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Chapter Directory 276 Small Test
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The morning after "Blue Life and Death" was completed, Chen Fei'er left Jinling and returned to the capital.

     She took the assistant and left quietly without saying goodbye to Lu Chen.

     It is normal for lovers in the entertainment circle to gather and reunite. Even if they fall in love soon, they are used to the separation, and they are used to being busy and do not know when to see you next time.

     Lu Chen got up early for morning exercises as usual. After breakfast, he met Zhang De and drove together to the shooting place of "Dahan Wudi"-Thousand-year Pass.

     Jinling Film and Television City is one of the three major film and television cities in China. It occupies a huge area. After more than ten years of construction, it has large-scale real-world buildings such as Hongkong Road, Minguo Street, Ming and Qing Palace, Qin Palace, Qingming Shanghe Tu, Buddhist Temple Taoist Temple, etc. , And imitating natural landscapes such as the Blue Coast, the Gobi Desert, and the Xianshan Suspended Wall

     These artificial scenes with huge investment have allowed Film Crew from all over the country to always find a studio that meets their needs, thereby greatly saving money.

     Twenty or thirty years ago, this was unimaginable. At that time, the TV Series produced by CCTV often took several years to travel all over the country to view the scenes. I don't know how much manpower and material resources were spent.

     Now the speed of filming movies and TV series has been greatly accelerated. For example, the 20 episodes of "Blue Life and Death" were all completed in Jinling Film and Television City by Shooting. Film Crew did not need to run this way and that, so it was possible to complete Shooting in just two months. .It’s just that compared to the previous years, the actors’ salary has increased by several times, and post-production is even more expensive. Large-scale productions often cost hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

     Especially for actors' pay, now we invite first-line stars to shoot TV Series, at least hundreds of thousands of them for an episode, and a few million will be spent for a feature-length drama. The pay for movies is also amazing.

     Lu Chen played a role in "The Great Han Wudi", and the price given by the other party was 200,000.

     Near an antique city of Guan, Lu Chen met Lu Zhiyong, the director of "The Emperor of the Han Dynasty".

     Lu Zhiyong is in his thirties and almost forties. He is the so-called seventh-generation director in China. He is quite famous in the film and television circle and is good at shooting costume films.

     "Dahan Wudi" is the sixth film he directed. It is also the largest investment.

     This film has invited a number of domestic first-line star actors to join, which can be regarded as star-studded, and the role played by Lu Chen is called Chen Jia, a general under Huo Qubing, the general Huo Qibing.

     Lu Chen read the script on the way here. Just a few shots and two lines.

     This 200,000 earning is actually very easy. If it weren't for his recent starring "Blue Life and Death", he was eligible to put a name on the poster, and such a good thing would not fall on him.Of course, if you want to show your face in the movie and make money, Lu Chen must first get Lu Zhiyong's approval.

     The director is tall and thin. Wearing black-rimmed glasses is a bit of a scholarly temperament, but his personality is quite tough and stubborn.

     Zhang De knew Lu Zhiyong, and he lowered his eyebrows and pleasing his eyes in front of the director: "Hello, Director Lu."

     Lu Zhiyong let out a "huh", his eyes fell on Lu Chen: "Is this the actor you recommend?"

     Zhang De smiled and said, "Yes, his name is Lu Chen, and he just finished filming a TV Series."

     Courtesy of Lu Chen: "Hello Director Lu, it is an honor to meet you."

     There are rules in any circle, and the entertainment and film circles are no exception. He is a newcomer who has just debuted, even if he is already a big hit. You have to be polite and courteous when you meet your seniors, otherwise you will be easily rejected.

     People who are blindly arrogant, no matter how hard the backstage is, sooner or later they will get bloodshed.

     Lu Zhiyong didn't have a good face for Lu Chen. He asked directly and plainspoken: "Can you ride a horse?"

     Lu Chen calmly and unhurried replied: "Yes."

     He used to ride horses when he traveled to the prairie with his parents, and Mo Ran in Dream Century learned riding specifically, and there is absolutely no problem with riding the trained horses in Film Crew.Lu Zhiyong was dubious. He turned his head and said to a young man next to him: "Xiao Wang, you can bring a horse and let him try."

     "Good director!"

     The young man agreed cleanly, and soon brought a tall horse over.

     See this black horse. Lu Zhiyong frowned.

     The Xiao Wang, who should be an assistant, handed the reins to Lu Chen and said, "If you go out of the question? Out of the question, don't be aggressive. If you fall and break your bones, we Film Crew will not be responsible. ."

     He smiled when he spoke. It smells a little bit malicious.

     Lu Chen's heart is bright.

     When he saw this horse, he knew what the other party was playing with, and he definitely wanted to see his own jokes.

     There are special horse farms in the film and television city. Horses are rented for Film Crew Shooting. The choice of horses is varying from person to person. Some actors do not ride horses or are timid, and the horses chosen for them are the most docile and weak. Just sit up and take a pose.

