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Chapter Directory 195 Accident In Shooting
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Leisure is leisure, and work is work. Lu Chen clearly distinguishes the two.

     No matter how beautiful the scenery of Jinling is, no matter how beautiful the wind and moon of the Qinhuai River are, he can't let him linger and neglect his work.

     On the second day of coming to Jinling, Lu Chen woke up early.

     Classmate Li Feiyu was still asleep, he quietly left the hotel and ran outside to exercise.

     After returning, Lu Chen woke up Li Feiyu, and the two went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

     After eating breakfast, Lu Ze just arrived.

     Today is the day of Shooting commercials. According to Yinma’s arrangements, if shooting can be completed in the morning, he will go to Senqi headquarters in the afternoon to take photos of the promotional posters, and then he will be able to return to the capital in the evening.

     Of course this is the most ideal state.

     Shooting work in film and television has never been simple. Even the simplest commercials can hardly guarantee that there will be accidents and twists, such as errors in costumes and poor actors, etc., which will affect the shooting process.

     Under the leadership of Lu Ze, Lu Chen first met with the Shooting team of Yinma Advertising.Although it’s just for making commercials, there are not many people in the Shooting team, including directors, photographers, assistants of photography, site recorders, art, lighting engineers, assistant lighting, prop artists, makeup artists... plus responsible for doing miscellaneous, pushing tracks, and moving There are more than a dozen field workers.

     This also demonstrates the strength of Yinma's advertising. If it is a grass-roots team, maybe the director and a few photographers can do it, and there is no such a big battle.

     In addition, it can also be seen that Senqi's attention and investment in this advertisement.

     The shooting location is on Hongkong Road in Jinling Film and Television City.

     Jinling Film and Television City is a joint construction of the government and enterprises. It has invested several tens of billions of dollars back and forth. It has long become one of the famous tourist attractions in Jinling City.

     This Hongkong Road, which is modeled after the Hongkong Kowloon Commercial Street, is surrounded by high-rise shops, and there are commuter trams and real subway stations. It is not much different from the real scene.

     Many domestic movies and TVs are shooting here. What's interesting is that it is said that even the Hongkong film and television company has made Hongkong-rich films on Hongkong Road.

     When Lu Chen arrived, the Shooting team had just been in place.

     According to the plan, this commercial will shoot the outdoor part first. After finishing shooting indoors, the plot is not complicated.The story of this advertisement is that the male lead played by Lu Chen and the cohabiting Female Lead overslept. The latter hurriedly rushed to attend an important meeting of the Company and accidentally left the file at home.

     After the actor found out. Immediately put on Senqi sportswear, put on Senqi sports shoes and ran out to catch up. It turned out that the Female Lead had taken a taxi and left.

     So the protagonist ran all the way on the street, and there was a process of overcoming many obstacles. When the Female Lead arrived in the meeting room but found that there was no file, the protagonist was sweating like a soldier!

     The moved Female Lead gave a kiss on the spot. Won the applause of everyone in the Company.

     Finally, the lens focused on Senqi's Logo.

     The advertising script Lu Chen has seen it a long time ago, and the content of a few lines has been kept in mind.

     The role he plays does not require high acting skills. The only difficulty is that in the process of running, in order to show the brand's sports characteristics, there are several shots involving parkour.

     In terms of Yinma advertising, it is prepared to use substitutes, that is, professional parkour fans instead.

     Lu Chen came a bit early. Under the recommendation of Lu Ze, he chatted with the director of the Shooting group and listened to the latter explaining the main points of Shooting. After all, the main shots of this commercial were on Lu Chen's body.The director also introduced Lu Chen's stand-in.

     The avatar is a professional fitness coach. His surname is Wang, and he looks almost 30 years old.

     He is a little shorter than Lu Chen, but he looks very strong with muscle knots all over his body. He is a little shy and shy when he speaks. He is obviously a straightforward personality type.

     The director told Lu Chen that this fitness coach was born in the military and usually likes parkour sports very much. He once won the fifth place in the national parkour competition.

     After understanding the director's intentions, Lu Chen thought for a while and asked: "Director, can you not use a stand-in. Let Coach Wang show me the parkour actions first, and then I will do it myself?"

     "No need for a stand-in?"

     The director was shocked, and looked at Lu Chen with inconceivable eyes: "Do you do the action yourself?"

     The photographers, lighting artists, makeup artists...including Coach Wang's expressions are a bit strange.

     Of course, professional people need to do professional things, although it is more troublesome to use doubles. Need to use post-editing and modification to avoid wearing, and greatly increase the difficulty of Shooting.

     But it is better than Lu Chen to take the risk!One of the shots in the commercial requires the male protagonist to jump over the railing flexibly, and then jump over the flowerbed that is 3 meters wide. Without sufficient bounce ability, it is impossible to complete it. If you don't understand the technique, you may even get injured.

