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Chapter Directory 250 Theme Song
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

The weekend drama "Blue Life and Death", jointly invested by Lu Chen Workshop, Chen Fei'er Workshop and Conduit Brothers Pictures, was launched on November 17th.

     Lu Chen returned to Beijing with Chen Fei'er after attending the opening ceremony on the 17th. He left Beijing on the morning of the 23rd and returned to Jinling. This TV Series has been filmed for six days and the first two episodes have been filmed.

     Relying on the modern and mature film and television production system, the current TV Series Shooting speed is very fast, especially for weekend dramas. Shooting two episodes in six or seven days is a normal speed. Many low-cost web dramas can even shoot one episode a day, which is very efficient. Gao is simply unimaginable by previous practitioners.

     But after filming two episodes of "Blue Life and Death" in six days, nevertheless worried Lu Chen.

     Can he shoot the quality he wants to achieve in such a short time?

     The memory from the dream world made Lu Chen take the high-speed train back to Jinling with an uneasy mood. He impatiently wanted to see the first version of Shooting's completed video, which is what the industry calls the "original film".

     The current film and television production has long abandoned film, and all use high-standard, high-quality digital cameras, and the "original film" refers to the unedited content completed by shooting in the early stage of the film and television drama, without the subsequent processing of dubbing, soundtrack, special effects, etc. , Is a semi-finished product.The "original film" has completed post-processing and turned into a "finished film" before it can be released on the market.

     However, by watching the original film, you can basically see the quality level of the film and television drama Shooting, as well as the level of the director, the actors and the entire Film Crew.

     Lu Chen's doubts disappeared after watching the original film of the first two episodes!

     Director Fang Hui is worthy of her reputation in the show business community and filmed the opening episode of "Blue Life and Death" with a taste.

     With Jinling as the background of this thousand-year-old city, it fully demonstrates the teenage years of male female lead. The director combines the feelings between non-blood brothers and sisters with the twists and turns stories that are destined to become tragedies, forming the basic background of the overall situation, which is involuntary. Was aroused to continue watching the **.

     In a hospital, two babies were born on the same day, but because of the relationship of a child, Yin Junxi, the identity plates of the two children were exchanged.

     The two babies started two completely different lives. A baby from a wealthy family went to a single mother's family, while another baby who was born in a single parent family went to a family that was both wealthy and full of happiness and grew up happily.

     The story also kicks off here!The two transferred babies have lived in two completely different families for 14 years, but because of a traffic accident in Yin Enxi. So Professor Yin knew that his daughter, who had been raising for 14 years, had a different blood type than his own!

     After investigation, it was discovered that the two babies born on that day had been exchanged due to a hospital error, but after discussing with Mrs. Yin. I thought that nothing happened before, but God's will trick people.

     Professor Yin’s real daughter, Cui Xinai, had been living a very difficult life in that single parent family. After knowing that she was originally a rich daughter, she decided to leave her single mother who raised herself for 14 years and join the wealthy Professor Yin’s family. .

     Cui Xinai was jealous of Yin Enxi, so he managed to make Enxi live a life that was miserable before. Enxi knew that he was going to return to his biological mother, so she had to bear the pain of watching her favorite adoptive father, foster mother and brother emigrate to the United States...


     When Lu Chen came to Jinling, the third episode had already begun Shooting. According to the script, he will appear at the end of this episode, and the original films of the first two episodes will immediately enter the post-production link after they pass the review.

     Since there are not many special effects, the editing speed in the post-production period will be very fast.When Lu Chen wrote the "Blue Life and Death" script, he did not copy all the memories in the dream world, and made appropriate adjustments in the plot and settings to more in line with the reality.

     In addition, he has to write a suitable theme song for "Blue Life and Death"!

     So Lu Chen's work will be very busy in the future.

     Therefore, he simply rented a long-term business suite in a hotel near the studio, until the 20 episodes of "Blue Life and Death" were all Shooting completed.

     According to the average shooting speed of two episodes a week, he needs to stay here for almost two months!

     Li Feiyu also followed, and Lu Chen rented him a single room.

     The cost of renting a hotel is included in the cost, and there are specific provisions in the contract. So there is no need to save.

     On the afternoon of the 23rd, Chen Fei'er also came to Jinling.

     Compared with Lu Chen, the daily work of the singer Heavenly Queen / days later is basically full, but for Shooting "Blue Life and Death". She pushed back many of the activities she had originally scheduled, and rushed over in advance.

     If the cost of benefit is calculated, she may not be able to make up for the loss in this period of time.

     However, Chen Fei'er is very happy because she will be with Lu Chen for the next two months.She lives in the same hotel as Lu Chen. And the room is next to Lu Chen.

