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Chapter Directory 231 It Must Be Gone!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Chen Fei'er has been debuting for more than ten years, and is no longer a naive girl.

     As a singer, her talent is excellent, and her natural voice does not know how many fans have been conquered.

     In addition to having numerous unique voices of vagabond singer yearn for sth even in one's dreams, Chen Fei'er's looks are also first-class outstanding. Li-Zi has never made a stab in her face by nature, and is regarded as the palm of the pop singer. Doorman.

     But as an entertainer, she has better luck.

     Since his 15-year-old debut, Chen Fei'er's stardom can be described as magnanimous. Although his life meets nobles, there are twists and turns, but there is no danger. Nowadays, not many people can shake his position in the music world.

     It is undoubtedly extremely difficult to impress such a lady of the sky.

     First of all, Chen Fei'er is not short of money. The show business community once said that how much money a rich man spent to support her, but the facts proved that it was a malicious slander and rumors, because she had earned nearly 100 million yuan in endorsement fees a few years ago. , And self-opening Workshop does not need to share with the broker company, there is no shortage of money at all.

     Moreover, Chen Fei'er also has a private investment team, who has made a lot of money in investment, and is regarded as a real rich woman.

     Using money to smash Chen Fei'er, that's a joke!

     As for fame, let alone say that, in the show business community, she can be counted on one's fingers.Perhaps is in it's lonely at the top. There has never been a man who can make Chen Fei'er truly open his heart to accept. The so-called scandals that are spread are nothing more than hype by others or the media.

     However, with a song, Lu Chen knocked on her closed heart door, reminding her of her original innocence.

     "I want to take you to fly everywhere, travel all over the world to watch, no worries, no sorrow, free and easy mind and body more cheerful. Forget the pain and forget the place, let's set off together to wander..."

     The simple but sincere lyrics, played and sung by Lu Chen, resonated in her soul.

     There is also a trace of admiration.

     After Lu Chen finished singing, Chen Fei'er approached him, leaned his head on his shoulder, and closed his eyes.

     After a long time. She said, "You gave me this song, and then I can only sing it to me, okay?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "You like it."

     Chen Fei'er smiled, turned his head and kissed Lu Chen on the cheek: "Thank you."

     Lu Chen said: "It's late. I'll take you back."

     He was afraid of being teased by the Heavenly Queen / days later sister again, and he couldn't help but beastly.

     At that time I will be a beast, nevertheless a beast is inferior, but it is hard to say!

     Chen Fei'er groaned: "Why? You want to drive me away so much?"Lu Chen suddenly became angry, and opened his arms to hug her: "Let's live here with me that night!"

     Who is afraid of whom!

     Chen Fei'er grinned. She shrank back and said, "Sister Zhang, they are waiting for me downstairs. You can go home too."

     After the frolic, Lu Chen sent her downstairs.

     After watching Chen Fei'er get in the car and leave, he also returned to his residence.

     Tonight is undoubtedly wonderful for Lu Chen, and the relationship between him and Chen Fei'er is undoubtedly a big step forward.

     Chen Fei'er was also very efficient, and soon introduced a film and television production company to Lu Chen.

     This film and television production company is called Baolong Pictures, and it is very famous in China. It used to shoot excellent film and television dramas such as "Story of Beijing", "A Thousand Miles in the Sky" and "Dashang", and it has won a lot of celebrities.

     The person who approached Lu Chen was Zhu Minghe, deputy manager of the film and television production department of Baolong Pictures.

     The place where the two met. It's in the avant-garde coffee shop in the Beijing New Era Art Park.

     The New Era Art Park in Beijing gathers a large number of well-known domestic film, television, music, literature, and art production units. There are thousands of companies and workshops large and small, which can be called a place where people gather.

     The headquarters of Flying Stone Records is in the New Era Art Park, as is Baolong Pictures.And the avant-garde cafe is the most popular place among artists in the art park. It has cheap but delicious coffee and snacks, as well as free Wi-Fi, and you can sit for a whole day with a cup of coffee, absolutely not A waiter came to drive people.

     Because of the great atmosphere, many people in the park like to negotiate business with customers here.

     Zhu Minghe is a middle-aged man with petty bourgeoisie feelings. He is in charge of scripting at Powerlong Pictures. Although the position is not high, but the power is not small.

     Under normal circumstances, even if Lu Chen is well-known in the show business community, it is not easy to pass the script to him directly. Because the pop music circle and the film and television circle are two relatively independent circles.

     Zhu Minghe does not need to sell Lu Chen's account.

     Under normal circumstances, when the average author sends the script, it is reviewed by his editor first.

     Only the manuscripts that have passed the preliminary review will be in his hands.

