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Chapter Directory 272 Sweet And Sour
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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readx; Most of the TV Series produced by the Film and Television Company are directly sold to TV stations. Although the terms of the contract are different, the main thing that is sold is the first broadcast right and the rebroadcast right. ◇↓◇↓Little ◇↓ said,

     Episodes, which are big stars, big productions, and popular propaganda, often get their first broadcast rights to sky-high prices, which can cost tens of millions. Sometimes a single TV station can't afford it, so it buys a joint venture with multiple TV stations to share the rights.

     For this type of Episode, the price of the rebroadcast rights cannot be higher than the first broadcast rights, even if the ratings are high.

     But there is another type of drama. The first broadcast rights are sold very cheaply, and the cost is not earned at all. However, after the broadcast, the ratings have soared. Then the price of the rebroadcast rights will inevitably the tide rises, the boat floats, and even far exceed the first broadcast.

     Blue Life and Death is undoubtedly such a TV Series with endless potential.

     Putting aside the gambling agreement, Haijin Tv's purchase of the premiere rights of Blue Life and Death is not high, and the price of 6 million for 20 episodes can only allow the three investors to recover less than half of the total cost.

     Regarding this, neither Lu Chen nor Chen Fei'er nevertheless Gande Films is not particularly concerned, because there are replay rights.

     However, no one thought that the blue love of life and death would become so fast, the fire was jaw-dropping.The breakthrough of the domestic ratings of 1 mark, this urban emotional drama quickly became a hot topic, maxed out blogs and circle of friends, and the actors in the drama became famous overnight.

     Many TV stations saw a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken.

     Blue Life and Death is a weekend drama that is broadcast while filming, with a frequency of two episodes a week. In fact, it is not conducive to the increase in ratings. Under the same circumstances, it often can't beat the conventional series.

     Now it has achieved such high ratings. It has great potential to be tapped, and it is not inconceivable for the ratings to exceed the first broadcast for continuous broadcast again.

     Because the public praise of a TV Series needs to be brewed, especially for mainstream TV viewers, if they miss the previous Episode, they will pay special attention to the rebroadcast of what others have said. That must be good

     In this situation. The rebroadcast rights of Blue Life and Death, which had not yet been filmed, immediately became a sweetheart, and there were as many as a dozen TV stations rushing over to contact and negotiate.

     Among them, the most urgent and powerful are undoubtedly nevertheless Beijing TV Station and Zhedong TV Station.

     On January 7, representatives from Beijing TV Station came to Jinling to discuss the purchase of rebroadcast rights with the three parties.

     One of the representatives is Gu Rui.Gu Rui is the music producer of Capital City TV. He used to be the music director of Singing China. He is very familiar with Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er and has a good relationship.

     Originally bought like this TV Series. It's totally out of touch with Gu Rui, it's the job of the program department.

     However, Blue Life and Death is so popular and sought-after. Beijing TV was afraid that the rebroadcast rights would be snatched away by the opponent, so it sent Gu Rui to play the favor card.

     Gu Rui's status in Beijing TV Station is not high or low. It is also appropriate for him to act as a representative to negotiate with Lu Chen.

     Another person who came to know Lu Chen was Zhu Shaotai, the deputy director of the Variety Channel Program Department.

     The two middle and high-level members of the Beijing TV station came to Jinling together. They were really sincere.

     Otherwise, other small and medium-sized film and television production companies would not find the temple gate of Beijing TV Station even if they were carrying the pig's head.

     Under normal circumstances, where would the latter take the initiative to lower the posture and discuss with the former

     As the saying goes, buying and selling is not righteous, even though there was no successful cooperation last time. But this time, regardless of Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er nevertheless, Gande Pictures, they are still very enthusiastic to welcome their arrival.

     In the evening, Zhang De, General Manager of Conduit Pictures, hosted a banquet in honor of Capital City TV representatives at the Marriott Hotel.

     Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and their agents were all present to accompany them.Haijin Tv is the most direct beneficiary of the blue love of life and death, followed by Conduit Pictures.

     Conduit Brothers Films is just a small fish in the capital film and television circle of the predators. It has invested in many TV Series of Shooting, and it has just a very few achievements. Basically, there is not much right to speak in the show business community. .

     This time, with the help of the blue life and death sign, Gande Films has made a name in the industry. During this time, many people came to seek cooperation or support, and it was a lot of limelight.

     But the two brothers did not be muddled in the brain because of this. They knew very well whose thighs they wanted to hold firmly.

     During the shooting period of Blue Life and Death, Zhang De has been stationed in Jinling. According to his words, he is a housekeeper and is responsible for solving the fears of trouble in the rear of Film Crew.

     It is precisely because of Zhang De's oversee coordination that the shooting work of Blue Life and Death is very smooth, and it is not affected by any unexpected circumstances. It is very hopeful that all shooting work will be completed in advance.

