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Chapter Directory 189 Woman Flower
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

The Recording Room of Flying Stone Records, regardless of the size and area of nevertheless equipment conditions, are among the top in the country.

     As a veteran Record Company, Flying Stone is nevertheless very willing to invest in hardware. Once a famous person recorded Album in its Recording Room, and once lamented that in such an environment, he could record his own songs. The state is elevated to the highest, even beyond the limit.

     Although the praise of this big coffee is somewhat exaggerated, the Recording Room of Flying Stone Records is really well-known in the industry, so Chen Fei'er will always put his Album here for production.

     Lu Chen, who came for the first time, was also shocked.

     Even if he is not professional in recording, he can fully see that Flying Stone Records is a Recording Room not a common chord. The investment is probably tens of millions. In contrast, the recording studio of Panshi Workshop is really weak. Pathetic.

     However, Lu Chen still admires the Wang Jing brothers and sisters of Panshi Workshop. Under such limited conditions, they still helped him complete a high-quality Album work, which is enough to be proud of!

     Chen Fei'er entered the shed.

     Lu Chen and Lin Zhijie, Yi Xiangjun, Fan Jun, MSN and others from Flying Stone Records Company stayed in the external monitoring room.

     Then there were six or seven more people, all rushed to get news.Among them, Lu Chen even saw a familiar face, a star who is often active on the silver screen.

     They obviously want to hear Chen Fei'er's new work.

     Chen Fei'er expertly brought the monitor headphones and stood in front of the microphone.

     She closed her eyes first, then took a deep breath and began to breathe emotions.

     Those excellent and experienced vagabond singers can adjust their emotions to the best and most suitable for the melody content of the song in just a few seconds.

     When the emotion is in place, the emotion in the song can be fully expressed, and it will not give people the feeling of "fake big empty".

     Chen Fei'er has debuted for more than ten years, and the Recording Room has no idea how many times she has been in and out. It should be very simple and easy for her to brew and adjust her emotions.

     But more than half a minute passed. She did not open her eyes either.

     This is very unusual.

     You should know that it is just an audition, not a real recording, and the requirements are not that high at all!

     The only explanation is that Chen Fei'er has high demands on himself. The requirements for singing this song are even higher.

     Even if it's just an audition!

     The listening room was quiet, no one was talking, and everyone controlled their breathing very lightly.Although with the hardware conditions of the Flying Stone Records studio, shuting and screaming gongs and drums in the monitoring room cannot be heard by the people in the recording studio, everyone is subconsciously afraid of affecting Chen Fei'er.

     Three MSN girls are standing in the corner of the monitoring room. Through the large glass window, they looked at the Sweet Song Heavenly Queen without blinking, and their expressions were a bit agitated.

     After a while, Chen Fei'er opened his eyes.

     Her corner of the mouth evoked a slight smile, and made an "OK" gesture to the sound engineer.

     The latter nodded understand tacitly and pressed the console's accompaniment play button.

     The accompaniment tape used for Chen Fei'er audition, nevertheless Lu Chen completed with Wang Jing at the Panshi Workshop. At most, it is a semi-finished product. It must be re-recorded for composing music.

     Of course it is used for audition, nevertheless is no problem.

     This Chen Fei'er will be used on the new Album. And as a prelude to the title song, through the high-quality Audio equipment monitor, it clearly spreads to the ears of everyone present.

     Lin Zhijie frowned.

     Because just listening to the prelude, the style of Lu Chen's new work is different from what he expected, and...a bit rough.

     Fan Jun twitched the corners of his eyes, and a subtle ridicule flashed across his face.

     But Chen Fei'er's subsequent singing voice instantly solidified their expressions!"I have a flower,

     Planted in my heart,

     Budding to be released, meaning faint~

     Chaos and dusk,

     I waited eagerly.

     Those who are interested come to dream.

     Flower Woman ~ swaying in the red dust,

     Flower Woman ~sway gently with the wind,

     I only hope ~ a pair of gentle hands,

     Can soothe ~ my inner loneliness.


     In the monitoring room. Except for Lu Chen, all the musicians were shocked.

     Because they couldn't believe it, Chen Fei'er was singing in the studio.

     It's not that Chen Fei'er sings at a low level, in fact she sings very well, and she has a deep affectionate mood.

     It's this song, which is simply subversive to Chen Fei'er!

     As a famous domestic sweet Song Heavenly Queen. Chen Fei'er's works have always been well-known for being sweet and moving. The songs she sings are always full of tenderness and honey, and the sweetness of penetrate deeply into the heart, bringing people a happy and beautiful feeling.

     Listen to her songs, like drinking ****.

     Outside the show business community circle, whenever sweet songs are mentioned, the first thing people think of is Chen Fei'er!

     However, what Chen Fei'er is singing now is a love song from head to tail, a nostalgic and sad love song.Her singing is no longer sweet and greasy, with the vicissitudes of time in the deep and even a touch of desolation.

     This is completely a subversive change, a substantial transformation!


