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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Taking off the sunglasses, the true face of the woman in the white dress was revealed.

     Her appearance is very beautiful, and her smiles and frowns are full of the charm of a mature woman, which makes people feel a rush of excitement.

     As for this face, no one in the room does not know it.

     Chen Fei'er!

     The Sweet Song Heavenly Queen in the pop music world, a famous show business community celebrity with more than ten years of debut!

     For Sun Shan, Director Zhong and others, this discovery is too exciting. Who would have thought that the one who came to visit Lu Chen was actually Chen Fei'er.

     Everyone was stunned.

     Especially Sun Shan, there is nothing in his mind!

     She actually choked and despised Chen Fei'er just now!

     Although Chen Fei'er is the identity of the vagabond singer, he has also made movies and has guest roles in several blockbusters.

     She is cooperating with the top figures of the show business community, big directors or big stars.

     Whether it is popularity or reputation, nevertheless's position in the show business community, Chen Fei'er can be said to completely crush Sun Shan.

     The two are not the existence of a series at all.

     If Chen Fei'er carefully cares about Sun Shan, then the latter will have endless troubles. There will be many obstacles in the development of the show business community, unless Sun Shan has the strength of heaven-defying or super background to resist.Sun Shan knows very well that she has neither of these two things.

     In front of Chen Fei'er, she has nothing to be proud of, and the gap between the two is too great.

     And even if Chen Fei'er magnanimous is not true to her, if you let others know what she is doing today, she will be reduced to the object of ridicule and ridicule in the show business community!

     "Chen...Sister Chen..."

     Sun Shan stammered, "Yes... I'm sorry."

     Her arrogant arrogance disappeared, her face flushed and pitifully like an angry little daughter-in-law.

     Sun Shan wanted to find a seam to drill in, because such a scene was too embarrassing for her.

     But she couldn't turn her head and leave, otherwise she would offend Chen Fei'er to death!

     Chen Fei'er glanced at Sun Shan lightly, and didn't say much.

     Actually, Sun Shan thinks too much. Chen Fei'er has been in debut for more than ten years, what kind of person hasn't met?

     With the red top and white, honeyed words, a sword in the belly, brazen, honourable...

     She will not deliberately take it seriously because of one or two offenses from others. That would really lose her identity.

     Maybe it gave the other party a chance to hype.

     Chen Fei'er does not have Sun Shan in his eyes, nor will she give her a chance.Director Zhong woke up and asked with a smile on his face: "Ms. Chen Fei'er, are you here to visit the class?"

     Seeing Sun Shan seemed to be like frosting an eggplant. Don't mention how refreshing this director's heart is.

     Tell you to pretend, pretentious prick pretended to be SB?

     He couldn't express his inner emotions directly, so he had to show respect to Chen Fei'er.

     Sister Fei, you are so mighty!

     And Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen, who is wordless and silent, who knows he still has such a great ability, can he invite a Heavenly Queen / days later to visit the class?

     This made Director Zhong really admired Lu Chen. Write a big "service" in your heart!

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "It's not considered a visiting class, right? Lu Chen and I are friends. Come and see if you know he is shooting here. Doesn't it affect your work?"

     "No no..."

     Director Zhong threw his head like a rattle: "It's our honour that you can come."

     He has shot a lot of commercials, but the objects he has worked with are basically second- and third-tier celebrities, and big names like Chen Fei'er are usually out of touch.

     Today Chen Fei'er came to his place to visit the class, and said that he would have more face!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you Sister Fei."He met Chen Fei'er's eyes, and the latter's eyes had a slight smile, as if they could talk.

     Although Lu Chen has a lot of questions to ask her. However, it is clearly not appropriate at the moment.

     Chen Fei'er's eyes were also discouraging him.

     The Heavenly Queen / days later pursed her lips and smiled: "You're welcome, I just stopped by, so I won't bother you."

     At this moment, some of the onlookers recognized Chen Fei'er and immediately called her name out loud.

     "Chen Fei'er!"

     "Chen Fei'er, it's Chen Fei'er!"

     "It's really Chen Fei'er! Am I right?"

     "That's right!"

     It's normal to run into celebrities in the film and television city, but for someone of Chen Fei'er's level, it was really lucky to encounter it, and countless people immediately gathered around, wanting to see her demeanor.

     Fortunately, the Shooting team and Chen Fei'er's assistant were very experienced and immediately protected her. Separate the onlookers.

     Chen Fei'er blinked at Lu Chen, turned and left and returned to his car.

     If you don't leave, it will be difficult if you want to leave!

     Lu Chen watched her car go far, a strange feeling appeared in his heart.

     When Chen Fei'er called him earlier. He had a vague hunch.

     Unexpectedly, the hunch came true!"Mr. Lu Chen..."

     The voice from Director Zhong brought Lu Chen's attention back.

     The director cautious and solemn asked: "It's noon now. Let's go to dinner first, and then come back to film?"

     His attitude towards Lu Chen is at least twice as polite!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are the director, you are the master."

