectedly large, and the interior is luxurious and magnificent. Two rows of leather sofas are placed relative to each other, equipped with coffee table, small bar, refrigerator, TV and other equipment.

     There was no peculiar smell in the car, but a faint fragrance wafted away.

     Chen Fei'er sat alone on the sofa and saw Lu Chen come in. She smiled and said: "Lu Chen, I invite you here. I hope you don't mind. There are a lot of reporters outside."

     Today, Capital City TV’s National Day party was rehearsing for the first time. There were many celebrity artists who came over, so there were many entertainment reporters, commonly known as Paparazzi, standing outside the TV station building.

     If Chen Fei'er personally waited for Lu Chen at the door, he would be photographed by reporters, and it might be possible to make up an unnecessary scandal.The TV station’s parking lot is closed and managed with a card, so you don’t have to worry about Paparazzi's shots here.

     Lu Chen understands: "Sister Fei, if you have something to say, as long as my Little Lu can do it, just speak up."

     Chen Fei'er is a senior who has debuted for many years, and is also a celebrity artist of the show business community.

     most importantly. She has taken care of Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen always remembered this favor, for fear that he would not have the opportunity to repay it.

     After all, the status gap between the two is too big.

     Chen Fei'er pursed his lips and said with a smile: "Speaking so nicely, you must be good at coaxing girls?"

     This Sweet Song Heavenly Queen is really a natural beauty, she wears light makeup today. But there are no blemishes on the delicate and beautiful face, bright eyes and white teeth smile like spring breeze, which makes people feel close.

     And she didn't have the slightest prestige of a big coffee in front of Lu Chen.

     In addition, it must be pointed out that she is a fully mature woman, but she has a girlish innocence. The formed a kind of peculiar alluring charm is infinitely expanded in the narrow space of the car.

     Lu Chen's concentration is very strong, and he still feels suffocated when sitting on the opposite side.

     Lu Chen could only smile bitterly at her teasing.Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "Well, I won't be kidding you, I just want to ask, the song you just sang I love you China is your own creation, right?"

     Lu Chen was surprised: "Sister Fei, have you seen my rehearsal?"

     Chen Fei'er nodded: "Yes, you can see it in the VIP room backstage. I was planning to go. It was your song that made me stay. Both songs are very good and wonderful."

     She has bright eyes: "I like the song I love you China better, you sing so well!"

     Being stared at by this Sweet Song Heavenly Queen at such a close distance, Lu Chen felt a little bit pressured: "Thank you."

     Chen Fei'er smiled heartily: "So I just wanted to ask, can you authorize me to cover this song?"

     So this is ah!

     Lu Chen understood, act without taking time to think and replied: "It's totally okay. Actually, Sister Fei, you just have to ask me to call me!"

     Chen Fei'er said seriously: "That's different."

     It's true that Lu Chen is a newcomer, but his creative talent has even surpassed many well-known Songwriters. It's totally worth seeing her differently.

     In the circle, the status of singer has always been very high. If Lu Chen can always maintain a strong creative inspiration, he will come up with more fine works. Then he will definitely be able to achieve a high level of coffee.Chen Fei'er is not so close and kind to all newcomers, especially nevertheless men.

     Lu Chen's creative strength makes her respect.

     Especially the song "I Love You, China" just now gave Chen Fei'er the feeling even shocking!

     Although in the pop music world, Chen Fei'er still maintains the reputation of Heavenly Queen / days later, she knows it very well. The sweet songs and love songs that I am good at have lost the market among young people in the new era.

     If you don't want to be silent, Chen Fei'er will inevitably undergo a transformation.

     But this is obviously not an easy task.

     Because everyone is used to her image, her voice and style, if the transformation is not successful, the consequences will inevitably be very serious.

     Of course, Lu Chen’s "I Love You, China" cannot help her transform right away. She has no intention of developing the main melody vagabond singer for the time being, but at least this is the way, and she once again saw the amazing talent of Lu Chen. .

     Chen Fei'er is a very clever woman. She decisively invited Lu Chen to talk privately, wanting to buy the right to sing the song.

     What she really wants is to establish an important partnership with Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen did not disappoint her.

     Chen Fei'er was in a great mood immediately: "That's great..."She thought about it for a while and said, "I'll invite you to dinner tonight. You promised to write me a song.

     "We can eat and talk..."

     "Why not, you decide where to eat, how about I pay the bill?"

     "Did you drive?"

     Lu Chen: "Uh..."

     He can't keep up with the thinking of this Sweet Song Heavenly Queen at all.


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