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Chapter Directory 268 Good Intentions
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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     There was a patter of rain outside.

     A lot of guests came to the Black Crow Bar, the seats were almost full, and it became more and more lively.

     The boss Big Jiang returned to the place where Pang-Huang Band was and gave the stage back to Band and vagabond singer.

     Someone is calling Qin Hanyang's name loudly, hoping that he can perform on stage.

     Although it is not a pure rock road, the Pang-Huang Band led by Qin Hanyang has a high reputation in this circle, and it was also invited over because of a friend relationship with Big Jiang.

     Big Jiang unscrewed a bottle of beer and handed it to Qin Hanyang, and said with a smile: "Go up and play?"

     He has known Qin Hanyang for many years and knows the latter's temperament very well, so he doesn't say anything polite.

     Qin Hanyang doesn't matter if you don't want to sing, just come to play.

     "Be later..."

     Qin Hanyang took the bottle, touched his belly and said, "I'm still full, digest and digest first."

     Everyone laughed.

     Big Jiang talked to Lu Chen again, and did not forget to greet Li Feiyu, even if the latter was just Lu Chen's assistant.Lu Chen felt that the owner of the Black Crow Bar nevertheless was very interesting, so he started chatting with him.

     Big Jiang is a native of Jinling, and he has opened a bar for many years. He talked about wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject. Gonzo is easy to come by, so the atmosphere is very harmonious, even several Pang-Huang Band members. Also let go and join the chat.

     "Brother Lu Chen..."

     While talking happily, a timid voice suddenly came from the side: "Can you sign a name?"

     Lu Chen couldn't help turning his head to look, and saw two teenage girls appearing beside him, holding the phone tightly in their hands, looking at him with expectant eyes, with shyness on their faces. And an uneasy look.

     These two are obviously not rock vagabond singers or fans. Most of them were taken by friends to watch the excitement.

     The Black Crow Bar is actually very similar to some music bars in Houhai. There are many customers in the show business community, and there are a lot of underground vagabond singers. The consumption is not high and the atmosphere is unique. Quite mysterious in the eyes of ordinary people.

     Take the girls to run here to get a feel for it. In fact, it is also a very new thing, with a compelling bonus.

     People in this small circle don't treat Lu Chen much, but it's different for those who come to see the lively guests. For example, the two girls in front of me are not real fans of Lu Chen, but they are also a celebrity fan.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Okay, where to sign?"No matter it is a real fan, nevertheless road fan, he has always treated fans kindly. Never show off his face.

     For things like meeting fans asking for autographs, Lu Chen will try his best to satisfy him.

     The two girls were a little surprised, but more of a surprise, and quickly asked the waiter to borrow paper and pen.

     I got the autograph very smoothly. One of the girls was more courageous and said: "Brother Lu Chen, I like to watch "Blue Life and Death" the most. You played Yin Junxi really well!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Thank you."

     The girl took the opportunity to ask: "Brother Lu Chen, can I take a photo with you?"

     Lu Chen nodded and stood up.

     The girl suddenly overjoyed at unexpected good news and quickly handed her mobile phone to her companion. Then took his arm.

     He tilted his head and leaned on Lu Chen's shoulder.

     After the photo was taken, her companion was very enthusiastic and wanted to take a photo.

     Lu Chen had to be a prop, and took photos with the two girls separately, which made them very satisfied.

     Road fans must become real fans!

     When Lu Chen sat down again, Qin Hanyang shook his head at Big Jiang and sighed: "Big Jiang, we are really old now. If we want to deceive a little girl, we can't deceive it anymore. Let's leave it... alas!"

     The two girls only talked and took photos with Lu Chen, completely ignoring the Pang-Huang Band sitting next to them.Qin Hanyang's self-deprecation made everyone laugh.

     Lu Chen laughed blankly.

     When the country was booming. Being a rock and roll vagabond singer is a very compelling thing. With long hair in a T-shirt and torn jeans, it can easily fascinate ignorant girls, especially those literary and artistic young women.

     Almost dressed up now. Basically, it should be classified into hip-hop style, which must be matched with all kinds of shiny jewelry.

     The era of rock and roll has long since passed, and places like the Black Crow Bar are still clinging to small circles, reminiscing about the glorious past.

     People like Qin Hanyang belong to those who have come out and cannot be counted as people in this circle.

     It is estimated that the two girls just now played a good role model. Then a few girls came over to sign and take a group photo, so that their table frequently became the focus of attention on the spot.

     The whispering discussion increased, most of which were directed at Lu Chen.

     In the Black Crow Bar, young and pure girls are scarce resources, and they all rush to get close to Lu Chen.

     How can I make other vagabond singers feel happy in their hearts?

     The atmosphere naturally began to become strange.

