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Chapter Directory 181 How Do You Feel?
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

In the capital, there are many street vagabond singers.

     They come from all corners of the world, most of them come to this super city with the dream of becoming famous, eager to use their talents to embark on a shining star path, stand on the stage that is highly anticipated, and admire everyone.

     But among these people, ninety-nine percent are unable to realize their ideals. Their dreams and passions will be wiped out and extinguished by life in the big city, and finally struggle for survival.

     Many vagabond singers can't find a way out, they can only live on the street, selling singing in squares, underground passages, and roadsides.

     On the one hand, it is to earn basic living expenses, on the other hand, it is also eager to be discovered by Bo Le.

     In the entertainment and pop music circles, there are really no shortage of examples of street performers becoming famous.

     Among the wandering vagabond singers, some people are really capable and talented.

     It's just their bad luck.

     This vagabond singer who sang "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky" on the pedestrian street is very young, only twenty years old at most. His figure is thin, not very tall, and his ordinary face has a hint of childishness. .

     A guitar, a microphone, an electric speaker, and a piano case opened on the ground.

     A standard selling and singing set.Regrettably, this vagabond singer played the guitar pretty well, with accurate tunes, but his singing skills and vocal lines were mediocre.

     Therefore, his performance cannot attract the attention of pedestrians, make them stop and listen, or throw money into the box.

     There are too many street performers and singers in the capital. Everyone is not surprised.

     Unless there are highlights and features, most people will not be willing to pay for it.

     Although not welcomed and appreciated, the young street vagabond singer still sang seriously and stood there stubbornly.

     Look at him. Lu Chen suddenly remembered himself who had just arrived in Beijing.

     There are many feelings in my heart.

     If he hadn't had that dream, I am afraid he is still working as a waiter and part-time vagabond singer in the Daylily bar. Working hard to survive and pay off debts, you will never see the hope of life!

     While Lu Chen is looking at the vagabond singer, Chen Fei'er is looking at Lu Chen with interest.

     The lady Heavenly Queen / days later suddenly said: "He didn't sing well and ruined all your songs. Go and teach him!"

     There was a sly look in her eyes, as if impatient wanted to watch a good show.

     Lu Chen was stunned: "Is this bad?"Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "What's wrong, you are actually helping him, otherwise I think he won't make any money, maybe he will be hungry if he pays the venue fee today."

     In the capital city, you can’t just sell and perform art, you need to apply to the city management agency. After obtaining the license, perform at the specified venue, and the venue fees to be paid in different places are different.

     Some are free, and some are very expensive.

     The flow of people here is very intensive, it is not easy to apply for a position, and it is not cheap!

     If you can’t earn the rent, you may really starve.

     "Just right"

     Chen Fei'er tilted his head and said, "Sing this song for me!"


     Lu Chen thought for a while and nevertheless stood up. Walk towards each other.

     Since this vagabond singer chooses his own song, he must like this song and should be regarded as a fan.

     Then help him and encourage him!

     Walked to the front of the vagabond singer, and after the other party finished singing a passage, Lu Chen smiled and asked: "Hello, I want to sing this song too. Can you accompany me?"

     The vagabond singer was stunned.

     He didn't notice Lu Chen at first. It was not until Lu Chen made a request that he found that Lu Chen was familiar.

     "you!"The street vagabond singer suddenly opened his eyes. With a look of surprise: "You are"

     He apparently recognized Lu Chen.

     Without waiting for the other party to say his name, Lu Chen asked seriously: "Okay?"

     "Good, good!"

     The young vagabond singer flushed with excitement. He nodded and said, "It's okay."

     He never dreamed that he would cover a song that is very popular nowadays, and it would attract the original singer.

     Lu Chen!

     Is this probability of winning the lottery?

     He stammered and added: "My name is Guo Han, Mr. Dongdong Guo's Guo."

     "Hello, my name is Lu Chen."

     Lu Chen smiled and raised his hand to hold the microphone.

     The dialogue between the two, through the amplification of microphones and speakers, attracted the curious attention of many people around.

     Guo Han took a few hard breaths, then bite the teeth tightly and played the prelude.

     Lu Chen nodded lightly to the beat and opened his mouth to sing.

     "The brightest star in the night sky, can you remember the figure that walked with me and disappeared in the wind!"

     His clear and clean voice instantly rang in the pedestrian street of bustling with activity, and got into people's ears.

     "The brightest star in the night sky, can you remember the figure that walked with me and disappeared in the wind?""I pray for a transparent heart and tearful eyes"

     "Give me the courage to believe again, oh cross the lie and hug you!"

