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Chapter Directory 196 Do Not Believe
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Parkourparkour, an extreme sport that is popular all over the world nowadays, it uses the environment of daily life as a sports venue and relies on its own physical energy to quickly, effectively and reliably navigate any known and unknown environment.

     The parkour sport was first born in France and entered the country around 2000. After more than ten years of development, it has become one of the most popular sports for young people in China. It has also set up a national parkour competition with very large prize money. height of.

     As a new fashion sports brand, Senqi has a market positioning of young people who like sports. Therefore, the element of parkour is incorporated into this commercial to achieve a publicity effect that resonates with the target population.

     Silver Horse Advertisement invited Lu Chen to endorse Senqi, and the parkour lens chose a professional stand-in. It should be said that all aspects were considered very thoughtful. No one thought that there would be a problem with Shooting on the first day.

     In fact, for parkour sports, injuries are a common occurrence, especially when there is no complete equipment protection, it is easy to cause problems. Although Coach Wang Wang Hai is a professional, he cannot be exempted from accidents.

     But for the director, it couldn't be too bad.The filming of this commercial is in a hurry. Yinma Advertising and Senqi have a contract. If it does not appear on the screen within the specified time, the company's reputation and profits will be greatly lost.

     Otherwise, the shooting will not start on the second day of National Day.

     Coach Wang's injury made the subsequent shooting job very troublesome. Although it is not difficult to find professional parkour athletes in Jinling or the surrounding area, it is not easy to require a height and body shape similar to that of Lu Chen.

     The parkour exercise is more suitable for young people with small builds and flexible movements.

     Lu Chen is 180+ tall!

     Wang Hai struggled to stand up, his head drooping, his face full of shame: "Director, I'm so sorry."

     He is professional, but he made this mistake at a very low level. It was pure carelessness.

     Coach Wang was not the first time he did a stand-in job, but it was the first time that there was a problem right after shooting.

     It’s okay to have your own feet, and it’s not good to delay other people’s shooting work.

     The director smiled bitterly: "Forget about it, you can't be blamed. Who can guarantee that nothing will happen?"

     "I will ask the assistant to take you to the hospital. It is best to take a film to see the bones. We will pay for the medical expenses."Public praise is very important in mixing this line, unless it is a big coffee-level figure. Otherwise, harsh and merciless cannot be mixed, especially like a stuntman. People make money for their lives. If there is a work injury, they must be held responsible.

     The commercial director's surname is Zhong, and he has been in the show business community for many years. I know how to do things.

     Wang Hai hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Don't be so troublesome, I just hurt my muscles and muscles. I can recover after two days of raising medicated oil without going to the hospital to waste money.

     His character is really straightforward.

     An assistant brought medicated oil and rubbed it on him.

     Director Zhong sighed helplessly and asked, "Do you know anyone, can you come and help?"


     Wang Hai hasn't answered yet. Lu Chen, who just came over, said: "Nevertheless, let me try it!"

     Director Zhong was speechless: "Mr. Lu Chen, if you are injured, it will be more troublesome!"

     If there is a problem with the substitute, you can change to another substitute. Can the actor be changed if something goes wrong?

     so funny!

     There was even an inexplicable irritability in his heart, and he didn't want to explain more to Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen faintly smiled and said: "Director Zhong, I often exercise. I want simple parkour and I nevertheless can do it. Let's take the first shot of jumping the box. If there is no problem, then how about the second one?"He strengthened: "It's better than waiting like this!"

     This sentence hit the director's death hole. The movie studio scenes are not for nothing. If you can't finish filming today, you will have to continue filming tomorrow. Not to mention the cost of time and energy, and the rent will have to be paid.

     Then try it!

     Director Zhong gritted his teeth. Said: "Okay, you must pay attention to safety, don't try to be strong!"

     The first shot is skipping a cardboard box full of flowers, which is not too dangerous to say.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "I know."

     Now that a decision has been made. Director Zhong didn't hesitate anymore, and immediately let his staff start preparing.

     "Prepare for the camera, put the camera in place!"

     "You guys don't stand here to watch the excitement, isolate the tourists here!"

     "Makeup artist, touch up Lu Chen..."

     Ten minutes later, he was wearing Senqi sportswear, walking on Senqi running shoes, and carrying Senqi sports bag on his back. It can be said that Lu Chen, fully armed, stood on the sidewalk and did a few warm-up moves.

     At the door of the flower shop more than ten meters in front of him, three large corrugated boxes were stacked, and the roses inside were beautiful and beautiful, still carrying the dew of the morning pick.

     On the left side of Lu Chen, the photographer is controlling a high-definition digital video camera and is aiming the lens at him.The camera assistant is always ready to push the track.

     "Attention all units!"

     "Street chase, the first shooting for the first time."


     Following the director's order, Lu Chen immediately stepped forward and rushed forward.

