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Chapter Directory 230 Lu Chen Sings A Song To Chen Feier
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Lu Chen never thought that one day he could hold this goddess loved by thousands of people in his arms.

     Chen Fei'er has a very good figure, with long legs, thin waist and even flesh, and the beauty is as beautiful as jade and the breath is like orchids.

     Holding her, as if hugging the whole world.

     Great satisfaction.

     Chen Fei'er did not resist Lu Chen's outrageously bold in one's lust's indecent act. Instead, he turned his face to the latter's generous chest, a sweet smile appeared in the corner of the mouth, and his arms gently embraced him. Waist.

     The small working room was shrouded in a faint and charming atmosphere.

     it is more than words.

     After a long time, Chen Fei'er raised his head suddenly, glaring at Lu Chen and said, "Have you enough?"

     Lu Chen smiled, suddenly lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

     Chen Fei'er's pretty face was red, and the slender jade fingers twisted hard on Lu Chen's waist. The strength was not small.

     Lu Chen knew that this was the limit she could bear, and reluctantly let go.

     Chen Fei'er is not a teenage girl after all, and soon recovered from her shyness.

     She lifted her stray hair and asked, "When will you finish writing this script?"Lu Chen took her hand, sat down again together, and said, "It's about two weeks or so."

     There are a total of 20 episodes of "Blue Life and Death". Calculated based on an average of 15,000 words per episode, that is 300,000 words, which is equivalent to a long story.

     Minus what has been done before, the average daily speed of 20,000+ is undoubtedly amazing, but Lu Chen has the memory of the dream world, and there is not much difficulty in writing it. It is nothing more than the appropriate modification and adjustment of the plot.

     After all, this drama is a Korean drama.

     Chen Fei'er was surprised: "This is too fast. By the way, why do the characters in the play favor Korean names?"

     Although she is Heavenly Queen / days later, she is no stranger to the film and television industry, knowing that writing scripts is not a simple matter.

     Lu Chen actually wrote an Episode in more than ten days, and nevertheless original content!

     Of course Chen Fei'er was surprised.

     There is also the male female lead and supporting roles in the play. Yin Junxi, Yin Enxi, Han Taixi, Cui Xinai, etc., all have Korean Wave style in their names.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's very simple. If this drama is filmed, I want to return to Korea."

     Return to Korea!

     Chen Fei'er's look suddenly became a little weird-she didn't expect Lu Chen to be so ambitious!The domestic fashion culture, pop music scene and TV Series have been greatly influenced by South Korea. For example, the popular youth idol dramas of the rich and the young Mary Su and the handsome boys and beautiful girls are the influence of Korean dramas.

     In recent years, many hot-selling Korean dramas have been introduced to the country and have created high ratings.

     The so-called reflux is that the domestically filmed TV Series went to Japan and South Korea to compete for the market.

     And can be a successful reflux drama in Japan and South Korea. Basically, they are all well-made historical dramas with huge investment, as well as genre dramas such as fairy tales.

     There are a large number of shooting youth idol dramas in China, and there are precedents for returning to Japan and South Korea, but all of them watch the street.

     The reason is simple. These routines are left over by others. How can there be a market?

     So in Chen Fei'er's opinion, Lu Chen is a bit whimsical, not to mention his nevertheless sadomasochism drama.

     The popular youth idol dramas nowadays are all reunion comedies!

     Chen Fei'er likes this story very much, she has accumulation and precipitation in life. Understand the power of tragedy.

     But the mainstream viewers of youth idol dramas are young people with "glass hearts"!

     Seeing that the protagonist is abused a little bit, it may be unbearable. Just like on the popular Internet, not many authors write tragedies-the guys who write this way are too poor to beg for food.Those who like sadomasochistic dramas are mostly elderly housewives who watch urban emotional dramas such as middle-aged crisis, disagreement between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, conflicts between urban and rural areas, and so on.

     As a youth idol drama, "Blue Life and Death" is really too abused!

     Chen Fei'er thinks this story is very good, and he is willing to support Lu Chen's shooting, and he also needs to be a female lead by himself.

     But she didn't have much expectations for ratings-it would be a success to be broadcast on TV.

     Of course Chen Fei'er didn't want to hit Lu Chen's enthusiasm and confidence, she knew the grievance suffered by Lu Chen Casting last time. So what does it matter even if it is willful now?

     So this Heavenly Queen / days later said seriously: "I know the president of KGS TV station in South Korea, and I can help."

     Chen Fei'er has participated in many Sino-Korea and Sino-Japanese Song Festivals. KGS, the third largest TV station in South Korea, is the organizer of the Sino-Korea Song Festival. She also has a lot of fans and popularity in Korea.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "I just think about it. First, I want to shoot Episode and I should exercise myself."

     "Actually, I didn't have much confidence in the first place, but now that Fei'er is willing to be a female lead, I think how can I add one or two points to the national ratings?"

     Chen Fei'er was suddenly amused by him, and couldn't help but give him a blank look: "Poor mouth!"One or two points of national ratings. That's the very popular TV Series, and it's not in the 1990s.

