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Chapter Directory 232 Peak Loop
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Lu Chen is very young and has not experienced long in society.

     But he has three rich life memories, and has a mind and vision that are much higher than those of his peers.

     Therefore, Lu Chen can easily see the deep disdain and impatience in Zhu Minghe's eyes. Obviously, the other party does not have the idea of real cooperation, so he puts forward various conditions to let him sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat.

     Unless Lu Chen can agree to it all.

     But how is this possible?

     The request made by Zhu Minghe is under the full control of Baolong Pictures. The director and main actors are determined by them. Most of the funds will be settled by Lu Chen. The fat is swallowed and the bones are spit out. You don't want to touch the slightest risk.

     Lu Chen is not a fool. If nothing else, he would not agree to just modify the ending of the story.

     In fact, there is no talk at all.

     It is normal for this to happen. Although it has been entrusted with the human relationship, it is still Lu Chen who takes the initiative to come to the door. Baolong Pictures is not an ordinary film and television production company. The so-called shop bullying is nothing more than this.

     It would be much better if Chen Fei'er came out in person, but unfortunately she was also a friend who was entrusted to help.

     Relying solely on Lu Chen himself is obviously not enough.If he is an ordinary screenwriter and writes the script and wants to invest in Baolong Pictures, don't talk about investment and directing actors, I am afraid that Zhu Minghe will not even be seen.

     The entertainment industry, including the film and television industry, is equally hierarchical, and the level of coffee determines the level.

     In this circle, he has no position at all.

     How to make Zhu Minghe treat it seriously?

     Lu Chen didn't feel angry or annoyed because of this. After all, his own requirements are also very high. If the other party has no objection, it is abnormal. It is nothing more than a wild asking price to pay back the money.

     But now there is no more bargaining.

     Lu Chen listened patiently to Zhu Minghe's comments, then he pondered for a moment, and said, "Manager Zhu, it seems that the differences between our two sides are a bit big. Thank you for taking the time to see me, thank you! "

     Business is not righteous, hello me hello everyone. Even if there are disagreements, there is no need to turn your face.

     Be polite and respectful, and everyone will be able to talk when we meet again next time.

     Many newcomers just don't understand this, and only wake up after hitting their heads and bleeding.

     Lu Chen will not make such a mistake.

     What kind of person is Zhu Minghe. You will understand at a glance.He regained a good impression of Lu Chen instead, and said with a smile: "You are welcome, Rainbow’s Sister Li and our company boss are all acquaintances. If you have other good scripts in the future, come to me directly."

     "Sister Li" in Zhu Minghe's mouth. She is the general manager of Beijing Rainbow Brokerage Company. She and Chen Fei'er are friends.

     It is through this Sister Li that Chen Fei'er introduced Lu Chen to Baolong Pictures.

     Baolong Pictures sent Zhu Minghe over.

     But this favor is not important enough to allow Zhu Minghe to put aside the question of principle and go to Lu Chen.

     He didn't know that Chen Fei'er was the real one.

     Fortunately, Lu Chen is very sensible, so that both parties can get off the ground in a decent way.

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen stood up, stretched out his hand and shook hands with Zhu Minghe: "I hope there will be a chance to cooperate next time."

     Zhu Minghe smiled and said, "You are polite, goodbye!"

     The two parties said goodbye, Zhu Minghe left with the secretary, while Lu Chen stayed.

     He said he wanted to make a call to Chen Fei'er, but he didn't press the name after flipping into the phone address book.

     Lu Chen instinctively didn't want to trouble Chen Fei'er anymore.

     In other words, it is the self-esteem of the big man. But he didn't want to complicate the relationship between the two.He swipes the address book to find Chen Jianhao's number, and wants to ask Mr. Chen if he is familiar with the film company.

     "Hello, Mr. Lu Chen..."

     Just as Lu Chen looked up Chen Jianhao's mobile phone number, a greeting suddenly came next to him.

     Very strange.

     Lu Chen couldn't help turning his head and saw a thin middle-aged man appeared beside him with a smile on his face.

     This middle-aged man is in his forties, with dark skin, nothing special to look at, small eyes, nose bridge, and buck teeth. When he laughs, he feels a bit festive, but his eyes are shrewd. .

     "Excuse me, are you?"

     Lu Chen was stunned for a moment. He didn't know each other at all.

     The middle-aged man stepped forward and stretched out his hands to him: "Hello, this is Lu Yi, the business manager of Conduit Brothers Pictures Company, can we talk a few words?"

     Lu Chen stood up quickly. Shook hands with the other party: "Hello, Manager Lu, please sit down."

     The name of the Conduit Brothers Pictures Company is also very strange to him.

     There are too many units such as the film and television production company and workshop in the capital, especially in the past ten years, the entertainment industry has exploded. The entertainment agency and the film and television production company appeared like after rain, the spring bamboo, and fierce competition. Grab the growing market cake.Lu Chen was curious. It's why this guy from Gande Pictures took the initiative to find himself.