     To get Zhu Minghe out, it was Chen Fei'er who asked a friend to help.

     Chen Fei'er has nothing to do with Baolong Pictures, purely for the strength of the latter.

     Zhu Minghe is about 40 years old. He was handsome with glasses, and brought a female secretary when he came over.

     "Hello!"The two parties met and shook hands with each other politely.

     For Lu Chen, Zhu Minghe's attitude is a little bit of carelessness in his politeness.

     Sitting in his position, he usually knows more celebrities. Lu Chen is just a rookie singer, not enough to make him take it seriously.

     In contrast, his female secretary is more interested in Lu Chen.

     After sitting down, the deputy manager of Baolong Pictures to get right to the point asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, do you have a script and want to cooperate with our Company in Shooting Production, right?"

     "Yes it is!"

     Lu Chen nodded and passed the outline of the script he had prepared first: "Manager Zhu, this is the script I wrote by myself. Please give me some advice."

     In addition to the outline, he has now completed the first four episodes of the script of "Blue Life and Death" and brought them all today, but the official script does not need to be sent in a hurry.

     First, Zhu Minghe must take a fancy to this story, and then I will discuss it in detail later.

     After all, this is not a commissioned production. It requires in-depth cooperation and co-investment with the other party.

     Lu Chen alone can't play.

     So in front of Zhu Minghe, Lu Chen put his posture very upright, neither servile nor overbearing is not arrogant.He is in this circle, nevertheless newcomer among newcomers.

     The water in the film and television industry is much deeper than in the pop music world.

     Zhu Minghe took the manuscript and said with a smile: "Okay, I'll take a look first."

     He was nevertheless very satisfied with Lu Chen's attitude. The former showed enough respect. Not many newcomers just consider everyone else beneath one. They know how to deal with others.

     This made Zhu Minghe interested in this manuscript.

     At present, Baolong Pictures is also looking for a good book. Some time ago, it bought the film and television rights of two popular networks at a high price. It is preparing to strike out in the next two years and compete in the increasingly hot film and television drama market. Grab more shares and profits.

     As the deputy manager of the film and television production department, Zhu Minghe, who was in charge of reviewing the script, was under a bit of pressure.

     Although he is not the final decision maker, but he missed a good script, or passed a bad script, it is all joint and several responsibility.

     Zhu Minghe begins Lu Chen's story outline.

     Whether it is a movie or a movie script, the outline of the story is very important.

     Experienced people can judge the strength of the author through the outline, can see whether the story has the potential to sell, and even how much budget it takes to shoot.

     He takes it seriously.But looking at it, Zhu Minghe frowned, and the more he wrinkled, the more he wrinkled, the word "chuan" was twisted.

     His heart is obviously very tangled.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but get a little nervous, and felt that the coffee in his mouth became very bitter.

     The other's expression is not an optimistic look!

     Zhu Minghe spent almost 10 minutes reading the outline. He put down the manuscript and asked in a deep voice: "Mr. Lu Chen, how are you going to cooperate with our Company for this TV Series?"

     This Lu Chen has already thought about it, act without taking time to think and replied: "Manager Zhu, I hope that we can invest in joint stocks. If we can introduce third-party investment, we can discuss the specific investment terms in detail."

     "As for the production, I will play the leading actor by myself, and there are suitable candidates for the female lead and the director. Other supporting roles can be recommended by your company or cast to the public!"

     What he said earlier, Zhu Minghe sounded not a word or movement, but after hearing it, his color changed slightly.

     It is normal for a joint venture Shooting Production to share risks and share profits. Lu Chen is not an ordinary script writer after all, and it doesn't matter if he is involved in the human relationship with the request.

     But he is not only going to play the male lead, but also the director and female lead...

     What do you think of Baolong Pictures?Is it the grass team?

     Zhu Minghe was secretly angry, and the goodwill he had for Lu Chen disappeared.

     I don’t know the sky is so great!

     Of course, Zhu Minghe's shrewdness is very deep, even if his stomach is upset, he will not turn his face directly.

     He thought for a while and said politely: "Mr. Lu Chen, you were recommended by Sister Li. Everyone is a friend. Then I will deal sincerely and fairly. I hope you don't mind."

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "You said, I can accept any opinion."

     "That's good!"

     Zhu Minghe smiled and said: "In fact, the content of the story you wrote about this drama is not bad, but the plot, especially the ending, is not in line with the trend. The audience will not like it and must be changed."

     "As for the director and the male female lead, we have our considerations and cannot make a unilateral decision."

     "In terms of investment, our Company's investment ratio will not be very high. I hope you can find a third party."

     "There is..."

     Lu Chen listened, with a smile on his face, but he sighed secretly in his heart.

     Baolong Pictures is definitely out of play!


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