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Chapter Directory 259 Gossip And Premiere
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     Click! Click!

     The shutter button sounded suddenly in the restaurant, accompanied by the appearance of dazzling flashes.

     I saw a short young man standing behind the buffet table, holding a black SLR in both hands, bending forward and pouting his butt, pressing the shutter with his fingers desperately, disregarding his behavior and disturbing the diners.

     The waiters nearby were stunned for a moment, and then reacted, spitting anger toward him!

     This Marriott hotel belongs to an international chain of five-star hotels. Because it is adjacent to Jinling Film and Television City, it has become the first choice for many celebrities to stay when they come to film.

     The security of the hotel is naturally very strong. Like the suite above, idlers can't get in at all, but the restaurant is open to the public, so it's common for Paparazzi to get in sneak shots.

     If you want to guarantee sex, it is best to eat in the box, but tonight, the subject of Paparazzi Shooting did not go to the box, so a small disturbance was caused.

     Before the waiter blocked him, Paparazzi turned his head and ran with the camera in his hand. He was agile enough to participate in the sports meeting, and disappeared at the gate in the blink of an eye, making people feel helpless.Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen shook his head helplessly.

     He is finally vividly feeling the troubles of being a star.

     Chen Fei'er, who sat opposite Lu Chen, chuckled lightly: "It's fine if you get used to it. Who wouldn't let you go to the box?"

     It was late after the filming today. Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Considering that it was just to fill their stomachs, there were only four people, so they found a spot in the lobby.

     Unexpectedly, Paparazzi would follow him and chase him into the restaurant to take photos blatantly.

     It is estimated that the photos taken will appear in the entertainment version of a certain website at night, and then accompanied by a sensationalize title, hype about his scandal with Chen Fei'er.

     There have been more entertainment reporters around the shooting scene of "Blue Life and Death" these days. The main reason is that the TV Series nevertheless is being promoted hotly. In particular, Haijin Tv’s Lovers Cover Show Contest organized by the Inspur Blog has set off a self-portrait craze on the Internet.

     It is said that there are as many as tens of thousands of entries, which is truly jaw-dropping!

     The idea that Lu Chen came up with was unanimously approved by everyone. Spending 100 yuan to get a publicity effect worth 1,000, even the number of fans of the blog with Haijin Tv official V has greatly increased.It's just this craze that also caused him and Chen Fei'er a lot of trouble.

     The public has a keen interest in the relationship between the two.

     Tracing back to the source, Paparazzi secretly took photos of the two having dinner together in Jinling last time, which caused a big disturbance. Although the rumors were successfully refuted, the storm was calmed, but the roots were also planted.

     Now the two are co-starring in TV Series and singing the theme song love song together. Others don't doubt that it is a weird thing!

     Sister Zhang, who is at the same table, was very calm and said, "Don't worry about them, just make a statement at that time."

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are in love with each other. It is a conclusive fact, and it is impossible to conceal it blindly, but it is not a wise choice to make it public now. It is best to let nature take its course openly and wait until where water flows, a canal is formed.

     As for the scandal or something. Regardless of what others say, they both say they are good friends and brothers. They neither completely deny it nor admit it frankly, just let everyone get used to it.

     In fact, many male and female couples in the entertainment industry are like this. As long as they are not caught by the affectionate lens, this obfuscation strategy is the best way to let the media have topics to talk about, but not to make some fanatics. Fans make trouble.

     And if you break up in the future, when someone asks, they will laugh and say, "We are just good friends, and we didn't fall in love at all. Where can we gain or lose love?"The division and recombination in the entertainment industry are too common. People who know how to protect themselves wear a mask.

     Those who don't have shrewdness can't get mixed up in this circle.

     Even if there are such people, they are all pretending to be.

     Therefore, it’s nothing if the photos of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er having dinner together are taken away by Paparazzi. Both assistants are there. Explain the sketch in light shades and it will go round.

     And what Lu Chen really troubles is not himself, but his family.

     Although Lu Xi knew about the relationship between the two, he didn't tell his mother, but he couldn't hold back the gossip. Many acquaintances in Binhai asked Fang Yun and even Lu Xue.

     "Your Lu Chen is really in love with Chen Fei'er?"

     Yesterday and today, Fang Yun and Lu Xue called separately. It makes Lu Chen a bit unbearable.

     With a big mouth like Lu Xue, if he tells the truth, he is guaranteed to be spread around the circle of friends immediately by the former.

     My sister-in-law is Chen Fei'er!

     Lu Chen can fully imagine the old girl proudly showing off.

     It’s not easy to be a celebrity to fall in love!

     After having dinner in a hurry, Lu Chen returned to his room.

     He had just made a cup of tea and sat down on the sofa, only to hear a beeping sound of the door, and then he was pushed aside.Chen Fei'er came in lightly.