     After experiencing that strange and long dream, he basically went out to exercise every morning, running + practicing martial arts, persevere unremittingly.

     Therefore, running has become one of Lu Chen's daily habit of deepening his bones. When he takes his steps, his movements are very skillful and smooth, without the slightest stiffness or discomfort, and he rushes to the front of the carton while breathing.

     The next moment, Lu Chen’s left foot was heavily on the ground, and the extremely elastic soles gave back a heavy force. His right leg was simultaneously lifted and stretched forward, and the whole person rose into the air, instantly rising from a height of more than one meter. Jumping past the flower box.

     Then land steadily!

     In order to ensure the safety of Lu Chen, the director deliberately arranged to lower the height of the carton.

     It turns out that this is obviously unnecessary. Lu Chen's jumping ability is very good, even surpassing Wang Hai!


     Director Zhong couldn't help shouting, he was pleased beyond one's expectations.

     Just skipping the cardboard boxes on the ground, there are certainly many people who can do it, or even easily.But Lu Chen from starting, running, boosting, jumping to landing, all the movements are done in one go, as smooth as moving clouds and flowing water, it gives people a feeling of warms the heart and delights the eye, which is very unusual.

     As Lu Chen said, he exercises regularly, otherwise it would be impossible to dance so beautifully!

     Now Director Zhong's worries disappeared in an instant.

     There was applause around, and members of the Shooting team were applauding Lu Chen's performance.

     Few stars have such excellent athletic ability as him.

     Although it is a simple running and jumping, it is also very visible in personal sports qualities and abilities.

     However, things are not that simple. When Director Zhong looked back at the shot from Shooting, he couldn't help showing a wry smile.

     He found out that he had made a small mistake.

     The original arrangement was for the avatar to jump, so the camera was always shot from the side. Now that Lu Chen is in action, the side shot is meaningless or even flawed.

     In addition, Lu Chen ran a little fast, and the camera did not keep up well, so the picture was out of the question.

     Director Zhong could only invite Lu Chen over and let him retake the photo after explaining the situation.

     Lu Chen nodded and said it was okay.Lu Chen's cooperative attitude makes Director Zhong very good. There are really not many artists like him who respect the director and take their work seriously. Many young people who are new to the circle are very impetuous and believe oneself infallible.

     Filming commercials like Director Zhong is often overwhelmed by celebrities who like to play big names.

     For the second remake, Director Zhong arranged the front and side dual camera positions, and increased the manpower to push the track to increase the speed.

     This shooting was successfully completed, and Lu Chen's performance is still impeccable!

     But the action in the second scene is troublesome.

     Lu Chen needs to run quickly on the sidewalk, jump up on the steps, and then support the railings, use the force to climb over the flowerbeds that are almost 2 meters wide, and finally land on the grass. The difficulty is not that ordinary people can complete.

     Just now Wang Hai twisted his ankle while doing this action!

     Director Zhong is very worried about the recurrence of the tragedy. After all, Lu Chen is not a professional parkour athlete, not even a fan. It is undoubtedly a big challenge for him to complete this action.

     He thought for a while, and said to Lu Chen: "Why do you use post synthesis for this action!"

     The post-compositing is based on the green screen technology, and any difficult and thrilling action can be completed with Avia.

     The trouble is definitely very troublesome, and the effect is definitely not as good as the real shot, but it is better than Lu Chen.There is a special green screen studio in the movie studio.

     Of course, Lu Chen knew the meaning of post-compositing, and couldn't help but smiled: "That's too much trouble, Master Zhong, nevertheless, let me try it first. If I can, I will shoot directly. If I can't believe it, I will think of another way."

     Director Zhong thought for a while, nevertheless agreed.

     The main reason is that Lu Chen's performance gave him a lot of confidence, otherwise he would definitely not agree.

     Although it is a practice, Director Zhong nevertheless arranges all shooting staff for live shooting.

     Facing the approaching camera, Lu Chen didn't have the slightest nervousness. He continued to run along the sidewalk. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to the steps leading to the small square and suddenly jumped up!

     At this moment, everyone's hearts are all raised!

     But I saw Lu Chen in the air, his right hand firmly pressed on the top of the railing post, with the help of the strength of his arm, he took the opportunity to fly forward over the flowerbed more than 2 meters wide. landing.

     The next moment, Lu Chen's body squatted and unloaded with inertia. He used his left hand to hold the ground to stabilize his figure, and then jumped up again like a spring full of strength, and leaped into the square with ease. Among.

     Everyone can see dumbstruck!

     Wang Hai stood up suddenly in disbelief, ignoring the pain in his ankle.The series of actions that Lu Chen just completed, let alone ordinary people, even professional parkour athletes can't do better than him!

     He really hasn't played parkour before?

     Wang Hai doesn't believe it!


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