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Chapter Directory 192 Bachelor Party
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     Countless glasses were lifted aloft, and the golden liquid in the cup was swaying with white foam, shattering light under the bright light, and the air was filled with the unique aroma of beer.

     The guests at the Daylily Bar greeted Chen Jianhao who was late with a glass of wine, congratulations on his upcoming single farewell and step into the palace of marriage.

     A celebrity once said that only men who have been married and started a family can truly understand what responsibility is and can they truly mature.

     It is also said that marriage is a man’s prison and grave, and the eagle flying high against the wind has been bound by its wings.

     Only oneself knows the ups and downs.

     But no matter what, friends gather here to send the most sincere blessings to the bridegroom.

     Enjoy your last single time!

     Amidst laughter and applause, Chen Jianhao drank a full glass of beer.

     People are in good spirits at happy events. This Daylily boss Chen is obviously several years younger. He is also full of pride when he drinks. Anyone who comes to toast and congratulate him has no refusal.

     For the bachelor party in the evening, the Daylily Bar removed most of the wine table and replaced it with a long dining table filled with various drinks and snacks, as well as decorative flowers.The melody of lively music echoed in the bar, and the waitresses dressed in snow bunny uniforms carried the dinner plates and walked lightly through the crowd, adding countless joyful atmosphere to the scene.

     Compared with the bunny girls in foreign bachelor parties, their dressing is much more conservative, but cute and pretty enough.

     There is no striptease girl, and it can be regarded as a small benefit for the bridegroom and his friends.

     clang! clang! clang!

     Someone rang the plate.

     When everyone’s attention turned around, he quickly jumped onto the stage, turned on the microphone and said, “Dear friends and distinguished guests, I suggest that our bridegroom, Brother Jianhao, first come and perform a show for us, singing or dancing. , Or tell a joke, can you say good?"


     A lot of guys who wish for the whole world to be in chaos shouted at once. Even blew the whistle.

     Chen Jianhao was crowded and pushed onto the stage.

     He smiled bitterly: "Let me sing and dance with this old bone, isn't that killing me? You are too cruel!"

     Chang Wei, the owner of Blue Lotus Flower, directly exposes his old bottom: "Brother Chen, don't be humble. Back then, you were a famous rock prince in the show business community. Even if you only have half your skills left, you can still hold your ground. !"

     Little Prince of Rock!Lu Chen almost squirted out the beer in his mouth.

     Think of the young version of Chen Jianhao, who looks like singing rock and roll with his guitar in his long hair.

     Everyone laughed, up here, down there, "Sing a song!"

     "you you you..."

     Chen Jianhao pointed angrily at the boss of Chang Da. Said: "You wait for me!"

     Ruthless words are put down, the song has to be sung.

     Chen Jianhao was not vague, or he was a little drunk, he called Pang-Huang Band up.

     Together they collaborated on a classic rock song "Tomorrow's Rebirth" by Black Crow Band.

     Black Crow Band is a national rock band that was active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They have published 3 albums in total, with a total sales volume of more than 20 million. They are regarded as the mainstay of the national rock.

     Unfortunately, in September 1993, during the rehearsal of the concert, Gao Yi, the lead singer and soul of Black Crow Band, accidentally fell off the stage and severely injured his skull. He eventually died in Chaoyang People's Hospital. Only 32 years old.

     Gao Yi's accidental death was undoubtedly a serious injury for Guoyao. The Black Crow Band, who has always been a leading role, has since been one stumble, unable to rise, and disbanded two years later, leaving the Guoyao fans with endless sadness.The fall of Black Crow Band is also the epitome of the decline of the country's rock. Due to the rise of commercial popular music, pure rock has been severely impacted, the market is shrinking, and its influence is getting smaller and smaller.

     Some rock vagabond singers follow the trend. Actively change the overly personal and idealistic style and sing light rock or folk songs, but there are also many rock people who stubbornly guard the final position of Guoyao and do not bow to the market.

     But these defenders. Mostly obscure and unknown.

     Up to now, Guo Yao has become a distant term, and only a few people are still struggling.

     The song "Rebirth Tomorrow" sung by Chen Jianhao is not only the famous work of Black Crow Band, but also the pinnacle work of Guo Yao. As long as it is a vagabond singer who has sang rock and roll, it has ever been covered!

     Lu Chen thus saw the other side of Chen Jianhao.

     In the impression of Lu Chen all the time. The owner of the Daylily bar is stern and deep, with a bit of businessman's shrewdness and marketability. He never expresses his inner feelings easily, and he is usually moody.