     She said: "Let me contact a powerful film and television company for you. Since it is a weekend drama, you don't have to rush the script. You can write while filming."

     The biggest feature of the weekend drama is that it has a high degree of flexibility in production. After the previous episodes of Shooting have been broadcasted, the subsequent stories and characters can be modified according to the audience's response.

     Now domestic weekend dramas are very mature. Those experienced film and television companies have a complete production process, with high-tech post-synthesis editing, and the cost except for the remuneration is greatly reduced compared to before.

     It is not easy, but how to bring the finished product to the market-first there must be a buyer.

     Beijing's film and television drama Company as many as the hair of the ox, the practitioners who eat this bowl of rice do not know how many, and the resources of each David TV station are very limited, and there are not enough contacts, so I want to play on hot channels. It is idiotic dreaming.

     Even when it is a web drama, the big websites with high click-through rates are also very picky.

     Of course, with Chen Fei'er as the Female Lead, even if "Blue Life and Death" is an abuse drama, it will never fall to the point of being of no interest to anyone, but the national ratings of one or two points really dare not think about it!

     Lu Chen held her hand and nodded. Although he didn't say Thank you, his eyes were enough to explain everything.Without the help of Chen Fei'er, it would be really difficult for him to find a reliable partner. After all, he is now only a vagabond singer, not a famous actor, and he does not have his own network resources in the film and television industry.

     I didn't understand the rules and broke in rashly. It's too easy to be taken into the ditch, and it's the result of a mess.

     Lu Chen is not afraid of difficulties, but he will not refuse Chen Fei'er's help.

     Because he has the ability to repay favors.

     This "Blue Life and Death" was the beginning of his foray into the film and television industry.

     Being watched by Lu Chen's affectionate gaze, Chen Fei'er suddenly felt ashamed. She whispered: "Lu Chen, sing a song with me, and I will go back after listening."

     Lu Chen nodded: "Okay."

     Chen Fei'er's eyes are bright: "I want a new song, I haven't heard it."

     She has known Lu Chen for a long time, but her feelings for Lu Chen have always been mysterious.

     Lu Chen seems to be a huge treasure house. No one knows how much wealth is buried inside.

     It is this sense of mystery that attracts her, and she can't help but want to get closer and seek secrets!

     Lu Chen nodded: "Okay!"

     He took the guitar placed next to him and hugged it in his arms.Although I have just had a full meal, it is not easy to play the level, but this song does not require too high skills.

     "The name of this song is..."

     He looked at Chen Fei'er and said: "The song Lu Chen sang to Chen Fei'er."

     The song Lu Chen sang to Chen Fei'er?

     Chen Fei'er couldn't help but smile, she leaned over and supported her on the table with her elbow, her right hand was holding a fragrant cheek, her long hair was inadvertently falling down with thousands of styles!

     Lu Chen was almost confused.

     Fortunately, Lu Chen is somewhat resistant to this sister. The prelude was played with a cough.

     "I want to take you everywhere to fly,

     Traveled all over the world to watch,

     No worries, no sadness,

     free and easy, more cheerful mind and body.

     Forget the pain and forget that place,

     We set off together to wander around,

     Although there is no gorgeous clothes,

     But my heart is full of hope.

     We are going to fly to that far place to take a look,

     The world is not so bleak.

     We are going to fly to that far place and take a look,

     Nevertheless a piece of light in this world!


     This song is called "Song of Zhang San" in Lu Chen's memory.It has been covered by many famous vagabond singers. Deduct different styles, but the ordinary and simple tunes, the warmth that touches the deepest part of people's hearts is unchanged.

     Lu Chen sang this song to Chen Fei'er and sang the passionate emotion in his heart.

     Simple accompaniment. Soothing melody, no gorgeous performance, no deliberate skills, clean and pure!

     Chen Fei'er was stunned.

     Although she has not experienced the vicissitudes of life, she has seen the prosperity and hustle and bustle of the world, but never knows in this complicated world. There is such a pure and warm voice.

     This is a sound that makes people unable to stop and eager to travel freely like dandelions.

     Perhaps after many, many years, she might not have joined hands with Lu Chen at that time, but she would never forget to hear such a song here late at night!

     The name of the song is: The song Lu Chen sang to Chen Fei'er.


     I want to take you everywhere to fly,

     Traveled all over the world to watch,

     No worries, no sadness,

     free and easy, more cheerful mind and body.

     Forget the pain, forget the sorrow,

     We set off together to wander around,

     Although there is no gorgeous clothes,

     But my heart is full of hope.We are going to fly to that far place to take a look,

     The world is not so bleak,

     We are going to fly to that far place and take a look,

     Nevertheless a piece of light in this world!



     Note: "Song of Zhang San" wordings: Zhang Zishi/Composer: Li Shouquan

     PS: I participated in the classmate meeting today, and I was filled with too much wine. I was really unable to write the second chapter. I owe you a change first. I am extremely sorry, and please forgive me.
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