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Chapter Directory 284 Bitter
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Xingyuan Art Museum has a number of training rooms, the rooms inside are separated by translucent tempered glass, walking on the long aisle, you can see all the training rooms have people practicing dance or body, you can still hear it faintly Accompaniment music sounds.

     The New Year is about to come, and many people are going to or are leaving the capital to return to their hometown for the New Year, but these trainees are obviously not among them. They must seize the time to train and strive for the chance to make their debut.

     The competition in the entertainment industry is always fierce. In today's era, generation after generation of newcomers change very quickly. If they have not made their debut for two or three years, they will basically face the situation of being eliminated.

     Of the hundreds of trainees in the Xingyuan Art Museum today, only a few of them will become famous in the future. Ordinary people look at celebrities and celebrities, but they don’t know how many competitors are stepping on them.

     Destiny is always unfair. They are also trainees. Some people start from a higher starting point than others.

     For example, the newly formed "Little Tiger Group", Zhang Junzhi and his two friends not only have a separate luxurious training room, but also have two teachers who only train dance.When Lu Chen and Sister Li came in, the three teenagers had just finished a dance, their foreheads were full of sweat, and they looked very tired out of breath.

     However, one of the dance teachers was very dissatisfied and scolded them with an unusually severe tone, pointed out their movement problems and existing shortcomings, and even used a bamboo ruler to beat the arms and thighs of three people, including Zhang Junzhi.

     From the blunt Mandarin of this dance teacher, you can tell that he is obviously a foreign teacher hired by the Xingyuan Art Museum.

     There are more than a dozen foreign teachers hired by Xingyuan Art Museum. It is said that they are all professional teachers with rich training experience from Japan and South Korea. This is undoubtedly one of them.

     Lu Chen and Sister Li didn't rush in to disturb. Sister Li must be very distressed for her son, but at this time she did not interfere, standing motionless at the door, even if her eyes were red, she did not speak.

     Because Sister Li understands deeply. She has the ability to shelter Zhang Junzhi from the wind and rain, but since Zhang Junzhi has stepped into this circle, she has to walk the road in the future.

     Like a young eagle leaving the nest. Without going through thick and thin, how can you spread your wings and soar in the blue sky?

     What is being scolded and beaten now?

     Which trainee did not come here, the seriousness of spoiling is the biggest harm!After being reprimanded by the teacher, the three teenagers refreshed their spirits and dragged their tired bodies. Accompanied by the accompaniment music that sounded again, the dance was repeated again.

     This time, the two teachers were finally satisfied, and allowed them to rest for a few minutes after a few words of encouragement.

     The three teenagers slumped directly on the ground.

     Sister Li opened the door and came in. She first greeted the two teachers: "Hello, Teacher Jin, and Hello, Teacher Min."

     Sister Li has been in the entertainment industry for many years and created a situation from scratch. Her status in the show business community is far from what the two dance teachers can compare. She is still polite and courteous.

     Of course, the two teachers are not arrogant people to consider everyone else beneath one. Hastily bowed in return: "Hello, Ms. Li."

     Sister Li smiled and said, "I'll introduce to you, this is Lu Chen Teacher Lu!"

     She introduced to both parties: "Lu Chen, this is teacher Jin Anguo, from the Korean broker Company..."

     Another teacher Min came from Hongkong.

     Jin Anguo is in his forties, with a long and thin body and a cold look. His eyes are long and narrow, and he feels harsh.

     But when Sister Li introduced Lu Chen, he was shocked, stepped forward and bowed to Lu Chen and stretched out his hands: "Mr. Lu Chen, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time!"Although the accent is a bit awkward. But the four words "I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time" are eloquent and have a bit of flavor.

     Lu Chen shook him with both hands and smiled and said, "Mr. Jin is too polite."

     He thought what the other party was saying was polite, and he also thought that this person understands how Chinese people socialize. Unexpectedly, Jin Anguo said seriously: "rude, I have heard all the works created by you, Mr. Lu Chen, and I have also seen the TV Series called Blue Life and Death Love that you starred in. You are a very high Talented singer and actor."

     After a pause, Kim Anguk continued: "If you are in Korea, you can definitely become a great artist. It's like a great artist like Han Homin and Kim Jisu!"

     Both Han Ho Min and Kim Sung Hyun are well-known Korean artists and are regarded as national idols. They have high influence throughout Asia and are also three stars of film and television songs.

     Jin Anguo's comparison of Lu Chen to Han Haomin and Jin Chengxian is undoubtedly a very high praise.

     Lu Chen was a little surprised and humble: "Mr. Jin passed the award."

     Jin Anguo said: "Mr. Lu Chen, you are here to watch the training status of Little Tiger Group, I will let them perform the song you created for you now!"

     He turned to face the three teenagers, and said in a deep voice, "Please show your best state!"Although Zhang Junzhi and the three were exhausted to death, they all stood up obediently when they saw Lu Chen and Sister Li.

     They dare not interject.

     Hearing Jin Anguo's order, the three gritted their teeth, retreated to a distance, and quickly formed a formation.

     Lu Chen wanted to let them rest first, but he swallowed when the words reached his lips.

     For young people like Zhang Junzhi, it doesn't hurt to let him suffer more.

     The teacher Min ran to the playback equipment and called up the accompaniment audio needed by the Little Tiger Group trio.

     The smooth and brisk melody instantly sounded in the training room.

     It is "Butterfly Fly"!

     This song was written by Lu Chen specifically for Little Tiger Group, and it will also be the title song of Little Tiger Group's first album.

     The style of Little Tiger Group is based on this song "Butterfly Fly", so after Lu Chen gave the score to Sister Li, Sister Li invited famous composing music in Beijing, and then sent it to the Xingyuan Art Museum for choreography.

     The three of Zhang Junzhi have practiced many times over and over again. They started to follow the music. Although the movements are not difficult, they are full of youthful vigor that is unique to teenagers.

     While dancing, the three of them sang simultaneously, very decent.What makes Lu Chen feel gratified is that the three youngsters who performed with all their strength and the original little tiger team from his dream world memory gradually overlapped somewhat.

     At this time, no one noticed that many trainees appeared at the door of the training room. The probes of men and women looked inside, mostly with envy or curiosity.


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