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Chapter Directory 225 Audition
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"You are too kind and honest!"

     Lu Chen just picked up the phone, and Chen Jianhao's angry roar came from the microphone.

     Lu Chen: "Uh..."

     He hadn't eaten breakfast yet, he was sprayed with a dazed expression, and asked in surprise, "Brother Jianhao, what's the matter?"

     "What's the matter? What did you say?"

     Chen Jianhao said angrily: "I brought Chen Fei'er to Daylily last night, but I didn't even notify me!"

     "You said you kind and honest, don't you kind and honest?"

     When Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er went to the bar last night, Chen Jianhao was not there.

     When he got the news, he hurried over, not to mention Chen Fei'er, even Lu Chen had already left and rushed for nothing!

     Boss Chen felt that upset, especially when he heard how old customers say Chen Fei'er's new song is so good and good, his heart is almost like a nest of wild cats scratching and scratching, the unhappy is extreme.

     Chen Jianhao is a fan of Chen Fei'er, although he is not a fan, a fan, or a fan, he is a real fan.

     In the drawer of his room, all the CDAlbum of Chen Fei'er are kept.

     Missing such an opportunity really made him beat one's chest and stamp one's feet!

     I called Lu Chen at that time, but Lu Chen shut down, so he called again this morning.Lu Chen smiled and said: "Brother Jianhao, you really wronged me. Last night, Sister Fei decided to go to Daylily temporarily. Even if I called you at that time, you wouldn't be able to make it to the scene."

     "If I have a chance in the future, I will invite Sister Fei to come and sit down again."

     Of course Chen Jianhao is not really angry. What he wants is Lu Chen's words, and he smiles: "Your youngster is getting more and more promising now. Even Chen Heavenly Queen / days later treats you differently, you two. .. ahem!"

     He wanted to say if he really hooked up, but he felt that he had said it too much, so he swallowed it back.

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "We are friends, sister and brother."

     Chen Jianhao said: "Sister and brother are the best, otherwise I will be jealous, remember what you said!"

     Lu Chen was dumb. Ended the conversation with Chen Jianhao.

     At this moment, a man wearing a close-fitting T-shirt with short hair cut up and asked: "Lu Chen, let's practice some tricks!"

     The man in his 30s is Wan Yong. He is the coach in the Borui club in charge of fighting.

     Borui Club is the property of Li Mubai's family. Lu Chen came here for the first time nevertheless was brought by Li Mushi, and later gave him a premium VIP card, allowing him to use all the fitness equipment here for free.There is a fighting hall in the Borui Club, which is not open to the public except for members. The coaches and some members of the museum are from the military and work part-time in the security company that Li Family belongs to.

     This is equivalent to a small training base for them.

     No need for nothing. With the help of the relationship with Li Mubai and Li Mushi, Lu Chen moved his daily exercise to the Borui Club, because it is easy for him to find a martial artist here.

     The people in the fighting hall, including Wan Yong, nevertheless admire Lu Chen's strength.

     Therefore, there is no shortage of people who humbly ask for advice and learn from him.

     And Lu Chen also brought some changes to the club fight hall, such as the wooden stakes erected next to the ring.

     This is specially ordered to practice Yongchun-"Singing Spring Fist". Anyone can use his own money.

     Lu Chen has his own ideas.

     He and Wan Yong are very familiar now, and they have a good relationship with each other.

     Hear the latter's invitation to fight. Lu Chen didn't talk nonsense and made an "OK" gesture.

     Wan Yong chuckled, his hands grabbed the rope of the ring, and suddenly jumped up.

     He is an upright veteran, who has tempered his skills in the army, and likes to learn skills with others.

     Unfortunately, there is no such thing as two armies have equivalent banners and drums in the Borui Club.Li Mushi is very powerful, but Wan Yong has never been serious with her, and has always let this eldest lady.

     Wan Yong is actually quite depressed.

     Until the appearance of Lu Chen, he regained the feeling of fighting. You can have free rein for a contest.

     Therefore, the discussion in the morning became a repertoire of the two.

     Lu Chen just prepared and wanted to go up, but his mobile phone rang again.

     This is the third call received in the morning.

     Lu Chen shook his head, more or less able to appreciate the helplessness of star artists without the freedom to act independently.

     Called him. It is sister Lu Xi.

     Lu Xi told him the good news: "Ultron Film Company Production Company just called and invited you to participate in the Casting of TV Series "Urban Love" tomorrow, saying that there is a role that should suit you well!"

     "TV Series?"

     Lu Chen immediately lifted his spirits: "What role?"

     "Of course it's a male partner, a policeman..."

     Lu Xi said: "There are about 5 episodes, and if it is popular, there is a chance for a sequel."

     Lu Chen said decisively: "No problem. I will go to Casting!"

