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Chapter Directory 224 In Phase
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Daylily In Houhai's bar, nevertheless, regardless of scale, is not the most famous.

     But the business has always been good, with a fixed number of regular customers.

     Before opening the bar, the owner Chen Jianhao was considered a member of the show business community. He had a good network and reputation. Therefore, he was able to invite several celebrities to join the show and enhance the reputation and style of Daylily.

     However, most of the vagabond singers he can invite are the second and third line or even lower rank vagabond singers, but it is undoubtedly an extra surprise for the guests, because Chen Jianhao never relies on invited show business community people as advertising gimmicks , Of course, there will be no price increase or even the sale of tickets.

     This is very different from other peers who treat celebrities as a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken.

     So it’s not uncommon to see a celebrity vagabond singer performing on Daylily, but the situation at night is completely different!

     Because on the stage, it is Chen Fei'er, the Heavenly Queen / days later with a very high position in the show business community!

     Under normal circumstances, she would never show up in a small place like Daylily. Perhaps the entire Houhai was barely qualified to invite her to visit Blue Lotus Flower, and she had to look at luck with favor.

     Now Chen Fei'er was not only invited by Lu Chen, but also sang an intoxicating piece.

     Sing so beautiful and emotional!"From then on, Jianghe is just a legend, the heaven and the earth melt and the stars are engulfed!"

     When Chen Fei'er finished singing the last two lyrics, and when Lu Chen’s piano accompaniment left only the surplus, the more than two hundred guests in Daylily could no longer restrain their excitement and excitement. They applauded in unison!

     Their enthusiastic applause seemed to overturn the roof and spread through the glass windows to the pedestrian street outside.

     Quite a few pedestrians stopped and turned to look here.

     Such a lively scene is very rare in Houhai's bar.

     Lu Chen stood up and smiled at Chen Fei'er.

     Although there is no dialogue, everything is silent.

     Chen Fei'er was very aloof and bowed slightly and said softly: "Thank you..."

     "Sing one more song!"

     Some guests begged, even begged: "It's so nice!"

     Such an opportunity is too rare!

     His words resonated with many people, and the applause lasted.

     But Chen Fei'er was already enjoying herself, she smiled and shook her head. Waved at Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen knew that she was leaving, saying goodbye to herself.

     He nodded.Chen Fei'er blinked, a gentle smile appeared on Qiao's face. Then turned around and walked off with a light pace, as if the elf in the dream disappeared from people's sight, leaving a very graceful posture.

     Lu Chen did not send Chen Fei'er, nor did he leave with her.

     Because her identity was exposed, it would not be appropriate to stay here anymore. The purpose of the same come and different walks is to avoid the recurrence of boring scandals. After all, there are so many people at the scene who took out their mobile phone Shooting.

     The customers in Daylily are considered to be of very good quality, and they still violated the bar regulations under their excitement.

     Cameras are not allowed here, but the waiters are unable to persuade so many offenders.

     The charm of Chen Fei'er is so powerful!

     Lu Chen doesn't need to worry about her leaving, the assistant and bodyguard are there, and there is a small door to leave the bar in the backstage.

     Although there is a little regret, tonight is perfect for him.

     Lu Chen turned around and said to the disappointed customers: "Sister Fei is gone. Then I will sing a few more songs."

     Everyone's feelings of loss were instantly reversed.

     Being a person cannot be too greedy. It is very lucky to be able to hear Chen Fei'er's live singing and nevertheless new works. You can't force too much.Soon Lu Chen is still there and will continue to sing, which is enough to feast on!

     So the commotion in the bar subsided in the blink of an eye, and the guests took their seats again.

     Some people are secretly speculating that the relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er is so good...

     Is the scandal between the two real?


     "Is this true?"

     At the same moment. In the Jinhui Building a dozen kilometers away from Houhai Daylily Bar, in an office of the Ultron Film Company Production Company, Yan Chengyi stared at the video screen on the computer screen with an unbelievable look.

     Ultron Film Company is a medium-sized film and television production company. It has been 15 years since its establishment. It is a small name in the show business community industry and has invested in Shooting TV Series with good ratings.

     Yan Chengyi is one of the TV Series directors signed by Ultron Film Company.

     This middle-aged and elderly man, who is approaching his fate, has a burly figure and a loud voice, thick eyebrows, big eyes and a square face, and his dark-dyed hair is neatly combed and has a somewhat majestic atmosphere.

     Anyone who is familiar with Director Yan knows. He pays great attention to his personal image, and he rarely makes mistakes.

     But now just watching a video, Yan Chengyi seemed to have seen a ghost, and asked aloud, "Really not a stunt?"He just finished shooting this morning and came back from the location. In the evening, he worked overtime at the Company to handle the work accumulated during this time, and at the same time, he had to select several actor candidates from the database.