     Come to Jinling again, because Chen Fei'er knows he wants to live longer, so Chen Fei'er came with a large bag and a number of assistant bodyguards. There are only three cars in a single car.

     When she settled in the hotel, it was dark.

     But instead of going to dinner in a hurry, she knocked on Lu Chen's door first.

     As soon as Lu Chen opened the door, Jiaren threw the fragrance into his arms.

     He hugged Chen Fei'er hurriedly, and at the same time closed the door quickly, so as not to be affected by others' sight.

     Of course, ordinary people will not show up here. Hotels that have hosted and don't know how many celebrities have done a good job of security, even if it is pervasive reporters, don't want to get in and harass.

     But it's always right to be careful.

     The two are still in a sneaky underground affair, and they cannot be exposed for the time being.

     Chen Fei'er put his arms around Lu Chen's waist, raised his head and smiled and asked, "Did you miss me these days?"

     As a mature woman, once let go of her heart, she is bold and enthusiastic, just like the noon sun, emitting light that people dare not look at.

     Lu Chen felt his heart melted, and said, "Yes!"He lowered his head and kissed Chen Fei'er's red lips. The two had already broken this limit.

     But Chen Fei'er grinned, turned his head to prevent him from succeeding, and said, "You are ashamed to say that you miss me. Who is it with other girls to sing the love song of you and me in the public?"

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

     Lin Zhijie is really right, Chen Fei'er is really jealous.

     He explained: "I thought Xiaochu was my sister, didn't you know it a long time ago?"

     Chen Fei'er hēng hēng said: "You treat Xiaochu as a younger sister, but Xiaochu doesn't treat you as an older brother. Do you think I don't know?"

     She hummed softly: "I really want to ask you if you are tempted by me?"

     But it is a passage from "You're a Song within My Heart", the lyrics are sung very accurately!

     Chen Fei'er glared at him: "You wrote it right, right?"

     At the MSN Platinum Celebration Party that day, she received a kind invitation from Flying Stone Records.

     Chen Fei'er did not go, because on the one hand, she has a job arrangement, on the other hand, her identity is not very suitable.

     But she saw the video of the celebration party later.

     I saw it on the blog.

     Of course, Chen Fei'er knew that Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu had no affair, but seeing the two singing affectionately on stage and this song, she couldn't help feeling sour.Endure only now to vent.

     Fortunately, she didn't watch the live broadcast of [Whale TV], otherwise it would just explode.

     N many fans shouted for Lu Chen to be with Mu Xiaochu, not many people mentioned her name.

     In fact, leaving aside the coat of Heavenly Queen / days later, Chen Fei'er is not much different from ordinary women.

     The person you like must be taken over alone, not tolerant of others to share.

     Lu Chen didn't explain, he kissed her and blocked her mouth.

     This time he succeeded.

     Chen Fei'er was beaten a no time to deal with it. She was stunned and resisted, but she was not as strong as Lu Chen. She rebelled but had to admit her fate, but she soon met with enthusiasm.

     After a deep kiss for several minutes, Lu Chen reluctantly let go.

     Chen Fei'er's delicate face is dizzy, and his whole body is soft.

     Looking at Lu Chen who was a little triumphant, she scornfully said: "Don't think about it like this, you have to write me a love song duet, I want to put it in the new Album!"

     Chen Fei'er's new Album has received enough works so far. In addition to the three songs written by Lu Chen for her, the other nine capitals are made by famous artists, and there is no problem in quality and style.

     If it wasn't for Shooting "Blue Life and Death," she could start recording this important Album.At this time, changing to a love song sung by a male and female duet will undoubtedly disrupt the plan.

     But she doesn't care, she is so self-willed!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "No problem, I'm about to write a theme song for "Blue Life and Death".

     Chen Fei'er suddenly brightened his eyes: "This idea is good, do you have any inspiration?"

     Lu Chen said: "I already have it, but first I have to discuss it with you to see if it's suitable or not."

     A TV Series theme song is not particularly important, but a good theme song can definitely add a lot of color to this TV Series, and it has the advantage of promotion in publicity.

     Many classic TV Series theme songs are still being sung!

     This idea came from him temporarily. Although it has the intention to make Chen Fei'er happy, it is also an objective need.

     Most importantly, this will be an excellent point of publicity.

     The only question is which love song to sing due to male and female is more suitable for "Blue Life and Death"!

     There are many love songs due to singing in his memory.

     Chen Fei'er is happy.

     She starred in the TV Series with Lu Chen, and the theme song for her collaboration with Lu Chen, and then put it in Album.

     The relationship between the two is naturally very close.

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