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Chapter Directory 182 One More Level!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Golden Delicious KTV, box 158.

     The music had just been turned off, Lu Chen looked at Chen Fei'er who was leaning on his shoulder speechlessly.

     The Sweet Song Heavenly Queen tilted her head, her jet-black hair fell on the sofa, her pretty face was half-closed with red star eyes.

     Lu Chen could smell the light alcohol she exhaled.

     Chen Fei'er was drunk.

     At her insistence, Lu Chen came to this chain KTV located on the top of the mall to sing. The two ordered half a box of Budweiser beer and a lot of snacks.

     Chat, drink, sing, guess the dice...Chen Fei'er had a great time.

     The same is true for Lu Chen.

     He hasn't been so relaxed in a long, long time, so he doesn't need to think about anything, and completely follows his own mood.

     And to play with him, nevertheless a true heavenly queen / days later!

     Chen Fei'er drank 5 of 12 small 330ml bottles of beer. If it weren't for Lu Chen's stop, it would be more.

     As a result, now that Jiujin came up, she leaned on Lu Chen to sleep drunk.

     Lu Chen is speechless, this Sweet Song Heavenly Queen believes in her character too much, right?

     If he wants to do something bad...

     Lu Chen's gaze fell on Chen Fei'er's pretty face, and suddenly an evil thought occurred.

     "Sister Fei, Sister Fei?"He called twice softly, and unexpectedly did not get a response.

     Lu Chen's mouth raised a wicked smile, and quietly stretched out his sinful hand towards the drunk Chen Fei'er.

     There was a light squeeze on her cheek.

     "Little girl, I finally fell into the hands of my uncle today, even if you call it a broken throat, it's useless."

     "Give me a laugh first!"

     Lu Chen Jiejie smiled, but quickly retracted his hand.

     So satisfied!

     He really wanted to take a photo, and then post it on his blog with the headline "The rich, the rich, the young and the KTV are drunk with Chen Fei'er, and the poor generation of Heavenly Queen / days later is chaste."

     Think about that picture, it's not too beautiful!

     After a moment of obscenity, Lu Chen, who had finished his black transformation, took out his mobile phone and called Chen Fei'er's assistant.

     Chen Fei'er is drunk like this, so she must be sent back by her assistant.

     Tell the other party the address. Lu Chen ended the call.

     As a result, as soon as he put down the phone, he was stunned.

     I saw Chen Fei'er turned his head, resting his chin on his shoulder, showing a smile that was enough to turn all living beings upside down.

     Her eyes were blurred. Qing Qi red lips greasyly asked: "Master, are you laughing like this?"

     Lu Chen wanted to find a seam to drill in.It turns out that Chen Fei'er is not really drunk!

     He was caught on the spot, and he had to admit his mistakes honestly: "Sister Fei, I was wrong..."

     Chen Fei'er "Puff" smiled and said, "Nevertheless good boy who knows the wrong thing, but you will be punished if you do something wrong. Punish you to write me two songs. It must be the kind that sounds nice, otherwise. .."

     She clenched her fist and shook Lu Chen: "I have learned Taekwondo!"

     Lu Chen received an amnesty: "Two songs are okay!"

     Chen Fei'er proudly picked up the bag, got up and said, "Let's go, wait for Sister Zhang downstairs."

     Sister Zhang is Chen Fei'er's assistant.

     After going out to check out and paying for the bill, the two took the elevator downstairs and saw Sister Zhang at the door at a glance.

     She and the other entourage must be waiting nearby, so they are called upon.

     Chen Fei'er turned to Lu Chen and said, "I won't see you off. Don't drive by yourself, pay attention to safety."

     Lu Chen nodded: "Sister Fei goodbye."

     Chen Fei'er blinked. Suddenly he stood on tiptoe and kissed Lu Chen on the cheek.

     Lu Chen petrified immediately.

     Sister Zhang, who was standing at the door, saw this scene, and it was also dumbstruck.

     Since Chen Fei'er debuted, she has been with Chen Fei'er and is closer than Chen Fei'er's relatives.But Sister Zhang has never seen Chen Fei'er, and has been so close to other men!

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Thank you so happy with me. This is a thank you gift. Don't think too much!"

     She waved and turned and left, and she let out a string of laughter like silver bells.

     Lu Chen watched Chen Fei'er disappear into the night. After a while, he touched the wet marks on his face.

     wry smile.

     If this scene was secretly photographed by Paparazzi in the capital. It is estimated that he can make headlines 100%!

     She is really not afraid!

     In fact, on the second day, September 18, the man who really made the headlines was Wang Bin.

     [Wang Bin is arrested, the prison situation adds another superstar! 】

     [How did the good man Wang Bin fall? 】

     [The people of Chaoyang District make new contributions. Count the entertainment stars caught this year! 】

     [The Year of Undoubtedness Falling into the Abyss-Wang Bin Destruction! 】

     In major mainstream magazines, the entertainment version of portal websites and even the main page of the main page, Wang Bin was all published because of drug abuse. The shocking disappearance of the arrest, the media fell into a collective carnival and began to explore the shady scenes in the entertainment circle.Although Wang Bin is not the top superstar celebrity, he debuted very early and belongs to the seniors of the show business community. Moreover, the nevertheless three-perish entertainer of film and television song has always had a good image, and he is known as a good man in the new era.

