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Chapter Directory 256 Short-sighted
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     Beijing, Beijing TV Station.

     At 7:55 in the morning, Zhu Shaotai came to the Variety Channel Program Department on time as usual.

     "Director Zhu early!"

     Many colleagues in the office have started to work, and they greeted Zhu Shaotai when they saw Zhu Shaotai.

     Zhu Shaotai aloof nodded in response, striding forward with head high and walked into his own independent working room.

     As the deputy director of the program department of Beijing TV Station's Variety Channel, he has worked hard for 20 years to get where he is today. Therefore, he knows how to cherish and never leave early.

     Even if nothing happened, he would be happy to lean back on the leather chair comfortably, sipping the fragrant tea, and reading today's morning paper leisurely to learn about the news incidents at home and abroad yesterday.

     The kettle next to the desk has been filled with hot water, the tea cups on the desk have been washed clean, and a stack of brand-new newspapers exuding the scent of ink is neatly laid out.

     A good day has begun again!

     Zhu Shaotai buried his burly body in a large and comfortable executive chair, picked up a newspaper and looked through it-there are very few business affairs to deal with today, so you can relax first.When Zhu Shaotai had tea and read the newspaper, it was already 9 o'clock in the morning.

     He put down the teacup, stretched his muscles and bones with open arms, and then turned on the computer.

     At present, Beijing TV Station is promoting paperless office. Internal documents, notices, work arrangements, etc., are transmitted and communicated through computers and the Internet, including work processing.

     After entering his personal password skillfully and entering the desktop, Zhu Shaotai opened his work log.

     After approving two applications for chicken feathers and garlic skins, he suddenly remembered one thing.

     The deputy director of the program department frowned, reached out and picked up the phone on the desk, and dialed an internal number.

     The call was quickly connected: "Director Zhu, hello!"

     The voice over the phone is very respectful.

     Zhu Shaotai's brows stretched out. The index finger of the left hand tapped lightly on the table, and said calmly: "Little Zhang, you come to my office now."

     "Okay, Director!"

     After a while. The door in the room was knocked softly.

     Zhu Shaotai said in a deep voice, "Please come in."

     A 30-year-old man opened the door and walked in and asked, "Director Zhu, are you looking for me?"

     "Yes it is..."

     Zhu Shaotai pointed to the sofa next to him and said, "Sit down and pour your own tea."The man surnamed Zhang agreed. Lift the kettle and fill Zhu Shaotai with tea, then sit down.

     Zhu Shaotai nodded in satisfaction and asked, "Little Zhang, I asked you to come here to ask you, how did you talk to Gande Pictures? The other party nevertheless insisted on their terms?"

     "Condition Pictures?"

     The man surnamed Zhang was stunned and asked, "You mean buying the TV Series of "Blue Life and Death", right?"

     Zhu Shaotai was a little unhappy: "Is there anything else?"

     The TV Series of "Blue Life and Death" is a joint investment of Shooting by the Conduit Brothers Pictures, Chen Fei'er Workshop and Lu Chen Workshop. The Beijing TV Variety Channel intends to introduce this popular city. Emotional drama.

     The last time Lu Chen came to Beijing TV to participate in the [Star Interview] program, Zhu Shaotai once talked with Lu Chen Publicly, and then they were negotiating about the purchase of the premiere rights. Only the negotiating object was changed to Conduit Pictures.

     Conduit Pictures is not a big company in the industry, and "Blue Life and Death" is not a big IP production. Of course, Zhu Shaotai can't come forward to bargain with the other party in person, and the work tasks are handed over to his subordinate, Little Zhang.

     Zhu Shaotai nevertheless trusts Little Zhang's abilities.

     It's just that today he seems to be a little confused about the situation, which makes Director Zhu secretly annoyed.Little Zhang quickly explained: "Director Zhu, I sent you the work report yesterday. There may be a problem with the computer. You did not receive it. Then I will go back and send another copy immediately!"


     Zhu Shaotai was surprised at the snacks. I quickly clicked on the internal mailbox and found the work email from Little Zhang.

     It was his own mistakes and omissions!

     Director Zhu blushed, coughed and said, "Be careful next time, since it's here. Let's talk about the situation first!"

     Little Zhang said: "Condition Pictures has sold the premiere rights to "Blue Life and Death" to Haijin Tv."

     "Haijin Tv?"

     Director Zhu suddenly felt a bit of toothache: "How could it be Haijin Tv?"

     He knows that more than one TV station has watched the new drama "Blue Life and Death," and the most powerful competitor is undoubtedly Zhedong TV, whose TV drama channel intends to introduce it.

     The reason why Zhedong TV watched "Blue Life and Death" is easy to understand. Apart from Chen Fei'er, the Heavenly Queen / days later as the Female Lead, the main Lu Chen is from Zhedong, and he was saved last time in Hangzhou. Host Tian Tian on Zhedong TV's show. The reputation in the province is extremely high.

     The first TV Series written and performed by him can at least guarantee a portion of the ratings in the province.However, according to Zhu Shaotai's knowledge, the price of Zhedong TV station is not much higher than that of its own, and Gande is not satisfied.

