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Chapter Directory 269 Youth And Children
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

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     Qin Hanyang is not a simple person.

     It is impossible for him to be innocent. After spending so many years in the show business community, he has already tasted the bitterness and bitterness of the world.

     But there is still blood in his heart, that is the love of rock and roll.

     It was just that in the face of helpless reality before, he could only bury this love in his heart and work hard for life.

     Today’s Qin Hanyang has enough ability to do what he wants to do. His unreserved support for Lu Chen is not only because of the favor he owes Lu Chen, but also because he has seen the country shake in Lu Chen. hope.

     Even in most eyes, Lu Chen is a singer who is good at folk songs.

     His youth and handsomeness make it easy for people to overlook the amazing talents of Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen didn't say it himself, Qin Hanyang would also shout loudly for him.

     I just hope that Lu Chen can create more and better rock works. It doesn't matter to sing to anyone, as long as the rock music can be brought back to the public's sight!

     In Qin Hanyang's eyes, Lu Chen saw his sincerity and saw through his mind.

     He also understood his real purpose for bringing himself to the Black Crow Bar.Qin Hanyang wants Lu Chen to put up his own banner in this circle!

     To be honest, Lu Chen doesn't really care, but he was moved by Qin Hanyang's sincerity and love of rock.

     After thinking about it, he said, "I nevertheless sing a new song."

     Qin Hanyang's eyes lit up and he stuffed the electric guitar he was holding into Lu Chen's arms, act without taking time to think.

     This is Qin Hanyang’s most cherished electric guitar. It has been customized from abroad for more than 100,000 yuan. It has never been loaned to others, except for Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen took the guitar and stood in front of the microphone.

     Qin Hanyang helped him adjust the height of the microphone, and then stepped back among the teammates.

     The stage was completely handed over to Lu Chen.

     He used his actions to express his respect for Lu Chen.

     It was quiet in the Black Crow Bar, and even the ignorant guests closed their mouths, even holding their breath.

     Several girls excitedly held their mobile phones with both hands. Facing Lu Chen Shooting.

     The Black Crow Bar is different from the Daylily Bar in that it is not forbidden to record and take pictures, just turn off the flash.

     Lu Chen took a breath and smiled into the microphone: "Thank you Brother Qin. Thank you Big Jiang's boss for hospitality. If you don't want to repay it, let's sing a song."

     There was a soft laughter from the crowd, and it disappeared immediately.Lu Chen continued: "I am going to sing a new piece called "Youth". I will give it to myself, to the Pang-Huang Band behind me, and to everyone here!"

     "I hope everyone likes it!"

     The applause was enthusiastic and long-lasting, even those who didn't like Lu Chen clapped their hands.

     Lu Chen lowered his head, plucking the strings very lightly, feeling the touch of the fingers rubbing against the steel wire.

     Heart moved.

     "I plan to leave at dusk,

     Take a car to go far away,

     There is a feast of my friends there tonight.

     I hurriedly put on my clothes and walked out.

     It's sultry in the street when it comes to you,

     I made a leap,

     Jump into the river of people.

     It started to rain slightly outside,

     The raindrops are fluttering like my young time,

     My face is covered with rain,

     It's like being covered with happiness.

     I have nothing in my heart,

     Like no pain,

     This world has everything,

     Just like everyone has it!

     ..."At the beginning, the accompaniment of the electric guitar was weak to almost nothing. Basically, it can be regarded as a cappella. Lu Chen is telling his own story, without pretentiousness or anger, as if he inadvertently remembered the chant of the past time. Calm and unhurried.

     This style is very rare, the lyrics and melody are unpretentious, with obvious characteristics of folk songs.

     But in the back, the singing, accompaniment and emotions are all strengthening, and the front is gradually laying the groundwork, and the emotions are slowly accumulating. Let the hearts of all listeners follow, as if something is ready to appear at the call!

     Until Lu Chen sang.


     Continue to go,

     Continue to lose,

     In what I didn't realize,


     Continue to go,

     Continue to lose,

     In what I didn't realize,

     youth! "

     The rhythm of ** is so sudden, but it is so logical, like thunderbolt lightning and downpour after a boring thunder, it will inevitably appear, hitting everyone's heart hard.

     "Keep going, keep losing, in what I didn't realize, youth!"

     There is no shout oneself hoarse, but it is a shout of passionate power. Accompanied by the heavy guitar sound of guqin, it shocks, echoes, and trembles the eardrums in the black crow bar!Many people's faces have changed.

     Some people can't help clenching their fists, some people can't help shaking, some people bite the teeth tightly, and some people are dumbfounded, as if they don't believe the song they just heard.

     Lu Chen’s "Youth", if the front part is still like a folk song, to the back chorus and ** part, it is the real rock bloodline, passionate and passionate, and it makes people feel like they are about to follow. The throat jumped out, moving with a strong rhythm.

     Who else can question such a song, such a work?


     No matter how arrogant and arrogant, you have to bow your head.