     As a result, his assistant recommended him this newcomer who has been in the limelight recently.

     The other party's name is Lu Chen.

     Yan Chengyi has no impression of Lu Chen. He has been busy with shooting for TV Series "Urban Love" for six months, and usually has no time to follow the eight-trigram news of the show business community.

     But the video that the assistant gave him gave him the most profound influence on Lu Chen in an instant.

     In the video, the scene of Lu Chen undressing and flying and kicking the assailant down with another blow is really shocking, and it makes people feel very unreal, like in a shooting action movie.

     Yan Chengyi didn't doubt the authenticity of the video. What happened in Hangzhou was so sensational that even if he was busy with work, he had heard of it, but he didn't see the live video until today.

     Suddenly was shocked.

     Yan Chengyi's assistant laughed and said: "Boss, this is of course true. It has been on the headlines of many newspapers and has been brushed to the top of the hotspot on Inspur blogs. It is still very popular today!"With a wry smile, Yan Chengyi stretched out his hand and combed his hair, and sighed: "According to the words of you young people, I really want to OUT. I really need to pay more attention to the Internet."

     He also has a V number in the Inspur blog, but he doesn't usually use it. The assistant is taking care of it.

     The assistant complimented: "Boss, you are not behind, you are still young!"

     Yan Chengyi smiled and waved his hand. He didn't eat the assistant's flattery, and asked tentatively: "Guo Zi, do you want him to try the role of Chen Yaoyang?"

     The assistant answered calmly: "Yes, I think Lu Chen is very suitable for the role of Chen Yaoyang."

     As Yan Chengyi’s most capable and trusted assistant, Guo Zi is usually asked by some small celebrities in three, four, or even five, six, seven or eight lines. He wants to find a job in the TV Series of Yan Chengyi Shooting. Character.

     If the time is right and the role is right, Guo Zi doesn't mind recommending it to Director Yan. He can get a lot of benefits and even extra enjoyment from it, which is the biggest source of extra money.

     Yan Chengyi actually knows it well, but Guo Zi knows how to score. He never thinks for oneself and act accordingly for him. He does not go beyond the duties of an assistant, so he is happy to pretend to be confused.

     If you don't give your subordinates any sweetness, who is willing to act loyal and devoted?But the role of Chen Yaoyang is different. It is an important supporting role in the start of the second season of "Urban Love", which affects the ratings of this Episode to a certain extent, so he has to treat a matter with due consideration!

     "Urban Love" is the key weekend drama produced by the Ultratron Film Company this year, with huge investment.

     The so-called weekend dramas refer to Episodes that are broadcast on Saturday and Sunday nights, usually one episode per night.

     After entering the new century, the domestic film and television drama industry has been greatly impacted by foreign culture. The popular fashions of Japan and South Korea in Europe and the United States have prevailed in China for a while, which has brought great changes to the entire industry.

     The emergence of weekend dramas is a good example. It combines the characteristics of American and Korean dramas. It is produced in the form of filming and broadcasting, and the audience rating is used to determine the number of shooting episodes.

     If the audience likes it with high ratings, then shoot more. After the first season, there will be the second and third seasons...

     As long as the TV commercials sell well, the ten seasons will be fine!

     But if the ratings are not good, it may be aborted after shooting ten episodes, and it is directly unfinished without discussing it.

     For the film and television production company, Shooting weekend drama has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.Yan Chengyi is the director of "Urban Love". So far, he has filmed all 24 episodes of the first season, and 18 episodes have been broadcasted on TV. The ratings are fair, at least worthy of investors.

     Affected by American dramas, weekend dramas have high shooting requirements and large short-term capital investment. In order to control risks, film and television production companies such as Ultron will bring in investors to share the pressure.

     The shooting of "Urban Love" has been confirmed, and the Company has put forward higher requirements. The screenwriter has added more brand-new characters to the new book, so the selection of actors has become Yan Chengyi's main task now.

     What he was worried about was Guo Zi's confusion, causing trouble to his work.

     This is what Yan Daosuo can't bear!

     "Boss, I don't even know this Lu Chen..."

     Guo Zi hurriedly cried out: "Isn't Chen Yaoyang positioned as a young and handsome policeman? Do you think Lu Chen is very capable? He is 100% trained in martial arts, taekwondo or free fighting, and..."

     He controlled the mouse and opened another video: "Look at his personal image again!"

     What Guo Zi opened was the MV "Not Yet Lovers" by Lu Chen and MSNShooting.

     In this MV, Lu Chen plays the role of the male god college student who plays with Mu Xiaochu.His handsome sunshine and natural interpretation made Yan Chengyi's eyes light up.

     The director said on the spot: "Then contact this Lu Chen and ask him to participate in the Casting the day after tomorrow!"

     Yan Chengyi feels that Lu Chen has a temperament that fits his own requirements.

     Chen Yaoyang is him!


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