     So far, Lu Chen has also shot an advertisement and a MV in performance.Although the director Zhang Wentian Zhang Da promised to give Lu Chen a role in his Shooting blockbuster, the film has not been officially launched yet, and there may be some changes.

     There are so many people staring at Zhang Wentian blockbuster!

     Lu Chen intends to develop in film and television. His plan is to take film and television songs, but he has not found a suitable entry opportunity. Now someone actively invites Casting, how can he miss it?

     And the role of the nevertheless policeman is to his liking!

     Lu Xi said: "I have agreed to it for you, and the other party has also sent the script over. You'd better hurry up and prepare. The ratings of this TV Series are pretty good, and there must be a lot of people competing."

     Lu Chen said: "Then I'll be right back."

     He apologized to Wan Yong and drove back to his workshop.

     The script passed by the Ultron Film Company Production Company has been printed. It is actually a thin two-page A4 paper. The main character involved is named Chen Yaoyang, who is a young policeman who has just graduated from the police academy.

     He is kind and brave, and has a good skill, the role positioning is very clear.

     In the plot of the script, Chen Yaoyang caught the thief stealing the Female Lead, and the two met. The former was attracted by the latter and launched a passionate pursuit.The female Lead also has a good impression of Chen Yaoyang, but she always remembers the actor who just broke up in her heart, so a painful story begins. Of course, Comrade Chen Yaoyang eventually connected with Pan Xia and couldn't get mixed up.

     Lu Chen watched it carefully and felt that the role was not too difficult.

     But he still made careful preparations.

     After understanding, the TV Series "Urban Love" is currently being broadcast on the Metropolitan Channel of Capital City TV, and the current national ratings are 0.35%. The audience rating in Beijing and Tianjin is 1.09%, which is pretty okay.

     The first season of "Urban Love" is about to end, and the role of Lu Chen Casting will appear in the first episode of the second season.

     So it is an important supporting role.

     The production company of Ultron Film Company, which produced this TV Series, has a good reputation in the industry, and the public praise of director Yan Chengyi is good. It's definitely not a grass-roots team.

     All in all, it is a rare opportunity!

     You must know that in the capital, there are not only famous universities such as Beijing Film, Chinese Opera, and Beijing Art, but also a large number of actors and artists. An ordinary TV Series is full of sweets, and you need to disclose some information casually. , 100% can attract a group of people to break the head.

     Lu Chen knew that he was definitely not the only candidate for Casting, but he did not expect the competition to be so fierce!At 9 o'clock the next morning, when Lu Chen came to the Ultron Film Company production company in advance, he was in the small room outside the conference room of Casting. Five or six opponents have been seated.

     What they have in common with Lu Chen is that they are both young, good looks, handsome, handsome, and handsome, all of them are confident.

     Lu Chen came in, all eyes were on him.

     Someone apparently recognized him and frowned.

     But no one spoke up until Lu Chen found a place to sit down, and the atmosphere in the room was very depressing.

     Including Lu Chen, there are a total of seven people participating in Casting!

     What's interesting is that the Ultron Film Company production company actually provided all the casters with props and costumes.

     That is, the police uniform. And the size is complete.

     Lu Chen ordered a fitted suit and changed it in the locker room of Ultron Company.

     When he came out, the little girl in charge of costume and prop management by Ultron Company had her eyes brightened.

     Really handsome!

     Lu Chen is the tallest among all the people who participated in Casting, and his physique is very standard. It's just a natural clothes rack, and it's especially stylish in uniforms.

     At 9:30, the interview officially began.

     Lu Chen ranked fourth.The first one in the front went in, only to come out after only 5 minutes, with a frustrated expression on his face.

     His Casting process obviously failed and was rejected on the spot.

     The second one goes in. It also came out after 7 minutes in it, also with an ugly expression.

     The third person then enters.

     Among the young people who were still sitting in the room waiting, some were obviously nervous, some bowed their heads in silence, some stared at the script in their hands, and even brought Lu Chen to his heart.

     But a man with peach-eyed eyes appeared very relaxed, leaning on a chair with Erlang's legs tilted, his face always looked like a smile yet not a smile, as if the winner was in hand.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but glanced at him more.

     The peach-eyed appearance is a little girly, his age and appearance are in line with the popular small fresh meat, and his skin is very white with a hint of femininity.

     Probably noticing Lu Chen's gaze, he turned his head, and the corner of the mouth evoked a ridiculous arc.

     As if to say-with me, you should not be carried away by one's wishful thinking!

     Regrettably, Lu Chen can't remember who the other party is. There are really many similar people in the circle.

     "Lu Chen..."

     The third one came out even faster, and it was out of play in just a few minutes, and the whole person came out like a frosted eggplant.So it was Lu Chen, who was ranked fourth.

     Hearing his name, Lu Chen immediately stood up, tidied his uniform, and walked into Casting's conference room.

     At this moment, his mood became very calm instead.


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