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Chapter Directory 248 Sister And Sister
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Success comes from hard work!

     This is Lu Chen's praise to the three members of MSN, and it is also a spur to himself.

     With the memory and wealth of a world, he can lie on it and eat until the end of time, without much effort, enough to exchange for money and honor that others can't earn for a lifetime.

     But Lu Chen's goal was never to be a silverfish.

     His efforts are no worse than anyone's. He practice martial arts every day, rain or shine, and try his best to take time out of work to go to Jingyin to listen to classes and recharge. He often works late at night to write scripts...

     What Lu Chen hopes is that if one day all the memories from the dream world suddenly disappear, he will still be able to break out of the world by his own ability, so that he will not let down the wonderful life of this world!

     And the stories he tells eloquently fall into the ears of different people, and naturally they have different feelings.

     The executives of Flying Stone Records are happy because they got an excellent promotional material.

     Fans of MSN Support Group and Lu Family Army were moved by hearing this.

     But Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian couldn't restrain the feelings of being touched in their hearts.

     Ning Tian's eye circles were red, she bit her lip and straightened her chest, with a trace of stubbornness in her expression of pride.

     Mu Xiaochu lowered his head and sobbed gently against Su Jiajia's shoulder.And Su Jiajia has cheeks streaming with tears.

     The hard work they put in, they know best, even if they have won, they cannot erase the memories of those carved in bones and engraved in the heart.

     After Lu Chen finished telling the MSN story he knew, he looked at the three girls who were weeping, and said apologetically: "I'm sorry to say so many unhappy things. Now I will play a song "He Nevertheless". I don’t understand, please three beautiful and brave girls to sing for us!"

     There was an extremely warm applause from the audience, and everyone stood up.

     They are all cheering for MSN.

     The three girls wiped away the tears from their faces embarrassedly and hugged each other.

     Lu Chen sat in front of the piano.

     He brewed his emotions for a while, and then pressed the keys confidently.

     Now Lu Chen's piano level has been greatly improved than before. A prelude is like moving clouds and flowing water.

     The banquet hall became quiet again. Everyone returned to their positions and listened to the singing of the girls.

     Ning Tian first spoke: "Why don't you understand my love for you..."

     "I really love you!"

     This is the cutting-edge dialogue of "He Nevertheless Don't Understand".

     "What to say,

     The cups are already empty,

     I closed my eyes and a heavy snow fell in my heart.It's cold and freezing.

     Is it here,

     When the love checkout,

     Only the loneliness of each paying the bill is left,

     Why when I opened the door,

     He didn't come to hold me?

     He still doesn't understand.

     nevertheless don't understand!

     I want to be detained when I leave,

     If you speak, it's just the gentleness I want to come.

     He still doesn't understand,

     Never understand!

     One hug can replace everything,

     Love can definitely shake me!


     As a female chorus song, "He Nevertheless Doesn't Understand" is very different in style from popular girl group works. It is soothing and affectionate with a touch of sadness, which can easily evoke people's love for love. Kind of helpless and impotent.

     Compared with the sweetness of "Not Yet Lovers", the theme of this song is a bit more adult, but it is still liked by many fans, and it is considered the most listenable work in this album.

     In the eyes of professionals. Although MSN sings pretty well, but the emotion and artistic conception expressed in the works are not very well grasped.

     The reason is very simple. The lyrics of this love song mainly describe the heartache of women who do not understand love for men. How can a girl like MSN have such an experience and experience?Seriously, there are many boys pursuing them, and the heartache is those who seek but fail to get.

     However, among the three, Mu Xiaochu sang more emotionally. If Su Jiajia and Ning Tian's emotional performance points are four to five points, she has at least seven or eight points—the perfect score is ten!


     What to use.

     Melt this silence,

     Sigh in the cold air all around,

     It turned into smoke and drifted away.

     All the past,

     Snowball in my heart.

     I'm afraid the tears will shed before I speak,

     Love is not that he doesn't give much,

     I don't know what I want.

     He still doesn't understand,

     nevertheless don't understand,

     I want to be detained when I leave,

     If you speak, it's just the gentleness I want to come.

     He still doesn't understand.

     Never understand,

     A hug can replace everything,

     Love can definitely shake me!


     Save me in the first place! "

     After singing, the three girls held hands and bowed to the guests and fans under the stage to thank them.

     There is a wave of applause!

     They turned around and saluted Lu Chen again.

     The three girls know very well that they are inseparable from Lu Chen to achieve today's success.They all hope that they can maintain their friendship with Lu Chen forever.

     Lu Chen stood up, smiled, and applauded.

     The three girls looked at each other and smiled joyfully.

     Next, they sang the third song "Where's Love" tonight.

     It is still Lu Chen accompaniment.

     Although there is no gorgeous composing music electronic sound, this kind of cooperation makes fans feel more real.