     Lu Yi directly solved the mystery: "I'm sorry, I was sitting here just now and heard a lot of conversations between you and Manager Zhu Minghe. I want to ask if you can show me your script?"

     Seeing that Lu Chen was still confused, he smiled and said: "Look at me in a hurry... I will introduce myself first!

     Of course, what Lu Yi introduced was not his own identity. As mentioned earlier, what he explained to Lu Chen was the Conduit Brothers Film Company he worked for.

     Conduit Brothers Pictures Company was established in 2010. It is a very young company in the industry. However, it has invested in many film and television dramas and has dozens of contracted actors and artists under its umbrella.

     In terms of scale and strength, the Conduit Brothers Pictures Company is far behind the veteran company, Baolong Pictures, but it is not without its advantages, that is, the film and television dramas that are best at urban youth idols.

     The youth idol drama "My Heart Is Still", which he voted for in 2013, has won the highest national ratings of 1.7%, which is also a small hit.

     It is a coincidence that Lu Yi came to Qianwei Cafe to wait for customers.

     As a result, the customer did not wait, but heard the conversation between Lu Chen and Zhu Minghe.He did not deliberately eavesdrop, but became interested in Lu Chen's script and couldn't help but come over and ask.

     Lu Yi speaks bluntly: "If it's ordinary screenwriters, then I am definitely not interested. There are no one hundred thousand and eighty thousand in Beijing who can write scripts, but you are different..."

     He smiled and said, "I Have Heard Your Song, I bought your Album in WeChat music, and believe in your talent!"

     It turned out to be like this!

     Lu Chen suddenly felt his feelings for this nevertheless fan!

     Most of his songs, especially folk songs, have a strong nostalgic color, so he has circled a group of fans who have already entered the society and are in their 30s and 40s.

     These fans usually do not chase fans fanatically, but economic independence and freedom are an important part of Lu Chen's "My old classmate" sales on WeChat music network Album.

     Now that there is such a connection, Lu Chen readily took out the outline again and handed it to Lu Yi.

     The business manager of Conduit Brothers Pictures Company, to be honest, ranks a little lower, but it is always an opportunity to come to your door.

     And when Lu Yi was careful about the outline of "Blue Life and Death," Zhu Minghe returned to the Company.

     Baolong Pictures is located in the art park, and it is very close to the Qianwei Cafe, only 5 minutes' walk.When he returned to the Company, he went straight to the office—just received a notice for a meeting.

     There are already many senior executives of the Company sitting in the conference room, including the deputy general manager, art director, brokerage manager, public relations manager, production manager, etc., but the general manager has not yet come.

     Seeing Zhu Minghe, the manager of the brokerage department who usually has a good relationship with him smiled and asked: "Old Zhu, where did you go? No one was in your office just now, not even the secretary is there, isn't it... hehe!"

     He showed a smile that all men understand, and the other executives in the room all laughed, and the atmosphere became happy.

     Zhu Minghe not to know whether to laugh or cry: "Old Chen, you can run on me!"

     His female secretary was just hired, she was pretty, but she was assigned to him by the Company, not his real Xiaomi, but it was unavoidable in others' eyes.

     Zhu Minghe had to explain: "It was a newcomer Wang asked me to approach, the relationship with Rainbow agent Sister Li. He wrote the script and wanted to shoot TV Series. I just went to talk about it."

     Old Chen asked curiously: "Who? What script? How did the talk go?"

     As the director of the brokerage department, he is particularly sensitive to new scripts, because once the Company starts filming a new drama, the first thing to consider is the artist that the Company has contracted-don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field!Powerlong Pictures has made a big move recently, and the topic discussed in this conference is related to this.

     Zhu Minghe said: "It's a vagabond singer named Lu Chen. He is very young and writes about youth idols. I want to be a male protagonist and get addicted to tricks."

     He was a little cryptic, but everyone understood.

     The production manager said: "Lu Chen? I know that the vagabond singer who has been in the limelight recently has also been rumored with Chen Fei'er. The video of his saving lives in Hangzhou has gone viral on the blog!"


     Zhu Minghe nodded and said, "It's him. I originally had some intentions, but the script he wrote was a sadomasochistic drama. The heroine died in the end, and he not only wanted the actor, but also decided the director and female lead himself. "

     Old Chen suddenly sneered and said: "How is this possible!"

     If Lu Chen is a big show business community, then his request can be understood and accepted.

     But Lu Chen is not. He is a real newcomer in the film and television industry.

     Not even newcomers.

     Lu Chen can understand if he wants to enter the film and television industry, but he also has to follow the rules.

     Young people are really a little unaware of the heights of the sky.

     Zhu Minghe spread his hands and said helplessly: "Yes, so I refused, and there is no way to agree."The executives here understand this very well-if Zhu Minghe agrees, that would be a joke!

     Just be a joke.

     Including Zhu Minghe, everyone quickly left the matter behind.


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