     Director Zhong feels really comfortable. The appearance of Chen Fei'er did not change Lu Chen's respect for him.

     He smiled and said, "Everyone has worked hard in the morning. At noon, I invite everyone to have a good meal and continue in the afternoon!"

     Director Zhong didn't even ask Sun Shan for his opinion.

     Because he knows very well that as long as Sun Shan has a little bit of head, she will definitely not make trouble and play big names. On the contrary, she needs to work hard to build a good relationship with Lu Chen.

     The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er is obviously very unusual.

     Sure enough, as Director Zhong had expected, he returned after lunch and started filming again. Sun Shan was as well-behaved as a quail, obeyed the command very cooperatively, and completed all the rivalries between her and Lu Chen.

     After shooting the outdoor and indoor shots, it was still dark.

     The Shooting team of Yinma Advertising Company stopped work and went home, and then it was the post-production task.

     Lu Chen has to stay in Jinling for another night after shooting today's commercial.Because I'm going to shoot posters tomorrow, maybe I will continue to live in Jinling tomorrow night.

     Of course, he does not need to pay for the hotel accommodation.

     When leaving, Director Zhong shook hands with Lu Chen vigorously and said sincerely: "Mr. Lu Chen, if I have the opportunity, I hope I can work with you again next time!"

     What he said was not a polite remark, but a real feeling.

     Needless to say, Lu Chen's work attitude. Very serious and sincere, and the acting is beyond expectation.

     As a vagabond singer, Lu Chen actually performed better than professional actor Sun Shan.

     The scene at home was NG 4 times because of Sun Shan. Lu Chen only once!

     Lu Chen nodded and said, "I think there will be a chance."

     Director Zhong juggled out a business card and offered it with both hands: "This is my contact number..."

     "If you want to make commercials, MVs, or promotional videos, please take care of it, Thank you."

     Lu Chen smiled. After receiving Director Zhong's business card, Li Feiyu also asked Li Feiyu to give the other party a business card of his own.

     the more friends you have, the more options you have in life, even if the other party is just an obscure and unknown little director, maybe he will find a chance to skyrocket in the future? You can't be too snobbish, otherwise you will easily get embarrassed like Sun Shan.Speaking of Sun Shan, Sun Shan came to Lu Chen.

     She smiled and asked: "Lu Chen, I'm really embarrassed today, can I make a treat to apologize tonight?"

     The third-line star smiled with watery eyes, with a trace of temptation, quite a bit seductive.

     But Lu Chen didn't catch a cold to her at all.

     Sun Shan's face is probably plastic surgery. When I laughed, my facial muscles were a bit stiff and there was a lot of powder.

     He was very fortunate that the kiss scene in the last segment of the commercial was not actually shot, it was borrowed.

     Otherwise, I don’t even have to eat at night.

     Lu Chen politely declined: "Ms. Sun Shan is too polite. I have already made an appointment with my friend tonight, so I am really sorry, I will invite you next time I have a chance."

     He spoke very politely, but his tone was unshakable.

     Sun Shan is a little unsure, she must lose her temper on the spot before putting her face on the spot-I am pleased to see you, who do you think you are? Isn't it just a small vagabond singer from the show!

     But now she has a temper and has to bear it, smile reluctantly and smiled: "Well then..."

     In fact, Sun Shan invited Lu Chen's real intention. I want to use the latter to catch Chen Fei'er, even if it's just meeting up for a meal, it's good for her.

     It's a pity that Lu Chen didn't put on the set at all, so her pretty eyes were thrown on the feet for nothing!"This woman!"

     On the way back to the hotel. Li Feiyu said disdainfully: "It's just..."

     Forgive him for his lack of vocabulary and can't think of the most suitable adjective, so he can only say "Bah".

     Lu Chen smiled and said nothing.

     Chen Jianhao told him that the entertainment industry is the most complicated. There are all kinds of birds when the forest grows, and there are no more exotic flowers.

     For such people. Show respect from a distance is the wisest choice, it is troublesome.

     drop! drop!

     At this moment, his mobile phone rang twice-a short message came.

     Lu Chen took out his mobile phone and looked at it, and then responded with a message not a word or movement.

     He stretched out his hand and patted Li Feiyu on the shoulder, and said, "Brother Li, I have something to go out. You can fix it for dinner."

     Li Feiyu chuckled, smiling a little secretively: "Understood, is there someone asking you?"

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly and touched his nose, and said, "Yes."

     He knew he couldn't hide it from Brother Little Fei.

     Li Feiyu gave a "Ha" and said triumphantly: "I knew it!"

     He has already guessed who asked Lu Chen to be-that's really... really enviable!

     Li Feiyu is not a fool, and as Lu Chen's assistant, he knows more things than Lu Xi."Then you have fun, it's best if you don't come back tonight!"

     Lu Chen was speechless.

     He stopped a taxi on the side of the road and told the driver of the destination.

     The address is from the short message just received.


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