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Chapter Directory 236 Celebrity Interview
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"This is my son..."

     Sister Li opened the stored photos on his mobile phone and proudly showed them to Lu Chen.

     The young man on the screen is sunny and handsome. The age of fifteen or sixteen is the beginning of youth. The appearance in school uniform is full of vitality and vitality, with the temperament of a boy next door.

     Sister Li is obviously not asking for a role indiscriminately. Her son's appearance is really suitable for playing a young Yin Junxi!

     "He is now studying at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Film Collage. His grades have been very good and he has taken basic acting courses."

     When it comes to her son, Sister Li is full of pride, just like all mothers.

     Her marriage is a story that is often talked about in the show business community.

     When Sister Li gained a foothold in the capital and started to expand his career, he met an artist who had been out for a long time but had been downcast, and fell in love with him deeply.

     This artist is handsome and handsome, and he is very feminine. It stands to reason that he would not like Sister Li at all.

     However, he married Sister Li and had children, and received the latter’s wholehearted and strong support. In the end, he became the star of burn your hand, feel the heat by virtue of a popular TV Series reaching heaven in a single bound.

     After becoming famous, the artist filed for divorce from Sister Li.Sister Li happily agreed. The only requirement was to have custody of his son.

     When others talked about it, they all complained for Sister Li, saying that the artist was the white-eyed wolf Chen Shimei, but Sister Li never mentioned anything about her ex-husband, and instead said a lot of good things for each other on many occasions.

     She thinks it is enough to have a very good life memory.

     And there is a son who inherited his father's merits!

     It is this kind of optimism and open mind that Sister Li is admired by many people in the show business community.

     Lu Chen heard this story and admired the other person's personality.

     This matter was finalized, and the sincerity of the Condé Brothers film industry was full of cooperation, and it was not a problem to have a supporting role who played only three or four episodes.

     The cooperation agreement between the two parties is basically finalized. As long as the script is approved, filming can begin immediately!

     At 7 o'clock that evening, Lu Chen started to update the content of "Blue Life and Death" in the form of a long blog post on the Inspur blog.

     Unlike other celebrities who publish books and ask gunners or find professionals to polish up. All the versions of "Blue Life and Death" were written by Lu Chen himself. It was just a typo and proofreading made by the workshop people.This is an important means for the early publicity of the "Blue Life and Death" TV Series. Although there is a great risk of spoiling in advance, it can attract the continuous attention of a large number of fans. Using the huge platform of blogs, the savings in advertising costs are not a small amount.

     On November 13, the outline of the script of "Blue Life and Death" passed the review of relevant departments.

     On the same day, Lu Chen participated in the recording of the "Star Interview" program on the Beijing TV Variety Channel.

     He has been very busy recently, and his daily work schedule is full. Even at night I have to sit in front of the computer and type on the keyboard to write scripts and sleep and rest for less than 6 hours.

     Under such circumstances, many announcements have been pushed down, but some invitations cannot be pushed down or pushed.

     For example, this "Star Interview" program.

     Beijing TV Station has 9 channels in total. In addition to 1 Capital City TV, which is a satellite channel, there are also 2 variety shows, 3 financial channels, 4 life channels, 5 film and television channels... and so on.

     The "Star Interview" program of the Variety Channel is a boutique program in the 2 sets of Beijing TV Station. It has a history of 3 years and is produced once a week. More than 100 showbiz stars have been invited so far.The ratings of this program are quite high, and Lu Chen was able to go up because of the good cooperative relationship between him and Capital City TV. Otherwise, his qualifications would be really bad.

     Like most variety shows, "Star Interview" uses a recording method, and the recording site is the T5 studio of Beijing TV Station.

     Compared with the newly opened T1 studio hall not long ago, the T5 studio hall is undoubtedly much smaller. It can only accommodate 300 spectators and the stage is not big, but it is nevertheless enough and to spare for recording conversational programs.

     The host of the show "Interview with Stars" is called Mu Rong. She is an intellectual woman with a refined temperament. Her conversation style is gentle and witty. She is never aggressive and pressures the interviewee, just like two friends having afternoon tea and chatting together. Talk about the troubles of life and work, or the feelings of life.

     "Good evening, viewers, the star I invited to you in this episode is a very special big boy..."

     "He has extraordinary musical talents and will win the title of "Singing China". His first album is very popular, and all of his songs are on the original sound chart. He is regarded as the original pop music scene. New Hope, he is also the founder of campus folk songs..."

     "He is Lu Chen!"