     I have a flower,

     The fragrance of flowers is full of branches,

     Who will really look for wherever he goes.

     When the flowers do not bloom long,

     Ah~ it's worthy of being folded,

     Women are like flowers and dreams!

     I have a flower,

     Grow in my heart,

     No one understands true love.

     Weeds everywhere,

     Has taken up the hillside,

     lone flower admiring itself The most heartbreaking!


     A woman is like a flower and cannot stand the test of time; a woman is like a flower, uttering fragrance and speechless; a woman like a flower, striving for beauty is just for people to appreciate... a simple song that sings all the loneliness and sadness of women .

     Although the lyrics are short, it is just right to use flowers to describe women. Women are like flowers and flowers are like dreams. Everything is so empty that people can't grasp it. It embodies the extreme saturation of love to the depths and poetic beauty.

     This is a bleak and euphemistic song, a song of sad sighs, it expresses affection, expresses love, and controls demolition is loneliness!

     Lin Zhijie looked at Lu Chen incredulously-how could he write such a song?In the recording studio, Chen Fei'er was singing to the point of forgetfulness, and the corners of his eyes were inadvertently wet with tears.

     She debuted in her teens and has gone through all the ups and downs all the way to the present.

     Tears shed behind the sceneries, those jealousy slandered. Those light and dark rules, those harboring unfathomable motives coveted, she was able to stick to her bottom line without falling into the dark, except for the help of friends. It is even more due to his own strength.

     She has always guarded her emotions cautious and solemn and never opened her heart to anyone easily, because in the entertainment industry, there are too few people who are truly trustworthy and reliable.

     Those gentle suitors. There may be hidden ulterior motives and selfishness.

     Chen Fei'er has been rumored a lot in the past. Except for the deliberate hype arranged by the Company, the others were maliciously hanging around, which made her more cautious and vigilant about feelings, and she is still alone today.

     But she is also a woman, a woman who has fully matured.

     In so many lonely nights, she longed for a sincere feeling and longed to be picked.

     When taking a shower, stand in front of the mirror and stare at your proudest one. She couldn't tell her feelings.

     Just like the song "Flower Woman" sings-lone flower admiring itself is the most heartbreaking!When Chen Fei'er opened the score and demo of the work passed by Lu Chen, the first time he heard this song...

     She really shed tears.

     "I have loved knowingly, and I have been drunk and know the wine is strong, but the flowers bloom and thank you for nothing..."

     "Fate does not stay, like spring breeze coming and going, women are like flowers and dreams!"

     She is a Flower Woman in the wind!

     She hopes to have a pair of gentle hands to soothe her loneliness;

     She hopes to have a strong arm for her to lean on.

     She hopes to have a home, to settle her mind;

     She hopes that someone can read her true feelings and appreciate her beauty.

     She yearns for love. Can nourish one's heart;

     She wants to grow old with a beloved person, and wants to have everything about a woman!

     This song was really written in Chen Fei'er's heart, allowing her to make a decision without hesitation.

     Flower Woman.

     This is the title song of her new Album, and it is also the name of the Album!

     Chen Fei'er closed his eyes. She sang so carefully, letting the crystal tears fall from the corner of her eyes.

     She opened her eyes again and saw Lu Chen through the glass window.

     Lu Chen was also looking at her, with tenderness and understanding in her pitch-black eyes, straight into her heart.

     Touch her heartstrings!Inadvertently, the scene of going shopping and singing K with Lu Chen that day. It resurfaced in her mind.

     She remembered the feeling of Lu Chen's fingers gently pinching her cheek.

     Chen Fei'er looked away a little unnaturally, and finished the last verse.


     Fate does not stay,

     Like spring breeze coming and going,

     Women are like flowers and dreams,

     Women are like flowers and dreams~"

     Suddenly she felt a sense of loss, and her heart was empty as if she had lost something precious!

     There was silence for a moment in the monitoring room, and then there was a sudden applause!

     Lin Zhijie was the most excited. His palm was patted very hard, and he didn't care if it became popular.

     Because he heard a classic love song and heard the voice of the deepest emotional person from Chen Fei'er.

     This song made him no longer have any doubts about Chen Fei'er's transformational work.

     He firmly believes that this Album can definitely be a success!

     The music director of Flying Stone Records has a sense of honor to witness history.

     Amid the applause, Fan Jun fell silent.

     He listened to Chen Fei'er's new song with a picky mentality, but this song made him unable to be picky.

     He didn't even have any thoughts about Lu Chen.Because in this world, there are always geniuses that people can never surpass.

     Lu Chen is such a genius!

     Fan Jun is not ashamed of losing to a true genius.

     He was just ashamed of his previous unbalanced mentality, Lin Zhijie's decision was correct.

     Lu Chen is fully qualified to supervise the production of the first Album for MSN.

     That is the honor of Flying Stone Records!


     Note: "Flower Woman" wordings: Li Anxiu/Composer: Chen Yaochuan.

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