     However, the image of this good man in the eyes of the public was instantly destroyed, causing an earthquake in the show business community.

     Some media broke the news that Wang Bin was not only attracted by himself, but was nevertheless in a crowded nature. At the same time, many show business community friends were arrested, not even the first time, involving many artists!

     The media did not directly name the surname, but used the L surname and the C surname as a substitute. As a result, it caused countless speculations on the blog, causing many innocent celebrities to lie down and make public statements to refute the rumors.

     For a while, many ghosts and monsters appeared, and the number of visits to Inspur blogs increased several times!

     But these ups and downs have nothing to do with Lu Chen.

     Related to Lu Chen is that his first personal album "My old classmate" has been on WeChat music online for 10 days, and the sales volume has reached 347,202 copies, close to 350,000. There is basically no suspense when it will exceed 500,000 in the future to achieve platinum.

     For a new vagabond singer who has just made his debut, such an achievement is simply heaven-defying, and it is completely worthy of a grand celebration.The most important thing is that the success of "My Old Classmate" has greatly inspired the local original force of the domestic pop music scene. It has made many Songwriters and singers discover that the original nostalgic folk songs have great market potential to be tapped. .

     [Campus Folk Songs] This folk song category pioneered by Lu Chen entered deeply into people's hearts and quietly became popular. Many entertainment companies and artist vagabond singers are brewing to withdraw from works of the same type, with the intention of taking a share in this market.

     And more people are looking at Lu Chen directly, and there are more and more calls to Lu Chen Workshop and Lu Xi!

     "Currently, there are seven entertainment Record Companies inviting songs to you, I have all quoted, and there is no reply yet."

     In the general manager's office, Lu Xi held a stack of printing paper to report to Lu Chen the recent business situation: "Two of them are very sincere and should be able to talk about it, mainly nevertheless price and copyright issues."

     "My old classmate" was a big hit, and Lu Chen asked Lu Xi to increase the price of his work to 350,000, and still retain some of the copyrights, such as the important cover rights and foreign copyrights.

     This price code has reached the level of the industry's first-class or even top-level authors. From outsiders' perspective, it is simply a lion's mouth, and it is definitely necessary to scare off a lot of units that are interested in cooperation.However, now Lu Chen will never write songs to people easily. As the so-called the rarer sth is, the greater its value, there are countless classics and fine works in his memory, and he still has to sell only for a good price.

     On the one hand, Lu Chen doesn't want to sell these works from Dream World as cabbage wholesale. In addition, he also has to put up his own compelling standards in the industry-it is so expensive, you can buy it at will!

     Today's Lu Chen has such confidence and confidence. He has paid off a quarter of the huge family debts, and the pressure is greatly reduced. If the plan of Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network is implemented smoothly, it will be paid off in one fell swoop. All debts are not a problem at all.

     Under such circumstances, Lu Chen can naturally hold the bottom line.

     And in the foreseeable future, his position on the works he owns will only get higher and higher!

     350,000? It's just the beginning!

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think said: "The price is not negotiable. If the copyright is required, then the price will be increased!"

     Lu Xi nodded without accident. Lu Chen's persistence is correct in this regard.

     She opened a page in her hand and continued: “As for advertising endorsements, there are currently three companies in talks. One of the Silver Horse Advertising Company’s Senqi sportswear endorsement contracts is very good, and I am ready to agree to it for you. Come down."

     "Senqi sportswear?"Lu Chen's eyes lit up: "What is their price?"

     Senqi is a new clothing brand on the market, focusing on the sports consumer market for young people. Therefore, it has a lot of advertising investment in major media. It is not strange to find Lu Chen.

     For most celebrities, advertising endorsements have always been the focus of making money.

     Top superstar celebrities can make tens of millions or even hundreds of millions a year in this regard, especially in recent years, the international and domestic economic recovery has driven the growth of the consumer market. The endorsement fees of the stars are naturally the tide rises, the boat floats.

     Lu Xi said: "The endorsement contract provided by Yinma Advertising Company is 800,000 yuan a year, mainly shooting posters and a TV commercial. If you need to be present to promote, then the appearance fee will be calculated separately."

     800 000!

     Compared with the endorsement fees of first-tier stars, this price is only a fraction, but it is already very good for newcomers, because posters and TV advertisements like Shooting are also publicity for themselves!

     Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, you can take care of this for me."

     Advertisers used to visit, but the endorsement contracts provided were very unreliable, and they were all rejected by Lu Xi.

     Senqi's brand positioning is mid-range, and it focuses on sports and health, which fits his image very well.Lu Xi smiled and said: "I hope to add one million, if your reputation is bigger, it will be fine!"

     Lu Chen laughed.

     But whether it is Lu Chen nevertheless Lu Xi. I never thought that his reputation would really rise to the next level after only a few days!


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