     The director feels that Lu Chen is a little ignorant of the sky and the earth, of course he concealed his disdain very well.

     The director of the commercial is not a film and television director. There are too many coffee positions, star artists can not afford to offend.

     So he can only explain it in a good way: "That's too dangerous. We can't take such a risk. Please understand."

     Lu Chen smiled, did not insist on his own ideas, and chose to respect the director's arrangement: "Well then..."

     The director secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

     He has shot a lot of commercials and knows how difficult it is for certain celebrities!

     Lu Chen is obviously not that kind of person, who is very talkative.

     After comforting Lu Chen, the director raised his wrist and looked at his watch, frowning.

     He turned around, pointed to his watch and asked the assistant: "Look at what time it is now, why Ms. Sun Shan hasn't come here? You call and remind you, what are you doing here!"

     The assistant shrank his head when he was shouted, and quickly took out his cell phone to contact.The director said to Lu Chen again: "Mr. Lu Chen, I'm so embarrassed. Please bear with me. Maybe something happened to Ms. Sun Shan. Come sit here first?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, I will wait a little longer."

     Sun Shan is Lu Chen’s partner in this commercial, Female Lead, a third- and fourth-line film star.

     Lu Chen searched the other party's information on the Internet and knew that the other party had appeared in several film and television dramas. Although they were all supporting roles, they were quite popular on the Internet. It is said that they are very good at hype and have won one or two unknown awards.

     Sun Shan's people are pretty, and the reviews are not very good.

     Of course, Lu Chen doesn't care about the other party's character, anyway, he just cooperated with an advertisement.

     But he soon knew that his thinking was too simple!

     After finishing the call, the assistant cringed and said, "Director, Ms. Sun Shan is still in the hotel. She said she will be there in about an hour. What do you think?"

     "It's still an hour?"

     The director simply hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat, his eyes widened: "So many people are waiting for her..."

     He just suppressed his temper and didn't break out. He waved his hand vigorously and said, "Forget about it, then don't wait. Let's shoot the male protagonist first, so please prepare quickly!"The director gave an order, and the Shooting team immediately opened up.

     The photographer set up the camera, the makeup artist rushed over to put makeup on Lu Chen, and the lighting assistant ran around holding the reflector.

     Chang Ji took the field workers to isolate those curious tourists who came around to watch the excitement, so as not to interfere with Shooting work.

     The first shot was not Lu Chen, but his substitute.

     Coach Wang put on a full set of sports clothing and sneakers. After the warm-up, he started the first shooting job, which was mainly an action to jump over obstacles.

     This professional coach is very powerful. He jumped up abruptly after a dozen of run-up steps, and easily jumped over several boxes stacked on the side of the road. His movements were very vigorous and smooth.

     The camera mounted on the rail followed his footsteps, shooting the whole process completely.

     The first pass went well.

     The director was very satisfied, and passed it straight after watching the replay.

     The next second parkour shot is much more difficult. The avatar needs to jump over the railing and then jump over the flowerbed to land on the grass. Because of the long jumping distance, there is a certain degree of danger.

     While trying as a substitute, Lu Chen received a call.

     An unexpected call.

     "Sister Fei?"The person who called him was actually Chen Fei'er: "Lu Chen, where are you?"

     Lu Chen wondered: "I'm currently in Jinling Shooting advertisement, Sister Fei, what do you want me to do?"

     Chen Fei'er chuckled, "I can't call you if I'm okay?"

     Lu Chen: "Uh..."

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "I'm not kidding you, you filmed in Jinling Film and Television City, right?"

     Lu Chen said: "Yes, I am on Hongkong Road now."

     Chen Fei'er said: "I have filmed there, the place is more familiar than you, then I will hang up first."

     Lu Chen was stunned: "Oh, Sister Fei, goodbye."

     After finishing the call with Chen Fei'er, Lu Chen felt a little baffling.


     He was thinking, and suddenly there was a painful scream in front of him.

     Lu Chen was taken aback, and rushed over with a few on-site staff.

     Then I found out that it was his substitute, that is, that Coach Wang had an accident!

     It turned out that when Shooting jumped through the flowerbed shots, Coach Wang didn't deal with it when he landed. As a result, he twisted his foot and couldn't stand up in pain.

     Everyone helped him up and moved the stool to sit down.

     After taking off his sneakers, Coach Wang's ankle has begun to swell up!Although I don't know if there is anything with the bones, but he looks like this, it must be impossible to continue Shooting.

     Moreover, the front lens was taken in vain.

     Because it must be replaced.

     The problem is where to find replacement personnel temporarily. You must know that these actions are a bit difficult, and they can't be completed by anyone.

     The director's sadness is almost going against the current!


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