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Chapter Directory 301 Stolen For Half A Day
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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early morning.

     The stubborn biological clock allowed Lu Chen to wake up from his sleep on time.

     He had a good night's dream.

     When waking up from the dream, it felt very different from usual. A fragrant and graceful female body was quietly curled up in his arms, snuggling close to each other in the warm bed.

     This bone-eroding experience made Lu Chen's **begin to stir again.

     The beautiful woman in her arms felt the pressure from him, turned her head and opened her eyes with a soft groan.

     "good Morning..."

     Lu Chen greeted his girlfriend with a smile.

     A touch of fat-stained crimson appeared on Chen Fei'er's pretty face, and the lazy and charming manners could make people crazy.

     Unlike many female celebrities and female artists who have to make meticulous makeup before they can see people, the Heavenly Queen / days later in Lu Chen's arms is a real natural beauty. It is still bright and beautiful without powder.

     Lu Chen's concentration is getting worse and worse, while she is not fully awake, she presses directly under her body to show off.

     Chen Fei'er greeted him warmly, making the atmosphere in the bedroom more attractive.

     But when it came to the most critical moment, Lu Chen slumped and stopped.

     Chen Fei'er chuckled, kissed him comfortingly, and said, "In the future... there is a chance."Last night, when she saw the "Farthest Distance in the World" written by Lu Chen on her blog, she was instantly moved by this poem, and she couldn't suppress the rush of love rushing to Lu Chen's apartment.

     Everything should have happened naturally, but Chen Fei'er just happened to come to a relative, but Lu Chen couldn't get up. Later, nevertheless Chen Fei'er used some small means to help him solve it.

     Lu Chen kissed her twice and sat up with great perseverance: "Do you want me to send you back?"

     It was A'Xuan who sent Chen Fei'er last night. After arriving at the destination, Chen Fei'er asked his bodyguard to go back first and stayed in Lu Chen's bachelor apartment for the first time.

     Chen Fei'er shook his head and said, "I told A'Xuan that she will come here to pick me up after noon."

     That is to stay here for another half day. Lu Chen was overjoyed: "Then I will buy breakfast."

     It's really not easy for a star like Chen Fei'er to spare half a day to accompany him, especially now that in the nevertheless first month, when it should be the busiest time, various endorsement announcements are flying.

     Chen Fei'er hugged him and asked, "Do you have any ingredients here? Just enough for breakfast."

     Lu Chen ordered: "It's in the kitchen and refrigerator."He rents in this bachelor apartment, and his sister Lu Xi will come over to help him clean up the house after a while, and fill the refrigerator with some ingredients, so that he can usually eat himself to satisfy his hunger.

     "That's fine, I'll make breakfast..."

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "You go out to exercise, don't be delayed because of me, just come back for breakfast."

     She knows that Lu Chen insists on martial arts exercises every day, so her skills and physique are so outstanding.

     Keep this good habit!

     Lu Chen has anything to say, full of sweetness, kissed Chen Fei'er goodbye and ran out for morning exercises.

     When he came back from a lap outside, Chen Fei'er had already prepared breakfast.

     A pot of fragrant white rice porridge, topped with full golden fried dumplings, served with refreshing mustard and spicy fermented bean curd, placed on the table so that Lu Chen looked appetizing!

     "I am back!"

     He yelled, impatient picked up a fried dumpling with his hand, stuffed it into his mouth and chewed it.

     Unexpectedly, quick-frozen dumplings can be made so delicious!

     What's more unexpected is that Chen Fei'er can actually cook, and his craftsmanship looks good.


     Lu Chen can eat brows raised in delight, eyes laughing.Chen Fei'er leaned out of the kitchen and saw that Lu Chen was stealing fried dumplings. He suddenly groaned: "How do you get it with your hands? It's not clean! Go wash your hands quickly and eat after washing."


     Lu Chen swallowed the dumplings in his mouth, squeezed directly into the small kitchen, and hugged Chen Fei'er's willow waist.

     The Heavenly Queen / days later didn't know where to find an apron to wear on her body. She pulled up her long hair and held a kitchen spatula. She looked like a young daughter-in-law at home, which made Lu Chen feel passionate.

     This is the real way of living. He lowered his head and put his chin on Chen Fei'er's shoulder, greedily sniffing the fragrant breath of Chen Fei'er, joy and peace in his heart, only wishing time to freeze forever in this moment.

     It's a pity that Chen Fei'er didn't cooperate. He stepped on his foot with his heel and said, "Don't make trouble, the fried eggs are burnt!"

     Lu Chen smiled, reluctantly let go of the beautiful lady, and washed his hands in the sink.

     When he sat back at the dining table, Chen Fei'er brought out the fried poached egg.

     This breakfast was very warm.

     However, Chen Fei'er had a bit of opinion: "This house is too small, and the kitchen can't turn around. You nevertheless change to a big house, just buy one in the capital."

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Do you have any good recommendations?"He is now renting a bachelor apartment with complete kitchens and bathrooms, but the area is very compact. The advantage is that it is close to the Workshop and it is very convenient to go to work.