     "Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence, whenever I get lost in the dark night, oh~ the brightest star in the night sky."

     "Please guide me to approach you~"

     In Lu Chen's singing, the people around who were sitting on the chairs raised their heads, and the girls were even more surprised, as if they had discovered something inconceivable.

     Many passers-by stopped, their eyes focused on Lu Chen and Guo Han.

     Doubt, surprise, curiosity

     Some people ran over quickly after hearing the singing, and gathered in front of the two.

     "Sounds like the original singer"

     "What does it mean to be very similar, didn't you recognize it? This is the original singer Lu Chen, he wrote the song!"


     "It seems to be true, I have watched the Singing China game, he is the champion Lu Chen!"

     "Quite handsome, singing is so good!"

     There were many girls among the people who came by. They recognized Lu Chen and were all excited!

     However, the quality of the people in the capital is very high. Everyone kept their distance, even when they were talking, they kept their voices low.Many girls took out their mobile phones and faced Lu Chen Shooting. The one standing in the front even squatted down, so as not to affect the shooting or watching of the people behind.

     More and more people came around!

     Such a scenario was unexpected by Lu Chen.

     Due to the short time of his official debut, Lu Chen has not yet become a star artist. He did not wear sunglasses and masks when he went out shopping. He didn't think he could attract others' attention.

     However, Lu Chen underestimated the influence of his works. Let alone the high ratings of "Singing China", the album "My old classmate" which was released just recently has already brought him a lot of popularity.

     This title is included in the album, whether it is on the network nevertheless radio. The popularity and popularity are already very high, so as the original singer opened, it attracted a lot of people's attention in an instant!

     Fortunately, everyone was watching in order, and Lu Chen could continue to sing calmly.

     He saw Chen Fei'er also appearing in the crowd of onlookers, smiling like a fox who just stole a hen.

     The kind that is very proud.

     "Can you hear the brightest star in the night sky? The loneliness and sigh of the person who looks up!"

     Gently. After singing the last few sentences softly, Lu Chen let go and took a step back, bowing to everyone.

     Wow~Warm applause immediately rang out.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, everyone joins in"

     Someone reacted and immediately took out the money from his pocket and put it in the piano case on the floor.

     Others followed suit, and a high layer of banknotes quickly piled up in a box that had no small change.

     Guo Han's face flushed, and he was speechless with excitement.

     A bold girl came up and asked: "Lu Chen. Can I take a photo with you?"

     Asked for a group photo by fans. It's really new to Lu Chen.

     He smiled and nodded, "Of course."


     The girl screamed and immediately jumped up and hugged Lu Chen's arm tightly. Lean his head on his shoulder.

     The movements are very skilled.

     Her companion took several photos with her mobile phone.

     There is one person who is satisfied and the next one, in addition to taking photos, there are still people asking for autographs.

     Interestingly, Lu Chen's fans are mostly girls.

     In fact, there are not many boys onlookers, but they are all aloof, and they don't want to take a selfie with Lu Chen.

     After all, the current Lu Chen is just a small and famous vagabond singer artist, not a big celebrity star who has become famous early.

     In the capital city where humanities gather, his appearance will not cause a sensation.If it was Chen Fei'er, then the situation must be completely different!

     After finally meeting the requirements of the girls, Lu Chen was finally able to get away.

     He said to Guo Han: "Come on, work hard!"

     Guo Han nodded repeatedly, and finally suffocated one sentence: "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen smiled and patted him on the shoulder, then stepped away and walked towards the mall in front.

     After a while, Chen Fei'er chased up from behind and walked side by side with him.

     The Sweet Song Heavenly Queen smiled and asked, "How do you feel?"

     Lu Chen thought about it seriously, and said, "Not bad."

     The feeling of being liked and admired by others is very good, very good!

     Chen Fei'er sighed: "But when you are used to it and often encounter it, you will feel bored and even painful."

     "But at that time, if you were to take the initiative to give up these things, I'm afraid you can't do it."

     Lu Chen asked: "Then what do you think should be done?"

     Chen Fei'er laughed and said, "It's easy, live in the moment, enjoy now, boy!"

     Lu Chen was speechless.

     Chen Fei'er suddenly said: "I want to drink, drink beer, a big glass!"

     Lu Chen was surprised: "Sister Fei, can you still drink? Besides, you ate spicy and drank at night, to your voice"Chen Fei'er's voice is the golden voice recognized by the show business community!

     Chen Fei'er stared at him and interrupted: "Just say you are willing to nevertheless or not be with your sister!"

     Lu Chen thought about it seriously again, and said, "I don't want to!"——

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