     "Where's Love" is over and Lu Chen is ready to end.

     As a result, at this moment, someone in the audience shouted loudly: "Let's do another male and female duet!"

     Many people laughed immediately and hummed: "Yes, this is the first male and female duet!"

     Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian look at me, I look at you, the latter two clamped Mu Xiaochu from left to right, and pushed her in front of Lu Chen with a smile: "Let Xiaochu and Lu Chen sing a duet. Right!"

     This is actually a show scheduled tonight, and an "Easter Egg" for fans.

     The person who just called for the male and female duet, of course, is the trust of Flying Stone Records.

     For fans, the truth is not really important, what is important is that they get surprises and happiness.

     At this moment, in the [Whale TV] Lu Chen live broadcast room, the number of online has exceeded the million mark!After re-signing with [Whale TV], Lu Chen is no longer a simple network anchor, but a celebrity spokesperson for [Whale TV]. The treatment he enjoys is different as sky and earth from before.

     Like MSN’s Platinum Celebration tonight. Flying Stone Records, [Whale TV] and Lu Chen Workshop have already communicated with each other, and [Whale TV] has obtained the exclusive right to live broadcast.

     Due to the continuous expansion of the live webcast market, the Entertainment Broker Company has long been eyeing this piece of cake, and several websites are associated with a certain media company. Focus on cultivating his own Internet celebrities, and then transition to the entertainment circle.

     Conversely, some second- and third-tier celebrities who were originally disdain as beneath contempt have also become interested in webcasting, and some celebrities have opened their own live broadcast rooms. Take this to gather popularity and fans.

     Lu Chen's success is an excellent example. He became famous on the Internet platform and made a leap on the star road with the help of netizens, and he still retains his identity as an online anchor.

     It is said that Flying Stone Records also intends to let MSN open a live broadcast room on [Whale TV], and the two parties are in talks.

     In the evening, the live broadcast in Lu Chen's live broadcast room was the beginning of the cooperation.

     When Mu Xiaochu was introduced to sing due to Lu Chen, the barrage in the live broadcast room was instantly full!"Hahaha, male and female duet, who came up with the idea? I want to give him a thumbs up!"

     "I guess it's Sister Xiaochu, Sister Xiaochu is mighty!"

     "Sister Xiaochu is the most patience. It feels like she and Lu Chen match up really well!"

     "Khan, brother-sister relationship, brother-sister relationship!"

     "Why don't you sing in duet with MSN?"

     "You are stupid, MSN is three girls, how do you sing in duet?"

     "Then why is Mu Xiaochu?"

     "It's very simple. Sister Xiaochu is the big sister of Lu Chen, and Su Jiajia and Ning Tian are god sisters."

     "My sister +1!"

     The friendship between Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu was first established when participating in "Singing China". At that time, Mu Xiaochu showed up on the live webcast and sang songs.

     Fans of Lu Chen. I like this pure and lovely girl very much, like her shyness and shyness, like her moving voice, and kindly call her sister Xiaochu.

     In their eyes. Mu Xiaochu is Lu Chen's sister.

     In contrast, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian are much worse, so when everyone sees Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen singing in duet, they all think it is as it should be by rights, otherwise there will be dissatisfaction.

     Although it was a pre-arranged show, Mu Xiaochu nevertheless, who was pushed in front of Lu Chen, blushed.Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then we will sing a song for everyone."

     Mu Xiaochu nodded vigorously. It was like holding a little rabbit in his arms, both excited and excited.

     Still a little uneasy.

     Because of this song, the two had only rehearsed once, and she was afraid that she would not sing well.

     Lu Chen gave Mu Xiaochu an encouraging look and sat down in front of the piano again.

     This male and female duet was written in response to a temporary request from Flying Stone Records. Originally Flying Stone Records meant that Lu Chen wanted to choose someone else's song, but Lu Chen put forward a better opinion.

     It is up to him to provide a new song, a new song for male and female duet!

     Flying Stone Records is of course be pleased beyond one's expectations, and immediately said that he would buy this work.

     The big sales of "Not Yet Lovers" brought the veteran Record Company's confidence in Lu Chen to its peak. There are already many vagabond singers under its umbrella, expressing their idea of cooperating with Lu Chen through an agent.

     Many monks and not much gruel, Lu Chen has recently been busy with Shooting in TV Series, Flying Stone Records cannot ask him how many songs he must write for himself, waiting eagerly for the right opportunity.

     Now Lu Chen has taken the initiative to propose it, which is exactly what they want-the price is not a problem at all!

     And it is also an excellent gimmick to use in this celebration party.Lu Chen played the piano again, playing the prelude to his first male and female duet.


     Note: "He nevertheless don't understand" wordings: Xu Shizhen/Composer: Wang Zhiping

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