     What the hell is Haijin Tv?

     Get a Cheng Yaojin halfway? Zhu Shaotai was really a little confused, and actually won the exclusive premiere rights.

     He couldn't help asking: "What price can I offer over there?"

     Director Zhu’s question was somewhat contemptuous.

     Although both Beijing and Haijin belong to the municipality directly under the Central Government, the status of the former has been much higher than that of the latter since ancient times. Haijin is equivalent to a subordinate city of the capital, and the people of the capital have a sense of superiority to the Haijin people since ancient times.

     Regardless of the Big Mac’s CCTV, Capital City TV has always been a live high and look down for Haijin Tv, and there is basically no such thing in its eyes.

     So now Zhu Shaotai first heard that "Blue Life and Death" was cut off by Haijin Tv, first of all he didn't believe it.

     Haijin Tv guys, when have they been so bold?

     Although Zhu Shaotai didn't have the heart for "Blue Life and Death," and he was eagerly rushing to the Episode that was sent to the Beijing TV Station to not be too much, he still felt uncomfortable in his heart.

     Little Zhang smiled wryly: "Director Zhu, I don't know this anymore."

     How could Conduit Pictures reveal the price of the transaction to him? This is considered a trade secret.

     Confused!Zhu Shaotai patted his forehead and said, "I'll call and ask!"

     The relationship between Haijin TV Station and Beijing TV Station is a bit like the relationship between Beijing TV and CCTV. The exchanges between the two parties are quite close. Several directors of Haijin TV Station are from Beijing TV Station.

     Zhu Shaotai has acquaintances and old colleagues over there. It's really not too convenient to inquire about something.

     He made this call for almost 10 minutes.

     After the fight, his face was uncertain.

     Little Zhang moved his buttocks uncomfortably when he saw this, feeling a little bit unable to sit still.

     When he was the representative of Variety Channel to negotiate with Gande Films, he more or less had the idea of not to accept as correct, and never thought about the possibility of failure.

     It's normal that the asking price of variety channel is not high. And the bargaining of Conduit Pictures made Little Zhang very disdainful.

     This TV Series is nothing more than Chen Fei'er's signboard. Otherwise, how could a production unit like Conduit Films be in the eye of Capital City TV, let alone take the initiative to contact.

     Now it gives Conduit Pictures a chance to cooperate. Actually thinking about making a big fish, I don’t know what to say!

     So in the negotiation process, Little Zhang deliberately dragged, waiting for the opponent to give in.

     Even if he knows that Zhedong TV station is also involved in the competition.As a result, I never expected that Haijin TV station would steal the first broadcast right.

     He can fully understand his boss's upset.

     Haijin Tv even dared to go to the capital to grab food, and the courage was too fat!

     I don't know what price they offered.

     Little Zhang cautious and solemn asked: "Director Zhu, what did you say over there?"

     Zhu Shaotai glanced at him, and sighed: "They opened a minimum purchase price of 6 million yuan, and put it on a satellite TV station's prime time premiere, and based on the national average rating of 0.25%. Add 0.1% and add 100,000. reward."

     "No capping!"

     Little Zhang was stunned: "They really dare to open!"

     Zhu Shaotai agrees.

     The guaranteed reserve price of 6 million yuan, which Beijing TV Station also obtained, is a very normal price.

     But the first broadcast of the satellite TV set, plus the uncapped ratings bonus, is really too much, it's shameless!

     Tangtang Haijin Tv As for the hunger and thirst?

     That's a new drama, and the production unit is not a good bird.

     Zhu Shaotai is really a bit speechless. In fact, Haijin Tv does not really sell many things in this contract. The gambling agreement is profitable, mainly because they are willing to lose face.Beijing TV Station will never do such a fall. The rules are out of order.

     Zhu Shaotai said grimly: "The contract has been signed, forget about it, and you will know when they have suffered a loss."

     Little Zhang nodded vigorously: "That's right! They also dare to think about the 0.25% national average ratings. I guess this drama has 0.1% is very good. Even if they can recover the cost, they will be lucky!"

     He was even aggrieved.

     Gande Pictures is also a stupid bird. They sold this TV Series to Haijin Tv. They didn't want to think that if it could be broadcast on the Jingshi Variety Channel, it would be much easier to sell the rebroadcast rights.

     Like the weekend drama "Urban Love" by Ultraron Pictures. It can only be broadcast on the city channel.

     The ratings of Metropolitan Channels are not comparable to Variety Channels!

     As for the ratings of Haijin Tv, that can only be haha-do they have any decent shows?

     Zhu Shaotai waved his hand and said, "Well, I didn't talk about it before I talked about it. You don't need to take this matter into your heart. Go back and work hard!"

     Little Zhang quickly got up and said, "Okay, Director Zhu, then I will go back first."

     After Little Zhang left, Zhu Shaotai stuffed his body into the chair again, and he always felt something was wrong in his heart.

     He thought for a while, opened the browser on the computer, and logged into the Inspur blog.------------------

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