     The business suite that Lu Chen encased was equipped with two access control cards, one he brought with him, and the other was given to Chen Fei'er who lives next door. Naturally, the reason is needless to say.

     After closing the door, Chen Fei'er walked to Lu Chen and sat down, and asked softly: "Are you upset just now?"

     Lu Chen laughed blankly: "How could it be!"

     He stretched out his hand and hugged the beautiful woman into his arms, sniffing the familiar fragrance, only feeling happy and peaceful in his heart.

     It feels so good to have someone by your side!

     Chen Fei'er leaned softly in his arms and said, "Should we just open the relationship?"

     Lu Chen lowered his head and kissed her face, and said, "Don't worry, take your time."

     Lu Chen's attitude towards feelings has always been very serious, especially since he and Chen Fei'er are in a special situation, so they can't act willfully. If they hurt each other, then too late for regrets.

     In Lu Chen's heart, I hope that one day, his achievements and honors are enough to match Chen Fei'er, then he can propose to her in front of everyone.

     Maybe this idea is a bit machismo, but it comes from his heart.

     Lu Chen also believes that this day will not come too far!

     Chen Fei'er nodded.She understands the thoughts of the "little man" she is relying on now.

     She didn't feel anything wrong with that.

     Instead, rejoice.

     There is no pursuit and self-motivated man. Not worthy of her true love.

     Chen Fei'er raised his head, took the initiative to send a fragrant kiss, enjoying the lingering warm time that belonged to the two of them.

     The breath is fragrant like orchids and spit, and the lips and tongues are entangled like glue like paint.

     I can't help but kiss my love. The blushing Chen Fei'er grabbed Lu Chen's weird hand that leaned into his dress, gave him an annoying look, and straightened up and said, "Let's take a look at the video of the competition!"

     Lu Chen reluctantly withdrew his hand, recalling the infinite beautiful feeling remaining in his fingertips.

     Seeing the sad look on his face, Chen Fei'er held back a smile. He kissed him again in a reassuring manner, got up and said, "I'll get the computer!"

     She flew away like a butterfly with a fragrant wind, and then returned gracefully.

     Brought back the laptop that was originally placed in the study.

     The two watched together, of course, the participation video of the couple's cover show contest.

     So far, the number of participating IDs for cover videos uploaded on Inspur blog has exceeded 50,000+. Considering that this is a love song duet, the actual number of participants has undoubtedly reached 100,000+.This is quite an astonishing number. It is important to know that there are still 5 days before the submission deadline, and the total will inevitably increase, although there are incentives for generous prizes. The enthusiasm of the broad masses of people to participate cannot be denied.

     With so many videos, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er definitely can't come by.

     What they saw was actually selected by Haijin Tv, relatively outstanding and distinctive works.

     The number of these works only accounts for less than 1%!

     Although the primary election uses a blog voting system, the organizer also has the right to recommend works.

     Among these carefully selected works, many of them are admired by Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er.

     The two sitting on the sofa and cuddling each other, watching the couple singing their love songs on the computer screen, this feeling is really wonderful, it is difficult to describe in words.

     It must be described. That maybe is warm, beautiful, happy, sweet...

     It's just warm, beautiful, happy, sweet...time will always pass so fast.

     It was December 12th in a blink of an eye.

     At 8:30 in the evening, it was created and starred by Lu Chen, and the singer Heavenly Queen / days later Chen Fei'er played the female lead's urban emotional drama "Blue Life and Death". Premiered on Haijin Tv!

     Also premiered at the same time is the WeChat video network.Domestic video websites have emerged with the popularization of high-speed networks, and they have developed extremely fast. Large-scale video websites such as UTV, Tomato Video, WeChat Video, etc. have emerged. There are tens of millions of registered members, and paid members are preliminary. Form a scale.

     Different from movies. Now TV Series’s premieres basically include both the TV station and the Internet. In other words, it can be sold for both sides at the same time. It is nothing more than the price.

     For the TV Series "Blue Life and Death", Youshi Video, Tomato Video, and WeChat Video were all contacted, but the first two were not very interested and the asking price was low, so they were eventually won by the wealthy WeChat video.

     At present, the domestic video website, UTV Video is the Boss of fully deserving, without any reservations, and has the largest market share.

     However, WeChat Video, relying on its back-end advantage, has launched a fierce competition with UTV Video, and it has a tendency of late-comer lives above. The money paid for buying "Blue Life and Death" is not too much for them.

     Similarly, UTV did not take this drama as a key point to promote it. It only advertised a three-day trailer on the homepage to vigorously promote the nevertheless self-made drama "Sweetheart President".

     I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. I rejected the first episode of the second season of Lu Chen’s "Urban Love", which was broadcast on the Beijing Film and Television Channel at the same time on the same day!---------------

     The second one is sent!

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