     But now Lu Chen is no better than before, his reputation is getting bigger and bigger, it is really not very suitable to continue to live here.

     Even Lu Xi mentioned this to him.

     Therefore, even if Chen Fei'er doesn't say anything, buying a house is within Lu Chen's plan.

     More than half a year ago, Lu Chen, who was still working in Daylily, did not dare to think about such things. The housing prices in Beijing have risen extremely fiercely in recent years. There are hundreds of thousands of houses in the community, which is simply not something ordinary people can afford.

     Even now, if it weren’t for the popularity of "Blue Life and Death", relying on this IP to make a lot of profits, Lu Chen, who paid off his family’s debts and redeemed the villa not long ago, would still not be able to get it in the capital The money to buy a property comes-it's really too expensive!

     Of course what he wants to buy must be a good house.

     "Just ask me!"

     Chen Fei'er raised his chin triumphantly and said, "I have a property in Zicheng Garden. It is three hundred square meters, five bedrooms, two living rooms, and three bathrooms. This girl can sell it to you at a cheaper price."

     "Zicheng Garden?"

     Lu Chen was stunned, and asked: "Your house? Where is the location?"Zicheng Garden is a high-end residential complex located in Beijing's third ring road and near the second ring road. It was opened for sale in 2007 and handed over in 2009. Its developer is the famous capital Bandung.

     Chen Fei'er This house was booked in 2007. The layout of the 17th to 18th floors is very good, but after I bought it, I haven't lived in it, and I haven't rented it out to others. I just put it there and waited. Value-added.

     After she left the brokerage Company and founded the Workshop herself, most of the money she earned was used to invest in apartments and shops. This Zichengyuan house is one of the properties under her name.

     In the circle, Chen Fei'er is well-known for her character that likes to buy properties, and even some developers take the initiative to promote her properties, and use her reputation to improve her style.

     And this single investment method has also increased her assets several times in the past few years, making her a real rich woman!

     "In 2007, I bought this well-decorated house for only 6 million..."

     Chen Fei'er proudly said: "Now it can sell at least 30 million!"

     Lu Chen only has a big "service" character: "You are great, but I can't afford it!"

     Chen Fei'er chuckled and said: "If you can't afford it, you will owe it first. Anyway, you are going to buy a house. It is cheaper than others. I allow you to pay it back slowly, and you will be able to pay it off one day."Lu Chen smiled and said, "Is it allowed to pay debts by the body?"


     Chen Fei'er was not afraid of his teasing. He made a decision on the spot: "First sign the contract, and then you will give me a part-time job, and give you one hundred dollars a day for food and housing, how about you?"

     Lu Chen sighed: "The conditions are really good. I am very excited to think about it, but is one hundred yuan too much?"

     Chen Fei'er couldn't help but chuck, and gave him a charming look.

     The two Tiantians finished their breakfast with honey, greasy and crooked taste, and it was past nine o'clock in the morning.

     Lu Chen called his sister, then turned off his mobile phone and ignored his career and work. He and Chen Fei'er enjoyed a rare time together in the apartment, sitting on the sofa and saying no to each other. The finished words of love.

     At noon, Lu Chen turned on the computer and logged in to the official website of New View Range.

     Last night, the last episode of "Blue Life and Death" was broadcast on Haijin Tv. He and Chen Fei'er both wanted to see how this episode's ratings are.

     The ratings ranking on the homepage of the new viewing distance official website was updated on time at 12 o'clock.

     "Blue Life and Death", 3.04%!

     Broken 3!

     Although they had predicted and expected in their hearts, when the ratings for the finale of "Blue Life and Death" really came out, both of them felt extremely happy.If I remember correctly, the domestic TV Series ratings have never exceeded 3% in recent years, and "Blue Life and Death" has undoubtedly created a miracle.

     Small and medium-sized investment + rookie cast + second- and third-rate production company + non-mainstream themes...

     Super phenomenal ratings!

     If this is not a miracle, what else can it be?

     Chen Fei'er couldn't help but kissed Lu Chen on the cheek: "It's great!"

     This ratings record not only represents honor and fame, but also means real benefits.

     Lu Chen Workshop, Chen Fei'er Workshop and Conduit Brothers Pictures have signed a gambling agreement with Haijin Tv. The domestic average viewership rate of "Blue Life and Death" only exceeds 0.25%, and for every increase of 0.10%, 1 episode is bought. Pay off the price plus 100,000!

     Now the total average ratings of 20 episodes are over 2%, no problem, Haijin Tv will have to pay 30-40 million more!

     With this result as a foundation, it is simple for Lu Chen's lower TV Series to double its income. Those who want to invest in shares can definitely wear out the doorstep.

     Chen Fei'er brows raised in delight, eyes laughing: "Look at the blog."

     Lu Chen Yiyan logged onto the Inspur blog again, and he saw Haijin Tv posted a blog post celebrating the successful end of "Blue Life and Death" and the ratings exceeded 3%, and at the same time @了自己 and Chen Fei'er!

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