     However, Chen Jianhao, who is standing on the stage today, is a middle-aged man who has reached the age of confidence. He is passionate and passionate. He hissed and roared with the accompaniment of the Pang-Huang Band.His face was flushed red, the blue veins on his neck and forehead bulged, and his eyes were full of blood, as if it were a burning flame, containing infinite power!

     In terms of singing skills alone, Chen Jianhao is not very good, even in the ** part, the sound is a little broken, but the emotion he puts in the singing makes all the people present.

     Everyone applauded, or roared and roared with him, the huge sound seemed to be able to overturn the roof!

     Lu Chen was in it, and he couldn't help being fired up.

     He raised his arms and clenched his fists, and then yelled loudly!

     "Tomorrow I will be born again and face the youth without regrets again!"

     "Please never forget my real name!"

     The end of the song, the audience is boiling!

     "Thank you!"

     After singing this song "Rebirth Tomorrow", Chen Jianhao seemed to have exhausted all his energy.

     He was sweating profusely, smiled and panted and asked: "Are you happy? Do you like it? Is it strong enough?"

     "Happy!" "Like!" "Enough!"

     Friends responded loudly, this kind of Chen Jianhao is something that many people have never seen before, and it is very fresh.The person who invited Chen Jianhao to sing on stage just yelled: "Brother Jianhao, take your time and remember to have a bridal chamber tomorrow. If you lose strength, then my sister-in-law must not scold us!"

     Everyone laughed, and all the particles of joy were floating in the air.

     "I remember you!"

     Chen Jianhao gave the criminal ringleader, main offender a vicious look, and handed the microphone into Qin Hanyang's hands.

     "Big Qing, it's up to you!"

     The most indispensable thing about the bachelor parties in Daylily is the vagabond singer. There are four or five band groups alone, not to mention the veterans who are in Houhai.

     The day tonight is special. Many people would rather make less money than rush over to join in.

     Qin Hanyang had nothing to say, and the brothers with Pang-Huang Band sang "In Spring".

     If Lu Chen has become a legend in the Houhai circle, then Pang-Huang Band's "In Spring" is simply a myth, and it is admired and worshipped by countless bar vagabond singers!

     This song has always been hot on major music websites for a long time, and it has still occupied a place on the original sound list so far, not to mention that it has dominated the list for many weeks and has become a phenomenal classic.Although it is not pure rock, "In Spring" has awakened people's memories of the glorious moment of the country. Pang-Huang Band has become the cutting edge of the pop music scene burn your hand, feel the heat. It is said that the performance invitations are scheduled to next year.

     Now Daylily Bar, where the Pang-Huang Band once stood up and struggled, and heard this original "In Spring", many people have a feeling of being proud!

     And the creator of "In Spring" is also there.

     Everyone has not forgotten Lu Chen. When Pang-Huang Band finished singing "In Spring", someone immediately called out his name.

     That is a regular customer of Daylily Bar.

     If you count it, Lu Chen's time to leave the Daylily bar is not very long.

     But for those regular customers, Lu Chen has been away for a long time.

     They missed this tall and handsome young man, missed him sitting on the stage and singing "My Old Classmate" with his guitar in his arms. That kind of feeling is beyond the screen.

     Everyone knows that Lu Chen's footsteps will not stop at Daylily. They are very happy that Lu Chen can move on to a larger and more brilliant stage, and they also wish Lu Chen's future and future.

     At the same time, they still hope to hear Lu Chen's live performance again.

     Today is the best opportunity.Qin Hanyang said into the microphone; "Then we will invite the little boss of the Daylily bar to let him sing a new song for us? Or a new song that I haven't heard before!"


     Everyone applauded and responded enthusiastically to Qin Hanyang.

     For other vagabond singers, such a request may be suspected of deliberately embarrassing people.

     But Lu Chen...

     His amazing creative talents are regarded as inconceivable miracles in the show business community.

     In just a few months, there were more than two dozen original songs written by Lu Chen.

     Although some authors who are in the midst of their creative period can produce so many works in such a period of time, no one has ever been like Lu Chen, whose capital is fine or even classic.

     The most speechless thing is that he has an imagination like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies in creation. The style covers folk songs, light rock, love songs and even the main theme, and the music thinking seems endless!

     In the circle, Lu Chen even has the nickname "melody nouveau riche".

     Therefore, it is an embarrassing request for others, and it is obviously legitimate, reasonable, and necessary for Lu Chen!

     New songs must be original and innovative!

     "Lu Chen! Lu Chen! Lu Chen!..."I don't know who started the head. Everyone shouted Lu Chen's name neatly together.

     It is clearly Chen Jianhao's bachelor party, but it seems to be Lu Chen's home.

     But Chen Jianhao didn't care, and instead shouted with everyone, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to the best!


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