     At the wine table, Zhang De, who was extremely drunk, was an attacker who did his part. The old Jiang Zhu Shaotai couldn't stand it with frequent toasts, making the atmosphere at the banquet very warm and harmonious.After drinking a bottle of red wine, Zhu Shaotai smiled bitterly: "Chief Zhang, Teacher Lu, and Teacher Chen. Secondly, I am here to redeem my merits this time, because the leader was scolded to death for what happened last time. No matter what Take care of it first, otherwise I won’t be able to go back and explain.”

     Although Zhu Shaotai has the meaning of joking by Jiu Jin, what he said is basically the truth.

     When negotiating the premiere rights of Blue Life and Death, he didn't pay much attention to it. As a result, he missed this promising phenomenon-level TV Series, and it was not uncommonly discussed in the TV series.

     In fact, Zhu Shaotai was wrong. If Haijin Tv hadn't suddenly killed him, the blue life and death would fall into the hands of Beijing TV.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er have a good relationship with Capital City TV, and the Gande brothers are in the capital.

     Under the same conditions, Beijing TV Station is naturally full of confidence.

     But never thought that a guy like Haijin Tv who didn't have much sense of existence would actually put them together.

     To be intercepted is to forget about it. The Beijing TV station doesn’t care much about its big business and resources, but it never dreamed that the blue love of life and death has spread all over the country, so how can their faces be hungry.

     If it loses to CCTV, Xiangnan TV or even Zhedong TV, it’s nothing. It’s really how can this be endured that Haijin Tv, a younger brother, has made such a big show!Especially in recent years, Beijing TV Station has been vigorously reforming and fighting for ratings, and has been very tight on high-quality program content. For this reason, it invested a large amount of money. It is an unforgivable mistake to lose the blue love.

     The leader above slapped the table, and the board below hit Zhu Shaotai.

     Who calls him the main person in charge?

     Zhu Shaotai is really hard to tell, because even if he takes it seriously, it is impossible to come up with the same conditions as Haijin Tv, the result is no different.

     But he couldn't argue, he could only take this opportunity to come over to talk in person, and he also got Gu Rui on his hands.

     Gu Rui smiled and said: "Director Zhu is not easy"

     Although the music director is a bit straightforward and not very familiar with the world, he also understands what he is here for.

     He naturally wanted to help Zhu Shaotai speak.

     The complaints of Zhu Shaotai half true and half false made Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er look at each other in dismay.

     The deputy director of the program department of the Variety Channel of the Dignity Beijing TV Station, when he talks about it, he has to show some face, otherwise he will really offend people.

     Nevertheless Zhang De’s experience is so veteran, he said with a smile: "Director Zhu, you said too seriously. Recently, many companies have come to negotiate. As long as the conditions are the same, we will definitely give it to Beijing TV. We are all from Beijing."Zhang De is not actually a native of Beijing, but he moved his registered permanent residence to Beijing a long time ago.

     His answer was not leaking, he took care of Zhu Shaotai's face, and he also kept his own bottom line.

     Facts have proved that Zhang De is very reasonable.

     The next day, on January 8, the negotiator of Zhedong TV station came to Jinling.

     Interestingly, the one who came is also an acquaintance Tian Tian

     Tian Tian turned out to be the host of Zhedong TV's show. Because of the incident that was attacked by enthusiastic fans, she is currently working behind the scenes of the TV station and rarely shows her face.

     Tian Tian and Chen Fei'er were originally friends, and Lu Chen was her savior.

     Zhedong TV station sent her over, playing the same favor card, and the weight is not much worse than the opponent.

     Because of the special relationship between the two parties, after the evening banquet, Chen Fei'er took Tian Tian to his room for a private chat, and asked Lu Chen to accompany him.

     Tian Tian drank a lot of wine in the evening, and his face was red and gorgeous.

     Probably because of the increased drunkenness, she spoke very boldly and took Chen Fei'er's hand and asked directly: "Sister Fei'er, are you and Lu Chen there?"

     Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry what is that?

     Chen Fei'er groaned: "Tiantian, I think you drank too much"Tian Tian smiled and hugged her, and said: "I'm so sober, just tell me if it's right?"

     Chen Fei'er pretends to be ignorant: "Which one do you say?"

     Tian Tian hooked her finger and said: "Dating in love, are you engaged in underground romance?"

     Chen Fei'er knew that he couldn't hide it, and nodded.


     Tian Tian couldn't help but his eyes widened, and he straightened up and looked weird: "That's really big news."

     Chen Fei'er gave her a white look: "We have no plans to make it public."

     Tian Tian's eyeballs turned around and said: "Then you have to pay a hush fee, and the right to rebroadcast the blue life and death will be given to our station, otherwise, hehe"

     Chen Fei'er was completely defeated by her rascal: "I can't do this thing."

     Even if the relationship is very good and involves multiple interests, she can't easily agree to it.

     This is a matter of principle.

     The most important thing is that the Beijing TV station was also negotiating to buy it

     It's too popular and it's not good

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