     But there are some demanding ones that require shooting to produce results. The horses used are not ordinary ones. People who don't know how to ride up can not control them. It is good luck if you have a broken nose and a swollen face.

     This guy brought a good horse, not for a rookie to ride.The other party undoubtedly wanted to see his jokes.

     Inexperienced actors will most likely be timid to see such a tall horse.

     Lu Chen glanced at the other person not a word or movement, and took the reins without hesitation—want to see his joke?

     That's a joke!

     At this time, Lu Zhiyong said: "Let's change a horse."

     Of course he could see that Xiao Wang was deliberately embarrassing Lu Chen. The reason is actually very simple. He himself was a little unhappy with Lu Chen. He heard a few complaints from the assistant before.

     And Lu Zhiyong is disgusted with Lu Chen because the investor's involvement in the casting process forced Lu Chen to come.

     Even if it is just a small role, the director feels that his authority has been damaged.

     Originally, he could tolerate it, but the recent film Shooting is not very smooth, and it has a little conflict with the management.

     Lu Chen was actually shot while lying down.

     However, Lu Zhiyong is not a hairy boy in his twenties, and he will not act arrogantly.

     If Lu Chen is so strong and something happens to ride this horse, then Film Crew can't be without the slightest responsibility.

     So Lu Zhiyong thinks about nevertheless to let people change a horse.

     "Director Lu, this one is quite suitable!"However, what everyone did not expect was that after Lu Chen took the reins, he immediately hid the stirrups and turned on his horse, and sat firmly on the saddle, muddled and completely collapsing with skill.


     He whispered, his legs clamped the horse's belly hard, and the rein shook violently.


     The horses under the hips suddenly screamed loudly. Under the control of Lu Chen, they turned their heads to spread their four hooves, and ran toward the grass field outside Guancheng like a whirlwind, and rushed tens of meters away in the blink of an eye. !

     Including Lu Zhiyong and Xiao Wang, all the staff in Film Crew on the set saw dumbstruck.

     This starting speed can only be played by a real veteran. Is Lu Chen looking for death?

     Many people and the horse trainer present hurriedly chased them out.

     Falling from the back of a galloping horse is life-threatening. In the past, jockeys and extras broke their necks and died on the spot. As for breaking bones or being trampled on by horseshoes, it is very common.

     Lu Chen's movements look cool, but in fact the risk factor is very high!

     However, these people can only eat ashes.

     When he first got on the horse, Lu Chen's body was still a bit stiff, which was caused by instinctive excitement and excitement.But when the horse started to sprint, the strong wind rushed towards him, a familiar feeling enveloped his body, and the little fear in his heart suddenly disappeared.

     Beyond the Thousand-Year Pass City is a vast pasture, and dozens of yurts are scattered not far away. This is not only the Shooting site of Film Crew, but also the tourist attraction of Jinling Film and Television City. There are also several tourist buses parked nearby.

     Due to shooting needs, the grassland has been cleared, so Lu Chen didn't need to have any scruples. He drove his mount forward for several miles, rushing to the grassy slope before turning back.

     When he returned, Lu Chen went around in a circle, just passing by the buses. Many tourists were watching the lively Shooting there. When they saw him riding over, they shouted loudly, as if they had discovered some new world.

     Lu Chen smiled and waved at them, and the horseshoe dada went all the way back to the gate of the city.

     Lu Zhiyong and Zhang De both ran out of Guancheng. Lu Chen pulled the reins to slow down, and stopped calmly and unhurried in front of them.

     He rolled over and got off the horse, landed steadily on the ground, and took the rein to lead the horse.

     "Director Lu, I'm so sorry..."

     Lu Chen said apologetically: "It's been a long time since I've been riding a horse. The level is limited. I just confiscated it. It makes you worry.

     Lu Zhiyong and others are speechless.This is considered limited, so what is good?

     Anyone can easily see that Lu Chen not only can ride a horse, but also has excellent riding skills.

     At least there is no problem dealing with the role he is going to interview.

     After the astonishment, Lu Zhiyong was not angry, but his eyes were pierced with excitement. He praised, "This is very good, then can you play the flower-and-work pose right away?"

     The so-called flower-and-work style is an action move in the jargon, and there is a routine that needs to be played beautifully.

     It takes a bit of real skill to play on horseback. Those who haven't practiced don't know how to do it. At this time, you need to stand on the stage and use misplaced shooting and post-processing to solve it.

     Of course, the actor does not need to stand in person to play, it is naturally the best!

     The problem is that not many celebrity artists are willing to work hard to practice this, not to mention the dangers.

     But intuition tells Lu Zhiyong that Lu Chen's ability is not limited to horse riding, maybe there are unexpected surprises.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "I think I can try it."

     Is it really possible?

     Several Film Crew staff looked at each other in dismay, and they couldn't believe it.

     Lu Zhiyong smiled and said, "Xiao Wang, let someone bring all the props and costumes over and put them on for him!"

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