     Qin Hanyang noticed the strange gaze from the surroundings, he thought for a while, and immediately said to the members of Pang-Huang Band: "Go, let's go up and play two songs!"In fact, Lu Chen planned to leave at this time, and there is no need to let himself be pointed out.

     But Qin Hanyang was going to sing, he couldn't run away now, so he had to stay on.

     As the Pang-Huang Band stepped onto the stage, everyone's attention was diverted.

     Whether it is Houhai in the capital or nevertheless in 1912 in Jinling, the Pang-Huang Band is legendary. From obscure and unknown to the overnight popularity of Jiangnan North, the story of this band is widely circulated in the show business community.

     You have heard Pang-Huang Band's songs, but not many people have actually heard it live.

     So just after their debut, they received enthusiastic applause and applause, as well as screams.

     Qin Hanyang sat down on a stool with his electric guitar in his arms. He first tried to lower the sound, and then reached out to readjust the height of the microphone, cleared his throat and said, "I am very happy to be back at the Black Crow Bar today. It's been more than ten years since I walked to the capital!"

     "Some friends are still there, and some have already traveled a long time ago, but no matter what, it is our fate to be able to get together here tonight. I can sing two songs at random. If you like it, everyone can like it."

     As soon as his voice fell, the applause and applause exploded. Many people even stood up and applauded.Qin Hanyang raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and continued: "Thank you Big Jiang for giving me this opportunity, and thank Lu Chen for creating such a good work."

     "A song "In Spring". Give it to everyone!"

     When he came up, he sang a masterpiece, and the atmosphere in the bar was instantly ignited, and the enthusiasm was extreme.

     "Remember the spring many years ago, At the time I haven't cut my long hair short ..."

     "But then I was so happy, although there is only a broken acoustic guitar..."

     "On the street, under the bridge, in the fields. Singing songs that nobody cares!"

     Qin Hanyang has sung the song "In Spring" many times, I don’t know how many times it has been sung, and he sings very skillfully, and his understanding of this piece has reached an extremely deep level.

     Some people don't know, or even think that "In Spring" is Qin Hanyang's life experience and he created it.

     Many vagabond singers have covered this classic, and very few can sing the vicissitudes of life in the song.

     This is a piece of vicissitudes to the extreme.

     Back to Jinling again, back to the Black Crow Bar, back to the place where my dream started...

     Qin Hanyang's emotions in his singing. It gets stronger and stronger, as if it's like a jar of old wine.

     There were many people present, humming or singing silently, like a pilgrimage.When Qin Hanyang finished singing, almost everyone stood up, applauded and cheered!

     Including Lu Chen.

     He gave this song to Pang-Huang Band to sing, which is undoubtedly the right choice.

     After "In Spring", Qin Hanyang sang "Fly Higher" again.

     This song was first sung by Lu Chen in "Singing China", and later authorized the cover of the song to Pang-Huang Band, which produced music single. It has also become one of the signature works of Pang-Huang Band.

     It is also loved by everyone.

     And Qin Hanyang also used these two works to tell everyone that Lu Chen has such an outstanding talent!

     When the applause in the bar subsided, Qin Hanyang said: "Thanks again to Lu Chen for the song "Flying Higher". He is an amazing singer. Now let him sing a song for us!"

     This time the applause resounded again, much sincere and warm.

     Regardless of any prejudice, no one can deny the talent of Lu Chen. If you don't like the folk vagabond singer, you can't ignore the influence that Lu Chen has in the pop music world.

     Even in the rock circle, Lu Chen's name is still loud. It's just that some people choose to ignore it.

     They even think that "In Spring" is not really rock.At this moment in the Black Crow Bar, there are also such arrogant people who are watching Lu Chen on the stage with complicated eyes, wanting to hear what song he can sing.

     "My old classmate"? "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky"?

     They are all jokes, and at best, "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart" is barely qualified.

     What kind of mountain to sing, even Qin Hanyang thought Lu Chen would sing "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart" and whispered: "We have practiced "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart" and the accompaniment is fine!"

     Going back to this circle that was once familiar and proud of it, Qin Hanyang suddenly found himself a bit inharmonious with this circle. Those old rock vagabond singers are still immersed in the past glory and reluctant to make progress, while the young rock The vagabond singer could not find a way out, and was generally impetuous and anxious.

     Some people say that rock and roll is dead long ago. Qin Hanyang is not completely enthusiastic about it, but he always firmly believes that when Guoyao still rises from the ashes, there are only a few outstanding authors like Lu Chen.

     What is ridiculous is that this small circle still faintly rejects Lu Chen.

     Out of his love of rock and roll, and the belief that he once held on, Qin Hanyang stood here to support Lu Chen. He wanted to let these people understand how ridiculous their stubborn pride is.

     If you don't seek newness, change, or beat with the pulse of the times, Guo Yao will really die.The so-called Jinling School is nothing more than struggle on whilst at death's door.


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