     Under Mu Rong's slightly sensational introduction, the music of "My old classmate" sounded, and Lu Chen stepped onto the stage."Welcome everyone!"

     There was a warm applause in the studio. Many fans who were invited to the scene held up a small sign with Lu Chen's name and laughed extremely happily.

     Lu Chen smiled and thanked them as he walked: "Thank you!"

     Among the 300 viewers at the scene, half were Lu Chen fans. These lucky fans registered through the Internet and telephone, and were finally screened out by the Beijing TV station.

     The other half have ordinary enthusiastic viewers, as well as TV station staff, which is commonly known as "official trust."

     "Hello, Lu Chen."

     Mu Rong proactively extended his hand to Lu Chen: "Welcome to the celebrity interview site."

     Lu Chen shook her hand and said, "Thank you, it's my honor."

     This Host is over forty years old, but because it is well maintained, it looks like he is in his early thirties. His appearance is dignified and the makeup is exquisite. The soft-spoken and smiling appearance makes people feel like a spring breeze.

     There were four cameras, three of which were aimed at Lu Chen and Mu Rong.

     Lu Chen nevertheless participated in such a talk show for the first time, but he was not nervous at all and sat down on the sofa very relaxedly.

     Mu Rong smiled and said: "Lu Chen, I think many audiences may not know you well, can you first talk about how you got on the road of music?"Generally speaking, for this kind of talk show, the Host’s problems are preset.

     As an invitee, Lu Chen got the "topic" in advance, but for the effect and authenticity of the program, Host will also put forward an "additional question", so it needs to change according to the situation.

     The first question is a "regular question".

     Lu Chen nodded and said: "Okay, I actually took the road of music, it was really an accident..."

     He recounted his experience briefly, without exaggerating or exaggerating, what most fans knew.

     When he finished speaking, Mu Rong then asked: "Then what are your plans for your future?"

     The first few questions are all quite satisfactory and there are no special highlights.

     But Mu Rong quickly mentioned interesting points.

     She first showed everyone a video, which was broadcast on the large LCD TV next to it.

     The content is exactly the video of Lu Chen saving lives in Hangzhou.

     After just over 2 minutes of the video, there was a warm applause in the studio again.

     Fans of Lu Chen have watched this video, and many have watched it too many times, but now it is re-watched again, and there is still a feeling of shaking one to the core, and can’t help applauding him.Mu Rong smiled and said: "I see the most enthusiastic applause from the girls. I believe that the girls will be very moved when they see this video. It has made us meet a truly brave and admirable young man."

     There was laughter from the audience. Many girls covered their mouths and laughed. The camera gave a close-up shot in due course.

     Mu Rong asked Lu Chen: "At the time, you must have rushed to save people without thinking, otherwise the action could not be so fast. Then you watch this video yourself afterwards, are there any fears?"

     Some reporters and the media have asked Lu Chen what he thought at the time, but Lu Chen had no idea at all.

     Just as Mu Rong said, if he still has to think, then Tian Tian can't be saved at all.

     The host asked questions from a different perspective.

     Lu Chen replied: "I am not afraid, I really want to thank the cameraman for taking me so handsome!"

     His humorous answer not only made the audience laugh, but even Mu Rong showed eight white teeth.

     Mu Rong smiled and asked, "Then your family is worried when they see it?"

     Lu Chen said: "My mother is very worried, but she thinks I did a good job and makes her proud."

     Mu Rong said sincerely: "You have a good mother!"Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

     Applause sounded again.

     Mu Rong said: "When I was interviewed by reporters, I remembered Lu Chen's words very clearly, that is, With great power comes great responsibility, he has more abilities than ordinary people, and he has the courage to take on his own responsibilities."

     "We all know that Lu Chen's family owed a lot of debts, but he is still willing to dedicate his love. Please watch the video below. Our reporter interviewed Shooting in the Department of Hematology and Oncology, First People's Hospital of Ningyuan City."

     A number of leukemia patients were shown on the TV. They were all aided by the Zhong chou (crowdfunding) project initiated by Lu Chen, including Meng Meng.

     This Lu Chen fan has successfully undergone bone marrow transplantation and is currently in the recovery phase.

     Due to the good results of the operation, she will soon live like a normal person and enjoy a beautiful life to the fullest!

     In the video, Meng Meng expressed his gratitude to Lu Chen on behalf of all the leukemia patients treated.

     She talked and smiled and shed tears.

     The applause in the studio is endless!


     The second one is sent!
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