     It sings of people who have lost or are in their youth, the kind of complex that has nowhere to rest!

     Lu Chen sang twice.

     When he finished playing the last note, the inside of the black crow bar was still quiet.

     After a while, Big Jiang stood up first and clapped his palms vigorously, one after another.

     Then everyone stood up and saluted Lu Chen with applause.

     Tribute to an extraordinary singer!

     Qin Hanyang strode forward, and put his arms around Lu Chen's shoulders.

     He and You Rongyan.As mentioned above, the rock vagabond singer of the Jinling School has a strong literary and artistic atmosphere, not so extreme and crazy, and the singing and creation style is lighter towards rock and roll.

     Youth and life are just one of their creative themes.

     This song "Youth" is not poetic and romantic. It tells everyone that youth has no beginning and youth has no end. There is no loneliness in youth, and there is no half of youth.

     In the same way, just like everyone has youth, you and I are inevitably reluctant. You and I will inevitably be alone, you and I will inevitably stay halfway, and it will inevitably be sentimental.

     But no matter what, we must move forward and we must continue to lose. Keep forgetting!

     As sung in the song, is it not the life portrayal of many rock and roll vagabond singers?

     This song will conquer them!

     Someone rushed over quickly, rushed down to the stage, and tried their best to reach Lu Chen on tiptoes.

     He held an unopened bottle of beer in his hand.

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen returned the electric guitar to Qin Hanyang, walked over and leaned over to take the beer handed over by the opponent.

     He straightened up, unscrewed the bottle cap and lifted it up, saying, "To everyone, there is music!"


     Many people raised bottles or glasses, including several girls.They have seen Lu Chen's gentle and affectionate side on TV or on the website. I have never seen him so enthusiastic.

     Also infected.

     Lu Chen drank a beer cleanly.

     Applause and screams sounded again, full of approval.

     After drinking, Lu Chen and Qin Hanyang stepped down together and returned to their original positions.

     But people kept coming over and toasting to the two of them.

     If it weren't for the help of Pang-Huang Band, Lu Chen would really have a hard time parrying him.

     After finally coping with the past, Lu Chen drank at least 7 beers, but luckily they were all in small bottles.

     Big Jiang drank more and his tongue was a little bigger: "This song is really good. It's really good!"

     He gave Lu Chen a thumbs up and praised from the bottom of his heart.

     Qin Hanyang is even more curious: "When did you compose this song?"

     He felt that Lu Chen wrote specially for tonight's trip to the Black Crow Bar, very inconceivable.

     Lu Chen explained: "I wrote it before, so I can sing it when it feels right. Just be happy."

     Qin Hanyang was speechless.

     Just take out a piece of work you have accumulated before, and you can make a good story.

     Has such a character appeared in the domestic pop music scene for decades? Qin Hanyang couldn't think of it.He can only admire the strength of Lu Chen.

     The latter's inspiration and music thought a steady flow seems to never dry up, this is the luck of domestic popular music!

     Everyone continued to chat and continued to drink.

     It was not over until 12 o'clock in the evening when Lu Chen and Qin Hanyang were almost drinking.

     Qin Hanyang lives in the dormitory in the Black Crow Bar. Then Li Feiyu accompanied Lu Chen back to the Marriott Hotel.

     Li Feiyu supported Lu Chen with one hand, and swiped the door with Lu Chen's room card in the other.

     As a result, he was taken aback.

     The light in the living room of the suite was on, and Chen Fei'er was in the room.

     Seeing Lu Chen who was drunk, she walked up to greet him quickly, and said, "Why do you drink like this?"

     Li Feiyu faced Heavenly Queen / days later with a guilty conscience: "Big Chen had a good chat with Brother Qin, so..."

     Chen Fei'er didn't really blame Li Feiyu for not fulfilling her duties as an assistant. She took Lu Chen over and said softly: "Leave it to me, you rest early."

     Li Feiyu was immediately amnesty: "Thank you Sister Fei!"

     He hurriedly closed the door and drove away, secretly admiring Lu Chen's beauty.

     Although Chen Fei'er is a woman, she still has some strength to exercise regularly. In addition, Lu Chen was not drunk to the point of being unconscious, so she lay down on the bed in the bedroom with her support.Chen Fei'er helped Lu Chen take off his shoes and brought a hot towel to clean his face.

     When she was about to cover Lu Chen with a quilt, Lu Chen suddenly shot her and pulled her into her arms.

     Chen Fei'er, who was caught off guard, suddenly fell on Lu Chen's body and was hugged tightly by Lu Chen.

     Chen Fei'er struggled for a while to no avail, and simply relaxed and pressed his face to his chest.

     Lu Chen smiled and adjusted his posture to make him more comfortable.

     Chen Fei'er also let him.

     After a long time, Chen Fei'er said softly: "You drink less, you hurt your body by drinking too much."

     But there was no response from Lu Chen.

     Only then did she realize that Lu Chen had fallen asleep.

     Like a child holding a big toy.


     Note: "Youth" for Lyrics: Wang Feng

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